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Veritas Volume Manager (Vxvm) Notes; Veritas Cluster Server (Vcs) Notes; Notes On Connecting The Eternus Dx Disk Storage System To A Server; San Boot Notes - Fujitsu ETERNUS DX Disk User Manual

Disk storage systems server connection
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Chapter 3

VERITAS Volume Manager (VxVM) Notes

VERITAS Volume Manager (VxVM) Notes
If the ETERNUS DX Disk storage systems are connected to a configuration that uses the VxVM, the VERITAS
Array Support Library (ASL) will also need to be installed. Check and obtain the VERITAS ASL version that
matches the installation environment of the ETERNUS DX Disk storage system from the Symantec web-site.
Install VERITAS Array Support Library (ASL) after installing VxVM.
When using VxVM 5.1
ASL does not need to be installed.
If a path degrades when VERITAS Volume Manager is used, some volumes may not be successfully recog-
nized after path restoration regardless of the Linux version or VxVM version that is installed. In this case,
volume recognition is required after restoring the LUN using the utility provided by each Fibre Channel card
vendor. Refer to
er Environment " (page 31)

VERITAS Cluster Server (VCS) Notes

Installing VERITAS Cluster Server
VERITAS Cluster Server should be installed according to the directions given in the documentation provided
with VERITAS Cluster Server.
Notes on Connecting the ETERNUS DX Disk Storage System
to a Server
When connecting the ETERNUS DX Disk storage system to a server using a Fibre Channel cable, make sure to
confirm that all the settings on the ETERNUS DX Disk storage system are complete. The WWN Automatic Ac-
quisition function should not be used because it requires the server to be connected. Otherwise, LUNs in the
ETERNUS DX Disk storage system may not be recognized properly.

SAN Boot Notes

When using an ETERNUS DX Disk storage system LUN (Logical Unit) as the boot disk, check the "Server Sup-
port Matrix" for the server environment being used, as well as any SAN boot documentation (such as in a
system installation guide) provided with the server.
When an ETERNUS DX Disk storage system LUN is to be used as a boot disk, it must be provided with suffi-
cient capacity to install the OS.
ETERNUS DX Disk storage systems User's Guide -Server Connection-(Fibre Channel) for Linux
"Appendix A Restoration Procedure for when a Path Degrades in a VERITAS Volume Manag-
for details.
Copyright 2013 FUJITSU LIMITED

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