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Craftsman 247.77466 Operator's Manual

27 ton hydraulic log splitter


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Operator's Manual
27 Ton Hydraulic
Log Splitter
Model No. 247.77466
Before using
this product, read this
manual and follow all
Safety Rules and
Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179, U.S.A.
Visit our Sears website:
Printed in U.S.A.
FORM NO. 769-00851B


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Craftsman 247.77466

  • Page 1 • Assembly manual and follow all • Operation • Maintenance Safety Rules and • Parts Operating Instructions. • Espa_ol Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179, U.S.A. Visit our Sears website: Printed in U.S.A. FORM NO. 769-00851B (5/04)
  • Page 2: Specification

    Craftsman For one (1) year from the date of purchase, if tills Craftsman Equipment is maintained, lubricated, and tuned up according to the instructions to the operator's manual, Sears will repair or replace free of charge any parts found to be defective in material or workmanship.
  • Page 3 WARNING: This symbol points out important safety instructions which, if not followed, could endanger the personal safety and/or property of yourself and others. Read and follow all instructions in this manual before attempting to operate this machine. Failure to comply with these instructions may result in personal injury.
  • Page 4: Operation

    Use your log splitter in daylight or under good 10. For logs which are not cut square, the least square artificial light. end and the longest portion of the log should To avoid personal injury or property damage placed toward the beam and wedge, and the extreme care in handling gasoline.
  • Page 5 IMPORTANT:Your logsplitter i s shipped withmotor oil AttachingThe T0ague (See Figere 2) intheengine• H owever, youMUST check theoillevel With the log splitter still standing upright, remove before operating• Becareful n ottooverfill. two hex bolts, lock washers, and hex nuts from the tongue assembly.
  • Page 6: Preparing Thelog Splitter

    Disconnect the log cradle from the beam on the side of the control valve. Lift and slide the cylinder up to the top of beam and into the weld brackets. Attach the dislodger over the wedge assembly and secure with the hardware previously removed to the weld brackets.
  • Page 7: Operating Controls

    Push button to ON prior to choking for engine start; return the wedge toward the cylinder. push to OFF to shut engine down. Meets ANSI safety standards Craftsman Log Splitter conforms to the safety standard of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).
  • Page 8: Starting Engine

    Choke Control The choke control is used to choke off the carburetor handling gasoline. Gasoline is extremely WARNING: extreme care when flammable and the vapors are explosive. and assist in starting the engine. Never fuel machine indoors or while the Starter Handle engine is hot or running.
  • Page 9: Usingthelog Splitter

    Nevnr: Vertical Position Use when fluid is below 20 ° F or above 150 ° F. Pull the horizontal beam lock out to release the Use a solid engine/pump coupling. beam and pivot the beam to the vertical position. Operate through relief valve for more than To lock the beam in the vertical...
  • Page 10: Hydraulic Fluid

    MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE "_ _ubdcate Beam and Wedg_ Change Hydraulic Fluid Change Hydraulic Filter Check Reservoir Fluid Check Engine Change Engine Service Air Cleaner Service Spark Plug Clean Engine GENERALREC0MMENDATIONS drain the fluid into a suitable container. Refill using only Dexron III automatic transmission fluid...
  • Page 11: Engine Maintenance

    To Service Air Filter Engine Maintenance Loosen cleaner cover screw, CheckEngine remove screw from cover. Swing cover down to Stop engine and wait several minutes before remove from hinge. checking oil level. Inspect filter for discoloration or dirt Remove oil fill dipstick. accumulation.
  • Page 12 HoseClamps adjustments without first stopping WARNING: Do not at any time make any Check the hose clamps on the suction hose (attached engine, disconnecting spark plug wire, to side of the pump) for proper tightness before each and grounding it against the engine.
  • Page 13 Tires Set.010" to.060" c learance b etween thenylon "spider" a ndtheengine coupling halfbysliding a See sidewall of tire for recommended pressu re. matchbook coverbetween t henylon"spider" a nd Maximum tire pressure under any circumstances is 30 theengine coupling h alfandmoving pump coupling p.s.i.
  • Page 14: Log Splitter

    Never use engine or carburetor cleaner products Prepare your log splitter for storage at the end of the in the fuel tank or permanent damage season or if the log splitter will not be used for 30 days occur. Use fresh fuel next season. or more.
  • Page 15 Problem Possible Cause Corrective Action Broken drive shaft. Return unit to Sears service center. Cylinder rod will not move Shipping plugs left in hydraulic Disconnect hydraulic hose, remove hoses. shipping plugs, and reconnect hose. Set screws in coupling not adjusted Refer to adiustment section of this properly.
  • Page 16: Troubleshooting Guide

    Trouble-Shooting Guide Corrective Action Problem Possible Causes Engine fails to start Dirty air cleaner. Service air cleaner following instructions in the maintenance section. Fuel tank empty, or stale fuel Fill tank with fresh fuel. Choke lever not in CHOKE position. Move choke lever to CHOKE.
  • Page 17 Safety & Decorative Labels: Location and Part Number 777D07398 (Warning Area Adjacent Ram Control Lever) 777S32422 On Top of Tongue Near Coupler Facing Engine Side (Left Side) of unit 777120739 On Engine Bracket {Not facing Engine) 777S32061 On front of Dislodger...
  • Page 18 Sears Craftsman 6.5 H.P. Log Splitter Model 247.77466 !1 _2 74 _73...
  • Page 19 Sears Craftsman 6.5 H.P. Log Splitter Model 247.77466 Re/. Re/. Part No. Part No. Part Description Part Description 718-0769 736-0116 Flat Washer.635 ID x.93 OD Hydraulic Cylinder 727-0634 736-0169 L-Washer 3/8" Hydraulic Tube 710-1018 712-0798 Hex Nut 3/8-16 Hex Cap Screw 1/2-20 x 2.75...
  • Page 20 Sears Craftsman 6.5 H,P, Engine Model No. 123K02 For Log Splitter Model 247.77466 [I019 LABEL KIT] 542,====_( 524 C i 1330 REPAIR MANUALJ {to50 OWNER'S MANUA_...
  • Page 21 Sears Craftsman 6.5 H,P, Engine Model No. 123K02 For Log Splitter Model 247.77466 443_ 404 @ 163_ 616_ 692 | 977 CARBURETOR GASKET 633 @ 633A 276@ 121 CARBURETOR OVERHAUL 633 G 633A8 334_ lo4%_ 276 @ 127...
  • Page 22 Sears Craftsman 6.5 H,P, Engine Model No. 123K02 For Log Splitter Model 247.77466 358 ENGINE GASKET SET 842_ s24_ 668 0 i,329 REPLACEMENT ENGINE I 627 _ 1005 592_ 689 _'_...
  • Page 23 Sears Craftsman 6.5 H,P, Engine Model No. 123K02 For Log Splitter Model 247.77466 Ref. Ref. Part No. Part No. Part Description Part Description 398187 Float-Carburetor 697322 Cylinder Assembly 133. Valve-Needle/Seat 399269 Kit-Bushing/Seal 194. 398188tf Gasket-Float Bowl Seal-Oil (Magneto Side) 197.
  • Page 24 Sears Craftsman 6.5 H.P. Engine Model No. 123K02 For Log Splitter Model 247.77466 Ref. Ref. Part No. Part Description Part Description Part No. 635. Guard-Rewind 56538 Boot-Spark Plug 930. 691919 668. 493823 Spacer 957. 397974 Cap-Fuel Tank 670. Base-Air Cleaner Primer...
  • Page 25 (This page applicable In the U SA a[id Canada 0nly) Sears, Roebuck and Co., U.S.A. (Sears), the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) Emission Control System Warranty Statement (Owner's Defect Warranty Rights and Obligations) EMISSION CONTROL WARRANTY...
  • Page 26 NOTES...
  • Page 27: Del Producto

    Sears reparara o reemplazara gratis toda pieza que se determine ctefectuosa en material o mano de obra, a partir de un (1) afro de la fecha de cornpra, si este equipo Craftsman se mantiene, lubrica y afina de acuerdo con las instrucciones en el manual del operador.
  • Page 28 ADVERTENCIA: Este sfmbolo indica importantes instrucciones de segufidad la ¢uales, sl no se observan, pueden porter en peligro la seguridad personal y/o la propiedad suya y de terceros. Lea y siga todas las inst rucciones en este manual antes de intentar operar esta m_quina.
  • Page 29: Mantenimiento Y Almacenamiento

    Para evitar lesiones personales odaf_os alapropiedad 10. Para los troncos que no se ban cortado cuadrados, el sedebe sermuy precavido alrnanejar lagasolina. La extreme menos cuadrado y la porcion m&s larga del gasolina esextrernadamente inflamable ylosvapores tronco deben colooarse hacia la viga ycu f_a,y el extreme p@rsonales cuadrado debe colocarse hacia la plaoa del exlremo.
  • Page 30 IMPORTANTE: Esta unidad s eenvia singasolina oaceite Fijaci6n lengUeta (Vet la Figura 2) de la enelmotor. Antes deoperar lamaquina, asegurarse Con ]a cortadora de troncos tedavia en posici6n cargar gasolina yaceite s eg0n i ndicado en el manual vertical, extraer los dos pemos hexagonales, separado del motor.
  • Page 31 Levantar ycorrer elcilind r ohasta eltope delaviga y Quite la varilla de aceite de dep6sito expresada, que dentro d elossoportes soldados. es Iocalizada delante del motor sobre la cima del Fijar e l impulsor sobre el con Jnto de la cuSa y fijar a tanque de dep6sito.
  • Page 32 Suelte la manija de control o parte de la escuadra de ret@n del sosten de la viga. Cumple con las normas ANSI de proteccidn La cortadora de troncos Craftsman cumple con la )_orma de proteccion del Instituto Nacional Americano de Norrnas (ANSI)
  • Page 33: Encendidodel Motor

    Controles del motor aIraacenada pot cualquier periodo mas largo de cuatro semanas debe considerarse rancia. Llenar eI tanque con 1.5 cuartos de gasoJina de grado Interruptorde detencien automotor limpia, fresca y sin plomo. NO USAR Oprima el bot6n para ponerlo en ON (encendido) gasolina etiiica o de alto octano.
  • Page 34 NUNCA colocar ]as manos en el extremo entre el Espere hasta que el raotor funcione suavemente tronco y la curia cortadora. antes de cada ajuste de la obturaci6n. S6lo un adulto debe estabilizar el tronco y operar la Si falla el motor, coloque la palanca de control manija de control, de manera qua el opemdor tenga...
  • Page 35: Recomendaciones Generales

    PROGRAMA MANTENIMIENTO ¢ Lubricar viga y cufa ?-am biar el liquido hidraulioo 3ambiar el filtro Mdrfulico Cambiar el liquido del reservodo Inapeccionar el aceite del motor Cambiar el aceite del motor Limpiar el flltro de aire Umpiar Ja bujia Umpiar el motor Transporte de la cortadora de troncos Para mantener bien su equipo, deben efectuarse...
  • Page 36: Mantenimiento Del Motor

    cionamiento el motor sin haber montado trabajar con querosen. Es un liquido ADVERTENCIA: No ponga nunca en fun- ADVERTENCIA: Ser muy precavido extremadamente inflamable. totalmente el filtro de afro. Hagale un servicio al caducho coda 25 heros de Filtrohidr ulico funcionamiento o todas los temporadas.
  • Page 37 Acople flexibledela b0mba ajuste sin para primero el motor, desconectar ADVERTENCIA: Nunca efectuar ning_n El acople flexible de la bomba es una inserci6n de nil6n de el cable de la bujia y conectar]o a tierra tipo "ara_a", ubicado entre la bombay el eje del motor. Con col'_tra el motor.
  • Page 38 Bomba de engranajes Tornillo engranajes Insercion Mitades de la "arabia" de nil6n acople Motor Figure 11 Neum ticos Leer la pared lateral del neumatico pot la presi6n recomendada. La presi6n m_xima del neumatico en todas las circunstancias es de 30 p.s.i. Debe mantenerse una presi6n igual en todos los neum_ticos.
  • Page 39 AIfinal d elatemporada osilacortadora detroncos noseva Nunca usar productos limpiadores de motor o a usar p ot30dias o mas, p repararla para almacenamiento. carburador en el tanque de combustible ya que puede ocurrir un daffo permanente. Usar combustible fresco ADVERTENCIA: Nunca almacenar [a temporade pr6xima.
  • Page 40 Accibn correctiva Problema Causa posible Elcilindm nosemueve 1 _evolverla_nidadalCen_ro d eSe_icioSears 1 Eie_utodelim_lso/ 2 Lostapollesdeenvlosehalldeiadoell las [}es/:onec_ f I_ in_Rg_e/_ IlitJr_lica, ext[3_ mangueras hidr_licas _a_ones (_ ellvlo y leconec_a[ la i_all_uer_ 3 Lostor_illosdegosici6_enelacople_o seha_ 3 Mferi_se a lasecci6_ deajustedees_e manual y a_stadobien ai_s_a_ l osaco_les 4 Acoplefloio deleie...
  • Page 41 Problema Acci6n correctiva Causas posibles Filtro de aile s_cio 1 kimpiar el filtro de aile siguielldo las ]fistf u¢cioEl_$ e ella Secoio_d_ ma£18R]mieRto 2 Tanque de combustiNe vac% o combustible Ue£a__1taE]qlJe col_¢onlDifsl]_le l_s¢o raflcio M_e_ el regula(fo_a ON El _gulatJo f no esl_ en laI_osici6n OFF Umpia_ la luberia de cornbuslible 4 T_ber fa (Ie combustible bloqueada Co_ectarel cable (re la b_i_ a la misma...
  • Page 42 (Estap_glnaesapllcable Q_flcamen_e enEstadosU_fldos d eAmerica y Oanad_ ) Senrs, Roebuck and Co., U.S.A. (Sears), Junta de Recursos Am bientales de Califor nin (CARB) y Agencin de Protection Ambiental de los Estndos U nidos (U.g. EPA) De¢lnraci6n de la Gnrnntin del Sistemn de Control de Emisiones (Dorechos y Oblignciones del Propi_tnrio...
  • Page 43 Protection Agreements Acuerdo De Proteccibn Para Congratulations on making a smart purchase.Your Felicitaciones por haber realizado una adquisici6n Craftsman® product is designed and manufactured inteligente. El producto Craftsman® que ha adquirido years of dependable operation. But like all products, esta disehado...
  • Page 44 Your Home For repair-in your home-of all major brand appliances, lawn and garden equipment, or heating and cooling systems, no matter made it, no matter sold For the replacement parts, accessories owner's manuals that you need to do-it-yourself. For Sears professional installation of home appliances...

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