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Lexmark E210 - Optra B/W Laser Printer Service Manual

Service manual.
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Lexmark E210
• Table of Contents
• Start Diagnostics
• Safety and Notices
• Trademarks
• Index
• Manuals Menu
Lexmark and Lexmark with diamond
design are trademarks of Lexmark
International, Inc., registered in the
United States and/or other countries.


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  • Page 1

    Lexmark E210 4510-001 • Table of Contents • Start Diagnostics • Safety and Notices • Trademarks • Index • Manuals Menu Lexmark and Lexmark with diamond design are trademarks of Lexmark International, Inc., registered in the United States and/or other countries.

  • Page 2

    You can purchase additional copies of publications related to this product by calling 1-800-553-9727. In other countries, contact your point of purchase. Lexmark and Lexmark with diamond design are trademarks of Lexmark International, Inc., registered in the United States and/or other countries.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    4510-001 Table of Contents Laser Notices..........v Safety Information.

  • Page 4

    4510-001 2-11 The LED blinks once then all other LEDs blink (Low Heat Error). 2-12 The LED blinks once then all other LEDs blink (Open Fuser Error) 2-13 False Paper Empty Indication ......2-13 False Paper Present Indication .

  • Page 5: Laser Notices

    4510-001 Laser Notices Laser notice The printer is certified in the U.S. to conform to the requirements of DHHS 21 CFR Subchapter J for Class I (1) laser products, and elsewhere is certified as a Class I laser product conforming to the requirements of IEC 60825.

  • Page 6

    4510-001 Avis relatif à l’utilisation de laser Pour les Etats-Unis : cette imprimante est certifiée conforme aux provisions DHHS 21 CFR alinéa J concernant les produits laser de Classe I (1). Pour les autres pays : cette imprimante répond aux normes IEC 60825 relatives aux produits laser de Classe I.

  • Page 7

    4510-001 Avisos sobre el láser Se certifica que, en los EE.UU., esta impresora cumple los requisitos para los productos láser de Clase I (1) establecidos en el subcapítulo J de la norma CFR 21 del DHHS (Departamento de Sanidad y Servicios) y, en los demás países, reúne todas las condiciones expuestas en la norma IEC 60825 para productos láser de Clase I (1).

  • Page 8

    4510-001 Laserinformatie De printer voldoet aan de eisen die gesteld worden aan een laserprodukt van klasse I. Voor de Verenigde Staten zijn deze eisen vastgelegd in DHHS 21 CFR Subchapter J, voor andere landen in IEC 60825. Laserprodukten van klasse I worden niet als ongevaarlijk aangemerkt.

  • Page 9

    4510-001 Huomautus laserlaitteesta Tämä kirjoitin on Yhdysvalloissa luokan I (1) laserlaitteiden DHHS 21 CFR Subchapter J -määrityksen mukainen ja muualla luokan I laserlaitteiden IEC 60825 -määrityksen mukainen. Luokan I laserlaitteiden ei katsota olevan vaarallisia käyttäjälle. Kirjoittimessa on sisäinen luokan IIIb (3b) 5 milliwatin galliumarsenidilaser, joka toimii aaltoalueella 770 - 795 nanometriä.

  • Page 10

    4510-001 Laser-melding Skriveren er godkjent i USA etter kravene i DHHS 21 CFR, underkapittel J, for klasse I (1) laserprodukter, og er i andre land godkjent som et Klasse I-laserprodukt i samsvar med kravene i IEC 60825. Klasse I-laserprodukter er ikke å betrakte som farlige. Skriveren inneholder internt en klasse IIIb (3b)-laser, som består av en gallium-arsenlaserenhet som avgir stråling i bølgelengdeområdet 770-795 nanometer.

  • Page 11

    4510-001 Japanese Laser Notice Chinese Laser Notice Laser Notices...

  • Page 12

    4510-001 Korean Laser Notice Laser Notices...

  • Page 13: Safety Information

    This product is designed, tested and approved to meet strict global safety standards with the use of specific Lexmark components. The safety features of some parts may not always be obvious. Lexmark is not responsible for the use of other replacement parts. •...

  • Page 14

    Il prodotto è stato progettato, testato e approvato in conformità a severi standard di sicurezza e per l’utilizzo con componenti Lexmark specifici. Le caratteristiche di sicurezza di alcune parti non sempre sono di immediata comprensione. Lexmark non è responsabile per l’utilizzo di parti di ricambio di altri produttori.

  • Page 15

    Lexmark. Puede que las características de seguridad de algunas piezas no sean siempre evidentes. Lexmark no se hace responsable del uso de otras piezas de recambio. •...

  • Page 16

    Lexmark. Les característiques de seguretat d'algunes peces pot ser que no sempre siguin òbvies. Lexmark no es responsabilitza de l'us d'altres peces de recanvi. • La informació pel manteniment d’aquest producte està...

  • Page 17

    4510-001 xvii Safety Information...

  • Page 18: Preface

    4510-001 Preface This manual contains maintenance procedures for service personnel. It is divided into the following chapters: 1. General Information contains a general description of the printer and the maintenance approach used to repair it. Special tools and test equipment are listed. 2.

  • Page 19: General Information

    4510-001 1. General Information The Lexmark™ E210 is a versatile, productive laser printer equipped with special features that improve print quality. The Lexmark E210 provides the customer the option to select either 300 dpi or 600 dpi resolution. The E210 allows the customer to customize documents by using watermarks, printing preprinted forms, letterhead and posters on plain paper.

  • Page 20: Maintenance Approach

    4510-001 Maintenance Approach The diagnostic information in this manual leads you to the correct field replaceable unit (FRU) or part. Use the user error messages, and diagnostic aids to determine the printer problem and repair the failure. After you complete the repair, perform tests as needed to verify the repair.

  • Page 21: Diagnostic Aids

    4510-001 2. Diagnostic Aids Print Quality Vertical Black Line and Band Description: 1. Straight thin black vertical line 2. Dark black vertical bands Possible causes: • Toner cartridge failure • Foreign material between transfer/ charge/development rollers • Deformed transfer roller Vertical White Line Description: White vertical voids Possible causes:...

  • Page 22: Black/white Spots

    4510-001 Black/White Spots Description: 1. Dark or blurry black spots occur periodically. 2. White spots occur periodically. Possible Causes: • Toner cartridge failure • Transfer roller failure Light Image Description: The printed image is light, with no residual image. Possible causes: •...

  • Page 23: Uneven Density

    4510-001 Uneven Density Description: Print density is uneven from left to right. Possible causes: • Toner cartridge failure • Improper transfer roller installation • Transfer roller failure Background Description: Background appears in print area. Possible causes: • Recycled or poor quality paper •...

  • Page 24: Residual Image At 75 Mm Intervals (2)

    4510-001 Residual Image at 75 mm Intervals (2) Description: Residual image occurs at 75 mm intervals when printing card stock or transparencies. Possible cause: • Software not set to card stock or transparency mode Residual Image at 32 mm Intervals Description: Residual image occurs in the black image printing at 32 mm intervals.

  • Page 25: Toner On Front Of Page

    4510-001 Toner on Front of Page Description: The background on the front of the printed page is stained with toner. Possible causes: • Toner cartridge failure • Transfer roller failure Toner on Back of Page Description: The back of the page is stained with toner at 47 mm intervals.

  • Page 26: Blank Page Printout (2)

    4510-001 Blank Page Printout (2) Description: 1. Blank page is printed. 2. One or several blank pages are printed. 3. When the printer turns on, several blank pages print. Possible causes: • Bad or dirty high voltage contacts • Pick solenoid failure •...

  • Page 27: Paper Feed

    4510-001 Paper Feed Printing in wrong position Printing begins at the Step wrong position on the paper Check for obstructions Remove the Go to step 2 in the input tray that obstructions could cause incorrect feeding. Are there obstructions? Check the paper Correct the Replace the paper present actuator for...

  • Page 28

    4510-001 Paper stops or jams at various points in Step the printer or feeds multiple sheets Clean the feed rollers. Problem resolved Go to step 6 Did this resolve the problem? Check for loose or Replace the paper Replace the side damaged input tray feed solenoid pads...

  • Page 29: Paper Path Jam 0

    4510-001 Paper Path Jam 0 Paper Path Jam 1 Diagnostic Aids...

  • Page 30: Paper Path Jam 2

    4510-001 Paper Path Jam 2 Service All LEDs blinking (Printhead Error) during a print job All LEDs blink when Step attempting a print job Are all the printhead Replace the Properly connect cables correctly printhead. Go to the cables. connected? step 2.

  • Page 31: All Leds Blinking (fuser Error) At Power Up

    4510-001 All LEDs blinking (Fuser Error) at power up All LEDs blink when Step attempting at power Check the thermostat Go to step 2. Replace the for continuity. Is there thermostat. continuity? Check the lamp for Go to step 3. Replace the lamp.

  • Page 32

    4510-001 LED blinks once then all other LEDs blink (Low Heat Error) This message occurs when the printer is warming up. If the temperature is not correct at a certain threshold, this message is posted. Step Check the fuser lamp. Is Go to step 2.

  • Page 33: False Paper Empty Indication

    4510-001 LED blinks once then all other LEDs blink (Open Fuser Error) This message occurs when the printer detects no change of temperature in the fuser Step Is there continuity across Go to step 4. Replace the TCO. the fuser lamp wires? Problem resolved.

  • Page 34: False Paper Present Indication

    4510-001 False Paper Present Indication Paper LED off when Step paper is not present in the input tray Check the paper Replace the paper Go to step 2. present sensor present actuator. actuator for breakage or binding. Is there breakage or binding? Replace the sensor board.

  • Page 35: Error Led Off When Cover Open

    4510-001 Error LED Off When Cover Open The error LED is off Step when the cover is open Disconnect the cover Replace the main Replace the cover open sensor connector board. open switch. from the main board. Check for continuity at the connector while deflecting the actuator on the switch.

  • Page 36: No Power

    4510-001 No Power When printer power Step is turned on, LEDs not on Check the power cord Repair or replace Go to step 2. for damage and correct the power cord as connection. Did you necessary. find damage or a faulty connection? Replace the LVPS.

  • Page 37: Repair Information

    4510-001 3. Repair Information Handling ESD-Sensitive Parts Many electronic products use parts that are known to be sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD). To prevent damage to ESD-sensitive parts, follow the instructions below in addition to all the usual precautions, such as turning off power before removing logic boards: •...

  • Page 38: Front Cover

    4510-001 Front Cover 1. Pull the cover open. 2. Remove the screw and remove the stopper that holds the printer cover. Service Manual...

  • Page 39

    4510-001 3. Pull the right lower side off the post and to the right. Then push the cover in the direction of the arrow to loosen the lower left part. Repair Information...

  • Page 40

    4510-001 4. Remove the screw that secures the operator panel harness cover, disconnect the connector and remove the cover. Service Manual...

  • Page 41: Other Covers

    4510-001 Other Covers 1. Rear Cover: Remove the cover in the direction of (a). 2. Top Cover: Remove the cover in the direction of (b). 3. Side cover L, R: Remove the cover in the direction of (c). Repair Information...

  • Page 42: Operator Panel

    4510-001 Operator Panel 1. Before removing the operator panel, you should remove the front cover. 2. Remove two screws of the operator panel cover, and widen the hooks (a) (b) (c) to remove. Service Manual...

  • Page 43

    4510-001 3. Remove two screws, and remove the operator panel. 4. Remove the operator panel from the operator panel cover. Repair Information...

  • Page 44: Printhead

    4510-001 Printhead 1. Before removing the printhead, remove the rear cover and the top cover. 2. Remove three screws securing the printhead. Service Manual...

  • Page 45

    4510-001 3. Remove two connectors from the printhead, and then remove the printhead. Repair Information...

  • Page 46: Transfer Roller

    4510-001 Transfer Roller 1. Open the front cover. 2. Use a flat blade screwdriver to pry the right end of the roller up and remove the transfer roller. 3-10 Service Manual...

  • Page 47: Motor Assembly

    4510-001 Motor Assembly 1. Before removing the motor assembly, remove the front cover, top cover, rear cover, right side cover, and the metal bottom cover. 2. Remove five screws securing the motor assembly and remove a connector from the motor assembly. Then remove the motor assembly.

  • Page 48: Hvps Board

    4510-001 HVPS Board 1. Before removing the HVPS board, remove the top cover, rear cover, and left side cover. 2. Remove four screws and a connector from the HVPS board, and then remove board. Note: When you reassemble the HVPS board, make sure that the five terminals are in place.

  • Page 49: Fuser Assembly

    4510-001 Fuser Assembly 1. Before removing the fuser assembly, remove the front cover and left cover. 2. Remove two terminal screws and a connector. 3-13 Repair Information...

  • Page 50

    4510-001 3. Remove remaining screws. Use a flat blade screwdriver to unlatch the fuser assembly and remove. 3-14 Service Manual...

  • Page 51: Fuser Thermostat And Lamp

    4510-001 Fuser Thermostat and Lamp 1. Remove screw from the fuser assembly and remove the thermostat cover. Remove the two screws securing the thermostat. 3-15 Repair Information...

  • Page 52

    4510-001 2. Remove two screws from the fuser assembly, and remove the hot roller. 3. Remove the lamp from the hot roller. Note: When you reassemble the lamp, handle it with care as it is fragile. 3-16 Service Manual...

  • Page 53: Lvps Board

    4510-001 LVPS Board 1. Before removing the LVPS board, remove the rear cover. 2. Remove two screws. 3-17 Repair Information...

  • Page 54

    4510-001 3. Remove the screws and remove the bottom cover. 3-18 Service Manual...

  • Page 55

    4510-001 4. Unplug connector (CN5) from the main board and connectors (CN1, CN2, CN501, CN502) from LVPS. Remove the clip that secures the LVPS to the metal bottom pan. Remove five screws from the LVPS and remove the LVPS board. 3-19 Repair Information...

  • Page 56: Main Board And Input/exit Sensor Board

    4510-001 Main Board and Input/Exit Sensor Board 1. Before removing the main board, remove the rear cover, metal bottom cover, and the LVPS board. 2. Unplug all connectors, remove two screws from the main board, and then remove the board. 3.

  • Page 57: Pre-transfer Led Assembly (ptl)

    4510-001 4. Release four snap-fits securing the sensor board and then remove the input/exit sensor board. Pre-Transfer LED Assembly (PTL) 1. Remove the transfer roller. 2. Remove the bottom metal cover and disconnect CN6 on the main board. 3. Remove the four screws securing the printhead plate. 4.

  • Page 58: Pick Roller

    4510-001 Pick Roller There is more than one way to remove the pick roller, but the procedure below is the easiest. 1. Open the front cover, and remove the toner cartridge. 2. Remove the rear and top covers along with the paper input tray assembly.

  • Page 59

    4510-001 Installation Note: When repositioning the printhead bracket (with the pick roller assembly) to the plastic frame, push the lift plate down while carefully engaging the pick roller shaft to the pick roller assembly. This procedure is to ensure the lift plate properly rests under the pick roller.

  • Page 60

    4510-001 3-24 Service Manual...

  • Page 61: Parts Catalog

    4510-001 4. Parts Catalog Parts Catalog...

  • Page 62

    4510-001 Assembly 1: Covers Service Manual...

  • Page 63

    4510-001 Assembly 1: Covers Asm- Part Unit Description Index Number 12G6768 Tray Assembly, Input 12G6765 Cover Assembly, Rear 12G6763 Extender, Paper Exit 12G6760 Guide, Stacker 12G6767 Cover, Right 12G6762 Cover, Front 12G6255 Support, Cover Open 12G6761 Panel, Operator 12G6796 Cover, Operator Panel 12G6776 Cable, Operator Panel 12G6766...

  • Page 64

    4510-001 Assembly 2: Engine Service Manual...

  • Page 65: Index

    4510-001 Assembly 2: Engine Asm- Part Unit Description Index Number 12G6795 Printhead Assembly Complete 12G6256 Plate, Printhead Mount 12G6784 Shaft, Pick Roller 12G6777 Plate, Lift 12G6259 Bushing, Transfer Roll Right 12G6262 Spring, Bushing, Right 12G6269 Housing, Transfer Roll Bushing 12G6785 Pad, Left Separator 12G6786 Pad, Right Separator...

  • Page 66

    4510-001 Assembly 2 (cont.): Engine Service Manual...

  • Page 67

    4510-001 Assembly 2 (cont.): Engine Asm- Part Unit Description Index Number 2-28 12G6787 Roll Assembly, Pick 12G6781 Contact Assembly, Toner Cartridge 12G6770 Roller, Transfer 12G6261 Spring, Bushing, Left 12G6260 Bushing, Transfer Roll Left 12G6258 Card Assembly, Pre-Transfer LED 12G6264 Cover, PTL Board 12G6797 Cable, Printhead Parts Catalog...

  • Page 68

    4510-001 Assembly 3: Fuser Service Manual...

  • Page 69

    4510-001 Assembly 3: Fuser Asm- Part Unit Description Index Number 12G6772 Fuser Assembly, Complete, 220 V 12G6773 Fuser Assembly, Complete, 110 V 12G0075 Thermostat (TCO) 12G6774 Lamp, Fuser, 220 V 12G6775 Lamp, Fuser, 110 V Parts Catalog...

  • Page 70

    4510-001 Assembly 4: Electronics 4-10 Service Manual...

  • Page 71

    4510-001 Assembly 4: Electronics Asm- Part Unit Description Index Number 12G6790 Card Assembly, Main 12G6791 Power Supply, Low Voltage, 220 V 12G6792 Power Supply, Low Voltage, 110 V 12G6793 Power Supply, High Voltage 4-11 Parts Catalog...

  • Page 72

    4510-001 4-12 Service Manual...

  • Page 73

    4510-001 Index 12G6256 12G6257 Abbreviations 12G6258 12G6259 12G6260 ESD-Sensitive Parts 12G6261 12G6262 12G6263 12G6264 Paper Feed 12G6265 Parts Catalog 12G6266 Print Quality 12G6267 12G6269 12G6760 Removals 12G6761 Front Cover 12G6762 Fuser Assembly 3-13 12G6763 Fuser Thermostat and Lamp 12G6764 3-15 12G6765 HVPS Board 3-12...

  • Page 74

    4510-001 12G6790 4-11 12G6791 4-11 12G6792 4-11 12G6793 4-11 12G6794 12G6795 12G6796 12G6797 12G6798 12G6799 Service Manual...

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