Troubleshooting - Black & Decker CBM220 Use And Care Book Manual

Burr mill coffee grinder
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7. Wipe grinding bowl, cover, base and other parts with a slightly damp
cloth or sponge. Dry all parts thoroughly before reassembling.
8. To replace grinding assembly, set inside grinding
bowl and twist slightly to the left until it falls
into place. Grasp lock and release knob and turn
counterclockwise to lock assembly (F). You will hear
a series of clicks as the selection dial rotates, and
then a distinct pop once the assembly is locked in
Important: Do not immerse grinding bowl, base or
plug in liquid or under running water.
9. Never use harsh detergents, abrasive cleansers or scouring pads to
clean any part.
10. Use built-in cord wrap on underside of unit to store
cord (G).


Grinder stops working.
• Ground coffee
container has
• There are too many
beans in grinding
Coffee tastes rancid.
Grinder has buildup
of coffee grounds.
Coffee tastes like nuts
Grinder has been
or spices.
used for other
grinding operations.
Grinder will not start.
• Grinder cover is not
completely closed.
• Ground coffee
container is not
properly placed.
Cover is not on
the ground coffee
• Outlet is not
The ground fineness
The grinding blade
selector is not working.
is not correctly
Make sure discharge
chute is clean and free of
coffee grinds; a buildup of
coffee grounds will cause
ground coffee container
to slip forward. Unplug
appliance and remove
some of the beans from
grinding bowl.
Oil in coffee beans will
become rancid if left
in grinder. Make sure
there are no beans left in
grinder. Clean discharge
chute and the ground
coffee container after
each use.
Grinder will share flavors;
purchase another grinder
for spices and nuts.
• Grinder cover snaps into
place when completely
• Make sure cover on
ground coffee container
is in place; push
ground coffee container
securely back in base so
that front is flush with
base of the base.
• Check to make sure
outlet is working.
Remove grinding blade
and clean following
directions in CARE AND
CLEANING. Reattach
grinding blade making
sure it is fully integrated.

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