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Kenwood DDX719 Instruction Manual

Monitor with dvd receiver
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Take the time to read through this instruction manual.
Familiarity with installation and operation procedures will help you obtain the best
performance from your new DVD Receiver.
For your records
Record the serial number, found on the back of the unit, in the spaces designated on the warranty
card, and in the space provided below. Refer to the model and serial numbers whenever you call
upon your Kenwood dealer for information or service on the product.
Model DDX719/DDX7049BT/DDX419/DDX4049BT/DDX319/DDX3049 Serial number
US Residence Only
Register your Kenwood product at
© 2011 JVC KENWOOD Corporation


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LVT2268-001A (KN/RN)



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  Summary of Contents for Kenwood DDX719

  • Page 1: Instruction Manual

    Record the serial number, found on the back of the unit, in the spaces designated on the warranty card, and in the space provided below. Refer to the model and serial numbers whenever you call upon your Kenwood dealer for information or service on the product. Model DDX719/DDX7049BT/DDX419/DDX4049BT/DDX319/DDX3049 Serial number...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Before use ........3 Using the sound equalization ......41 Adjusting the cross over frequency ....42 How to reset your unit ..........3 Changing the display design ..43 INTRODUCTIONS Setting for video playback ..45 Initial Settings ....... 5 Picture adjustment ..........45 Initial setup ..............5 Changing the aspect ratio .........46 Adjusting the panel angle ........5...
  • Page 3: Before Use

    Before use Temperature inside the car... WARNINGS: If you have parked the car for a long time (To prevent accidents and damage) in hot or cold weather, wait until the • DO NOT install any unit or wire any cable in temperature in the car becomes normal a location where;...
  • Page 4 JVC KENWOOD Corporation FCC NOTE 2967-3, ISHIKAWA-MACHI, This equipment has been tested and found HACHIOJI-SHI, TOKYO, JAPAN...
  • Page 5: Introductions Initial Settings

    INTRODUCTIONS Initial Settings Initial setup Adjusting the panel angle When you power on the unit for the first time (Only for DDX719/DDX7049BT ) or reset the unit, the initial setting screen You can change the panel angle. appears. Select an angle (0 – 6). •...
  • Page 6: Updating The System

    Updating the system You can update the system by connecting a USB device containing the update file. Create an update file, copy it to a USB device, and connect it to the unit. To connect a USB device, ☞ page 79 . On <Top Menu>: It may take a while.
  • Page 7: Activating The Security Function

    Activating the security function You can activate the security indicator to protect your receiver system against theft. On <Top Menu>: The security indicator on the monitor panel flashes when the vehicle ignition is off. To cancel, select <OFF>. English...
  • Page 8: Component Names And Functions

    Component names and functions DDX719/DDX7049BT Screen (Touch panel) Monitor panel 6 AV button (Press) 1 Reset button/Power indicator/Security • Displays the current source screen. indicator AV OUT button (Hold) • Resets the unit. (☞ page 3) • Selects the AV source for external •...
  • Page 9 DDX419/DDX4049BT/DDX319/DDX3049 6 AV/AV OUT button • Displays the current source screen. (Press) • Selects the AV source for external monitor or amplifier. (Hold) 7 For DDX419/DDX4049BT : TEL/V.OFF button • Displays the <Handsfree> screen. (Press) (☞ page 54) • Turns off/on the screen. (Hold) (☞ page 11) For DDX319/DDX3049 : AUD/V.OFF button...
  • Page 10: Setting The Clock

    Setting the clock Display <Top Menu> screen. Set the clock time. <NAV> * Synchronizes the clock time with the connected navigation Display <Setup> screen. unit. <Radio Data Synchronizes the clock System> time with FM RBDS. <OFF> Sets the clock manually. (☞...
  • Page 11: Common Operations

    Common operations Turning on the power Putting the unit in standby DDX719/ DDX419/ DDX7049BT DDX4049BT/ DDX319/DDX3049 Turning off the power DDX719/ DDX419/ DDX7049BT DDX4049BT/ DDX319/DDX3049 (Hold) (Hold) Adjusting the volume To adjust the volume (00 to 35) Turning off the screen DDX719/DDX7049BT DDX719/DDX7049BT Decrease...
  • Page 12: Switching Screens

    Switching screens Source control screen <Top Menu> <Setup> • Changes the AV source. Changes the detailed settings. • Displays the <Setup> screen. You can select 3 items to be displayed in ☞ this area. ( page 13 ) Changes the page ☞...
  • Page 13: Av Source Operations Selecting The Playback Source

    AV SOURCE OPERATIONS Selecting the playback source DDX719/DDX419/DDX319 DDX7049BT/DDX4049BT/DDX3049 (☞ page 40) Displays the navigation screen when a navigation unit is NAV* connected. Plays a disc. DISC (☞ page 15) TEL * (☞ page 57) Displays the phone control screen. USB (☞...
  • Page 14: Displaying The Source Control Screen

    Displaying the source control screen On each playback screen, perform the following: DDX719/DDX7049BT DDX419/DDX4049BT/DDX319/ DDX3049 (Hold) • For DDX719/DDX7049BT, pressing and holding TEL hides the operation buttons. For DDX419/ DDX4049BT/DDX319/DDX3049, pressing FNC/R-CAM hides the operation buttons. • The operation buttons disappear by touching the screen or when no operation is done for about 5 seconds.
  • Page 15: Disc Operations

    Disc operations Playing a disc • If a disc does not have a disc menu, all tracks on it will be played repeatedly until you change the source or eject the disc. Inserting a disc To eject a disc DDX719/DDX7049BT DDX719/DDX7049BT DDX419/DDX4049BT/DDX319/DDX3049 Label side...
  • Page 16: Playable Disc Types

    Playable disc types Disc type Recording format, file type, etc Playable DVD-Video * Region Code: • For DDX719/DDX419/DDX319: 1 • For DDX7049BT/DDX4049BT/DDX3049: 4 DVD-Audio/DVD-ROM DVD Recordable/ DVD-Video Rewritable DVD-VR * (DVD-R/-RW * DivX * /MPEG1/MPEG2 +R/+RW * • DVD Video: UDF bridge JPEG •...
  • Page 17: Playback Operations

    Playback operations To display the source control screen, ☞ page 14 . For DVD/DVD-VR/VCD/DivX/MPEG1/MPEG2/JPEG Playing time Media type • DVD Video: Title no./Chapter • DVD-VR: Program no. (or Playlist no.)/Chapter no.* • DivX/MPEG1/MPEG2: Folder no./Track no. • JPEG: Folder no./File no. File type (for DivX/MPEG1/MPEG2/JPEG) •...
  • Page 18 To display the source control screen, ☞ page 14 . For CD/MP3/WMA/WAV/AAC Track/file information • Pressing [<] scrolls the text if not all of the text is shown. Media type Playing time Playback status (3: play / 8: pause ) •...
  • Page 19 Video menu operations [Audio] Selects the audio type. You can display the video menu screen • For DVD-VR: Selects the while watching the playback pictures on the audio channel (ST: stereo, screen. L: left, R: right). • Available items on the screen differ [Subtitle] Selects the subtitle type.
  • Page 20 Only for VCD • To deactivate the PBC function, press [7] then the direct selecting buttons to select a track number. Selecting playback mode For DVD/DVD-VR Selects Repeat playback mode For VCD (without PBC)/CD/DivX/MPEG1/ MPEG2/MP3/WMA/WAV/AAC ☞ Direct selecting buttons ( below) Selects Random Selects Repeat...
  • Page 21: Settings For Disc Playback

    Settings for disc playback Disc Setup items Selectable setting/item Initial: Underlined Menu Select the initial disc menu language; Initial English (☞ page 70). Language Subtitle Select the initial subtitle language or erase the subtitle (OFF); Initial Language English (☞ page 70). •...
  • Page 22: Usb Operations

    USB operations Playing a USB device • This unit can play JPEG/DivX/MPEG1/ Cautions: MPEG2/MP3/WMA/WAV/AAC files stored in • This unit may not play back files in a a USB mass storage class device. USB device properly when using a USB •...
  • Page 23 To display the source control screen, ☞ page 14 . While playing, the Track/file information jacket picture is (for MP3/WMA/WAV/ shown if the file AAC) has the tag data • Pressing [<] scrolls the including the jacket text if not all of the picture.
  • Page 24: Listening To The Ipod/Iphone Device

    Listening to the iPod/iPhone device Preparation Settings for iPod playback • Connect iPod/iPhone. (☞ page 79 ) When the source is “iPod”... • Use the following cables: – To watch the video and to listen to the music (analog): USB Audio and Video cable for iPod/iPhone—KCA-iP22F/KCA- iP202 (optional accessory) –...
  • Page 25: Ipod/Iphone Playback Operations

    • For some iPod/iPhone models, the performance may be abnormal or unstable during operation. In this case, disconnect the iPod/iPhone device, then check its condition. If the performance is not improved or is slow, reset your iPod/iPhone. • For the latest compatible list and software version of iPod/iPhone, see: English...
  • Page 26: Selecting A Track/Video From Menu On The Ipod/Iphone

    Selecting a track/video from Operating in iPod/iPhone menu on the iPod/iPhone control mode You can play back the audio/video using iPod/iPhone itself instead of the unit. Audio: Select the menu (Music or Video) (1), a category (2), then a desired item (3). •...
  • Page 27: Pandora® Operations

    PANDORA® operations (Only for DDX719/DDX419/DDX319) • You can operate PANDORA using the remote controller. Only playing, pausing, and skipping are available. • Install the latest version of the PANDORA® application on your iPhone. The picture data Song information is displayed if •...
  • Page 28 About Pandora® internet radio The requirements for listening to Pandora are as follows: • Pandora® is available only in the U.S. • Use an Apple iPhone or iPod touch • Because Pandora® is a third-party service, running under iOS3 or later. the specifications are subject to change •...
  • Page 29: Listening To The Radio

    Listening to the radio Text information Scrolls the text information ST indicator TI indicator Seek mode indicator • The ST indicator lights up when receiving an FM stereo broadcast with sufficient signal strength. [P1] – [P6] • Turns in the preset station. [PTY] * Enters FM RBDS program (Press)
  • Page 30 Displaying the information of the Manual presetting current station Tune in to a station you want to preset. ☞ page 29) Select a preset number. (Hold) The station selected in step is stored. Displays the text The station frequency information Selecting a preset station currently tuned in/PS (station name) for FM RBDS...
  • Page 31 Activating/deactivating TI The following features are available only Standby Reception for FM RBDS stations. Searching for FM RBDS program—PTY Search You can search for your favorite programs being broadcast by selecting the PTY code for your favorite programs. TI indicator TI indicator TI Standby Reception Lights in...
  • Page 32: Listening To The Siriusxm™ Satellite Radio

    Listening to the SiriusXM™ Satellite Radio (Only for DDX719/DDX419/DDX319) Everything worth listening to is on SiriusXM, getting over 130 channels, including the most commercial-free music, plus the best sports, news, talk and entertainment. To start listening to the SiriusXM™ Satellite Radio, A SiriusXM Vehicle Tuner (sold separately) and Subscription are required.
  • Page 33 Radio activation When the following screen appears, press [Enter]. SiriusXM Satellite Radio operation requires the connection of the optional SiriusXM- Connect Vehicle Tuner (sold separately). To activate the SiriusXM Vehicle Connect tuner, you will need the Radio ID. Make a note of your Radio ID. For each SiriusXM Vehicle Connect tuner, peculiar Radio ID is assigned.
  • Page 34 Displaying the information on the Selecting a preset channel current channel Selecting a channel directly Displays the text Band no./ information Radio ID* (or Preset no. if the current station is preset)/ Channel no. Preset list The Radio ID is displayed when the channel is set to 0.
  • Page 35 Channel List Displaying information on Select a category (1) and then a channel channels (2). You can obtain information on channels or select a category and then a channel. – To list all the channels, select [All Channels]. – Pressing the info change button under the list displays information in Select [Preset List] or [Channel the following order:...
  • Page 36 Using the Instant Replay Progress Shows the remaining capacity (gray) and the amount of function recorded data (blue). If you You can temporarily record up to 30 minutes have already recorded 30 of the broadcast from the current time, and minutes, the entire bar is replay the recorded data.
  • Page 37 Setting the reception Enter a four-digit code (1), restrictions and then confirm (2). • To clear the entry, press [Clear]. Display the SiriusXM Mode screen to • To cancel setting the code, press configure the settings. [Cancel]. Setting the parental lock Enter the four-digit code and You can set the parental lock or parental then press [Enter] again to...
  • Page 38 Activating the parental lock on each channel Skipping unwanted channels This parental control option allows you If you do not want to receive some channels, to pick the channels to be locked by the you can skip them. parental control feature. Activating the channel skipping Enter the parental code.
  • Page 39: Using Other External Components

    Using other external components To display the source control screen, ☞ page 14 . ☞ AV-IN name ( below) [Mode] Changes the AV-IN name. • Press [2] or [3] to select an AV-IN name. • This setting does not affect the source name “AV-IN 1”/ “AV-IN 2” displayed on <Top Menu>.
  • Page 40: Using The External Navigation Unit

    Using the external navigation unit (Only for DDX7049BT/DDX4049BT/DDX3049) You can connect a navigation unit (KNA-G610 /KNA-G630 : optional accessory) to the navigation input terminal so that you can view the navigation screen. (☞ page 80 ) The navigation guidance comes out through the front speakers even when you listen to an audio source.
  • Page 41: Sound Adjustment

    Sound adjustment Using the sound equalization • The adjustment is memorized for each source until you adjust the sound again. If the source is a disc, the adjustment is stored for each of the following categories. – DVD/DVD-VR – VCD/CD –...
  • Page 42: Adjusting The Cross Over Frequency

    Adjusting the sound precisely Adjusting the cross over frequency Perform steps “Selecting a preset sound On <Top Menu>: mode,” then... Select the item to adjust, then Adjust the sound of each make adjustment. band. Adjusts the cross over for front or rear speakers (high pass filter).
  • Page 43: Changing The Display Design

    Changing the display design You can change the background and panel color. To select a panel color On <Top Menu>: Variable color illumination • Illumination color changes gradually. For making your own color ☞ adjustment, below Making your own color adjustment •...
  • Page 44 Using your favorite scene as the Adjust the image. background While playing a video or JPEG, you can capture an image and use the captured image as a background. • You cannot capture copyrighted content and images from iPod/iPhone. • When using a JPEG file as the background, make sure that the resolution is 800 x 600 pixels.
  • Page 45: Setting For Video Playback

    Setting for video playback You can change the setting for video playback. Picture adjustment Adjust the picture (–15 to +15). You can adjust the picture quality. Display the adjustment menu. Adjusts the brightness Adjusts the contrast Adjusts the black Adjusts the color Adjusts the tint* Adjusts the sharpness Adjustable only when the incoming signal is...
  • Page 46: Changing The Aspect Ratio

    Changing the aspect ratio While DivX is played back with <Screen Ratio> ☞ ☞ set to <16:9> (for disc: page 21/ for USB: You can change the aspect ratio for video page 23), the aspect ratio is not set correctly. playback.
  • Page 47: Using A Rear View Camera

    Using a rear view camera • To use a rear view camera, the REVERSE lead connection is required. For connecting a rear view camera, ☞ page 80. Activating the rear view Displaying the picture from camera the rear view camera The rear view screen is displayed when you On <Top Menu>: shift the gear to the reverse (R) position.
  • Page 48: Setting Menu Items

    Setting menu items • You cannot change <Audio> settings when the unit is in standby. Menu item Selectable setting/item Initial: Underlined Fader/Balance Fader : Adjust the front and rear speaker output balance. ♦ F6 to R6; Initial 0 • When using a two-speaker system, set the fader to the center (0).
  • Page 49 Menu item Selectable setting/item Initial: Underlined Dimmer ♦ Auto : Dims the screen and button illumination when you turn on the headlights. • The ILLUMI lead connection is required. (☞ page 78 ) ♦ ON : Activates dimmer. ♦ OFF : Cancels.
  • Page 50 Menu item Selectable setting/item Initial: Underlined You can determine the use of AV-IN input terminal. AV Input ♦ AV-IN2 : Select to play an AV component connected to the AV-IN input terminal. ♦ iPod : Select when connecting the iPod/iPhone using the USB Audio and Video cable for iPod/iPhone.
  • Page 51 Menu item Selectable setting/item Initial: Underlined Language * Select the text language used for on-screen information. ♦ English/Spanish/French/German/Italian/Dutch/ Russian/Portuguese/Chinese-Simplified/Chinese- Traditional/Thai/Turkish/Arabic/Persian/Hebrew/ Greece/Indonesia • For external monitors, only English/Spanish/French/German/ Italian/Dutch/Russian/Portuguese are available. If another language has been selected, the text language for external monitors will be set to English.
  • Page 52: Memorizing/Recalling The Settings

    Memorizing/recalling the Locking the settings settings You can lock the settings to prevent them from being changed. You can memorize the settings changed • is shown beside the settings that can in the <Setup> menu and recall the be locked. memorized settings anytime.
  • Page 53: Bluetooth Operations

    BLUETOOTH OPERATIONS (Only for DDX719/DDX7049BT/DDX419/DDX4049BT ) Information for using Bluetooth® devices • While driving, do not perform complicated operations such as dialing the numbers, using phonebook, etc. When you perform these operations, stop your car in a safe place. • Some Bluetooth devices may not be connected to this unit depending on the Bluetooth version of the device.
  • Page 54: Connecting Bluetooth Devices

    Connecting Bluetooth devices Connecting a new Bluetooth For connecting a Bluetooth mobile phone device for the first time When you connect a Bluetooth device to the unit for the first time, make pairing between the unit and the device. Pairing allows <Handsfree Mode>...
  • Page 55 • All registered devices (mobile phone and audio player) are listed on <Connect Device>. – Selectable items depend on the device you are operating. To disconnect Cancel A confirmation message appears. Press Operate the Bluetooth device [Yes]. to connect. “Connected” appears. Press [OK] to Deleting a registered confirm the operation.
  • Page 56: Using The Bluetooth Mobile Phone

    Using the Bluetooth mobile phone Adjusting the volume of Receiving a call microphone When a call comes in... Call information While talking... (if acquired) Rejects the call • This adjustment does not affect the volume Status of the device/Battery reminder (only level of the other sources.
  • Page 57: Making A Call

    Making a call Direct number entry Deletes last character On <Top Menu>: Hold : Adds “+” Select a method to make a Presets the entered phone number on the ☞ preset list ( page 59) call. ☞ Phonebook/Call lists ( page 58) •...
  • Page 58 Using the phonebook/call lists Select the initial. If the initial is not a letter or number, press [Others]. Outgoing From dialled call list. Select a phone number from Incoming From received call list. the list. Missed From missed call list. Phonebook From phonebook.
  • Page 59 Presetting the phone Copying the phonebook numbers You can copy the phonebook memory of a mobile phone into the unit (up to 400 You can preset up to 6 phone numbers. entries). On <Top Menu>: On <Top Menu>: Select an item from phonebook/call lists.
  • Page 60 Deleting the phone number About mobile phones entries in the unit compatible with Phone Book Access Profile (PBAP) Display the phonebook/call If your mobile phone supports PBAP, the list you want to delete. (☞ page phonebook and call lists are automatically copied to the unit when the mobile phone is connected.
  • Page 61: Using The Bluetooth Audio Player

    Using the Bluetooth audio player • To register a new device, ☞ page 54. • To connect/disconnect a device, ☞ page 55. Tag data (current track title/ artist name/album title) * • Pressing [<] scrolls the text if not all of the text is shown. Playing time * Playback status * (3: play / 8: pause)
  • Page 62 PIN Code Changes the PIN code of the unit. • Enter a new PIN code, then press [Enter]. Device Name Shows the device name to be shown on the Bluetooth device — “KENWOOD BT MM-6U2. ” Device Shows the device address of the unit.
  • Page 63: Using The Remote Controller Overview

    USING THE REMOTE CONTROLLER Overview DDX7049BT/DDX4049BT/DDX3049 : This unit can be operated using the Remote Controller (RC-DV340) supplied with this unit. DDX719/DDX419/DDX319 : Optional Remote Controller KNA-RCDV331 is designed for controlling this unit. Refer to the instruction manual that comes with the remote controller. •...
  • Page 64: Operations From The Remote Controller

    Operations from the remote controller ENTER Common operations (AUD mode) Enters options. Source switching Switches to the source to be played. Hangs up the incoming/current call. Hands-free communication When a call comes in, it answers the call. Volume control Adjusts the volume. Function Switches the function screen.
  • Page 65 VCD 1.X, VCD 2.X (PBC OFF) DVD/VCD (DVD mode) Track search and file search Track number Selects the track or file to be played. Cancel VCD 2.X (PBC ON) Track number Cancel Play/Pause Once you have switched to the direct search Pauses the track.
  • Page 66 SUBTITLE Track search and file search Switches the subtitle language. Selects the track or file to be played. Play/Pause ZOOM Pauses the track. Switches the zoom ratio each time you press Press again to resume playing. this key. Direct search Picture Angle Switches the picture angle each time you press this key.
  • Page 67 • To use preset tuning, press the number of Radio/SiriusXM (AUD mode) a programmed broadcast station. ( – Band switching Switches to bands received by the unit. • Press the direct tuning key first, then specify the frequency of the station to receive.
  • Page 68: Reference Maintenance

    REFERENCE Maintenance Caution on cleaning the unit To keep discs clean Do not use A dirty disc may not play correctly. any solvent If a disc does become dirty, wipe (for example, it with a soft cloth in a straight line thinner, from center to edge.
  • Page 69: More About This Unit

    More about this unit File playback Playing MP3/WMA/WAV/AAC files • This unit can play back files with the Playing DivX files extension code <.mp3>, <.wma>, <.wav>, (Only for DDX7049BT/DDX4049BT/DDX3049) or <m4a> (regardless of the letter case— • This unit can play back DivX files with the upper/lower).
  • Page 70 Sound signals emitted through the rear terminals Through the analog terminals (Speaker out/Front Preout/Rear Preout) 2-channel signal is emitted. When playing multi-channel encoded disc, multi-channel signals are downmixed. Language codes (for DVD/DivX language selection) Code Language Code Language Code Language Code Language Afar...
  • Page 71: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting What appears to be trouble is not always serious. Check the following points before calling a service center. • For operations with the external components, refer also to the instructions supplied with the adapters used for the connections (as well as the instructions supplied with the external components).
  • Page 72 Pandora (Only for DDX719/DDX419/DDX319) Message Remedy/Cause “Cannot Skip” No more songs can be skipped. “Rating Failed” Thumb-up/-down is prohibited. “No Station” No station is available. “No Active Station” No station is being played. SiriusXM (Only for DDX719/DDX419/DDX319) Message Remedy/Cause “Check Tuner” The SiriusXM Tuner is disconnected or the unit is having trouble communicating with the Tuner.
  • Page 73 If there seems to be a problem Symptom Remedy/Cause No sound comes out of the • Adjust the volume to the optimum level. speakers. • Check the cords and connections. No picture is displayed on the Turn on the screen. (☞ page 11) screen.
  • Page 74 Symptom Remedy/Cause No sound comes out of the • Disconnect the iPod, then connect it again. speakers. • Select another source and then reselect “iPod”. The iPod/iPhone does not turn • Check the connecting cable and its connection. on or does not work. •...
  • Page 75 Symptom Remedy/Cause Phone sound quality is poor. • Reduce the distance between the unit and the Bluetooth mobile phone. • Move the car to place where you can get a better signal reception. The sound is interrupted or • Reduce the distance between the unit and the skipped while using a Bluetooth Bluetooth audio player.
  • Page 76: Accessories/Installation Procedure

    Accessories/Installation Procedure Accessories 7 Reconnect the battery. 8 Press the reset button. 9 Perform the Initial Setup. WARNING • If you connect the ignition wire (red) and the ..1 ..2 battery wire (yellow) to the car chassis (ground), you may cause a short circuit, that in turn may start a fire.
  • Page 77 • DDX719/ DDX7049BT only Insulate unconnected wires with vinyl tape or other similar material. To prevent a short circuit, 1 Before installation, remove the screws. do not remove the caps on the ends of the ⁄ Do not use the removed screws for unconnected wires or the terminals.
  • Page 78: Connecting Wires To Terminals

    Power control wire) o the terminal that is grounded when either the rown telephone rings or during conversation. (To connect the Kenwood navigation system, consult your navigation Mute control wire) manual.) ight blue/Yellow o use the steering wheel remote control feature, you...
  • Page 79: Connecting A Usb Device/Ipod/Iphone

    Connecting a USB device/iPod/iPhone For DDX719/DDX7049BT iPod (commercially available) USB device (commercially available) CA-U1EX (Optional Accessory) USB terminal (0.8 m) KCA-iP202 (Optional Accessory) Audio Visual input 2 (iPod/AV Input 2 switchable) (1.8 m) For DDX419/DDX319/DDX4049BT/DDX3049 USB device USB terminal (commercially available) iPod (commercially available) CA-U1EX...
  • Page 80: Connecting Other Products

    As of December, 2011): • KNA-G610 • KNA-G630 or latest information, access the Rear View Camera Input • Visual input (Yellow) Audio/Visual Output • Visual output (Yellow) • Audio output (3.5φ mini plug)
  • Page 81: Installing/Removing The Unit

    Installing/Removing the Unit Installing the Unit Installing the Escutcheon Attach accessory 5 to the unit. end the tabs of the mounting sleeve with a screwdriver or similar utensil and attach it in place. ccessory 5 Removing the Escutcheon or more stable attachment the unit (DDX719/ DDX7049BT only) (DDX419/DDX4049BT/ DDX319/DDX3049 only)
  • Page 82: Removing The Unit

    Removing the Unit Installing the Microphone (DDX419/DDX4049BT/ Unit (DDX719/DDX7049BT/ DDX319/DDX3049 only) DDX419/DDX4049BT only) Remove the escutcheon by referring to Check the installation position of the microphone (accessory 9). the removal procedure in the section <Removing the Escutcheon>. Remove oil and other dirt from the Insert the two removal tools 6 deeply into installation surface.
  • Page 83: Specifications

    Specifications Monitor section Disc Format : DVD-Video/VIDEO-CD/CD-DA Picture Size Sampling frequency : 6.95 inches (diagonal) wide : 44.1/48/96 kHz 156.6 mm (W) × 81.6 mm (H) Quantifying Bit Number ( DDX719/DDX7049BT ) : 16/20/24 bit : 6.1 inches (diagonal) wide 136.2 mm (W) ×...
  • Page 84 FM tuner section Audio section Frequency Range Maximum Power (Front & Rear) 200 kHz: 87.9 MHz – 107.9 MHz : 50 W × 4 (DDX719/DDX419/DDX319) Full Bandwidth Power (Front & Rear) 50 kHz: 87.5 MHz – 108.0 MHz (4 Ω, 14.4 V, 1% THD) (DDX7049BT/DDX4049BT/DDX3049) : 22 W ×...
  • Page 85 • “DVD Logo” is a trademark of DVD Format/Logo Licensing Corporation registered in the US, Japan and other countries. • The “AAC” logo is a trademark of Dolby Laboratories. • Microsoft and Windows Media are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
  • Page 86: Ks-Ubt1 (Usb Bluetooth Adapter)

    Power Consumption: 54.3 mA/5 V (max.) • This adapter has been designed exclusively Dimensions (L × W × H): for use with Kenwood car receivers. Do not 15 mm × 19 mm × 5.6 mm use this adapter with any other car receiver.
  • Page 87 FCC WARNING IC (Industry Canada) Notice This equipment may generate or use radio This device complies with RSS-210 of industry Canada Rules. Operation is subject to the frequency energy. Changes or modifications following two conditions: to this equipment may cause harmful (1)this device may not cause interference, interference unless the modifications are expressly approved in the instruction manual.
  • Page 89 DDX6021 BT /DDX60S 1 BT /DDX4021 BT /DDX40S 1 BT /DDX3021/DDX30S 1/DDX6031 BT /DDX6031 BTM/DDX6031/ DDX6031 M/DDX4031 BT /DDX4031 BTM/DDX4031/DDX4031 M English (page 22) Deutsch (seite 22) Italiano (pagina 22) Portugues (pagina 22) CORRECTION FEHLERBEHEBUNG CORREZIONE CORRECf;AO Defini~io Setting <Drive Select> <Drive Select>-Einstellung lmpostazione <Drive Select>...
  • Page 90 DDX6021 BT /DDX6051 BT /DDX4021 BT /DDX4051 BT DDX719/DDX7049BT /DDX419/DDX4049BT /DDX319/ DDX3021/DDX3051/DDX6031 BT /DDX6031 BTM/ DDX3049 DDX6031/DDX6031 M/DDX4031 BT /DDX4031 BTM/ DDX4031/DDX4031 M Jil:X: rm22YrJ English (page 23) PyccKuu ( cmpaHuf.4a 22) Espafiol (pcigina 23) J!.iE KOPPEKTIII PYIOll\EE CORRECTION CORRECCION Setting <Drive Select>...
  • Page 92 -d'oeuv re n&.essaires pour effectuer les reparatio ns !>andes, les disques endommages ou deperis. ni de venda ao consumidor final. RENONCIATION JVC KENWOOD DO BRASIL COMERCIO DE ELECTRONICOS LTDA. pourvu que de leis defa uls sonl nribuables des pi!ces defauts dommages causes...

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