Service Information - Electrolux MULTI-STEAMER Z370 Series Owner's Manual

Household type steam cleaner
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Should you require service on your Electrolux cleaner, please telephone 08706 055055 if you reside in the UK, otherwise
contact your nearest Service Agent.
Important - in the event of the mains supply cable of this steam cleaner requiring replacement, we recommend that this be
carried out by a Electrolux Service Agent.
New cloths can be obtained from Authorised Electrolux Dealers and electrical retailers. If difficulty is experienced in obtaining
spares please call us on 08706 055055
Rating Plate
The model and type are indicated on the rating plate located on the back side of the
cleaner. For prompt and complete service information, always refer to these numbers
when inquiring about service.
Model & Type No. ________________
Main Features of the Multi-Steamer Steam Cleaner
Thank you for having chosen our product and allow us to congratulate you for having purchased the Electrolux Multi-
Steamer steam cleaner.
The Electrolux Multi-Steamer steam cleaner achieves a high degree of hygienic and degreasing power on many surfaces. It
turns water into steam in just a few minutes, so when contact is made with surfaces dirt and grime is removed.
Since the Electrolux Multi-Steamer steam cleaner uses the active power of steam without the use of detergents or soap, it is
safe for the environment.
Some surfaces that can be cleaned with the Multi-Steamer steam cleaner are: sealed hard floor surfaces, upholstery, sealed
grout, bathroom and kitchen tile, stove tops, removable exhaust filter over stoves, windows and mirrors.
The fabric tool may be used to steam wrinkles out of clothing, window coverings, etc.
CAUTION: Do not direct steam at the body.
Other Advantages of the Electrolux Multi-Steamer Steam Cleaner
The Electrolux Multi-Steamer steam cleaner can kill dust mites and some types of bacteria, such as salmonella and E-coli
when used properly.
To disinfect a specific area, position the steam cleaner over the area, not more than 2,5 cm away and slowly move across the
surface. This allows the surface under the steam cleaner to reach approximately 77 °C . Use this procedure to disinfect
surfaces in: the bathroom, food preparation areas, pillows and bedding, pet sleeping quarters, etc.
if you reside in the UK, otherwise contact your nearest Service Agent.

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