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Yamaha YM-4100A Owner's Manual

Concert marimbas
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  Summary of Contents for Yamaha YM-4100A

  • Page 2: Preventing Injuries

    PRECAUTIONS Using the Concert Marimba Safely The concert marimba is a large and heavy instrument that gets used in various places by persons of all ages, so please obey the following instructions regarding their regular care and placement. Especially in the case of children, a responsible adult should provide proper instruction on how to use and treat the marimba before use.
  • Page 3 ● Do not apply a high tensile load to the gas spring as it will cause damage to the gas spring. ● In the event of a failure, stop using the instrument and contact the shop of its purchase. If your dealer is unable to assist you, please contact Yamaha directly. Danger 2.
  • Page 4 PRECAUTIONS Please read the following instructions carefully before using your marimbas. ◆ Installation Location Use or storage in the following locations may cause damage, even when packaged. • In direct sunlight, such as near a window, or in a closed vehicle in daytime. •...
  • Page 5 Thank you for purchasing the YAMAHA concert marimbas. We, at YAMAHA, aiming principally at beautiful sounds and playing ease, have made strenuous efforts in creating the outstanding instru- ments and selecting high quality materials, and successfully developed these marimbas. We are convinced that you will enjoy playing your in- strument that produces spreading and yet deep sounds as well as rich volume to your content.
  • Page 6 Rail clamp e Resonators (Natural tone side) Resonance Regulator: G (YM-5100A, YM4900A only) o Rail (4) Marking on the end face (D). YAMAHA logo r Resonators (Accidental tone side) !0 Leg (Large end) Resonance Regulator: F# , G# , A#...
  • Page 7 ASSEMBLY For safety, the instrument should be assembled by at least two persons in a loca- tion with sufficient space. We recommend to you to assemble the instrument on a soft rug or carpet. Connect the large and the small end legs using the reinforcement stays. * Before proceeding to the next step, make sure that the slide guide fixing bolts of the large and small end legs are securely fastened.
  • Page 8 ASSEMBLY 1-2. Connect the reinforcement stays at the center. Align the end of the fixing bolt and the holes in the reinforcement stays and tighten the fixing bolt securely. Screw hole Reinforcement stay (Large end) Reinforcement stay (Small end) 1-3. Install the reinforcement stay to the large end leg. Insert the “E”...
  • Page 9 ASSEMBLY Insert the rails (2) and (3) into the end frames of the legs. 2-1. First, insert the rail (2). A mark “B” is printed on the big end face of the rail (2) and the groove section of the end frame of the big end leg.
  • Page 10 ASSEMBLY Attach the resonators. 3-1. Unbend the resonators, apply a hook and tighten the wing nut securely. * All the natural tone resonators are closed at the bottom. * When assembling the resonators, use care not cause any damage to them. Hook Wing nut 3-2.
  • Page 11 ASSEMBLY Insert the rails (1) and (4) into the end frames of the legs. 4-1. Insert the outer rails (1) and (4) in the same way as the inner rails (2) and (3). A mark “A” is printed on the big end face of the rail (1) and the groove section of the end frame of the big end leg, and a mark “D”...
  • Page 12 ASSEMBLY Set the tone bars. 5-1. Set the natural tone bars first. With one person holding the suspension cords on the bass side and the other holding the suspen- sion cords on the treble side securely with both hands, gently place the tone bars on the rails. Align each tone bar individually and hook its cord onto the corresponding post.
  • Page 13 ASSEMBLY YM-4600A/4100A Only 5-2. As YM-4600A/4100A does not have a resonance regulator, insert resonators into resonator holders as shown below. * The resonators are factory adjusted so that the optimum resonance level is obtained at 23°C. If desirable resonance is not available due to the Resonator temperature lower or higher than 23°C, adjust setting of the resonators.
  • Page 14 219 x 91 cm (86.2" x 35.8") ● Weight: 96 kg (211 lbs 10 oz) Weight: 68 kg (149 lbs 14 oz) ■ YM-4900A ■ YM-4100A ● Range: Range: F21 – C76 (4-1/2 octave) C28 – C76 (4 octave) ●...

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