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Cisco Unified IP Phone Guide 3911 (SIP)
Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express 7.1
Overview, page 2
Operating Your Phone, page 5
Phone Features and Functions List, page 13



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  Summary of Contents for Cisco 3911

  • Page 1 UIDE Cisco Unified IP Phone Guide 3911 (SIP) Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express 7.1 Overview, page 2 Operating Your Phone, page 5 Phone Features and Functions List, page 13...
  • Page 2 This guide provides phone layout and feature descriptions for the Cisco Unified IP Phone 3911. Physical Layout The Cisco Unified IP phone 3911 is a single-line phone. Buttons near the handset provide direct access to several features. Cisco SIP Phone...
  • Page 3 Navigation button Allows you to scroll through menu items and highlight items. When the phone is on-hook, displays the call logs (Missed Calls, Received Calls, Placed Calls) and your Speed Dials. Line buttons Allows you to select a line for making a call or to answer a call on the line. •...
  • Page 4: Connecting Your Phone

    Connecting Your Phone This section shows and explains the connectors on your Cisco IP phone. Network port (10/100 SW) Handset port DC adapter port (DC48V) AC-to-DC power supply AC power cord Adjusting the Handset Rest When you connect your phone, you can adjust the handset rest so that the receiver does not slip out of the cradle. Use the following method to adjust the handset: 1.
  • Page 5: Redial A Number

    Operating Your Phone This section describes how to operate your Cisco Unified IP phone. Because of differences in phone and site configuration, not all features and procedures described here might apply to your phone. Consult your system administrator for more information.
  • Page 6: Hold And Resume

    Hang Up Using the Handset Return the handset to its cradle. Hang Up Using the Speakerphone Press Hang Up One Call, and Preserve Another Call on the Same Line Press . If necessary, remove the call from hold first by pressing Hold and Resume Only one call can be active at any time;...
  • Page 7: Viewing Multiple Calls

    Switch From a Connected Call to Answer a Ringing Call on the Same Line Press or the line button. Switch From a Connected Call to Answer a Ringing Call on the Other Line 1. Press the line button with the incoming call. 2.
  • Page 8: Making Conference Calls

    Your system administrator can change call forwarding conditions for your phone line. Making Conference Calls With your Cisco Unified IP phone you can join three people into one telephone conversation to create a conference call. Create a Conference by Adding a Participant 1.
  • Page 9: Speed Dialing

    End Your Participation in a Conference Hang up. If you leave a conference after creating it, the conference ends. Speed Dialing Speed dialing allows you to select a phone screen item to place a call. Set up Speed Dials 1. Press and choose Directories >...
  • Page 10 Dial from a call log (While Connected to Another Call) 1. Press and choose Directories > Missed Calls, Placed Calls, or Received Calls. 2. Select a call record from the log. 3. Press . The other call is placed on hold. Using Call Logs Your phone maintains logs of your missed, placed, and received calls.
  • Page 11: Accessing Voice Messages

    Accessing Voice Messages To access voice messages, select the line and press Your company determines the voice message service that your phone system uses. For the most accurate and detailed Note information, see the documentation for your voice message service. Set up and Personalize Your Voice Message Service For each line, press and follow the voice instructions.
  • Page 12: Park A Call

    To park a call: • Press and choose Park. The Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express system automatically selects an available call park slot and displays the number on the Cisco Unified IP phone screen. To retrieve a parked call: • Dial the park slot extension.
  • Page 13: Table Of Contents

    Phone Features and Functions List The following is an alphabetical list of features and functions for your IP phone. • Accessing Voice Messages 12 • Adjust the volume level for a call 12 Answer a Call 7 • Answer a Call, Speakerphone 7 •...
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