Craftsman 315.212120 Owner's Manual

12 in. compound miter saw double insulated
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Owner's Manual
Double Insulated
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Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates,
IL 60179 USA
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  • Page 1 Safety Rules and Operating • Adjustments Instructions before first use of • Operation this product. • Maintenance • Parts List Customer Help Line: 1-800-932-3188 Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 USA Visit the Craftsman web page: 972000-557 NRT_C 9-98...
  • Page 2: Full One Year Warranty

    • Table of Contents ............................• Warranty and Introduction............_ ..............2 • Rules For Safe Operation ........................... • Glossary ................................. • Product Specificationsand Unpacking ......................• Labels ................................• Loose Parts and Tools Needed ........................• Features ..............................10-12 •...
  • Page 3: Double Insulation

    Thepurpose of safety symbols Is to attract your attention to poulbio dangers. The safety Symbols, and the explanations with them, deserve your careful attention and uhderstanding. The safety warnings do not by themselvse eliminate any.JFlanger.The Instructions or warnings they give are not 8ubetltutee for proper accident prevention inseams.
  • Page 4 RULES FOR SAFE OPERATION (Continued) USE THE PROPER EXTENSION CORD. Make function.Check for alignmentof movingparts, sure your extension cord is in good condition. bindingof moving parts, breakage of parts, When using an extension cord, be sure to use mountingand any other conditionsthat may one heavy enoughto carry the current your affect its operation.
  • Page 5 RULES FOR SAFE OPERATION (Continued) ALWAYS SUPPORT LONG WORKPIECES to NEVER reach to pick up a workpioce,a piece of minimize dsk of blade I_nching and kickback. scrap,or anythingelse that is in or near the Saw may slip, walk, or slide while cutting long or cuffing path of the blade.
  • Page 6: Rules For Safe Operation

    RULES FOR SAFE OPERATION (Continued) ALWAYS STAY ALERT! Do not allow familiarity MAKE SURE THE WORK AREA HAS AMPLE (gained from frequent use of your saw) to cause UGHTING to see the work and that no obstruc- a careless mistake. ALWAYS REMEMBER that tions will interferewith safe operation BEFORE a careless fraction of a second is sufficient to...
  • Page 7 Blade Diameter 12in. CuttingCapacity with Miter at 0°/Bevel 0°: Blade Arbor 5/8 in. max widthx resultingheight 7-7/8 in. x 2-1/2 in. No Load Speed 4000 RPM Maximum CuttingCapacity with Miterat 45°/Bevel 0°: Rating 120 Volts, 60 Hz-AC Only max width x resulting height 5-1/2 in.
  • Page 8 Thefollowing l abels areonthemiter sawwithloca- tionsindicated, Restore lowerbladeguard andsecurely tightenscrew beforeuse DANGER: DO NOT REMOVE ANY GUARD. USE OF SAW WITHOUT THEIS GUARD WILL RESULT IN SERIOUS INJURY. tRNING/ ADVERTENI • FOryour safety, read owners manual beforeoparutln • Wear eye protection, •...
  • Page 9 Thefollowing i tems are included with yourCompound Miter Saw: • SawBlade- 12in., • 5 mm Hex Key Wrench • Miter Lock Handle • 6 mm Hex Key Wrench • Dust Guide • 10 mm Hex Key Wrench • Blade Wrench •...
  • Page 10: Amp Motor

    KNOW YOUR COMPOUND MITER CUTTING CAPACITIES When the miter angle (raRer table) Is set at 0° and See Figure 3. the bevel angle Is set at 0°: Before attempting to use your saw, familiarize yourself Your saw win cut materials up to: with all operating features and safety requirements.
  • Page 11: Carrying Handle

    CARRYING HANDLE SPINDLE LOCK BUTrON See Figure 4. See Figure 5. For convenience when carryingor transportingyour A spindlelock button has been provided for locking miter saw from one place to another, a carrying the spindlewhichkeeps the blade in your saw from handle has been providedon top of the saw arm as rotating.
  • Page 12 30 in. POSITIVE STOPS ON MITER TABLE Positivestops have been provided at 0 °, 15°, 22-1/'Z', 21-3/4in. 31.62_, and 45° on beth the left and right side of the miter table. BEVEL LOCK KNOB The bevel lock knob securely locks your compound miter saw at desired hovel angles.
  • Page 13 TO INSTALL BLADE WARNING: To prevent accidental startingthat could cause possibleserious personal injury, See Figures 10, 11, and 12. assemble all parts to your saw before connecting it to power supply.Saw shouldnever be WARNING: A 12 in. blade is the maximum connected to power supply when you are blade capacity of your saw.
  • Page 14: Lower Blade Guard

    LOWER ARROW Wipe a drop of oil onto inner blade washer and • BLADE GUARD outer blade washer where they contact the blade. & WARNING: If inner blade washer has been BLADE removed, replace it before placing blade on BOLT C OVER spindle.
  • Page 15 Note: Many of the illustrationsin this manual show only portionsof your compound miter saw. This is FRAMING FENCE SQUARE intentionalso that we can clearly show points being MITER TABLE r made in the illustrations.Never operate your saw withoutall guards securely in place and in good operating condition.
  • Page 16: Miter Lock Handle

    FENCE • Using a 6 mm hex key, loosen the socket head screws secudng the fence. See Figure 16. Adjust the fence left or dght until the framing square and FRAMING zero clearance throat plate are parallel. SQUARE • Retighten the screws securely and recheck the fence-to-table alignment.
  • Page 17 Loosen bevel lock knob and set saw arm at 0° • The edge of the square and the saw blade should bevel (blade set 90 ° to miter table). Tighten bevel be parallel as shownin figure 17. lock knob. • If the front or back edge of the saw blade angles Place a combinationsquare against the miter away from the square as shown in figures 18 and...
  • Page 18: Travel Pivot Adjustment

    PIVOT ADJUSTMENTS FENCE COMBINATION Note: These adjustmentswere made at the factory SQUARE and normallydo not require readjustment. TRAVEL PIVOT ADJUSTMENT • The saw arm should rise completely to the up position by itself. • If the saw arm does not raise by itself or if there is play in the pivotjoints, have saw repaired by a qualified service technicianat your nearest Sears store to avoid riskof personal injury.
  • Page 19 & WARNING: Before starting any cutting operation,clamp, bolt or nail your compound miter saw to a workbench. Never operate your DEPTH STOP miter saw on the floor or in a crouched position. ADJUSTMENT Failure to heed this waming can result in sorious personal injury.
  • Page 20 • Slowly lower the blade into and through the workpiece. See Figure 26. •• Release the switch triggerand allow the sew blade to stop rotatingbefore raisingthe blade out of workpiece. Wait until the electricbrake stops blade from fuming before removingthe workpiece from the miter table.
  • Page 21 _1= WARNING: To avoid serious personal injury, keep your hands outside the no hands zone; at least 3 in. from blade. Never perform any cutting operation freehand (withoutholdingworkplece against the fence). The blade could grab the workpiece if it slipsor twists, •...
  • Page 22 TO MAKE A COMPOUND CUT WITH • Recheck miter angle setting. Make a test cut in scrap material. YOUR MITER SAW: • Place the workplecefiat on the miter table with • Pull out the lock pin and lift saw arm to its full one edge securelyagainstthe fence.
  • Page 23 • Before tuming on the saw, performa dry runof the cuttingoperationjust to make sure that no problems willoccur when the cut is made. • Grasp the saw handle firmly, press the lock-offtab down, then squeeze the switch trigger. Allow sev- eral secondsfor the bladeto reach maximumspeed.
  • Page 24 CUTTING COMPOUND MITERS To aid in making the correctsettings, the compound angle seffingchart below has been provided.Since com- pound cuts are the most difficultto accuratelyobtain, trial cuts shouldbe made in scrap material, and much thoughtand planningmade, priorto making your required cut. PITCH _U_BER OFSIDES OFmDE...
  • Page 25 cu'rI'ING CROWN MOLDING LAYING MOLDING FLAT ON THE MITER TABLE Your compound miter sew does an excellentjob of cuttingcrown molding.In general, compound miter See Figure32. sews do a betterjob of cutting crown moldingthan To use this methodfor accurately cutting crown any other tool made.
  • Page 26 When cutting crown molding b ythismethod t hebevel angle should be set at 33.85 °. The miter angle should be set at 31.62 ° either dghtor left, depending on the desired cut for the application.See the chart below for correctangle settingsand correct positioningof crown moldingon miter table.
  • Page 27 CORDS WARNING: When servicing, use only identical Craftsman replacement ports. Use of any other The use of any extension cord will cause some loss of part may create a hazard or cause product power. To keep the loss to a minimum and to prevent damage.
  • Page 28: Brush Replacement

    Your saw has externallyaccessible brushassemblies & WARNING: To ensure safety and reliability,all that should be periodically checked for wear. repairs -- with the exception of the externally accessible brushes -- shouldbe performed by a Proceed u follows when replacement Is required: qualified service technicianat a Sears store to •...
  • Page 30 '----- CRAFTSMAN COMPOUND MITER SAW - MODEL NUMBER 315.212120 -'-- Figure A...
  • Page 31 CRAFTSMAN COMPOUND MITER SAW - MODEL NUMBER 315.212120 ---, number in all correspondence regarding your COMPOUND MITER SAW or when ordering repair The model number will be found on a plate attached to the motorhousing.Always mentionthe model parts. SEE BACK PAGE FOR PARTS ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS...
  • Page 32 CRAFTSMAN COMPOUND MITER SAW - MODEL NUMBER 315.212120 Figure B...
  • Page 33 CRAFTSMAN COMPOUND MITER SAW - MODEL NUMBER 315.212120 The model number willbe found on a plate attached to the motorhousing. Always mention the modelnumber in all correspondence regarding your COMPOUND MITER SAW or when ordering repair parts. SEE BACK PAGE FOR PARTS ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS...
  • Page 35 CRAFTSMAN COMPOUND MITER SAW - MODEL NUMBER 315.212120 The model numberwill be found on a plate attached to the motor housing.Always mention the model number in all correspondenceregardingyour COMPOUND'MITER SAW or when orderingrepair parts. SEE BACK PAGE FOR PARTS ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS...
  • Page 36 For in-home major brand repair service: Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 1-800-4-MY-Home s, (1-800-469-4663) Para pedir servicio de reparacibn a domicilio - 1-800-676-581t In Canada for all your service and parts needs cell - %800-665-4455 Au Canada pour tout le service ou les pibces For the repair or replacement parts you need: Call 7 am - 7 pm, 7 days a week 1-800-366-PART...