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Part I; Midi Message Overview; Product Configuration As A Midi Device; System Section - Casio PX-320 Implementation Manual

Midi implementation
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Table of Contents

Part I

MIDI Message Overview


Product Configuration as a MIDI Device

As a MIDI device, the instrument consists of the System Section, Performance Controller Section, and Sound Generator
Section described below. Each of these sections can send and receive specific MIDI Messages in accordance with its function.

System Section

– Device Settings
Sound Generator Section
Sound Generator Common Block
System Effect Block
Master Effect Block (Brilliance Function)
Mixer Master Block
Channel Independent
Instrument Parts
Insertion Effect Block
Mixer Channel Independent Block

Performance Controller Section

– Keyboard
– Pedal and other real-time controllers
– Auto Accompaniment and Auto Accompaniment function
System Section
The System Section is divided between a sound generator and functions that are not directly related to Instrument play.
In addition to manipulating Instrument setting parameters, this section is also used to exchange commands and information.
For example, parameters can be initialized upon receipt of a System Section MIDI message, and memory use information
can be sent.
Performance Controller Section
The Performance Controller Section consists of the keyboard, pedal and other real-time controllers, as well as blocks that
generate auto accompaniment, auto performance, and other performance information.
An operation causes the corresponding message to be transmitted to the sound generator and to be sent from MIDI OUT.
The channel number of the sent message is in accordance with Instrument's part number.

Auto Accompaniment and Auto Performance MIDI Send

This document includes information for each type of information that describes what operation causes the message to be
sent. However, since there are so many messages sent by an auto accompaniment or auto performance operation, those
messages are not covered herein.


Table of Contents

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