Nokia 9000 Application Manual
Nokia 9000 Application Manual

Nokia 9000 Application Manual

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Table of Contents


Application Guide


Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for Nokia 9000

  • Page 1 Application Guide...
  • Page 2 Nokia provides the information in this catalogue "as is", and makes no representations or warranties, whether express or implied, including, but not limited to, the warranties of merchantability and of fitness for a particular purpose, relating to the software applications refered to herein or the functionality, use or application thereof.
  • Page 3: Office

    Nokia`s communicator models, Nokia has given the option to such 3rd party developers to apply for a license to use the Nokia OK Logo. In this Application guide, those applications that are licensed to use the Nokia OK Logo, have the logo printed next to them.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Order/9000 ........
  • Page 5 TBS TextPhone 9000 ........
  • Page 6 Despatcher/9000 ........
  • Page 7 HP CapShare 910 Scanner ............63 HP DeskJet 340 CBi Printer .
  • Page 8: Bcalc

    Breadbox Fax Converter Fax Converter Take it off! Take it all off! Make room on your Nokia Communicator! You no longer need to keep faxes stored on your Nokia Communicator sucking up valuable memory! No need for an infra-red printer to print a fax! Quickly transfer converted fax files to your favorite desktop program for viewing, printing or storing.
  • Page 9: Breadbox Nbase2

    Breadbox NBase2 NBase2 is a simple, yet flexible database for the Nokia 9000/9110 Communicator. With features such as user definable fields and fast record look up, this application is a MUST have for those who want a simple to use, yet flexible database for their Nokia Communicator.
  • Page 10: Breadbox Nview

    Nokia Communicator's WWW browser. Transfer the document to your Nokia Communicator from your desktop or notebook PC. Then you can read and edit, and email the document to others who can read it in their favorite word processor. Basic tables look pretty good too! How about being able to read "and"...
  • Page 11: Calendar Search

    Smart Forms has many happy customers in field and courier services, field sales, health service and many more. Smart Forms allows you to connect external serial devices to the Nokia Communicator such as bar code readers or GPS receivers. You can also print or fax your forms. Exchanging file attach- ments such as images will soon also be possible.
  • Page 12: Corporate Time

    Contact details: see page 69 Find Find enables fast access to a specific information stored on Nokia 9110 Communicator browsing contents of different data using a “Global Search” function. Features: • brows all documents files, calendar database and its memos, all contact databases, URLs, tones, images and folders •...
  • Page 13: Extended Extras

    As all your application-specific data is saved to the Nokia Communicator, you can have the full range of functions at your disposal even if no GSM communications network is available at the time. As soon as you have entered an or- der, you can send it immediately - without any time lag - to your head office via a GSM network, so that it can be processed straight away.
  • Page 14: Hits

    Just select and install the information you need. And your calendar is ready to use at once. No need to learn any new programs. Just use your Nokia Communicator as usual. More information:
  • Page 15: Innolink

    Innolink Innolink Spreadsheet The Innolink Spreadsheet is an add-on software application that runs in the Nokia 9110 Communicator. It is the world´s first spreadsheet that can communicate using GSM short mes- sages. This way your sales reports, product and client lists, project costs and schedules can always stay up to date in your Nokia Communicator.
  • Page 16: Jupiter Jumble

    Logo Flash brands the Nokia Communicator with the operator’s logo. Every time the user opens the cover of the Nokia Communicator, the operator’s logo appears on the display for a period of two seconds. The logo can be loaded separately at any time.
  • Page 17: File Transfer Protocol

    When you open the FTP application, you will see two windows on the display: the window on the left shows the folders of the Nokia Communicator, and the one on the right shows the list of servers you have defined. Use the Tab, or the left and right arrow keys to move between these two windows.
  • Page 18: Personal Avux

    Personal AVUX Office in your pocket Personal AVUX is a tool for your own Nokia 9110 Communicator. With it you can organize your contact information in a tree structure and search through customer related task history, which includes e-mails, faxes, SMS messages, comments about phone calls, meetings and other tasks.
  • Page 19: Task Assistant

    Task Assistant Task Assistant for Nokia 9000 Communicator and Nokia 9000i Communicators is an appli- cation for sharing tasks between Nokia Communicator users. You can send tasks e.g. from manager to employees using Short Message Service (SMS) and make enquiries about the task status.
  • Page 20: Wireless Calendar Dock

    Keeps your scheludes updated! You have your calendar all the time on-line with you and your team knows where you are. Wireless calendar doc keeps your Nokia Communicator calendar in in- stant sync with TeamWARE calendar all the time. Wireless calendar dock works with other vCal compatible calendar equipped phones such as Nokia 6110 and 6150.
  • Page 21: Breadbox Nbanker

    Breadbox NBanker Portable Checkbook Solution by Breadbox Computer Company Put your bank account on your Nokia Communicator. NBanker is compatible with Quicken or any financial program capable of importing/exporting Quicken files, for easy transfer of data to and from your PC. Also compatible with all other Breadbox, Brother, and New Deal Banker programs.
  • Page 22: Online Banking

    Online Banking Online Banking (available only in Germany) is an application to manage your bank accounts using the Nokia 9110 Communicator. The account information is retrieved via the German T-Online ser- vice directly from the BTX/ZKA pages of your bank institute.
  • Page 23: Money Tracer

    Money Tracer Banking Application by Quadriga Money Tracer 1.0 enables you to track your expenses and income. You can check all transactions reported in your bank balance. All expenses and income can be classified according to preset or user defined categories: food, education, home, car, etc. Reports can then be generated from the register of transactions.
  • Page 24: Quadlex

    Mobile Banking This Mobile Banking solution is developed exclusively for the Nokia 9110 Communicator. It is one of few mobile banking systems on the Nokia Communicator that implement point-to- point encryption for its SMS-based communication. This multi-account, multi-currency system provides features like: •...
  • Page 25: Breadbox Pocket Vault

    Now you can safely and confidently store away all of your personal and confidential infor- mation right on your Nokia Communicator. PocketVault provides password protection, special encryption, and plenty of room for all of your confidential information. All nicely tucked away in one convenient location on your Nokia Communicator. More information:
  • Page 26: Intellisync

    Personalized and Customizable “Screen Saver” with password protection by PCS Innovations, Inc. My Flash displays your personal bitmaps on the screen of the Nokia Communicator each time it opens or when it is awakened from the power saver mode. My Flash also has a password mode so that you can protect confidential data.
  • Page 27: Aguard

    Paging and Monitoring software will not only give you a paging message of your system in trou- ble, but with the JCS-REMOTE-NOKIA option we also give you a full screen IBM AS/400 Emulated session to react immediately on the problem.
  • Page 28: Terminal 9000

    If you have engineers in the field who need to interrogate devices or program routers, phone systems etc. they can do it with Nokia 9000 Communicator and Nokia 9110 Communicator and Terminal 9000. Works with both cable and infrared ports! Text file transfer facility lets you ex- change files with the remote device.
  • Page 29: Avisocom Sms-Chat

    Turn your Nokia Communicator into a powerful business tool and have private, non-audible, doc- umented conversations with one or several business associates. Document the conversation and immediately e-mail or fax it right from your Nokia Communicator! Breadbox NChat now makes it all possible.
  • Page 30: Evolving Sms Server

    Evolving SMS Server SMS server by ÖÖ-Evolving Office Oy Evolving SMS Server provides you with SMS-based office applications. Evolving SMS Server is an effective tool for creating SMS based office applications, ordering systems and value added ser- vices. It can be used to retrieve or update information in the Internet. More information: Contact details: see page 73 Inquisit...
  • Page 31: Remote Update9110

    The SMS Chat application allows the creation of an peer to peer chat network between several Nokia Communicators. If you want to create a chat, you simply send ”invitations” to other Nokia Communicator users. If they confirm, they enter the chat. The chat is held via SMS messages be- tween the devices.
  • Page 32: Teamware Sms Agent

    ByeDesk SMS Mail enables you to communicate with any mail user in the Internet. You can send/receive e-mail messages up to 2280 characters long to/from any Internet mail address, pick- ing e-mail addresses directly from the Contacts directory of your Nokia Communicator. More information:
  • Page 33: Call-Log Manager

    Call-Log Manager The Nokia Communicator has a detailed call logging facility which keeps a record of all incoming and outgoing communication between your Nokia Communicator and the world. However, there is no way to access this information apart from viewing it on your Nokia Communicator's screen.
  • Page 34: Tbs Textphone 9000

    TBS TextPhone 9000 TextPhone Terminal by Technological Business Solutions Ltd. TBS provides a mobile solution for hearing impaired people. Coming to the U.S. this Fall, the TextPhone application offers a traditional text phone to help hearing impaired persons communi- cate with other people.
  • Page 35: Advanced Ppp Settings

    This program gives access to a few PPP-related configuration options that would otherwise not be available to an end-user. It can be used for enabling two different features: • Setting up PPP connections through an external modem attached to the Nokia Communicator's serial port, e.g. for connecting to a regular analog phone line.
  • Page 36: Personal Navigation

    • Integrates with existing systems without the need to modify applications, servers or network configurations • Consists of client software installed in Nokia 9000 Communicator and server software installed in a PC running between public network and a corporate Intranet •...
  • Page 37: Vnc Client

    The VNC Viewer lets you remotely access a machine running a version of the VNC Server (e.g. Windows 95/98/NT, X-Windows, Macintosh) from a Nokia Communicator. The connection can be made through the Internet or via RAS dialin. Full screen graphics of the machine under control are available on the phone, and both mouse and keyboard commands can be executed across the network.
  • Page 38: Wireless Internet Trading System

    Wireless Internet Trading System Wireless Trading by w-Trade Technologies Inc. w-Trade provides real time links to any brokerage or financial institution. With the w-Trade wire- less trading system, you can track the market for timely trading opportunities with Intelligent AlertsTM, receive real-time quotes and financial information, trade stocks, bonds, options, or any other financial instruments, manage portfolios and accounts, and get immediate trade confirma- tions.
  • Page 39: Globalmedic Wireless Selfcare

    Global Medic Wireless Selfcare Welcome to GlobalMedic Wireless Self Care Solutions for the Nokia 9000 Communicator. • Check Up: The GlobalMedic Check Up is the first online symptom-diagnosis application for the consumer. • First Aid: The first aid section will provide a quick reference guide to treat common ailments.
  • Page 40: Palmvue And Ecgstat

    Wireless Telemedicine and Home Healthcare solutions FEATURES: * Review 12-lead and rhythm strip ECGs sent from the CCU or ER on the 9000 and simultaneous- ly consult back to the units via the speaker phone capability. * Search the MEDLINE and other Internet accessible databases from the bedside or your car while travelling between different care sites.
  • Page 41: Best Practises

    Best Practices Mobile Health Care Solution by Orchid Systems, Inc. Orchid Home health care practitioners and traveling medical specialists review and update proce- dural checklists. These checklists can be reviewed and updated online to eliminate the timing problems associated with paper records. Insurance payment codes can be completed at the same time as the consultation to eliminate errors and to accelerate payments.
  • Page 42: Infinite Interchange

    Infinite Interchange Provides remote access to your network e-mail using the Nokia 9000 Communicator FEATURES: • An Internet/intranet-based e-mail server, based on today's open standards • Provides local and remote access to network e-mail via IMAP4, POP3, Web/HTML, and HDML •...
  • Page 43: Materials Management

    This is the way to simplify your Internet interaction using wireless devices. The URL and forms you specify will match the Nokia Communicator display. Even legacy applications may also be translated for easy use through the terminal mode or the browser mode.
  • Page 44: Order Management

    Order Management Orchid wireless applications help employees make timely decisions which improve field opera- tions. Telephones, pagers and palmtop computers, as opposed to pencil and paper, may now be used at the point of action to verify current instructions or to update records for the rest of the enterprise.
  • Page 45: Webshaper

    WebShaper WebShaper WebShaper allows employees to interact with their existing software applications through wire- less pagers, telephones and palmtop computers. As opposed to rewriting source code for legacy applications, the screens are simply translated in real time for practical use through portable de- vice displays.
  • Page 46: Avux

    QuickWire Tool - a fantastic new wireless solution for the publishing industry! If you are a news- paper, magazine or other journalist using Nokia Communicator, you will definitely want the proven Breadbox QuickWire Tool which only now becomes available for the Nokia Communicator.
  • Page 47: Despatcher/9000

    Despatcher/9000 Despatcher/9000 Despatcher/9000 TM is a fully functional Field Service Despatch Application specifically featuring the Nokia Communicator as a tool for teams of Service Technicians operating in the field. Comprising a configurable user application on Nokia's Communicator together with sophisticated Server-based Database administration and Management functions, Despatcher/9000 integrates with customer Service Delivery Systems to provide superior levels of customer service and control.
  • Page 48: Fieldforce Connector

    Contact details: see page 69 FrotCom 9000 Fleet management system by Quadriga FrotCom 9000 is a special version of Quadriga’s fleet management system, FrotCom, that permits positioning of the vehicles on a fleet and messaging between the dispatch centre and the vehi- cles.
  • Page 49: Graphic Point

    Graphic Point adds also support for receiving Group Graphics and Picture Messages directly to your Nokia 9110 Communicator. You can exchange logos with other GP users as well as use the Picture Messaging with the other phones with same capability.
  • Page 50: Infrared Object Exchange

    Infrared Object Exchange Infrared Object Exchange Application for the Nokia 9110 Communicator The Infrared object exchange is an application for the Nokia 9110 Communicator which enables file transfer over infrared between the Nokia Communicator and • another Nokia Communicator (9110 or 9000i) having this software •...
  • Page 51: Quick Imaging

    (DLR-1, DLR-2) through RS-232 port to the Hardware device. SMS Remote Control Application is running all the time in background. After Nokia Communicator gets right kind of SMS ( //BLIT11 ... ) the application will automatically send this command further if the cable is connected and the Hardware device is OK.
  • Page 52: Tbs Trackmaster

    User can compose with textual note display that is derived straight from convention- al Nokia gsm phones, like 3210. Conversion is possible from e.g. MID (PC-Composer), RTTTL (Ringing Tone Text Tranfer Language) and from several other GSM phone notes.
  • Page 53: Track-It

    Track-IT Yes, now you can fully automate your job dispatch and field reporting operation thanks to the comprehensive and versatile solutions provided by End2End. What's more, End2End lets you know where all field-based staff are all of the time and what they are doing. This is achieved by com- bining the visual display techniques of automatic vehicle location with job dispatch and reporting systems.
  • Page 54: Bindevice

    Breadbox NArcade Game Pak 3-arcade games, GeoNoid, VacMan and Ping Pong, in one package to challenge your skills avail- able for desktop and Geobook. Check it out now! 3 game NArcade Pak now available for the Nokia 9000 Communicator and Nokia 9110 Communicator.
  • Page 55: Geonoid Level-Editor

    Contact details: see page 71 BZRobots BZRobots is a classic game ported to Nokia Communicator. The main idea is that you are chased by robots, and the aim is to make robots crash into each other before they get you.
  • Page 56: Flip It

    More information: Contact details: see page 68 Geo-Ray Casting A 3D graphics demo for the Nokia Communicator. In this sample program, you can walk through a maze of texture-mapped walls. Source code is also available for download. More information: http:/
  • Page 57: Logic

    Logic for Nokia 9110 Communicator is a game of logic and a test of intelligence. The objective of Logic for Nokia 9110 Communicator is to break a hidden code of figures. Each game features a different, randomly generated code of figures, hidden from the player, who has ten opportunities to try to duplicate the code without seeing it.
  • Page 58: Quadchess

    QuadChess QuadChess is a chess game for your Nokia Communicator. QuadChess can be played in four different ways: Player vs. Communicator, Player 1 vs. Player 2 (via SMS or with the same communicator), and Communicator vs. Communicator. More information:
  • Page 59: Solitaire

    Contact details: see page 72 Worm 9000 Worm 9000 is a version of the snake-game found in other Nokia phones. It's a fast paced arcade game where you crawl your way through increasingly difficult mazes, eating candy. Avoid the walls and don't run over your tail! The game saves your high-score and can be paused.
  • Page 60: Actisys Ir Computer Adapter

    The computer adapter is IrDA-1.0 compatible and it can reach communication dis- tances of 0 cm to 200 cm with no external power. If using the adapter with the Nokia Communicator Fax application, position the Nokia Communicator away from the adapter to prevent electrical interference.
  • Page 61: Canon Bjc-50 Printer

    Canon BJC-50 Printer The Canon BJC-50 is just half the size of a notebook computer (or half an A4 page) and weighs 900g - small and light enough for the most executive briefcase. When you're on the move you don't want to be carrying and connecting computer cables. That's why the BJC-50 has a built-in IrDA port for automatic infra red communication with your PC.
  • Page 62: Esi-9580 Jeteye Printer Adapter

    ESI-9580 JetEye Printer Adapter Wireless infrared printer adapter The JetEye printer adapter ESI-9580 provides “walk-up-and-print” convenience with no cable connections to make. The adapter connects to a standard parallel Centronics printer port. More information: Contact details: see page 69 ESI-9680 JetEye PC Adapter Wireless infrared PC serial adapter for a desktop PC The JetEye PC adapter ESI-9680 allows communicator users to make wireless connections to their...
  • Page 63: Ga 935-N Printing Adapter

    Check that the connection type of the Nokia Communicator is set to Cable in the Print set- tings found under System settings, and that the baud rate is set to the value recommended by the adapter manufacturer.
  • Page 64: Hp Deskjet 340 Cbi Printer

    HP DeskJet 340 CBi Printer Imagine you surf the web or work on your e-mail with your new Nokia Communicator - and can- not print the information you want. As a printer, the HP DeskJet 340CBi completes your mobile and wireless office. It gives you all the flexibility you need while on the road, and offers excep- tional robustness and ease of use: •...
  • Page 65: Symbol Ls 4006I

    Symbol LS 4006i LS4006i Hand-Held Bar Code Scanner (Keyboard Wedge and Synapse) The LS4006i scanner is a Keyboard "Wedge" interface, which adds efficient, reliable bar code reading to your PS/2 or AT/XT terminal. The LS4006i Keyboard Wedge scanner fits electrically be- tween your keyboard and host PC, and input from your LS4006i will seem like keystrokes to the terminal.
  • Page 66: Usb To Serial Converter

    A handy Laser Barcode-Scanner for the direct connection to a Nokia 9110 Communicator Features • Direct Connection to the Nokia 9110 via 9pin PC-cable (included in every Nokia 9110 Communicator) • Battery buffered with 2*AA batteries, now power drain of the Nokia 9110 Communicator battery •...
  • Page 67: A Widget

    France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Software and accessories for Nokia 9110 Communicator can be ordered directly on our secure website at: Alternatively, you can order either by phone, fax and post by con- tacting one of the offices below: International website:
  • Page 68 DEVELOPERS Agora plus, a.s. Krenova 67a, 602 00 Brno, CZECH REPUBLIC E-mail: Application: Calendar Search AH Creations Hakekatu 2 D 53 90520 Oulu, FINLAND Tel: +358-8-555 6755 Applications: Extended Extras, Graphic Point, Tone 9k Ajatuspaja Oy Ailakinkatu 7 E FIN-40100 Jyväskylä, FINLAND Tel: +358-14-449 9644 Fax: +358-14-449 9553...
  • Page 69 Applications: PalmVue and ECGstat End to End Software Ltd 22 Fixton Road Barrington Campbridge, CB2 5RN, UK Tel: +44-1-223-872 488 Fax: +44-1-223-512633 Application: Terminal 9000, Track-IT Extended Systems Ltd. Holbrook Court, Northumberland Road, Southsea, Hants PO5 1DS, UK Tel: +44-1705 875 075...
  • Page 70 8493 KK Terhorne NETHERLANDS Tel: +31-566-689194 Fax: +31-566-689195 Application: AGUARD Leppä, Taneli E-mail: Application: Worm 9000 MedPEN Communications Inc. 2444 Wilshire Blvd. #603 Santa Monica, CA 90403, USA Tel: +1-310-315-2114 Fax: +1-310-315-2145 Application: MedPEN Healthcare Assistants Contact persons: Peter Gifford, Tracy Woodard E-mail:
  • Page 71 Applications: IntelliMigrate, IntelliSync Quadriga Av. Almirante Gago Coutinho 56, 5 esq. P-1700 Lisbon, PORTUGAL Tel: +351-1-840-5042 Fax: +351-1-847 9263 Applications: FrotCom 9000, Mobile Bank, Money Tracer, QuadChess, QuadCulator, QuadLex Ruotsalainen, Juha E-mail: Application: Bindevice Schu, Nico E-mail: E-mail:
  • Page 72 The Fern 6 Derby Road Belper Derbyshire, DE56 1UU, UK Tel: +44-0-1-773 828 766 Fax: +44-0-1-733 829 939 Applications: TBS TextPhone 9000, TBS TrackMaster Telepartner Systems 252-256 Kings Road Reading Berks., RG1 4HP, UK Telephone: +44 (0) 118 951 9561...
  • Page 73 Application: QuickLink Pen Xerox Mobile Solutions Burleigh House Cambridge, CB5 8EG, UK Tel: +44-1223-326 611 Fax: +44-1223-326 601 Application: Xerox Mobile Documents XIRCOM Europe, Middle East & Africa Veldkant 31 B2550 Kontich, BELGIUM Tel: +32-3-450.0811 Fax: +32-3-450.0990 Application: USB to Serial Converter Yellow Computing Computersysteme GmbH Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Str.

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Table of Contents