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2.3 Mac Os 9.X Operation System; 2.4 Linux2.4 Core Operation System; Uninstall Acer Advanced Mp3 Player; Uninstall In Windows98 - Acer Advanced MP3 Player User Manual

Advanced mp3 player
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2.3 MAC OS 9.X Operation System

Insert Acer Advanced MP3 Player directly to your computer's USB interface. The system
will recognize it automatically and meanwhile there is a driver symbol "Untitled" appears
on the desktop. And you can use it like usual ones.

2.4 Linux2.4 core Operation System

For Linux system, you should use it as these steps:
1) Boot your computer.
2) Plug Player into USB interface of the computer.
3) Login as root, type in the order: "mount/dev/sda1/mnt", this command will create a
directory for MP3 Player. And the flash disk will be mounted then you can use it freely.
Attention: The item "sda1"or the command " mount/dev/sda1/mnt", may be changed
due to the usage status of the computer or flash disk. Please operate according to the
Linux order regulations.

Uninstall Acer Advanced MP3 Player


Uninstall in Windows98

Hardware uninstall: When you complete the using of Acer Advanced MP3 Player, you
can pull it out from the USB interface if only the indicator light stops glinting. And the
symbol of "Removable Disk" will disappear automatically.
2) Driver uninstall: If you want to uninstall the driver of Acer Advanced MP3 Player, inset
the install CD into the CD-ROM and click the installation button, it will show the follow
windows, Click Next button and follow the install wizard to finish your job.



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