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Please Heed The Following - NEC NP03WK Installation And Adjustment Manual

Wall mount unit
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Please heed the following

In this "Installation and Adjustment Manual", to ensure the safe and proper use of the product,
prevent harm to yourself and others and damage to property, various symbols are used. The
symbols and meanings are as follows. Please read this manual after ensuring the contents are well
Examples of symbols:
Symbol alerts you to cautions (including warnings)
Concrete cautions are specified in figures.
Symbol expresses prohibited actions
Concrete prohibitions are specified in figures.
Symbol expresses compulsory actions.
Concrete instructions are specified in figures.
• When installing the projector and adjusting the projection position, be sure to do so
as explained in this manual. The projector may fall and cause injury if installed and
adjusted improperly.
• To prevent the projector from falling, install it in a location and fasten it so as to ensure
sufficient strength to support the combined weight (about 13 kg) of the projector (about
4kg), the wall mount unit (about 9 kg) and so on for an extended period as well as
to withstand earthquakes. Insufficient strength or fastening may result in the projector
falling and causing injury.
Be sure to observe the following precautions:
* Use M6 (1/4 inch) for the wall fixation bolts and screws for the wall adapter.
* Use an outlet for the power source of the projector. Do not directly connect to the
lamp line because this is dangerous. Also, use an accessible outlet so that you can
connect and disconnect the power plug.
• Mounting on a wooden wall
Ensure the load is mounted on a pillar or robust constructional material. If the strength
of the constructional material and so on is insufficient, please reinforce it. Do not mount
on wall finishing material, furring strip and so on.
• Mounting on a concrete wall
Use a commercial anchor bolt M6 (1/4 inch), anchor nuts and similar, which will bear
the load of the projector.
Improper handling and ignoring this indication may result in
bodily harm such as death, serious injury and so on.
Improper handling and ignoring this indication may result in
bodily injury and damage to surrounding contents.



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