Craftsman 315.212330 Operator's Manual

10 in. compound miter saw double insulated
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Model No.
31 5.212330
To reduce the risk of injury,
the user must read and understand the
operator's manual before using this product.
HeUp Line: 1=800=932=3188
Sears, Roebuck
and Co., 3333 Bevedy Rd., Hoffman
Estates, IL 60179 USA
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  Summary of Contents for Craftsman 315.212330

  • Page 1 Customer HeUp Line: 1=800=932=3188 Sears, Roebuck and Co., 3333 Bevedy Rd., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 USA Visit the Craftsman web page: Save this manual for future reference 983000-697 5=05...
  • Page 2: One Year Full Warranty

    ONE YEAR FULL WARRANTY ON CRAFTSMAN TOOL if this Craftsman tool fails due to a defect in material or workmanship within one year from the date of purchase, CONTACT THE NEAREST SEARS PARTS & REPA(R CENTER at 1-800-4-MY-HOME ® and Sears w((I repa(r (t, free of charge.
  • Page 3 [] SECURE WORK. Use clamps or a vise to hold work WARMNG:Readandunderstand all instruc= when practical. (t's safer than using your hand and tions. Failure to follow a(! instruct(ons listed below frees both hands to operate too(. may result in electric shock, fire, and/or serious [] DON'T OVERREACH.
  • Page 4 [] USEONLY CORRECT B LADES. Donot useblades [] INSPECT TOOL CORDS PERIODICALLY. Hf d amaged, withincorrect s izeholes.Never u sebladewashers or haverepaired bya qualified service technician at bladeboltsthataredefective or incorrect. T hemaxi- anauthorized s ervice facility. T heconductor w ith insulation h aving anoutersurface thatisgreen with mumbladecapacity ofthe sawis 10in.
  • Page 5 [] NEVER handholda workpiece thatistoo small t o be [] ALWAYS STAY ALERT! D onotallowfamiliarity (gained clamped. K eephands clearof thecuttingarea. fromfrequent u seofthesaw)to causea careless mis- take.ALWAYS REMEMBER t hata careless fractionof [] NEVER reachbehind, u nder, o r withinthreeinches a second is sufficient t o inflictsevere injury.
  • Page 6: Symbols

    Someofthefollowing symbols maybeusedonthistool.Please studythemandlearn theirmeaning. Proper interpretation ofthesesymbols willallowyouto operate thetoolbetterandsafer. SYM BOL NAM E DESJGNATION/EXPLANATION Volts Voltage Amperes Current Hertz Frequency (cycles per second) Watt Power Minutes Time Alternating Current Type of current Direct Current Type or a characteristic of current No Load Speed Rotational speed, at no goad...
  • Page 7 Thefollowing signal w ordsandmeanings a reintended to explain thelevels ofriskassociated w iththis product. SYMBOL S+GNAL MEAN+NG hdicates an imminently hazardous situation, which, if not avoided, wil! DANGER: result in death or serious injury. hdicates a potentially hazardous situation, which, if not avoided, could WARNING: result in death or serious injury.
  • Page 8: Electrical Connection

    DOUBLE {NSULATION EXTENSION CORDS Double insulation is a concept in safety in electric power When using a power tool at a considerable distance from tools, which eliminates the need for the usual three-wire a power source, be sure to use an extension cord that has grounded power cord.
  • Page 9 Anti-KickbackPawls(radialarmandtablesaws) Non-Through Cuts A device which,whenproperly installed andmaintained, Any cutting operation where the blade does not extend is designed t o stopthe workpiece f rombeingkickedback completely through the thickness of the workpiece. towardthefrontof thesawduringa ripping operation. Push Blocks and Push Sticks Arbor Devices used to feed the workpiece through the saw Theshaftonwhicha bladeor cuttingtool...
  • Page 10: Product Specifications

    PRODUCTSPECIFICATIONS BladeDiameter ......10in. Cutting Capacity with Miter at O°/Bevel 0°: Blade Arbor ....... 5,,/8 i n. Maximum nominal lumber sizes: ....2 x 6, 4 x 4 NoLoadSpeed......5,000/rain. Cutting Capacity with Miter at 45°/Bevel 0°: Maximum nominal lumber sizes: ......2 x 4 input ....
  • Page 11: Features

    KNOWYOURCOMPOUNDMITERSAW SPINDLE LOCK BUTTON See Figure 1. See Figure 3. Before attempting to use tMs product, familiarize yourself A spindle lock button has been provided for locking the with all operating features and safety rules. spindle which keeps the blade in your saw from rotating. Depress and hold the lock button while installing, chang- 15 AMP MOTOR...
  • Page 12 ROTATING HANDLE POSITIVE STOPS ON MITER TABLE See Figure 5. Positive stops have been provided at 0 °, !5 °, 22-1/2 °, 30 °, and 45 ° on both the Idt and dght side of the miter table. The rotating handle can be adjusted to provide different saw handle positions.
  • Page 13 Thefollowing tools(not included} are needed for checking adjustments of the saw: FRAMINGSQUARE PHiLLiPSSCREWDRIVER Fig. 6...
  • Page 14 Thefollowing itemsareincluded withthecompound mitersaw: [] DustBag [] WorkClamp [] DustGuide [] Blade Wrench [] OuterBlade Washer [] Table Extensions ( 2) [] Bolt [] Clamp Brackets (2) [] HexKey(2),8 mmand6 mm [] Clamp Bracket S crews (2) [] Crown Molding Stop [] StopBlock [] WingBolt [] Operator's M anual...
  • Page 15: Mounting Holes

    UNPACKING WARNING:Donotattempt t o modifythistool Thisproductrequires a ssembly. or createaccessories not recommended for use [] Carefully l ift sawfromthecartonbythecarrying handle withthistool.Anysuchalteration or modification i s andthesawbase, a ndplaceit ona tevel w orksurface. misuse andcouldresult i na hazardous c ondition leading to possible serious personal injury. NOTE: Thissawis heavy.
  • Page 16: Miter Lock Handle

    Asmentioned previously, thesawhasbeen factory assembled a ndadjusted. Themiterlockhandle, d ust guide, a ndbladearetheonlypartsthathaveto be installed. EXHAUST MITER LOCK HANDLE PORT See Figure 9. Cut the tie-wraps holding the saw arm and the miter lock in place. To install the miter lock handle, place the thread- ed stud into the threaded hole in the control arm.
  • Page 17 TABLEEXTENSIONS See Figures 12- 13. Hfyou p}an to use the stop block, slide the stop block on the back arm of the desired tame extension first. TABLE To install table extensions, insert the ends of extensions EXTENSION into the holes in the sides of the base. Adjust the exten- sions to the desired length.
  • Page 18 WORKCLAMP TO mNSTALL BLADE See Figure 14. See Figures 15- 1Z The work clamp provides greater control by clamping the WARNING: A 10 in. blade is the maximum blade workpiece to the fence or the saw table, ff also prevents capacity of the saw.
  • Page 19: Lower Bladeguard

    LOWER '_1I_ WARNING: Hfinner blade washer has been BLADEGUARD PH&LIPS removed, replace it before placing blade on SOREW spindle. Failure to do so could cause an accident since blade wil! not tighten properly. [] Fit saw blade inside lower blade guard and onto spindle.
  • Page 20 MOUNTINGTHE LASER GUIDE ALIGNING THE LASER GUIDE LINE See Figure 18. See Figure 19. [] Unplug the saw. The laser guide wil! generate a red colored line on the work surface when the blade is spinning above 500 rpm. See "To hsta!l Blade" on page 18 in the Assembly section The red laser line will appear as a broken line on the of this operator's manual.
  • Page 21: Adjustments

    NOTE: M anyoftheillustrations i nthismanua! showonty FRAMING FENCE portions ofthecompound mitersaw.Thisisintentional so SQUARE thatwecanclearly showpointsbeingmadeinthe illustrations. Neveroperateyoursawwithoutall guards securely in place and in good operating condition. SQUARING THE MITER TABLE TO THE FENCE See Figures 20 - 23. [] Unplug the saw. [] Push down on the saw arm and pull out the lock pin to release the saw arm.
  • Page 22: Squaringthesaw Bladeto The Fence

    SQUARINGTHESAW BLADETO THE FENCE See Figures 24 - 27. FENCE BLADE [] Unp(ug the saw. [] Pul( the saw arm all the way down and engage the lock p(n to hold the saw arm (n transport pos(tion. [] Loosen the miter (ock handle. [] Rotate the miter tame unt(( the po(nter is pos(tioned at O.
  • Page 23: Squaringthe Bladeto Themiter Table

    SQUARINGTHE BLADETO THEMITER TABLE See Figures 28 - 30. FENCE [] Unplug the saw. [] Pul! the saw arm al! the way down and engage the lock pin to hold the saw arm in transport position. [] Loosen the miter lock handles. BLADE [] Rotate the miter table until the pointer is positioned at 0.
  • Page 24 Thissawhastwo scale indicators, one on the bevel scale and one on the miter scale. After squaring adjustments have been made, it may be necessary to loosen the indi= cater screws and reset them to zero. CUTTING WiTH THE COMPOUND MITER SAW WARNING: Do not allow familiarity with tools to make you careless.
  • Page 25 TO MITER [] Rotate the saw table unti! the pointer aligns with zero on the miter scale. [] Pull out the lock pin and lift saw arm to its full height. [] Loosen the miter lock handles. [] Retighten the miter lock handles securely. [] Rotate the saw table until the pointer aligns with the WARNING: To avoid serious personal injury, always...
  • Page 26 [] Grasp thesawhandle firmly thensqueeze theswitch WARNING: To avoid serious personal injury, always trigger. A ltowseveral seconds forthebladeto reach maximum speed. tighten the miter lock handle securely before making a cut. Failure to do so could result in movement of [] Slowlylower the bladeintoandthrough theworkpiece.
  • Page 27: Support Long Workpieces

    [] Grasp the saw handle firmly then squeeze the switch trigger. Allow several seconds for the blade to reach maximum speed. [] Slowly lower the blade into and through the workpiece. [] Release the switch trigger and allow the blade to stop rotating before raising the blade out of workpiece.
  • Page 28 CUTTINGCOMPOUNDMITERS Toaidin making thecorrect s ettings, t hecompound anglesettingchartbelowhasbeenprovided. S incecompound cuts arethemostdifficult t o accurately m ake, t rialcutsshouldbemadein scrapmaterial. Muchthoughtandplanning should bemadepriorto making yourrequired cut. NUMBER OFSIDES -- PITCH orswDE m 10 M- 45.00 ° M- 36.00 ° M- 30.00 °...
  • Page 29: Layingmoldingflatonthe Mitertable

    CUTTINGCROWNMOLDING miters, remember that the settings are interdependent; Thecompound mitersawdoesanexcellent jobof cut= changing one angle changes the other angle as well. tingcrownmolding. H n general, compound mitersawsdo Keep in mind that the angles for crown moldings are very a betterjobofcuttingcrownmolding thananyothertool precise and difficult to set.
  • Page 30 knob clockwise. BeveJ [] Hold the crown molding in place with your hand (the Angle Type of Cut side not secured with the stop). Setting NOTE: NEVER have your hand inside the no hands Left side, inside corner zone while the saw is on. 1.
  • Page 31: Clamping Wide Workpieces

    CUTTINGWARPEDMATERIAL WARNING: To avoid a kickback and to avoid See Figures 41 - 42. serious personal injury, never position the concave When cutting warped material, always make sure it is edge of bowed or warped material against the fence. positioned on the miter table with the convex side against the fence as shown in figure 41.
  • Page 32 DEPTH STOP WARNING:Before performing a nyadjustment, See Figure 45. makesurethetool isunplugged f romthe power The depth stop limits the blade's downward travel. Ht supply andthe switchis in the OFF position. Failure allows the blade to go below the miter table enough to to heed this warning could result in serious personal maintain full cutting capacities.
  • Page 33 DEPTHSTOPADJUSTMENTS [] Lower the blade into the miter table. Check blade clearance and maximum cutting distance (distance See Figure 45. from fence where blade enters) to front of miter table [] Unplug the saw. slot. [] To adjust the depth stop use a 10 mm wrench or [] Readjust if necessary.
  • Page 34: Changing The Batteries

    CHANGINGTHEBATTERIES See Figures 47 - 48. [] Unplug the saw. LASER GUIDE Remove the laser guide from the saw. Lay laser guide on SUPPORT a flat surface with the two phillips screws facing upward. Remove the screws and separate the laser guide cover from the laser guide support.
  • Page 36 _,__' CRAFTSMAN COMPOUND MINTER SAW - MODEL NUMBER 315.212330 FmGURE A 41 ..
  • Page 37: Purchase

    CRAFTSMAN COMPOUND MINTER SAW = MOOEL NUMBER 315.212330 dence regarding your Compound Miter Saw or when ordering repair parts. The model number wil! be found on a plate attached to the motor housing. Always mention the model number in al! correspom...
  • Page 38 _,__' CRAFTSMAN COMPOUND MINTER SAW- MODEL NUMBER 315.212330 FmGURE B SEE NOTE NOTE : The assembty shown represents an important part of the double insulated system. To avoid the possibility of alteration or damage to the sys- tem, service should be performed by your nearest Sears Repair Center. Contact your nearest Sears retail store for service center information.
  • Page 39 CRAFTSMAN COMPOUND MITER SAW - MODEL NUMBER 315.212330 plate housing. Always correspondence The model number will be found attached to the motor mention the model number in all regarding your Compound Miter Saw or when ordering repair parts. PARTS UST - NGURE...
  • Page 41 CRAFTSMAN COMPOUND MINTER SAW = MODEL NUMBER 315.212330 The modeJ number wiHbe found On a plate atiaChed i0 the motor housing. Always mention the mode, number in all correspondence regarding your ompound Miter Saw or when ordering repair parts. PARTS LmST - FmGURE C...
  • Page 42 ,-_' CRAFTSMAN COMPOUND MINTER SAW- MODEL NUMBER 315.212330 PARTS LmST - FIGURE D Note: For Laser Guide repair or replacement, contact your nearest Sears Service Center <:.. _...
  • Page 43 CRAFTSMAN COMPOUND MINTER SAW- MODEL NUMBER 315.212330 The model number will be found on a plate attached to the motor housing. Always mention the model number in all correspondence regarding your 1 Compound Miter Saw or when ordering repair parts.
  • Page 44 iii!ii!ii!ii!ii!ii!ii!ii!ii!ii!ii!ii!ii!ii!ii!ii!ii!i , ® Registered Trademark / TMTrademark Service Mark of Sears, Roebuck and Co. ® Marca Registrada Mama de F_brica Marca de Servicio de Sears, Roebuck Marque de commerce Marque d6pos6e de Sears, Roebuck and Co. ® Sears, Roebuck and Co.