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Sony CDP-CX355 Operating Instructions Manual

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Compact Disc
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© 2002 Sony Corporation



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  • Page 1 Compact Disc Player Operating Instructions DIOITALAUDIO C -r_- CDP-CX355 © 2002 Sony Corporation...
  • Page 2 And provided below. Refer to them whenever don't place lighted candles on tile you call upon your Sony dealer apparatus. regarding this product. To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not place ol_iects filled with liquids, such as Model No.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS Getting Started Unpacking ........................Hooking Up the System ................Connecting Another CD Player ..............Inserting CDs ........................7 Basic Operations Playing a CD ..................Playing CDs Using the Display ......................12 Locating a Specific Disc ....................14 Specifying the Next Disc to Play ..............
  • Page 4: Unpacking

    Unpacking Hooking Up the System Check that you received the following items: Overview • Audio cord (1) • Remote commander (remote) (1) This section describes how to hook up the CD player to • Size AA (R6) batteries (2) an amplifier. Be sure to turn off the power of each component before making the connections.
  • Page 5 *(_lf a Sonycomponent A1II jack Connect the component via the CONTROL AI 11jack. You can simplify the operation of audio systems composed of separate Sony components. For details, refer to the supplementa W "CONTROL AIR Control System" instructions. 5 US...
  • Page 6: Connecting Another Cd Player

    • Monaural (2PJmini-plug cord (1) (not supplied) If you have a Sony CD player in which 5, 50, 200, or 300 discs can be inserted and which is equipped with Connect the players with an audio cord (see also the CONTROL A1 II (or CONTROL A1) jack and the "Hookups"...
  • Page 7: Inserting Cds

    Turn the JOG dial until you find the disc slot Inserting CDs where you want to insert a disc, while checking the disc number {written beside evew slot and also You can insert up to 300 discs into this player. indicated in the display}.
  • Page 8 • Ifyeu drop a disc into the player and/er tile CD won't ge into the slot correctly, consult your nearest Sony dealer. With the label side • When transporting the player, remove all discs fl'om the facing right player.
  • Page 9 Removing CDs After following Steps 1 to 3 of "Inserting CDs" on page 7, remove the discs. Then close the front cover. discs "_To remove easily After following steps 1 to 3 of"Inserting CDs" on page 7, press • (DISC EJECT). The disc in the selected slot moves up and you can remove the disc easily.
  • Page 10: Basic Operations Playing A Cd

    PI; vi a CD 5 4/5 • Seepages 4 - 5 for the hookup Turn on the amplifier and select the CD player position. information. • Make sure you have inserted the Press f/(_) to turn on the player. discs correctly as indicated on pages 7 - 8.
  • Page 12: Using The Display

    Display information while playing a disc Using the Display While playing a disc, the display shows the current disc number, track number, playing time of the track and You can check information about the disc using the the next disc number. display.
  • Page 13 Selecting the language of the CD TEXT Display information while playing a disc information Each time you press TIME/TEXT, the display shows the information as shown below. You can select the language used to display the CD TEXT information when you select a CD TEXT disc with multiqanguage information.
  • Page 14: Locating A Specific Disc

    Locating a disc directly using the remote [] Locating a Specific Disc Press DISC. ; _>_ +tO0 Press the number button of the disc. Example: To enter number Press 3 then 5. To enter number Press 1, then 10/0 twice. oooo oooo ooooo...
  • Page 15: Specifying The Next Disc To Play

    Locating a disc searching for a specific Disc Specifying the Next Disc to Memo (Memo Search) Play You can search for and locate a desired disc by the first character of the Disc Memo (see page 24). The Memo You can specify the next disc to play while playing Search function can display the Disc Memo in...
  • Page 16: Locating A Specific Track Or A Point In A Track

    To locate You need to Locating a Specific Track or a the next or Turn the D:a<a AMS _ dial Point in a Track succeeding tracks clockwise until you find the track the current Turn the _ AMS _ dial You can quickly locate any track while playing a disc preceding...
  • Page 17: Playing Repeatedly

    Playing Repeatedly Playing in Random Order (Shuffle Play) You can play discs/tracks repeatedly in any play mode. You can have the player "shuffle" the tracks and play in random order. The player shuffles all the tracks on REPEAT all discs or on the disc you specify. SHUFFLE oooo Press REPEAT while playing...
  • Page 18: Creating Your Own Program (Program Play)

    Playing all tracks on a specified disc in Creating Your Own Program random order (Program Play) Press SHUFFLE twice. "1 DISC" and "SHUFFLE" appear in the display. You can arrange the order of the tracks and/or discs to create three different programs which are stored Turn the JOG dial until the desired disc number...
  • Page 19 Creating a program using the remote Push the JOG dial. The track being programmed CZ_ CZ) _ DISC STEP _------ PROGRAM DISC _------ The disc being Playing order programmed _------ Number buttons To program other discs/tracks, do the following: >10_------ To program Repeat Steps CHECK_------...
  • Page 20: Playing Using A Timer

    To program other discs/tracks, do the following: Playing Using a Timer To program Repeat Steps You can start playing a disc at any given time by All tracks of another disc(s) 2 to 4 connecting a timer (not supplied). Refer also to the Other tracks on the same disc instructions for the timer if you need help.
  • Page 21: Controlling Another Cd Player {Advanced Mega Control)

    Press MEGA CONTROL on this player. Controlling Another CD Player The MEGA CONTROL button and "2nd" in the display light up. The display shows the current (Advanced Mega Control) disc number or disc memo of the second player. This unit can control a second CD player (see "Connecting Another CD Player"...
  • Page 22: Fading Hi Or Out

    Loading the Disc Memos of the second CD Fading In or Out player If the second CD player has the Disc Menlo function You can manually fade the sound in or out to prevent (see page 24), you can load the Disc Memos of the tracks from starting or ending abruptly.
  • Page 23: Playing Alternately (No-Delay Play/X-Fade Play)

    Mega Control function or operate Select the play mode you want on each player. a Sony MD deck by using the computer software like "MD Editor," you must set the player as shown below: When you select No-Delay Play Press NO DELAY.
  • Page 24: What You Can Do With The Custom Files

    What You Can Do With the Labeling Discs (Disc Memo) Custom Files You can label discs using up to 13 characters and have the player display the Disc Memo each time you select The player can store three types of information called the disc.
  • Page 25 Turn the JOG dial until the desired character Changing the Disc Memo appears in the display. Follow Steps I to 3 in "Labeling discs on the The cursor disappears and the first space for the player" on page 24 to select the Disc Memo you Disc Memo flashes.
  • Page 26 Labeling discs using the remote To input a letter, press the number button corresponding to the letter you want (indicated b_ide each number button). The cursor disappears and the first space for the Disc Memo flashes. Each time you press the button, the letter changes ¢z) _ ¢z)
  • Page 27: Storing Custom File Hlformation Using A K Eyboard

    "_°lf have made mistake while inputting Storing Custom File character(s) To correct the character Information Using a Keyboard until the cursor moves to the 1 Press _ or _ incorrect character. You can store the Disc Memo for one disc sequentially DISCS using an IBM-compatible PC keyboard*...
  • Page 28: Storing Specific Tracks (Delete Bank)

    Storing Specific Tracks Grouping Discs (Group File) (Delete Bank) You might find that too many discs make it hard to find the disc you want. This player has a feature that You can delete unwanted tracks and store only the lets you classify discs into eight groups.
  • Page 29 Turn the N3<3 AMS Dg>_ dial to move the cursor to Labeling groups (Group Memo) the position you want to change. You can label the preset group number anything When the cursor position is on the character, like, such as a category, using up to 13 characters.
  • Page 30: Storing Your Favorite Tracks

    Press ENTER or [2> when the Disc Memo of the Press one of the GROUP 1 - 8 buttons to select the group and press _. disc you want appears. Group Play starts from the disc which is the most Group Play starts form the selected disc.
  • Page 31 Playing tracks in the Hit List Turn the JOG dial until the desired character appears in the display. Press HIT LIST before you start playing. The selected character for the Hit Title flashes. The HIT LIST button lights up and "HIT LIST" As you turn the JOG dial clockwise, the characters appears...
  • Page 32: Precautions

    • Caution The use of optical instruments with this product player, please consult your nearest Sony dealer. will increase oye hazard. • Should any solid object or liquid fall into the cabinet, unplug the player and have it checked...
  • Page 33: Troubleshooting

    Should any problem persist, Laser Semiconductor laser (?v- 780 ran) Emission duration: continuous consult your nearest Sony dealer. Laseroutput Max 44.6 gW* * This output is the value measured Thereisno sound. a distance of 200 mm from the ,,,_Check that the player is connected securely.
  • Page 34: Index

    Names of controls Index Labeling a disc Locating Buttons a specific point CAPS A, B a specific track CHECK 20, 28 by monitoring Advanced MegaControl CLEAR 18, 28 directly CONTINUE 10, 20 discs Automatic Music Sensor usingAMS DISC 14, 19 DISC SKIP +/ EASY PLAY CD TEXT...
  • Page 35 Sony Corporation Printed in Malaysia...