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(retouch): Retouching Still Images - Sony DSC-W220/B - Cyber-shot Digital Still Camera Handbook

Cyber-shot handbook.
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z To add /change Music files
You can transfer a desired music file from your CDs or MP3 files to the camera to playback during
slideshow. You can transfer music using [
"Music Transfer" software (supplied) installed on a computer. For details, see pages 95 and 97.
• You can record up to eight pieces of music on the camera (The eight preset pieces (Music 1–8) can be
replaced with the ones you transferred).
• A maximum length of each music file for music playback of the camera is about 5 minutes.
• If you cannot playback a music file due to damage or other malfunctions to the file, execute [Format
Music] (page 95) and transfer the music again.

(Retouch): Retouching still images

Adds effects or makes corrections to a recorded image and records it as a new file. The
original image is retained.
To retouch the still images
1 Select the images you want to retouch while displaying in single-image mode.
2 Press MENU button.
3 Select the [Retouch] with v/V on the control button, then press z after selecting the desired
mode with b/B.
4 Retouch the images following the instructions for each retouching mode below.
For details on the operation 1 page 38
Sets the display interval of images for a [Simple] slideshow.
The interval is set to suit the selected [Effects] item.
The setting is fixed to [Auto] when [Simple] is not selected as
the [Effects].
Plays back images in a continuous loop.
After all the images have been played back, the slideshow
Music Tool] in
(Slideshow) on the HOME screen and the


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