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Craftsman 247.77640 Operator's Manual

675 series
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675 Series
Model No. 247.77640
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Sears Brands
Estates, IL 60179, U.S.A.
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  Summary of Contents for Craftsman 247.77640

  • Page 1 Model No. 247.77640 o SAFETY ASSEMBLY OPERATION MAINTENANCE PARTS LIST CAUTION: Before using Espa_ol this product, read this manual and follow safety rules and operating instructions. Sears Brands Management Corporation, Hoffman Estates, IL 60179, U.S.A. Visit our website: FORMNO.769-05144A 6/11/2010...
  • Page 2 Service Numbers ........BackCover Maintenance 16-18 CRAFTSMAN F ULLWARRANTY Whenoperated andmaintained a ccording t oallsupplied instructions, ifthisCraftsman l ogsplitter f ailsdueto a defectinmaterial orworkmanship withinoneyearfromthedateof purchase, call1-800-4-MY-HOME® arrange forfreerepair (orreplacement if repair proves impossible). Thiswarranty applies foronly90daysfromthedateof purchase ifthislogsplitter i s everusedforcommercial or rental p urposes.
  • Page 3 This machinewas built to be operatedaccordingto the safe opera- tion practicesin this manual.As with any type of powerequipment, which,if not followed,could endangerthe personal This symbolpointsout importantsafetyinstructions carelessnessor error on the part of the operatorcan resultin safetyand/or propertyof yourselfand others.Read and followall instructionsin this manualbefore seriousinjury.This machineis capableof amputatingfingers,hands, toes and feet and throwingdebris.
  • Page 4 OPERATION Alwaysoperatethis machinefrom theoperatorzone(s) specified in the manual.See Figure1. Beforestartingthis machine,reviewthe "SafetyInstructions". Failureto followthese rulesmay resultin seriousinjuryto the Vertical operatoror bystanders. Neverleavethis machineunattended with the engine running. Donot operatemachinewhile underthe influenceof alcohol, drugs, or medication. Neverallowanyoneto operatethis machinewithoutproper instruction. Alwaysoperatethis machinewith all safetyequipmentin place and working.Makesureall controlsare operatingproperlyfor safe operation.
  • Page 5 17.Donot t ow machine over 45mph. SPARK ARRESTOR 18.See Transporting the Log Splitter section inthis manual forproper towing instructions once a llfederal, local, orstate requirements are met. This machineis equippedwith an internalcombustion engineand shouldnotbe usedon or near anyunimproved forest-covered, b rush MAINTENANCE AND STORAGE coveredor grass-covered land unlesstheengine'sexhaustsystem...
  • Page 6 SAFETY SYMBOLS This pagedepictsand describessafetysymbolsthat mayappear on this product. Read,understand,and followall instructionson the machine beforeattemptingto assembleand operate. READTHEOPERATOR'S MANUAL(S) Read,understand,andfollow all instructionsin the manual(s)beforeattemptingto assemble and operate WARNING-- CRUSHING HAZARD Keephandsaway fromwedge,end plate, partiallysplitwood and movingparts. 'l I BYSTANDARDS Keepbystanders,helpersand childrenat least 10feet away. SINGLEOPERATOR Onlyone personshouldoperatethe machineat a time.The adultwho loadsand stabilizesthe log mustbe the personwho operatescontrol handle.
  • Page 7 Securethejack standin positionwith theclevis pin and spring clip. See Figure1. Useextremecautionunpackingthis machine.Somecomponentsare Withthelogsplitterstillsecured tothebottomd thecrate,remove two very heavyand will requireadditionalpeopleor mechanical h andling hexboltsandhexnutsfromthetankbracket andremove thepieced equipment. woodinsidethetankbrackets. SeeFigure 2. NOTE:Yourlog splitteris shippedwith motoroil in the engine.However, youMUSTcheckthe oil levelbeforeoperating. B e carefulnot tooverfill. NOTE:All referencesin this manualto the left or right sideof the log splitterare from theoperatingpositiononly.See OperatorZonein the Operationsectionof the Safetyinstructions.
  • Page 8 14. Disconnectthe log cradlefromthe beamon theside of the control 11, Thelog splitteris shippedwith the beamin a verticalposition, Removeanybolts or strapssecuringthe end plateto the bottom valve by removing the two hexwasherscrewsthat secureit to the of the crate. beamand the two hex washerscrewsin the beamflange.The cradleis off-set for shippingpurposes.See Figure5.
  • Page 9 17. Reattachthe log cradleto the sideof the beamwith the control valve,aligningthe holesin thecradlewith the the holesin the Removeoil fill dipstick. beam.See Figure7. Checkthe oil levelmakingcertain notto rub the dipstickalongthe insidewalls of the oil fill tube. This wouldresultin a falsedipstick ..fJ reading.Refillto the FULLmark on the dipstick,if necessary.
  • Page 10 NOTE:Thelogsplitter i sfilledto theproper operating level f romthemanu- facturer w ithShellTellus® 32 Hydraulic Fluid. H owever, youMUST checkthe fluidlevel b efore operating. If notfilled,proceed withthefollowing steps: Muchd the originalfluid hasbeen drawnintothe cylinderand hoses. Makecertainto refillthe reservoirto preventdamageto the hydraulic pump. Checkthefluid levelusingthedipstick.See Figure8.
  • Page 11 Cylinder ControlHandle ;lodger Horizontal BeamLock CouI Hitch BeamAssembly Plate Tongue Engi Starter Handle Vertical Tray Beam Reservoir Lock Tank ure 9 Be familiarwith all the controlsand their properoperation.Knowhow Readthis operator'smanualand the safetyrulesbeforeoperating to stop the machineand disengagethemquickly. yourlog splitter.Comparethe illustrationsbelowwith yourequipment to familiarizeyourselfwith the locationof variouscontrolsand adjust- ments.Savethis manualfor future reference.
  • Page 12 LOG TRAY If enginefalters, movechoke controlbackto the CHOKEt'°,1 Thelog tray is designedto catchthe log after it is split, positionand repeatsteps4 through7. END PLATE TO STOP ENGINE Theend plateholdsthelog in placewhilethe wedgesplitsthe log. Pushthe stop switchto the OFF position.See Figure10. TONGUE Disconnectspark plugwireand ground it to preventaccidental startingwhilethe equipmentis unattended.
  • Page 13 Control Handle Vertical Position Referto Figure12 forthe followingsteps. Pullthe horizontalbeamlock out to releasethe beamand pivot the beamto the verticalposition. To lock thebeamin the verticalposition,pull out on the vertical beamlock and rotateit to securethe beam.See Figure13. To Return Wedge _ToStop Wedge To Split Wood ......................
  • Page 14 TRANSPORTING THE LOG SPLITTER OPERATING TiPS Lowerthe beamto itshorizontalposition.Makecertainthe beam Always: islockedsecurelywith the horizontalbeamlock. Usecleanfluid and checkthefluid levelregularly. Removespringclip and clevispin from jackstand. Usean approvedhydraulicfluid. ApprovedfluidsincludeShell Supportthe tongueand pivotthe jackstand up againstthe Tellus®32 HydraulicFluid,Dexron®III/ Mercon®automatic tongue.See Figure15. transmissionfluid, Pro-Select AW-32HydraulicOil or 12WAW- ISOviscositygrade 32 hydraulicoil.
  • Page 15 FLEXIBLE PUMP COUPLER Theflexiblepumpcoupleris a nylon"spider"insert,locatedbetween Do notat any time makeanyadjustmentswithoutfirststopping the pumpand theengine shaft.Overtime,the couplerwill hardenand theengine,disconnecting spark plugwire and groundingit against deteriorate.If you detectvibrationor noisecomingfromthe area be- theengine.Alwayswearsafetyglassesduringoperationor while tweenthe engineand the pumpcontactan authorizedservicedealer. _performng anyadjustmentsor repars. If thecouplerfails completely, y ou will experience a loss of power. WEDGE ASSEMBLY ADJUSTMENT TIRES...
  • Page 16 Maintenance Schedule TASKS SERVICEDATES * -- Heavyloador high ambienttemperature use. Figure 17 GENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS Alwaysobservethe safety ruleswhenperforming any mainte- Do notat any time makeanyadjustmentswithoutstoppingthe nance. engine,disconnecting the spark plugwire, groundingit againstthe The warrantyon this log splitterdoesnotcover itemsthat have engineand relievethe hydrosystempressure.Alwayswear safety been subjectedto operatorabuseor negligence.Toreceivefull glassesduringoperationor whileperforminganyadjustmentsor valuefrom the warranty, t he operatormust maintainthe equip-...
  • Page 17 HYDRAULIC FLUID AND iNLET FILTER Hydraulic Filter Changethehydraulicfilter every 50 hoursof operation.Useonlya 10 micronhydraulic filter.Order partnumber723-0405. Stopthe engineand relievehydraulicsystem )ressurebeforechang- BEAM SPLITTING WEDGE ing or adjustingfittings,hoses,tubing,or othersystemcomponents. Beforeeachuse, lubricateboth sidesof the beam(whereit comesinto Checkthehydraulicfluid levelin the log splitterreservoirtank before contactwith the splittingwedge)with engineoil. The wedgeplateon eachuse.
  • Page 18 Service Spark Plug Cleanthe sparkplug and resetthe gap to .030"at leastonce a seasonor every 50 hoursof operation. Cleanthearea aroundthe sparkplug. Removeand inspectthe spark plug. Replacethe spark plug if the electrodesare pitted,burnedor the porcelainis cracked. NOTE:Contacta SearsPartsand RepairCenteror 1-800-4-MY- HOME®for a replacementsparkplug,Champion®partnumber RJ19LM.
  • Page 19 Prepare your l og splitter forstorage atthe end ofthe season orifthe FUEL STABILIZER log splitter will n ot b eused f or30days o rmore. NOTE: Fuelstabilizeris an acceptablealternativein minimizingthe formationof fuel gumdepositsduring storage. Pleasefollowthe instructionsbelowfor storingyourlog splitterwith Never store t he machine with fuel inthe fuel t ank inside o fbuilding fuel and stabilizerin the engine: where fumes may reach a nopen f lame o rspark orwhere i gnition Add stabilizerto the gasolinein the fueltank or storagecontainer.
  • Page 20 Beforeperforming anytype of maintenance/service, disengageall controlsand stopthe engine.Wait untilall movingparts havecome to a completestop.Disconnectspark plugwire and groundit againstthe engineto preventunintendedstarting.Alwayswearsafetyglassesduring operationor whileperformingany adjustmentsor repars. This section addresses minor service issues. To locate the nearest Sears Service Center or to schedule service, simply contact Sears at 1-800-4-MY-HOME®.
  • Page 21 Beforeperforming anytype of maintenance/service, disengageall controlsand stopthe engine.Wait untilall movingparts havecome to a completestop.Disconnectspark plugwire and groundit againstthe [ engineto preventunintendedstarting.Alwayswear safetyglassesduringoperationor whileperformingawl [adjustmentsor repars. This section addresses minor service issues. To locate the nearest Sears Service Center or to schedule service, simply contact Sears at 1-800-4-MY-HOME®.
  • Page 22 Craftsman Log Splitter Model 247.77640...
  • Page 23 iVlodel 247 918-0769A 781-04179-0637 HydraulicCylinder LogTray 727-04166 981-04040A-0637 HydraulicTube FrameAssembly 710-1018 710-0521 Hex Bolt3/8-16x 3 Hex CapScrew 1/2-20x 2.75 737-0192 719-0353 90 DegreeSolidAdapter CouplingShield 918-0481A ControlValve 914-0122 SquareKey3/16" x.75 737-0153 ReturnElbow 710-1842 Screw,1/4-20x .38 737-0238 718-04392 NipplePipe 1/2-14 Coupling,.500 710-1806 718-04395 Hex CapScrew 1/2-13x 3.25 Coupling,.875...
  • Page 24 Briggs & Stratton Engine IViodel 126T02 For Craftsman Log Splitter IViodel 247.77640 684 _ 306A 51Ac(. c 5.o_ 1_£1 842 _-i[_ _ 524 '\_-_ 1095 VALVE GASKET SET...
  • Page 25 Briggs & Stratton Engine IViodel 126T02 For Craftsman Log Splitter IViodel 247.77640 365 '%. © _ ",_ 633A 633 @ 276 _s 276 ¢_i_ PRIMER SYSTEM CHOKE SYSTEM 633A 1633 ii_ _ 1_601 601A AUTOC#OKE SYSTEa ] / i_, 670 _...
  • Page 26 Briggs & Stratton Engine Model 126T02 For Craftsman Log Splitter Model 247.77640 968B 967A 445A 443A J_G\ [ ..677 _'_ 613A " © 677 _ 677 _?) 8369 _ _ 836B_ C_" _/_¢_ 346 _ _" 346 _£; 1388 i...
  • Page 27 Briggs & Stratton Engine Model 126T02 For Craftsman Log Splitter Model 247.77640 188 % 843 <_## 843A < ..209B d_ _'_Z_ 209A _-_ ' 268 _ .._:-_ __'" 265 _:__ 271 _6f_9'%=")' 270'_ 265A_' 265B 356B "_ ..
  • Page 28 Briggs & Stratton Engine IViodel 126T02 For Craftsman Log Splitter IViodel 247.77640 _" 921 P 921A 921 H 969A 969A _ 921 R // ,t-_--_-----_ _ 921J 969A 969A 969A 921K 921 U 969A 969_ 969 _l 921 L 921W...
  • Page 29 Briggs & Stratton Engine Model 126T02 For Craftsman Log Splitter Model 247.77640 604A 1211 742 _#_; 1210 564B 564B 6O4B/ / 651 2 604C 689 d p> 783A @ 597 _ 697 % 803 i 1005 742 '_ _L _...
  • Page 30 Briggs & Stratton Engine IViodel 126T02 For Craftsman Log Splitter IViodel 247.77640 592 _ 1211 564 _:_ 742 '_r*_ 1210 564B ¢_ 651 t_ 604C 689 _19 783A @ 597 _) 564B 697 _ '\.. 1005 853 __..,'f_.
  • Page 31 Briggs & Stratton Engine IViodel 126T02 For Craftsman Log Splitter IViodel 247.77640 BS-697322 CylinderAssembly BS-281434S StarterRopeGrip BS-399269 Bushing/SealKit BS-690837 Screw(RewindStarter) BS-299819S Oil Seal BS-691108 Screw(FlywheelGuard) BS-691740 MufflerScrewLock BS-493279 EngineSump BS-691160 CylinderHead BS-691636 Screw(ThrottleValve) BS-493267 ThrottleShaft BS-692249 CylinderHeadGasket BS-695250 BreatherAssembly BS-493280...
  • Page 32 Briggs & Stratton Engine IViodel 126T02 For Craftsman Log Splitter IViodel 247.77640 BS-690791 StopWire BS-692021 Control Bracket(Remote,ChokeA Matic,NonCompliance) 356J BS-691423 StopWire 222D BS-791128 Control Bracket(FixedSpeed) BS-794307 EngineGasketSet 222E BS-692982 Control Bracket(ManualFriction,5 BS-19069 FlywheelPuller PositionManualChoke) BS-691688 Screw(Carburetor) BS-690783 GovernorControlLever BS-89838S SparkPlugWrench...
  • Page 33 Briggs & Stratton Engine IViodel 126T02 For Craftsman Log Splitter IViodel 247.77640 BS-790703 ControlCover BS-796385 WiringHarness 604C BS-792418 ControlCover 789D BS-796574 WiringHarness 604D BS-793770 ControlCover BS-690782 DriveCap BS-497680 RewindStarter BS-695267 End Cap BS-691340 Screw (Muffler) BS-695266 StarterHousing BS-499034 MufflerGuard 613A...
  • Page 34 Briggs & Stratton Engine IViodel 126T02 For Craftsman Log Splitter IViodel 247.77640 BS-794355 BlowerHousingCover BS-692298 Air CleanerCover 921W BS-796921 BlowerHousingCover BS-690700 Screw(BlowerHousingCover) 921X BS-796706 BIowerHousing Cover 969A BS-691138 Screw(BIowerHousingCover) BS-691831 BrakeSpring BS-691669 Screw(Air CleanerPrimerBracket) 922A BS-692135 BrakeSpring 972B BS-699374 FueITank...
  • Page 35 Craftsman Log Splitter Model 247.77640 777D14914 777S33682 777X43688 DONOT USEEH5OR FUEL CONTAINING M ORE THAN10% ETHANOL 777123426 HYDRAULIC FLUID INaintairl level witbirl the ranges specified on the dipstick.DO NOT OVERFILL! Cllelk Wllen fltlid is cold and witll .nN level. Neverrun below this level.
  • Page 36 Congratulations on makinga smartpurchase.YournewCraftsman@ Onceyou purchasethe Agreement,a simplephonecall is all that it productis designedand manufactured for yearsof dependableopera- takesfor youto scheduleservice.Youcan call anytimedayor night,or tion. But likeall products,it may requirerepairfrom time to time.That's schedulea serviceappointmentonline. whenhavinga RepairProtectionAgreementcansave youmoneyand The RepairProtectionAgreementis a risk-freepurchase.If youcancel aggravation.
  • Page 37 Cuando son operados y mantenidos de acuerdo con tas instrucciones suministradas en su totalidad, si este registro Craftsman bifurcador falla debido a un defecto de material o mano de obra dentro de un a_o a partir de ta fecha de compra, flame al 1-800-4-MY-HOME ®...
  • Page 38 Esta m_quina fue construida para set operada de acuerdo con las reglas de seguridad contenidas en este manual. de instrucciones importantes de seguridad que La presencia de este sfmbolo indica que se trata AI igual que con cualquier tipo de equipo motorizado, se deben respetar para evitar poner en peligro descuido o error pot parte del operador puede producir...
  • Page 39 NIANEJO SEGURO DE LA GASOLINA 13. Si la rn_.quina est,. equipadacon un motorde cornbusti6ninterna y existela intenci6nde usarlacerca de un terrenoagrestecubi- Paraevitarlesionespersonaleso da_os rnateriales seasurnarnente ertode bosque,arbustoso pasto,el escapedel motordebe estar cuidadosoal rnanipularla gasolina.La gasolinaes surnarnente provistode un arnortiguador d e chispas.AsegQrese de respetar inflarnable y sus vaporespuedencausarexplosiones.Si se derrarna todoslos c6digoslocales,estatalesy federalesaplicables.Lleve gasolinaencirnao sobrela ropa se puedelesionargravernente ya que...
  • Page 40 Cuandocargueun tronco,siernprecoloquelas rnanosa los Paraevitarincendios, lirnpiela suciedady grasade las _.reas ladosdel misrno,no en los extrernos, y no use nuncael pie para del motory del silenciador.Si el motorest,. equipadocon un estabilizarun tronco.Si no respetaestasinstrucciones, s e puede silenciadorcon arnortiguador d e chispas,lirnpieloe inspec- producirel aplastarniento o la arnputaci6n de dedos,dedosde los ci6neloregularrnente segQnlas instrucciones de losfabricantes.
  • Page 41 SAFETY SYMBOLS This pagedepictsand describessafety symbolsthat may appearon this product. Read,understand,and follow all instructions on the machine beforeattemptingto assembleand operate. LEA LOSMANUALES DELOPERADOR Lea,entienday curnplatodas las instrucciones incluidasen losrnanualesantes de realizar el rnontajede la unidady utilizarla. ADVERTENCIA--RIESGODEAPLASTAMIENTO Mantengalasrnanosalejadasde la cuSa,la placadel extrerno,la rnaderaque est_ parcialrnente cortaday las piezasrn6viles.
  • Page 42 Retiredel gatoque est,. sobrela leng_Jeta l a abrazaderade resortey el pasadorde horquillay luegogire el gato haciael suelo, hastala posici6nde operaci6n.Vea la Figura1. NOTA: Eldivisor del registrose enviacon aceitede motoren el motor. Sin embargo,debe cornprobarel nivelde aceiteantes de operar. Tengacuidadode no Ilenardernasiado. Abrazadera NOTA:Todaslas referencias que contieneeste manualsobrelos lados de resorte...
  • Page 43 14. Desconecte el bandejade troncosde la viguetaque est,. al 11. La rn_.quina rornpetroncos se envfacon la viguetaen posici6n vertical.Extraigalos pernoso las tiras que sujetanla placadel costadode la v_.lvula de controlextrayendolosdos tornillos extrernoa la basede la caja. de las arandelashexagonales que Io sujetana la viguetay los dos tornillosde las arandelashexagonales de la vigueta.Vea la 12.
  • Page 44 17. Vuelvaa colocarel bandejade troncosal costadode la vigueta Aceite con la vAIvulade control,alineandolos orificiosdel bandejacon Quitarvarillade Ilenadode aceite. los orificiosde la vigueta.Veala Figura7. El niveldel aceiteasegurandose de no frotar la varillade rnedici6na Io largode las paredesinterioresdel tubo de Ilenado de aceite.Estodarfacornoresultadouna lecturafalsa varillade rnedici6n.Vuelvaa Ilenarhastala rnarcaFULLde la rnisrna,si es necesario.Vuelvaa colocarla varillay apriete.
  • Page 45 Granpartedel liquidooriginal seha desplazadoen el cilindroy los tubos.AsegOrese de volvera Ilenarel dep6sitopara evitar que se dafie la bornbahidr_.ulica. Controleel nivelde liquidocon la varillade nivel.Vea la Figura8. No Ileneel dep6sitoen exceso. NOTA:Entrelos fluidosaprobadosse encuentranfiuidohidr_.ulico Shell Tellus®32, fluidopara transrnisiones autorn_.ticas Dexron®III / Mercon®,aceitehidr_.ulicoPro-Select AW-32o aceitehidr_.ulico 32 grado de viscosidadIOWAW-lSO.
  • Page 46 Cilindro Manijade Liberador de control la rnadera / BIoqueodela viga horizontal Cuba Montajede la vigueta Findel mural gOeta Gato Controlesdel motor del arran_o_ tandeja Bloqueo Control detroncos de la viga Tanquedel vertical dep6sito del cebador L____ ura 9 Farniliaricese con todos loscontrolesy sucorrectofuncionarniento. Lea este manualdel operadory las reglasde seguridadantesde Sepa c6rnodetenerla rn_.quina y c6rnodesconectarloscontroles poneren funcionarniento la rn_.quina c ortadorade rnadera.Compare...
  • Page 47 ENTRA CUNA Si el motorfalla, vuelvael controldel cebadora la posici6n CHOKEI'_1 y repitalos pasos4 a 7. La basede registroest,. dise_adoparadetectarel registrodespu_sde PARA DETENER EL MOTOR que se divide. FIN DEL MURAL Empujeel interruptorde detenci6na la posici6nApagado.Veala La placafinal t ieneel registro en sulugar mientras lacubadivideel registro. Figura10.
  • Page 48 Posici6n vertical Manija de control Consultela Figura12para ver lospasos siguientes. Tire del bloqueode viguetahorizontalparaliberar la viguetay girar la viguetaa la posici6nvertical. Paratrabarla viguetaen posici6nvertical,tire del bloqueode viguetaverticaly girelo para ajustarla vigueta.Vea la Figura13. Paravolverla cuba a su lugar Paradetener la cuba Paracortar _eo/ madera Figura12...
  • Page 49 TRANSPORTE DE LA MAQUINA ROIVI- CONSEJOS DE OPERACION PETRONCOS Siempre: Baje la viguetaa la posici6nhorizontal.Aseg0resede que la Useliquido lirnpioy controleel nivelde liquido per6dicarnente. viguetaest_trabadafirrnernente con el bloqueode vigueta Useun liquidohidr_.ulico aprobado.Entrelos fiuidosaprobados horizontal. seencuentranfiuidohidr_.ulico ShellTellus®32, fluidopara Retirela abrazaderade resortey la chavetade horquilladel gato. transrnisiones autorn_.ticas D exron®III/ Mercon®,aceite Sostengala lengQeta y gire el gatohaciaarriba contrala hidr_.ulico Pro-Select...
  • Page 50 ABRAZADERAS DE LA MANGUERA • Antesde cadauso,verifiqueque todas lasabrazaderasde Nuncarealicening[3n ajustesin antesdetenerel motor,desconectar rnangueras est_.najustadas. el cable de la bujfay hacerrnasacontra el motor.UtiNce siernpre ACOPLADOR FLEXIBLE DE LA BOIVIBA I anteojosde seguridaddurantela operaci6no rnientrasrealizaajustes I l o reparaciones, El acopladorflexiblede la bornbaes una piezade sujeci6n"ara_a" de nylonubicadaentrela bornbayel eje del motor.El acopladorse AJUSTE DEL MONTAJE...
  • Page 51 Programa de mantenimiento TAREAS FECHASDELOSSERViCIOS v" * -- Uso concarga pesadao en ternperatura arnbienteelevada. Figura 17 RECONIENDACIONES GENERALES Respetesiernprelas reglasde seguridadcuandorealicetareas Nuncarealicening[3n ajuste sinantes detenerel motor,desconectar de rnantenirniento. el cablede la bujiay hacerrnasacontrael motor.Utilicesiernpre La garanfiade este rornpetroncos no cubreelernentos que ban anteojosde seguridaddurantela operaci6no rnientrasrealiza estado sujetosal rnalusoo la negligenciadel operador.Para ajusteso reparaciones.
  • Page 52 Filtro hidraulico LiQUIDO HIDRAULICO Y FILTRO DE EN- Carnbieel filtro hidr_.ulico cada 50 horasde funcionarniento. U se 0nicarnente un filtro hidr_.ulico de 10rnicrones.Pidala piezanOrnero 23-0405. VIGUETA Y CUi_IA DE CORTE Antes de cada uso,lubriquecon aceitede motorlosdos ladosde Controleel nivelde fiuidohidr_.ulico del dep6sitode la rn_.quina la vigueta(dondehacecontactocon la cuffade corte).
  • Page 53 IVlantenimiento de la bujia Lirnpielabujia y ajuste el espacioa 0.030"al rnenosuna vez por ternporadao cada 50 horasde funcionarniento. Lirnpieel _.reaalrededorde la bujfa. Saquee inspeccionela bujia. Carnbiela bujia si loselectrodosest_.npicados,quernados o la porcelanaest,. rota. NOTA: P6ngaseen contactocon un centrode piezasy reparaci6n Searso con 1-800-4-MY-HOME®...
  • Page 54 ESTABILIZADOR DE COMBUSTIBLE Preparela rn_.quina rornpetroncos para sualrnacenarniento al finalizar la ternporadao si la unidad no se utilizar_, durante30 dias o rn_.s. NOTA: El usode estabilizadores de combustiblees una alternativa aceptablepara rninirnizar l a forrnaci6nde dep6sitosde gornade combustibleduranteel alrnacenarniento. Nuncaalrnacenela rn_.quina concombustibleen el tanquedentrode Paraalrnacenarla rn_.quina rornpetroncos con combustible y un edificiodonde los vaporespuedanalcanzaruna llamaexpuestao estabilizadoren el motor,sigaestasinstrucciones:...
  • Page 55 Antes derealizar cualquier tipo dem_,ntenimiento oservicio, desenganche todos l os controles ydetenga elmotor. Espere aque sedetengan completamente todas l aspiezas m6viles. Desconecte elcable d e labujia y p6ngalo haciendo masa c ontra elmotor para e vitar que se encienda accidentalmente. Utilice siempre anteojos deseguridad durante laoperaci6n...
  • Page 56 Antesde realizarcualquiertipode rnantenirniento o servicio,desenganche todos loscontrolesy detenga el motor.Esperea que se detengancornpletarnente t odas las piezasrn6viles.Desconecte el cablede Ila bujia y p6ngalohaciendornasacontrael motor paraevitar que se enciendaaccidentalrnente. Utilice [siernpreanteojosde seguridaddurantela operaci6no rnientrasrealizaajusteso reparaciones. Esta secci6nanaliza problemasrnenoresde servicio.Paraubicar el Centrode Servicio Sears m_scercanoo para programarun servieio,sirnplernente eornuniquese con Sears al tel_fono 1-800-4-MY-HOME®.
  • Page 59 Felicitaciones por haberrealizadouna adquisici6ninteligente.El Unavezadquiridoel Acuerdo,puedeprograrnar el serviciocon productoCraftsman@ que ha adquiridoest_ dise_adoy fabricado tan s61orealizaruna Ilarnadatelef6nica.PuedeIlarnaren cualquier para brindarrnuchosa_osde funcionarniento confiable.Perocorno mornento del dia o de la nocheo prograrnar un servicioen linea. todoslos productosa vecespuederequerirde reparaciones.Esen El Acuerdode Protecci6nde Reparaci6n es una cornprasin riesgo. esernornentocuandoel disponerde un Acuerdode protecci6npara Si ustedanula por alguna raz6nduranteel periodode garantiade reparaciones le puedeahorrardineroy problernas.
  • Page 60 Your Home For troubleshooting, product manuals and expert advice: managernylife For repair - in your home - of all major brand appliances, lawn and garden equipment, or heating and cooling systems, no matter who made it, no matter who sold it! For the replacement parts, accessories owner's manuals that you need to do-it-yourself.