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EFC21 / EFC25



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  • Page 1 EFC21 / EFC25...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    2 • UK 3001736-EFC21-EFC25-UK Product information ........................3 1.1 Application ..........................3 1.2 Description ..........................4 Installation ............................5 2.1 Fitting the controller ........................5 2.2 Electrical wiring ..........................5 2.3 EFC21 standard installation .......................6 2.4 EFC21 installation with external ON/OFF ..................7 2.5 EFC21/25 coupled directly to a gas fireplace control ..............8 Commissioning ........................
  • Page 3: Product Information

    UK 3 3001736-EFC21-EFC25-UK 1. Product information 1.1 Application EFC21 and EFC25 are used to control gas fireplaces that have exodraft chimney fans installed. The control system functions as a safety monitoring system and will switch off the gas fireplace if there is insufficient chimney draught.
  • Page 4: Description

    Ret også RD11472 4 • UK (anden positionering, til brochure) 3001736-EFC21-EFC25-UK 1.2 Description Overview of EFC21/25 controller PULL Nreg SERVICE MODE Umin 21 22 23 Ext. IR-sensor START AIR INLET RELEASE STEP 2 Fig.1 Pos. Description Pos. Description Alarm LED Potentiometer for adjusting the fan speed Operating LED Product ID...
  • Page 5: Installation

    UK 5 3001736-EFC21-EFC25-UK 2. Installation • All installations must be carried out by competent personnel in accordance with national legislation and regulations. • An isolation switch must be installed between the controller and the chimney fan. • Refer to the chimney fan instruction when installing the isolation switch. •...
  • Page 6: Efc21 Standard Installation

    6 • UK 3001736-EFC21-EFC25-UK 2.3 EFC21 standard installation Description The diagram shows how a separate solenoid valve (SMG) must be connected to the EFC21. The solenoid valve is part of the separate fail-safe system and will cut off the gas supply in the case of insufficient system chimney draught (controlled by the fan pressure switch).
  • Page 7: Efc21 Installation With External On/Off

    UK 7 3001736-EFC21-EFC25-UK 2.4 EFC21 installation with external ON/OFF Description Example showing how an external ON/OFF switch can be connected to a standard installation. Al- lows the system to be switched ON/OFF by the external switch or by the controller. •...
  • Page 8: Efc21/25 Coupled Directly To A Gas Fireplace Control

    8 • UK 3001736-EFC21-EFC25-UK 2.5 EFC21/25 coupled directly to a gas fireplace control Description Example showing how a EFC21/25 controller can be connected directly to a gas fire without having to use an extra SMG. This type of installation requires a fire with a controller that has flame-detec- tion and automatic ignition –...
  • Page 9: Commissioning

    UK 9 3001736-EFC21-EFC25-UK Unit Chimney fan with pressure switch (PDS) Isolation switch Air inlet EFC21 / 25 Mains Fig. 11 Step 2 Gas fireplace control 3. Commissioning Commissioning is carried out with the control box open. Only touch components with electrically insulated tools. All windows and doors must be closed prior to commissioning.
  • Page 10: Service Mode

    10 • UK 3001736-EFC21-EFC25-UK 3.1 Service mode In service mode the PDS and Air inlet safety function are disabled. • Open control panel. • Press ON/OFF button (Fig. 1-C). • If the fire has to be lit during the commissioning then wait until GREEN LED is on, but not flashing. •...
  • Page 11: Daily Use

    UK 11 3001736-EFC21-EFC25-UK 4. Daily use Fig.12 Using the remote control with the EFC25 • Press ON/OFF button (Fig. 12-B) and the Burner button (Fig. 12-D) for at least a second to ignite the fire. • Operating LED (Fig. 12-E) will flash GREEN until the correct chimney draught is achieved. If the LED flashes YELLOW, then the Air inlet must be opened and the fire will ignite.
  • Page 12: Extra Function

    12 • UK 3001736-EFC21-EFC25-UK Operating LED (Fig. 12-E) Observation Type of fault Flashing RED No start-up signal from the safety circuit Typically, because the fan is restarted while it is still running Flashing GREEN The fan has started and the controller is waiting for the chimney-draught-ok signal Flashing YELLOW Chimney draught is confirmed correct but signal from the Air inlet is missing Constant GREEN...
  • Page 13: Troubleshooting

    UK 13 3001736-EFC21-EFC25-UK 5. Troubleshooting 5.1 Start Observation Type of fault Solution Operating LED Alarm LED Constant Power failure 1. Press the ON/OFF button twice or the external ON/ OFF button to reset and start up Flashing RED Safety monitoring 1.
  • Page 14: Technical Data

    14 • UK 3001736-EFC21-EFC25-UK 6. Technical data EFC controller: Dimensions (h x w x d) 85 mm x 126 mm x 32 mm Supply voltage 230 V ±10%/50 Hz Fuses: T 3,15 A Release out Max. 3,15 A 250 VAC/3,15 A 30 VDC EFC25 Step 2 out Max.
  • Page 15: Eu Declaration Of Conformity

    UK 15 3001736-EFC21-EFC25-UK 7. EU Declaration of Conformity Declaration of Conformity DK: EU-Overensstemmelseserklæring NO: EU-Samsvarserklæring GB: Declaration of Conformity NL: EU-Konformiteits verklaring DE: EU-Konformitätserklärung SE: EU-Överensstämmelsedeklaration FR: Déclaration de conformité de l’Union Européenne EU-Vaatimustenmukaisuusvakuutus ES: Declaración de Conformidad IS: ESS-Samræmisstaðfesting Dichiarazione di Conformità...
  • Page 16 DK: exodraft a/s NO: exodraft a/s DE: exodraft GmbH C. F. Tietgens Boulevard 41 Storgaten 88 Soonwaldstraße 6 DK-5220 Odense SØ NO-3060 Svelvik DE-55569 Monzingen Tel: +45 7010 2234 Tel: +47 3329 7062 Tel: +49 (0)6751 855 599-0 Fax: +45 7010 2235 Fax: +47 3378 4110 Fax: +49 (0)6751 855 599-9