Grinding Guidelines; Care And Cleaning - Black & Decker CBM220 Use And Care Book Manual

Burr mill coffee grinder
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Note: To stop coffee grinder at any time, press the ON/OFF ( ) button.
9. When grinding is finished, remove ground coffee container from grinder
by pulling it straight out and away from grinder.
10. Remove lid and scoop ground coffee directly from container.
11. Clean the ground coffee container; empty grinding
bowl and clean discharge chute (C).
12. Unplug grinder when not in use.


Selecting grind setting:
Brew Method
Grind Setting
Percolator or French Press
Drip or Vacuum
The proper grind is important for the best coffee flavor. The quicker the
brewing process, the finer the grind used. Coffee that is ground too fine for
a particular brewing process will result in bitter, pungent tasting coffee.
Coffee that is ground too coarse will result in weak, watery coffee.
Grind time and yield:
Amount of beans
¼ cup (57 g)
30 to 35 seconds
½ cup (113 g)
45 to 50 seconds
¾ cup (170 g)
60 to 65 seconds
1 cup (227 g)
80 to 85 seconds
• For a cup of rich, full flavored coffee use 1½ rounded tablespoons of
ground coffee for each 5½-oz cup of coffee.
• For optimum flavor it is best to grind the amount of coffee needed
immediately before brewing.
• The best place to store coffee beans is in your freezer – not in
refrigerator, where they can absorb flavors of other foods.
Like Kosher salt
Like coarse-ground pepper
Like fine bread crumbs
4 tbsp.
8 tbsp.
12 tbsp.
16 tbsp.
• Coffee beans can be stored in freezer for up to 1 month in a clean, dry,
airtight container. Air is coffee's worst enemy so select a container
that the coffee beans fill.
• Beans can be ground while still frozen.
• Do not use coffee grinder to grind spices or nuts; coffee will absorb
flavors. We recommend you purchase another grinder to be used
exclusively to grind them.
• Blending 2 or more types of beans will result in a richer, more
complex brew.
• It is important to clean the ground coffee container after each use; the
residual oils from coffee will give an off flavor to next batch of coffee

Care and Cleaning

Product contains no user serviceable parts. Refer service to qualified
service personnel.
1. Always unplug unit before cleaning.
2. Remove ground coffee container with lid and wash in warm, soapy
water – not in dishwasher.
3. Use cleaning brush to sweep away any excess
particles left in ground coffee chute (D).
Important: Ground coffee chute must be kept clear,
or the ground coffee container will not lock into
position once it is replaced and the grinder will not
operate properly.
4. Open grinding bowl cover and turn lock and
release knob clockwise to unlock grinding
assembly (E). You will hear a series of clicks and
grind selection dial will rotate as you twist; you
will then hear a distinct pop when the assembly
is unlocked.
5. Remove grinding assembly and wash in warm,
soapy water. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
6. Cleaning brush can also be used to sweep out any excess particles
gathered under grinding assembly. Once all excess particles have
been removed, cleaning brush may be washed in warm, soapy water.

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