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NEC NP-UM330W Installation And Adjustment Manual

Wall mount unit
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Wall Mount Unit
Installation and Adjustment Manual



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  • Page 1 Wall Mount Unit NP04WK/NP04WK1 Installation and Adjustment Manual NP04WK-IAM-01...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Please read this installation and adjustment manual carefully to ensure proper use. For a list of the supported projectors, please see the NEC website or NEC catalogs. The descriptions in the installation and adjustments manual are mainly for the NP- UM330X.
  • Page 3: Please Heed The Following

    Please heed the following  Symbol In this “Installation and Adjustment Manual”, to ensure the safe and proper use of the product, pre- vent harm to yourself and others and damage to property, various symbols are used. The symbols and meanings are as follows. Please read this manual after ensuring the contents are well under- stood.
  • Page 4 Warning • Do not install in places subject to constant vibration. Extended vibration may cause loosening of the screws and result in the Wall Mount Unit and projector falling and causing injury. Also, it may cause breakdown of the projector. • To ensure safety, be sure to tighten the bolts, screws and safety lock screws secure- ly. Failure to do so may result in the projector falling and causing injury. • Do not modify any parts. Doing so may result in the projector and the Wall Mount Unit falling and causing injury.
  • Page 5: Introduction

    Introduction M Packaged Parts Check that the parts below are included in the package. Wall adapter: 1 set Wall adapter covers: 2 Slide arm: 1 set These are covers for the wall adapter. The two The wall adapter and slide arm are assembled covers are the same.
  • Page 6: Names Of Parts

    M Names of Parts (Wall adapter) Cable hole Elongated wall Wall adapter cover mount screw holes Wall adapter cover Fixing screw (A) (Arm unit) Vertical position reference line Wall adapter (wall adapter unit + arm unit) View from above Slide arm Left/right tilt adjustment knob Safety lock screws (2) Cable hole...
  • Page 7: Dimensions Of Parts

    M Dimensions of Parts The following shows an external view of the wall mount unit, the positions of the wall adapter’s wall mount screws and the amount of movement when mounting the projector. Units: mm Center of wall adapter 572 (min.) to 994 (max.) (When wall plate mounted: 575 (min.) to 997 (max.) 422 (arm unit movement range) Center of wall adapter Center of wall adapter...
  • Page 8: Projection Distance And Screen Size

    M Projection Distance and Screen Size The following shows the projection distance and screen size as well as the optimum height of the projector and screen. Refer to the dimensions on the diagram to determine the position of installation, then perform the mounting procedure.
  • Page 9 58.5 25.4 182.9 137.2 31.5 65.8 27.6 203.2 152.4 38.8 73.2 29.9 NP-UM330W/NP-UM280W Screen Projection distance Height between wall adapt- er’s lower edge screw hole center and screen’s upper Size (D) W (width) x H2 (height) (cm) L1 (cm) L2 (cm) edge – H1 (cm) 124.9 78.1 10.5...
  • Page 10: Installing The Projector

    Installing the Projector Before installing 1. Consider the place where the screen is to be installed and determine the position in which the wall mount unit is to be mounted. (See page ENG-7) - It is not possible to install in such a way that the image is projected at an angle. Position in such a way that the image is projected directly to the front.
  • Page 11 2. Attach the wall adapter to the wall’s structural material. Use the included washers and spacers to attach the wall adapter with the M6 screws (or bolts). - For the position for mounting the wall adapter onto the wall and the dimensions, see “Dimensions of Parts”...
  • Page 12 4. Insert the slide arm on the arm unit. Arm unit Slide arm 5. Attach the safety lock screws and fixing screws (B). (1) Use the included hexagonal wrench to securely tighten the two safety lock screws. (2) Leave the two fixing screws (B) loose. Tighten them after adjustments are made. (1) Safety lock screws (2) Fixing screws (B) * This diagram is as seen from below.
  • Page 13 6. Make the initial setting of the arm unit’s vertical position. Upon shipment from the factory, the arm unit is set to the uppermost position. (1) Loosen the arm unit’s fixing screw (A), then holding the arm unit’s base, lower the arm unit to the lowermost position. (2) Temporarily fasten the fixing screw (A). This completes the initial setting of the arm unit’s vertical position. (1) (2) Fixing screw (A) Arm unit WARNING - Do not remove the safety lock screws other than for assembly.
  • Page 14 7. Cabling The power cord and signal cable(s) can be passed through the slide arm and wall adapter. There is one cable hole in the slide arm and three cable holes in the wall adapter (upward, through- to-wall and downward). Select the cable holes to be used according to the cabling conditions.
  • Page 15: Adjusting For Distortion Of The Projected Image

    Adjusting for Distortion of the Projected Image M Before Adjusting Preparing the projector - Project an image from the projector, then first move the projector’s focus ring to roughly adjust the focus of the projected image. For instructions on projecting images, see “Projecting Images (Basic Operation)” of the user’s manual (CD-ROM) supplied with the projector.
  • Page 16 2. Adjust the projector’s tilt in Vertical tilt adjust- ment knob the vertical direction. Turn the vertical tilt adjustment knob and adjust so that the left and right edges of the projected image are paral- lel. - The adjustment range is ±5°. 3.
  • Page 17: Projected Image

    4. Adjust the size of the projected image. Safety lock screws (1) Loosen the arm unit’s two fixing screws (B). (2) Holding the slide arm’s cap, move forward or back- ward to project the image over the entire screen. - When installed following the instructions under “Projection Distance and Screen Size”, the image is projected at about the center.
  • Page 18 5. Adjust in the vertical Fixing screw (A) direction. Arm unit Loosen the fixing screw (A), then hold the base of the arm and move the arm upwards, targeting the reference line. Adjust so that the projected image is at the center of the screen surface. If the projected image moves too far upwards with respect to the screen surface, it is easier to adjust by first holding the base of the arm and...
  • Page 19: Attaching The Covers

    7. Once the adjustments are completed, securely tighten all the screws that were loosened. 8. Attach the covers to the wall adapter. Cover (A) and cover (B) have the same shape. Attaching the covers (1) Push one of the covers onto the wall adapter. - The four tabs on the back of the cover fit into the notches in the wall adapter, fixing the cover in place.
  • Page 20: Attach The Cable Cover To The Projector

    9. Attach the cable cover to the projector. For instructions on attaching the cover, see the user’s manual. WARNING - Do not bundle the power cord together with the cables and put it under the cable cover. Doing so could result in fire. This completes installation and adjustment. ENG-19...
  • Page 21: Specifications

    Specifications Product name : Wall mount unit Model name : NP04WK Adjustable angles : Vertical angle – ±5°; Horizontal angle – ±5°; Tilt angle – ±5° Adjustable positions : Front/back – 422; Horizontal – ±50 mm; Vertical – ±40 mm External dimensions : 530 (W) x 572 (D) x 223 (H) mm (NP04WK1;...

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