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Mp3 music player+digital voice recorder+usb flash drive


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Acer MP3 Flash Stick
User Manual
MP3 Music Player+Digital Voice Recorder+USB Flash Drive


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  • Page 1 Acer MP3 Flash Stick User Manual MP3 Music Player+Digital Voice Recorder+USB Flash Drive...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    How to Install / Modify / Repair / Remove driver 5.1 Windows 98 / 98SE Installation -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13 5.2 Windows 2000 / ME / XP Installation-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15 Remove Acer MP3 Flash Stick from computer ---------------------------------------------------- 15 Linux 2.4.0 + / Mac 8.6 + Installation ------------------------------------------------------------------ 17 IMPORTANT NOTICES --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------17...
  • Page 3: About Acer Mp3 Flash Stick

    Acer MP3 Flash Stick is the brand new multi-function MP3 player . Compared with the single-function MP3 Player, Acer MP3 Flash Stick owns not only the stylish outlook with an EQ built in LCD, but also the high quality digital voice recorder. We successfully combine the convenience of well-known USB flash drive , popular MP3 player and delicate-design digital voice recorder in one stick .
  • Page 4: Illustration Of Function Keys And Lcd Display

    2. Illustration of function keys and LCD display USB JACK S1: Switch Controller (Power On / Multi-function Switch) S1Á ä : ¶ } ¾ ÷ / ¦ h ¥ \ ¯ à « ö Á ä SW1: Key Lock S3: Record Button S2Á...
  • Page 5 - « ½ Æ : ³ æ ¦ ± , ¥ þ ³ ¡ Repeat Play: Single / All ¼ ½ © ñ ª ¬ º A :¼ ½ © ñ / ¼ È ° ± / ° ± ¤ î Play Mode: Play / Pause / Stop Music Format: WMA,MP3,DVR - µ...
  • Page 6: Quick Start

    3. Quick Start MP3/WMA Playback Steps: 1. Press Switch Controller to turn on the player. 2. If there are already MP3 or WMA files in the Flash Memory, the LCD will show¡ u 01 0:00¡ v , and the LED will light up. To begin the playback of MP3 or WMA file, press again Switch Controller . Record Operation Steps: 1.
  • Page 7: Mp3/Wma Playback

    4. Function & Operation 4.1. MP3/WMA Playback (1) Press Switch Controller to turn on the player which will automatically read the content of the Flash Memory and the LED will light up. If there are already MP3 or WMA files in the Flash Memory, LCD will show as Figure 4.1.1.
  • Page 8: Recording Operation

    (8) Under this situation, press Mode Key and hold until ”Eq” appears in the display. (Figure 4.1.8) (9) Slide Switch controller until ”dEL” appears in the display. Press Switch controller again to enter delete mode. Slide Figure 4.1.8 Switch controller until ”dEL aLL” flashes in the display. (10) Press Switch controller again to start formatting the Flash Memory.
  • Page 9: Selection / Fast Forward / Fast Backward

    (2) Press Record Button to start recording. LED will keep blinking, and the ”REC” icon will appear. Elapsed recording time will be shown in the display. (Figure 4.2.2) Figure 4.2.2 (3) To stop record, press Record Button again. LED will turn off, and the beginning of the playing time will be indicated in the display.
  • Page 10: Equalizer Settings

    (2) To select in stop mode, slide Switch Controller until the desired selection shows up in the display. Press Switch controller to start play. (3) To locate a particular point in a selection, Slide Switch Controller up for fast backward and slide down for fast forward.
  • Page 11: Repeat Section

    4.7. Repeat Section (1) During playback, press Record Button once to enter the repeat read mode. The start point A will be marked. ”A-B” icon will appear and “B” starts flashing. (Figure 4.7.1) Figure 4.7.1 (2) Press Record Button again to mark the end point “B” whose icon will stop flashing.
  • Page 12: Connect To Computer

    (3) rEp Menu: Under playback settings, slide S1 to select among the following 3 repeat settings: (1) Repeat ALL: repeat all the selections (2) Repeat 1:repeat a single selection Figure 4.8.3 (3) NO Repeat: to cancel repeat Press Switch Controller again to confirm the setting. (Figure 4.8.3) (4) dEL Menu: Under file deletion¡...
  • Page 13 (4) Remove the unit from the USB port of PC to return the player back to stop mode, and the removable disk will disappear from My Computer. Playing time of the 1 file will be displayed in the LCD. (Figure 4.9.4) ¡...
  • Page 14: Windows 98 / 98Se Installation

    (1) Plug Flash Stick into USB port. System will detect one new hardware and search for proper driver to install. Wizard InstallShield The InstallShield Wizard will search new driver for the following device, Acer MP3 Flash Stick Back Next Cancel (2) Choose the first recommend to install. Wizard...
  • Page 15 (3) Choose setting up from CD ROM. Wizard InstallShield Windows will search new driver from one of following methods, press Next to start search. Floppy Disk A: CD ROM Location: Review Back Next Cancel (4) To execute installation by press “Next”. Wizard InstallShield Windows search program for the device,...
  • Page 16: Windows 2000 / Me / Xp Installation

    For these three operating systems, NO Driver is needed, because Windows has built-in driver to support USB removable disk. Simply plug Acer MP3 Flash Stick into the USB port and it will be recognized by the system. System will setup Acer MP3 Flash Stick automatically without any further installation of driver.
  • Page 17 Fig.6.1 Fig.6.2...
  • Page 18: Linux 2.4.0 + / Mac 8.6 + Installation

    Acer MP3 Flash Stick plugged, it may cause setup error or failure. (ii) If you plug Acer MP3 Flash Stick into the USB port. System can find Acer MP3 Flash Stick, but you are unable to access it. Please FORMAT Acer MP3 Flash Stick.

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