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Xerox FlowPort Setup Manual page 4

For use with document centre 240/255/265/460/470/480/490 document centre 220/230/332/340/432/420/425/432/440
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Configuring a Document Centre 240/255/265/460/470/480/490 with Centreware Internet Services
Xerox Document Centre Setup Guide for FlowPort
Click on the plus (+) sign for the Distribution Templates.
Click the Repository Setup link.
Under Repository Setup, perform the following:
Repository List: Select Document Repository 0. Check with your Xerox
Document Centre System Administrator to make sure the Repository is not in use.
NOTE: Depending on the printer software model, there may only be 1 repository.
Some models will have Document Repositories of 0-4 or 1-5.
Protocols: Select TCP/IP.
File Server IP Address: Enter the TCP/IP address of your FlowPort server.
Contact your Network Administrator if you do not know the address. In some
versions, you may need to enter a port number. In this case, enter 21.
Directory Path: Enter /.
Login Name: Enter the guest account user name (NSA is the default guest account
user name).
Password: Enter the FTP password twice (nsa is the default guest password).
Note: If you have changed the NSA FTP user name or password in the
FlowPort NSA Protocol Service configuration, enter the new user name
and password here to enable FTP access.


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