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Rack Height Adjustment; Extra Tallitems - Bosch SHU5300 Use & Care Manual

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The upper rack height of the Bosch dishwashers, except
the SHU 5302 and SHU 5306 models, is adjustable. There
are two positions, see figure 8:
The upper position is used to provide more room for
items to be placed in the lower rack.
The lower position is used to provide more room for
items to be placed in the upper rack.
Figure 8.
Place the "Extra Tall Item Spdnlder" over the upper
rack spray outlet at the back of the dishwasher tub
(refer to figure 9) and turn clockwise to lock sprinkler
head in place.
Figure 9.
Extra tall items may now be placed in lower rack for
washing, as shown in figure 10. To remove "Extra Tall
Item Sprinkler", to again allow use of upper rack, reverse
actions used to insert it.
To reposition rack:
First empty upper rack and pull rack partially out to
point where rack can be lifted upward as shown in
upper illustration of Figure 8.
Pull the rack forward and then up until rollers are
completely free of channels.
Reinsert the rack with the other set of rollers on the
Extra Tall Items
If you have extra tall items that cannot fit in the lower
rack without interfering with the upper spray arm or
without hitting the upper rack, the upper rack may be
removed. A special "Extra Tall Item Sprinkler" is provided
with the dishwasher to allow use of the dishwasher with
upper rack removed. See figure 9.
To allow washing
of extra tall items:
With upper rack empty, remove
it from the dishwasher
by pulling the rack partially
out to the point where
rack can be lifted upward and out to disengage
ti'om the side rails.
Figure 10.



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