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Nokia 9110 Connection Manual page 8

Data transferring
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Upgrading the Nokia 9110 Communicator under Windows 3.11 / Mac
The Nokia Communicator Server software for the Nokia 9110 Communicator is available on the CD-
ROM and diskette supplied with the Nokia 9110 Communicator. Versions for Windows 3.11 and Mac
are on the CD-ROM, and the Win 3.11 version is on the diskette.
Follow these steps to upgrade:
1. export data from the 9000/9000i to the PC (see earlier)
2. install the PC software to connect your 9110
3. install the 9110 software
4. import the contacts, import calendar and file transfer data from the PC to the 9110
These steps are now described in more detail:
1. Install the Nokia Communicator Server software on your PC from the CD-ROM or Diskette (see
version information above).
2. Connect the 9110 to a spare PC serial port using the RS-232 Adapter cable DLR-2 supplied. If there
are no free ports, disconnect the DLR-1 and use that serial port.
3. Start the new Nokia Communicator Server, and select the PC serial port.
4. From the System application on the 9110, select Install/Remove software, and select Settings:
Connection type : cable
Path : (for CD-ROM English)
: (for diskette English)
Destination : communicator
Close settings
Now select Install, and proceed to Install each of the applications as needed
Close Install/Remove software
5. From the System application you may now Import the contacts, calendar and file transfer data.
Check the settings in each application
Connection type
Path examples
Choose Import calendar and contacts to transfer your 9000/i data to the 9110.
1995 – 1999 Nokia. All right reserved.
: cable
: C:\NSERVER\Calendar.txt
: C:\NSERVER\Contacts.txt
: C:\Notes
(for calendar)
(for contacts)
(for file transfer)