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  • Page 1: Quick Guide

    Quick guide Accessories guide 9357169 ISSUE 3 EN...
  • Page 2 Nokia Mobile Phones operates on a policy of continuous development. Therefore we reserve the right to make changes and improvements to any of the products described in this guide without prior notice. The availability of particular accessories may vary by region. Please check with the Nokia dealer nearest to you. Please dispose of batteries properly.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Short messages Internet Notes Calendar System Extras Help Phone Accessories guide Memory Card Headset Advanced Desktop Stand Advanced HF Car Kit Carrying Case Mobile Charger Other available accessories Nokia Wireless Data Forum Club Nokia Careline Care and maintenance Important safety information...
  • Page 5: Quick Guide

    Quick guide FOR YOUR SAFETY Read these simple guidelines. Breaking the rules may be dangerous or illegal. Further detailed information is given in this manual. ROAD SAFETY COMES FIRST Do not use the communicator while driving; park the vehicle first. INTERFERENCE All wireless phones may get interference which could affect performance.
  • Page 6: First Start-Up

    First start-up The Nokia 9110 Communicator can send and receive calls and messages only when the phone is switched on, has a valid SIM card fitted, and is located in the service area of the cellular network. However, emergency calls to the international emergency number 112 may be made without the SIM card in some networks.
  • Page 7 4 When the SIM card is properly inserted into the SIM card slot, the bevelled corner will remain visible. See figure 3. Figure 3 5 When you are sure that the SIM card is correctly installed, replace the battery. If there is little or no charge in the battery, it is recommended that you connect the communicator to the charger and start charging the battery before continuing with the start-up procedure.
  • Page 8 9 Write the current time using the 24-hour format hh:mm, for example 17:25, and press OK. 10 Enter your contact information in the user data card and press OK. The first start-up is now completed. After the start-up, do not immediately remove the battery, as the battery charges the backup battery that supplies power to the real-time clock of the communicator.
  • Page 9: Communicator

    Temperature extremes will affect the ability of your battery to charge: allow it to cool down or warm up first. Battery operation time is affected by the following: whether both the phone and the communicator interface are on, radio signal strength, various phone settings, the use of the backlight, and the length of the screen blanker period.
  • Page 10: To Connect To A Pc

    To connect to a PC You can connect your communicator to a suitable PC using the PC Suite for Nokia 9110 Communicator program, which is found on the CD-ROM supplied in the communicator sales package. With the PC Suite you can synchronise...
  • Page 11: Contacts

    The PC Suite for Nokia 9110 Communicator works with Windows 95/98 and NT. When connecting your communicator to a PC, you can also select whether to use the infrared or the cable connection. Caution: Beware of viruses. Only install on the communicator...
  • Page 12: Telephone

    Telephone Telephone is used for making and receiving voice calls and adjusting the Telephone settings. To start the Telephone application, press the Tel. application button on the keyboard. To make a call There are two ways to make a call via the communicator interface: 1 Select a contact from the Telephone directory by moving the selection frame over the contact’s name, and press Call.
  • Page 13: Fax

    IMPORTANT! Never use the phone when in an aircraft. If the aircraft personnel allow use of the communicator interface, you MUST activate the flight profile. The flight profile will allow use of the communicator interface only and will prevent use of the phone. Be aware that all communications applications, Telephone, Fax, SMS, Mail, and Internet, require use of the phone.
  • Page 14: Internet

    3 Select a recipient and press Select. 4 Press Send. If your message is longer than 160 characters, it will be sent as several short messages, provided that your network support this function. To read a received message There are two ways to read a received message: 1 When you receive a note informing you that you have received a message, press View.
  • Page 15 communicator connects to the Remote mailbox. All mail in the Remote mailbox is shown. An unread message has the icon 2 Fetch all new mail by pressing Fetch new, or fetch individual messages by selecting the message(s) and pressing Fetch selected. All fetched mail goes to the Received mail folder of the communicator.
  • Page 16: Notes

    Text Web With Text Web you can fetch information from the Internet, using SMS. You can also access services provided by your network operator and Nokia. To define services 1 Press Settings in the Text Web main view. 2 Press New to open an empty service information card, or press Edit to modify an existing service.
  • Page 17: Calendar

    Select. The Install/Remove software and Backup/restore applications require the use of either the PC Suite or the Nokia Communicator Server. To lock the communicator 1 Open the Security application and press Lock system.
  • Page 18 Infrared activation If you want to use the PC Suite for Nokia 9110 Communicator program with the infrared connection, or you want to transfer data between your communicator and another device via the infrared, you need to use the Infrared activation application.
  • Page 19: Extras

    Extras To start one of the Extras applications, press the button on the communicator keyboard, select an application and press Select. Calculator Write the calculation in the input field with the keyboard. Press Enter to perform the calculation. Previous calculations are shown in the list above the input field.
  • Page 20: Phone

    Phone To switch on the phone 1 Close the device cover, if it is open. 2 Press and hold to switch on the phone. If you are prompted for the PIN code, enter your PIN code, which is provided with the SIM card, and press the text on the display.
  • Page 21 Keys — Switches between different operating environments. — Scroll through menus, submenus or settings. When a call is active, pressing the scroll keys adjusts the volume level. 0 ... 9 — The number and alphabet keys. To call your voice mailbox, press and hold 1.
  • Page 22: Accessories Guide

    Accessories guide The Nokia 9110 Communicator accessories have been designed for different users and communication needs. For availability of approved accessories, please check with your local dealer. Use only batteries, chargers, and accessories approved by the communicator manufacturer for use with this particular communicator model. The use of any other types will invalidate any approval or warranty applying to the communicator, and may be dangerous.
  • Page 23: Headset

    Headset Figure 9 The Headset HDC-8 offers private headset audio operation. With the remote control button, which is located in the microphone part of the headset, you can answer and later end a call. The Headset connects directly to the connector at the bottom of the communicator.
  • Page 24 To charge the communicator battery with the desktop stand 1 Plug the Performance Travel Charger into the stand. 2 Place the communicator in the desktop stand connector end first. 3 Plug the charger into a mains outlet. To charge a spare battery with the desktop stand 1 Plug the Performance Travel Charger into the stand.
  • Page 25: Advanced Hf Car Kit

    3 Place the communicator in the desktop stand connector end first. 4 Start the PC Suite for Nokia 9110 Communicator program on the PC. Convenient data transfer You can also synchronise data between your communicator and a compatible PC organiser program with a single press of the information, see the CD-ROM supplied with your communicator.
  • Page 26 Note: The car kit does not include an antenna. Ask your car kit dealer for available products. To place the communicator in the holder 1 Close the cover of the communicator and turn the antenna to a closed position. 2 Insert the communicator in the car kit holder connector end first, as shown in figure 12.
  • Page 27: Carrying Case

    3 Connect the other end of the adapter cable to the serial port of the computer. 4 Start the necessary application on the computer. If you want to use the communicator as a fax modem, see chapter 11 “System: Fax modem” of the User’s manual.
  • Page 28: Mobile Charger

    Upgrade HF Car Kit — The Upgrade HF Car Kit CARK-102 offers an easy way to upgrade from CARK-74, which is compatible with the Nokia 8100 series and 3110 wireless phones, to CARK-99.
  • Page 29: Nokia Wireless Data Forum

    Club Nokia. Please look up the serial number of your device prior to the call. It is visible when you remove the battery from the device. The serial number appears on the sticker attached to the device.
  • Page 30 Club Nokia Careline phone numbers Please visit to find the current numbers for the following countries. Country Tariff per minute Austria charge for local call Belgium charge for local call Czech Republic charge for international call Denmark charge for local call...
  • Page 31: Care And Maintenance

    Non-members If you are not a member of Club Nokia, you can call an international number (charge for international call) from all the countries mentioned above. Please visit to find the current number. Care and maintenance Your Nokia 9110 Communicator is a product of superior design and craftsmanship and should be treated with care.
  • Page 32: Important Safety Information

    Important safety information Traffic safety Do not use a communicator while driving a vehicle. If using a communicator, park the vehicle first. Always secure the communicator in its holder; do not place the communicator on the passenger seat or where it can break loose in a collision or sudden stop.
  • Page 33 Should use the ear opposite the pacemaker to minimise the potential for interference. If you have any reason to suspect that interference is taking place, switch off the phone of your communicator immediately. Hearing aids: Some digital wireless phones may interfere with some hearing aids. In the event of such interference, you may want to consult your service provider.
  • Page 34 Emergency calls IMPORTANT! The Nokia 9110 Communicator, like any wireless phone, operates using radio signals, wireless and landline networks as well as user-programmed functions which cannot guarantee connection in all conditions. Therefore you should never rely solely upon any wireless phone for essential communications (e.g.
  • Page 35 The manual activation commands for various services are not presented in this manual (e.g. using the characters for activating or deactivating services). The Nokia 9110 Communicator is, nevertheless, capable of handling commands given in that form. For these commands, please consult with your service providers.

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