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Zanussi ZBM 799 Operating Instructions Manual

Built-in oven
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Forno da incasso
Built-in oven
Four à emboîtage
Horno empotrable
∂ ∂ Ó Ó Ù Ù Ô Ô È È ¯ ¯ È È Û Û Ì Ì ¤ ¤ Ó Ó Ô Ô È È Ê Ê Ô Ô ‡ ‡ Ú Ú Ó Ó Ô Ô È È
Libretto istruzioni per uso e installazione
Operating instructions for use and installation
Livret d'instructions pour l'emploi et installation
Bedienungs-und Installations -Anweisung
Aanwijzingen voor het gebruik en de plaatsing
Manual de instrucciones de manejo e instalación
∂ ∂ Á Á ¯ ¯ Â Â È È Ú Ú › › ‰ ‰ È È Ô Ô Ô Ô ‰ ‰ Ë Ë Á Á È È Ò Ò Ó Ó Á Á È È · · Ù Ù Ë Ë Ó Ó ¯ ¯ Ú Ú ‹ ‹ Û Û Ë Ë Î Î · · È È Ù Ù Ë Ë Ó Ó Â Â Á Á Î Î · · Ù Ù ¿ ¿ Û Û Ù Ù · · Û Û Ë Ë
ZBM 799



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  Summary of Contents for Zanussi ZBM 799

  • Page 1 ZBM 799 Forno da incasso Built-in oven Four à emboîtage Einbau-Backofen Inbouwoven Horno empotrable ∂ ∂ Ó Ó Ù Ù Ô Ô È È ¯ ¯ È È Û Û Ì Ì ¤ ¤ Ó Ó Ô Ô È È Ê Ê Ô Ô ‡ ‡ Ú Ú Ó Ó Ô Ô È È Libretto istruzioni per uso e installazione Operating instructions for use and installation Livret d’instructions pour l’emploi et installation...
  • Page 2 Importante! Important! Please read this instruction book before installing or using this appliance and retain L’uso di questa nuova apparecchiatura è for future reference. facile. Tuttavia, per ottenere i migliori Should the appliance be sold or transferred, risultati, è importante leggere attentamen- always ensure that the book is left with the te questo libretto e seguire tutte le istru- appliance in order that the new owner can...
  • Page 3 Durante le cotture al forno ed al grill When other electrical appliances are l’apparecchiatura è sottoposta ad un connected to a socket near the oven, ensure the cables do not make contact sensibile riscaldamento in corrispon- with working areas of the oven get cau- denza del cristallo della porta del forno ght in the oven door.
  • Page 4 Indice Avvertenze - forni da incasso pag. 12 Caratteristiche tecniche pag. 13 Istruzioni per l’utente Installazione pag. 14 pag. 14 Funzioni pag. 15 Consigli per l’uso del forno pag. 18 Tempi di cottura - Tabelle pag. 19 Manutenzione pag. 21 Istruzioni per l’installatore Collegamento elettrico pag.
  • Page 5: Important Safety Instructions

    It is dangerous to alter the specifications or injury or serious malfunctioning. Refer to modify this appliance in any way. your local Zanussi Service Force Centre. During Use Always insist on genuine Zanussi spare parts.
  • Page 6: Technical Specifications

    Technical Specifications Exterior dimensions: Height 47,4 Width 89,4 Depth Interior dimensions: Height 32,5 Width 59,5 Depth 39,5 Volume ltr. Power consumption: Grill 2,000 Upper element 1,200 Lower element 1,400 Fan element 2,600 Rotisserie Cooling fan Oven light Total maximum power 2685 Supply voltage V 220...240...
  • Page 7: Instructions For The User

    Instructions for the User Your Appliance Control panel Stop 1. Orange pilot light 2. Red thermostat light 3. Thermostat selector 4. Cooking selector 5. Electronic display Before Use then cycle on and off indicating that tempe- rature is being maintained. Before using this appliance, carefully remo- Grilling Safety Device ve all protective film from stainless steel or...
  • Page 8: Cooking Functions

    Cooking Functions The oven has a range of cooking functions. It Fan Ducted / is important that the most suitable function Fan Assisted Cooking and temperature are selected to achieve desi- Turn the selector dial to the required cooking red cooking results. function and the thermostat dial to the requi- red temperature.
  • Page 9: Programming The Oven

    PROGRAMMING THE OVEN Figure 3 shows the keys, the pilot lights for all Setting the Timer thze functions and the programmer displays. When the oven is installed and the power supply is switched on, the display flashes and shows 0.00. To set the time of day Press keys (1) and (2) at the same, and set the actual time, by pressing keys (-) and (+) within 4...
  • Page 10 The actual time reappears and pilot light programmer to the manual function. (AUTO) remains ON, when the cooking pro- Minute minder cess starts, pilot light (A) will remain on. When this device is used as a simple minute The cooking time left can be controlled by minder, press key (1) and programme the pressing key (2), or the time can be changed required time by pressing keys (-) and (+)
  • Page 11 The Use of Your Oven The Multifunction Oven Faster Preheating The Multifunction Oven is a combination of Because the fan oven quickly reaches temperatu- several systems of electric cooking within the re, it is not usually necessary to preheat the oven same cavity.
  • Page 12 • When cooking the same food, e.g. equal and the bottom elements.If two level trays of small cakes or equal size Victoria cooking is required, it may be necessary to sandwich cakes, they will be cooked in interchange the shelves half way through. the same time and removed from the oven Hints and Tips toghether.
  • Page 13 Pizza Oven This function uses the fan element plus the bottom element. It provides a uniform heat in the main part of the oven with additional heat from the base to give an increased browning effect, making it particularly suita- ble for pizzas, quiches and tarts.
  • Page 14: Cooking Charts

    Cooking Charts...
  • Page 15: The Grill

    Grilling The Grill The Rotisserie The full width conventional grill with varia- To Use The Rotisserie Proceed as ble heat control provide the traditional gril- Follows: ling facility with the door closed. Food is 1. Insert the rotisserie bar through the food placed beneath the grill element, the tempe- to be roasted, see Fig.
  • Page 16 Thermal Grilling using the thermal grilling function. Thermal grilling in the main oven with the door closed offers an alternative method of Hints and Tips cooking foods normally associated with con- • Prepare foods in the same way as for con- ventional grilling.
  • Page 17 individual requirements. If thermal gril- • Only joints of meat and poultry up to ling on more than one level, it may be 2kg/4lb are suitable for defrosting in this necessary to interchange the food on the way. ALWAYS COOK THOROUGHLY shelves during cooking.
  • Page 18: Grilling Chart

    Grilling Chart Beefburgers herring...
  • Page 19: Cleaning And Maintenance

    Cleaning and Maintenance 2. Remove the glass and clean in warm Before carrying out any maintenance or soapy water. cleaning disconnect the appliance from 3. Replace by positioning the glass in the the supply. door and refitting the four screws. For safety reasons cleaning the applian- Oven Lamp Replacement ce with a steam jet cleaner or high-pres-...
  • Page 20 If after these checks, the oven still does not For general assistance with your appliance or work, contact your local Service Force or further information on Zanussi products Centre by telephoning 08705 929929, quo- lease contact our Customer Care ting the model and serial number.
  • Page 21: Installation Instructions

    Installation Instructions Before the appliance is connected, check It is mandatory that all operations that the main fuse and the domestic installa- for the installation of this cooker be tion can support the load; and that the power carried out by qualified and compe- supply is properly earthed.
  • Page 22 Installation Instructions Stop Stop fig. 9 fig. 8 Insertion and Assembly Insert the oven into the furniture housing, supporting the oven on the base of the hou- sing and push it in until the front frame of the oven touches the housing. Refer to fig. 8 for the dimensions of the furniture housing.
  • Page 24 55 milion Electrolux group products (such as refrigerator, cookers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, chain saws and law mowers) are sold each year to a value of approx. USD 14 bilion in more than 150 countries around the world. Dis. S506/150 Cod. 099299009831  Zanussi 2003 Rev. 1 del 06 /03...