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Electrolux EDI 96150 W User Manual

Iron aid
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user manual
Iron Aid
EDI 96150 W



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  Summary of Contents for Electrolux EDI 96150 W

  • Page 1 Iron Aid EDI 96150 W...
  • Page 2 We were thinking of you when we made this product...
  • Page 3 Thank you for choosing a first class product from Electrolux, which hopefully will provide you with lots of pleasure in the future. The Electrolux ambition is to offer a wide variety of quality products that make your life more comfortable.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Control panel Prior to using for the first time Sorting and preparing laundry Starting up for the first time Iron Aid - Steam-System Overview of Iron Aid Starting an Iron Aid programme Drying Overview of drying programmes Starting a drying programme Cleaning and maintenance What to do if…...
  • Page 5: Safety

    Important: Only operate the Iron Aid programmes with distilled water! Mains water causes damage to the appliance. Safety Prior to using for the first time • Note the ”Installation and connec- tion instructions” • Important The appliance may only be transported in an upright position.
  • Page 6 Hot steam may result in burns. The display has a steam sym- bol to indicate the steam phase. • If you end the drying cycle or Iron Aid programme before it has come to the end, it is important to quickly re- move and unfold all the laundry so it can cool quickly.
  • Page 7: Disposal

    Disposal Packaging material The packaging materials are envi- ronmentally friendly and can be re- cycled. The plastic components are identified by markings, e.g. >PE<, >PS<, etc. Please dispose of the packaging materials in the appro- priate container at your local waste disposal facilities.
  • Page 8: Environmental Tips

    – use the loads specified in the pro- gramme overview; – ensure you have good ventilation in the room; – clean micro filter and fine filter after every drying or Iron Aid pro- gramme: Pre-draining Residual dampness in litres Drying cycle...
  • Page 9: Appliance Description

    Appliance description Filler neck for water tank Drawer with condensed water container Steam nozzle Micro-fine filter (lint filter) Type plate Heat exchanger Door in plinth Drainage hose for water tank Air slots Control panel Fine strainer (lint filter) Lamp for inside light Large mesh filter (lint filter)
  • Page 10: Control Panel

    Control panel Programme knob and On/Off switch What is shown in the display Start time preselection LOAD DRYNESS Display Function buttons Iron Aid programme Cooling Drying BUZZER DELICATE Child Steam display safety device Maintenance displays DELAY - HEAT EXCHANGER TIMER...
  • Page 11 Function overview: Iron Steam System This appliance can be used both as a dryer and to condition clothes (Iron Aid) to treat garments using steam. When it is operating as a dryer, there are 9 available programmes. When it is operating as a steam appli-...
  • Page 12: Prior To Using For The First Time

    Prior to using for the first time In order to remove any residues which may have been produced during pro- duction, wipe the dryer drum with a damp cloth or carry out a brief drying cy- cle (30 MIN) with damp cloths in the ma- chine.
  • Page 13: Starting Up For The First Time

    These fabrics will then dry better. Special notes about Iron Aid • Before treating garments with an Iron Aid programme, remove stains by washing or using localised stain re- moval. Starting up for the first time...
  • Page 14: Drying

    14 electrolux iron aid - steam-system Iron Aid - Steam-System Fill water tank You must fill up the water tank before using an Iron Aid programme for the first time. Use the distilled water provided if there is not yet any condensed water from previous drying programmes (see chapter on ‘Cleaning and Maintenance,...
  • Page 15 ‘Sorting and preparing laundry’ may be treated with the Iron Aid Steam Sys- tem. Wet textiles may only be treat- ed if they are labelled as suitable for dry programmes. iron aid - steam-system electrolux 15...
  • Page 16: Overview Of Iron Aid Tm Programmes

    For example, some textiles containing more than 20% synthetics but with the right fittings may behave more like cotton textiles in an Iron Aid programme. You may therefore get better smoothing results by select- ing a cotton Iron Aid programme.
  • Page 17 REFRESH programme is a gentle Iron Aid programme for non- washable textiles. Any distortion to the shape of a garment which might occur in few cases, can be reme- died by ironing.
  • Page 18: Drying

    The LOAD button is used to set the required steam level: MIN, MED or MAX. All Iron Aid programmes, apart from the REFRESH programme, automatically recognise the remaining dampness in clothes. When laundry is wet, a drying cycle is activated first if required.
  • Page 19: Overview Of Iron Aid Tm Programmes

    19 Important: If in doubt, always select a lower steam level first until you have more experience with load vol- umes, fabric types and the corre- sponding optimum steam level. If too high a steam level is selected, garments may lose their shape.
  • Page 20 Delay timer With the DELAY button, you can de- lay the start of a programme by be- tween 30 minutes (30') and a maximum of 20 hours (20h). 1. Select the programme and addition- al functions. 2. Press the DELAY button as many times as necessary until the required start delay appears on the display, e.g.
  • Page 21: Drying

    As soon as the right level of dryness is reached, the Iron Aid programme will start automatically. The steam indicator shows the progress of the Iron Aid pro- gramme in the display. The individual steam phases are shown by animated clouds of steam.
  • Page 22: Drying

    Iron Aid programme complete / removing laundry After the Iron Aid phase has ended, 0. 0 0 is illuminated and the message ANTICREASE appears in the display. If the BUZZER has been activated, an audible signal sounds at regular inter- vals.
  • Page 23: Drying

    Drying Overview of drying programmes Programmes EXTRA CUPBOARD DAMP EXTRA CUPBOARD DAMP TIME SILK WOOL 1) Press the DELICATE button. Additional- functions Application/properties Thorough drying of thick or multi- • • • layered fabrics, e.g. terry towelling items, bathrobes. Thorough drying of fabrics of even •...
  • Page 24: Drying

    Selecting the programme Use the programme selector to set the programme you require. The probable programme run time is displayed (in minutes) on the multi- display. Selecting additional functions You can choose from the additional functions DRYNESS, DELICATE, BUZZ- ER and TIME (if a TIME programme has been selected).
  • Page 25: Drying

    Caution: Make sure that by select- ing the DRYNESS function, you do not over-dry your wool or silk. DELICATE For especially gentle drying of sensitive fabrics with the l care label and for temperature-sensitive textiles (e.g. acrylic, viscose). Programme is execut- ed with reduced heat.
  • Page 26 If the programme duration is not select- ed, the duration is automatically set to 10 mins. To set the timer delay and the child safe- ty device, please refer to the chapter on ‘Iron Aid, setting the timer delay’ / ‘Set- ting the child safety device’.
  • Page 27: Starting A Drying Programme

    Starting a drying programme Press the START/PAUSE button. The programme is started. The programme progress display shows drying progress. The symbols for DRYING and COOLING appear in the display one after the other. The number of droplets in the dryness indi- cator gradually goes down as the drying process progresses.
  • Page 28: Cleaning And Maintenance

    To ensure that the appliance works per- fectly, the lint filters in the door and in front of the drum must be cleaned after every Iron Aid or drying cycle. Important Never operate the dryer without the lint filter or with a dam- aged or blocked lint filter.
  • Page 29: Drying

    2. Remove fluff from the entire filter ar- ea. It is best to use a vacuum cleaner for this purpose. 3. Replace the filter. Clean the door seal. Wipe the door seal using a damp cloth immediately after the Iron Aid or drying cycle.
  • Page 30: Drying

    Emptying the condensed water container Empty condensed water container after every drying cycle. If the condensate tank is full, an active programme will break off automatically and the TANK display will light up. In or- der to continue the programme, the condensed water container must first be emptied.
  • Page 31 4. The condensed water be used as distilled water, e.g. for steam irons. However, first filter the condensed water to remove any residues and small pieces of fluff. Using the attached canister to filter: Pour the water out of the container straight through the filter at the top of the canister.
  • Page 32 Cleaning heat exchanger If the HEAT EXCHANGER display is illu- minated, the heat exchanger needs to be cleaned. Caution! Operating when the heat exchanger is clogged with lint can damage the appliance. This also in- creases energy consumption. 1. Open loading door 2.
  • Page 33 Caution! Do not use sharp objects to clean the heat exchanger. You could damage it and cause leaks. 7. Clean heat exchanger. It is best to use a brush or to rinse thoroughly with a shower head. 8. Replace heat exchanger and lock into place (turn both lock washers outwards until they snap into place).
  • Page 34: What To Do If

    Hang garments on clothes hang- ers, do up buttons and tug gar- ments into shape. Reshape multi-layered garments by ironing after they come out of the machine. Iron creases in again after the Iron Aid programme.
  • Page 35 Problem Drying results unsatisfac- tory. When you press a button Err appears in the multi- display. Drying cycle ends shortly after programme starts. ANTICREASE display illu- minated. Programme inactive, CONTAINER display illu- minated. PROGRAMME TIME dis- play changes erratically or stays unchanged for a long time.
  • Page 36: Technical Data

    COTTON DAMP SYNTHETICS CUPBOARD 1) pre-drained at 1000 rpm 2) pre-drained at 1200 rpm *) corresponds to the programme COTTON HAND IRON They may deviate when the machine is operated in domestic circumstances. Loading volume in kg 85 x 60 x 60 cm 109 cm 1.5 cm...
  • Page 37: Installation Safety Instructions

    Installation safety instruc- tions • Important The appliance must only be transported in an upright position. • Before first starting up, all parts of the transport safety equipment must be removed. The machine may oth- erwise be damaged. • The appliance must not be installed. •...
  • Page 38: Removing Transport Safety

    Removing transport safety packaging Caution! Before use all parts of the transport packaging must be re- moved. 1. Open loading door 2. Pull off adhesive strips from inside machine on top of drum. 3. Remove foil hose and polystyrene padding from the machine.
  • Page 39: Electrical Connection

    Electrical connection Any electrical work required to install this appliance should be carried out by a qualified electrician or competent per- son. WARNING – THIS APPLIANCE MUST BE EARTHED. The manufacturer declines any lia- bility should these safety measures not be observed. Before switching on, make sure the electricity supply voltage is the same as that indicated on the appliance rating...
  • Page 40 • The wire coloured brown must be connected to the terminal marked “L“ or coloured red. • Upon completion there must be no cut, or stray strands of wire present and the cord clamp must be secure over the outer sheath. WARNING! A cut off plug inserted into a 13 amp socket is a serious safety (shock) hazard.
  • Page 41: Levelling The Appliance

    These intermediate installation kits can be used to arrange the iron aid appli- ance and an automatic Electrolux wash- ing machine (60cm wide, front loading) as a space-saving washer/iron aid stack. The automatic washing machine is at the bottom and the iron aid appli- ance is at the top.
  • Page 42: Guarantee/Customer Service

    Guarantee/Customer Serv- Standard guarantee conditions We, Electrolux, undertake that if within 12 months of the date of the purchase this Electrolux appliance or any part thereof is proved to be defective by rea- son only of faulty workmanship or mate-...
  • Page 43 European Guarantee This appliance is guaranteed by Electrolux in each of the countries listed at the back of this user manual, for the period specified in the appli- ance guarantee or otherwise by law. If you move from one of these countries to another of the...
  • Page 44 Str. Garii Progresului 2, S4, 040671 RO Industriestrasse 10, CH-5506 Mägenwil Electrolux Ljubljana d.o.o. Gerbiceva 98, 1000 Ljubljana Electrolux Slovakia s.r.o., Electrolux Domáce spotrebièe SK, Seberíniho 1, 821 03 Bratislava Electrolux Service, S:t Göransgatan 143, S-105 45 Stockholm Tarlabaþý caddesi no : 35 Taksim Istanbul 129090 Ìîñêâà, Îëèìïèéñêèé...
  • Page 45: Service And Spare Parts

    45 Service and Spare Parts If the event of your appliance requiring service, or if you wish to purchase spare parts, please contact Service Force by telephoning: 0870 5 929 929 Your telephone call will be automatically routed to the Service Force Centre cov- ering your post code area.
  • Page 46 (*) Calls may be recorded for training purposes For Customer Service in the Republic of Ireland please contact us at the address be- low: AEG/ Electrolux Group (Ire) Ltd Long Mile Road/ Dublin 12 Republic of Ireland Tel: +353 (0) 1 4090753 Email:
  • Page 48 125 986 050-01-081206-01...