Electrolux EWMED65IRR Use And Care Manual

Wave-touch front-load gas & electric dryer
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Use _ Care Guide
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Guia de Uso y Cuidado
y a gas de carga fro_tal
Guide d'utilisation
et d'entretien
5 gaz et 5 ]'_]ectficit_
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  Summary of Contents for Electrolux EWMED65IRR

  • Page 1 Use _ Care Guide Wave-Touch Fro_t-Load Gas _ Electric D_y'er Guia de Uso y Cuidado y a gas de carga fro_tal Secadora eKctfica Wave-Touch Guide d'utilisation et d'entretien S_cheuse 5 gaz et 5 ]'_]ectficit_ 5 chargeme_lt fro_ta] \,_ave-Touch...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Finding Information Please read and save this guide Thank you for choosing Electrolux, the new premium brand in home appliances. This Use & Care Guide is part of our commitment to customer satisfaction and product quality throughout the service life of your new appliance.
  • Page 3: Safety

    Safety ImpoAant Safety Instructions Recognize safety symbols, words labels Your safety and the safety of others is very important. We have provided many important safety messages in the Use and Care Guide, Installation Do not store or use gasoline or other Instructions and on your appliance.
  • Page 4 Safety PREVENT FiRE Do not obstruct the flow of ventilating air. Do not stack or place laundry or throw rugs against the • Do not dry items that have been previously front or back of the dryer. cleaned in, soaked in, or spotted with gasoline, Do not spray any type of aerosol into, on or near cleaning solvents, kerosene, waxes, etc.
  • Page 5: Safety

    Safety important Safety instructions, con't PREVENTINJURY PREVENT INJURY AND DAMAGE TO THE DRYER • To prevent shock hazard and assure stability during operation, the dryer must be installed All repairs and servicing must be performed by and electrically grounded by a qualified service an authorized servicer unless specifically rec- person in accordance with local codes.
  • Page 6 Touch=2=OpenTM Multi-language Cycle Selector LCD interface Control Lock Dual Stage, Wide=Angle Door Hinge Theater-Style, Luxury-LightingTM Reversible, System Touch=2=OpenTM Door System Large Surface Moisture Sensor Door Strike Exhaust Channel Outlet Touch- 2=Open T_ Door Latch Reversing=Action, Perfect TumbleTM Drying System Adjustable Touch-2-OpenTM Leveling Legs Latch Indicator...
  • Page 7: Operating Instructions

    Operating instructions casual active cate perfect steam time favorites To operate your dryer, follow these basic steps: 1. Check and dean the lint filter. (See page 8.) 4. Select desired settings and options. (See page 9, page 17, page 18, and pages 19-20.) 2.
  • Page 8: Operating Your Dryer

    instructions Operatin Operating Your Dryer BEFORE USING YOUR DRYER Read the important instructions in this section of the Use and Care Guide before operating your dryer. OPERATING YOUR DRYER Prepare load drying. Dry items of similar fabric, weight and con- struction in the same load.
  • Page 9: Features

    Operating instructions OPERATING YOUR DRYER, con't 4. Select the appropriate cycle and norma_ casual settings for each load. active towe_s wear mixed fast load del care heavy Turn the cycle selector knob in either direc- duty tion to select the cycle desired. The icon for bulky/ perfect that cycle will be illuminated and if the cycle...
  • Page 10: Operating Your Dryer

    Instructions Operatin OPERATING YOUR DRYER, con't Start the cycle. Close the door and press start to begin the cycle. The dryer will not operate with the door open. To interrupt the cycle, press pause or simply open the door. Press start again to re- sume the cycle.
  • Page 11: Cycle Selection

    Operating Instructions Cycle Selection normal casual active towels Turn the cycle selector in either direction to the wea_ _ cycle desired. The icon for that cycle will be illumi- fast mixed nated. Press on the cycle selector knob to extend load dr,i it or return it flush to the console.
  • Page 12 instructions Operatin AUTO DRY CYCLES, con't normal casual NORMAL active towels Select this cycle to dry everyday fabrics including wear cottons and sheets with high temp, meal high mixed fast temp or medium temp heat. All dryness levels load except maximum dry and all options including delicate...
  • Page 13 Operating instructions AUTO DRY CYCLES, con't normal casud CASUAL active towels Select this cycle to dry cottons and blends with wea_ a no-iron finish using meal high temp, medium mixed fast temp, or meal low temp heat. Normal dry, less load dr,i dry, and damp dry dryness levels and all options...
  • Page 14: Drying Temperature

    instructions Operatin TiME DRY CYCLES normal casual actve towels TIME DRY wea_ _ To manually select the drying time for any load, fast mixed turn the cycle selector knob to time dry and press goad the drying time button to select up to 90 minutes del care of drying time in 15-minute increments.
  • Page 15 Operating Instructions Cycle Selection0 con't normal casud MY FAVORITES active towels wea_ mixed fast To select one of your 3 favorite cycles: load dr,i heavy dd cate • Turn the cycle selector knob to my favorites. duty Press the button corresponding to the favorite cycle desired.
  • Page 16 Lime favorites • Press the start button. To select a user if a user's name is not displayed when the dryer is turned on: Press the options buttons to scroll to set prefs and then press the select button. If necessary, press the options buttons to scroll to CUSTOM MODE and then press the select button.
  • Page 17 Operating Instructions D in9 Temperature The appropriate drying temperature will auto- maticaliy be indicated for the cycle selected. For best results Follow the fabric care label instructions on items to be dried. select To change the preset temperature, press the tem- perature button to scroll to the desired setting.
  • Page 18 Instructions Operatin D ness Level (Auto ¢ : ..- : ..:::: .... : ..The appropriate dryness level will automatically be indicated when the cycle is selected. To change the preset level, press the dryness level button to scroll to the degree of dryness desired. To protect your fabrics, not all dryness levels are se[ect available with every cycle.
  • Page 19 Operating Instructions Suitable options will automatically be indicated when the cycle is selected. To select or clear the wrinkle release, extended tumble, delicate heat, perfect tumble, sanitize, shrink guard and damp alert options, press the select options buttons until the desired option is dis- played.
  • Page 20: Options

    instructions Operatin Options, con't WRINKLE RELEASE The wrinkle release option helps prevent wrinkles and tangling by alternately tumbling the load with- out heat for 5 minutes in a clockwise direction, then 5 minutes in a counterclockwise direction, for a total select of 45 minutes.
  • Page 21 Operating instructions Options, con't SANITIZE Select the sanitize option for loads that may con- tain harmful bacteria. An extended drying time at high heat will kill 99.9% of bacteria with no carry- over of bacteria between loads. Check fabric care select labels to prevent damage caused by high heat.
  • Page 22 User Interface Features Operatin User Inte ace Features SAVE AS FAVORITE The save as favorite feature allows you to person- alize up to 3 custom cycles for each saved user. See save as favorite in "Operating User Interface Preferences" for more details. select SET PREFS The set prefs feature allows you to personalize...
  • Page 23: Saving Favorites

    Operating User interface Features Saving Favorites Use the save as favorite feature to name and save a custom cycle to memory with all options and settings preferred. Up to 3 favorites may be saved for each custom user. Follow these steps: select •...
  • Page 24: User Interface Features

    User interface Features Operatin Saving Favorites, con't To name the customized cycle for shirts, press my favorite Press the button under RBC to name the favorite cycle alphabetically. Use the button under :IR# select to add numbers, foreign language characters or symbols to the name.
  • Page 25: Setting Preferences

    Operating User interface Features Setting Preferences CUSTOM MODE CUSTOM MODE allows up to 3 household mem- bers to personalize up to 3 favorite cycles each. To enter custom users and personalize favorite select cycles: • Use the scroll up or scroll down buttons until you reach set prefs.
  • Page 26 User Interface Features Operatin Setting Preferences, con't iNSTALL CYCLE Run the INSTALL CYCLE before operating the dryer the first time. Remove all items from the dryer drum and press start. For more information on performing the dryer INSTALL CYCLE, refer to the Installation Instructions accompanying...
  • Page 27 Operating User interface Features Setting Preferences, con't RESET Press the buttons indicated to restore only cycle settings, reset only factory preferences (users, language, brightness, volume, etc.) or restore all factory defaults (both cycle settings and fac- tory preferences). Press the button under EXIT select to return to normal operation or press the cancel button to turn the dryer off without making any...
  • Page 28: Setting Preferences

    User Interface Features Operatin Setting Preferences, con't ................BRIGHTNESS Press the button beneath the plus (+) or minus (-) symbols to increase or decrease the brightness of the display. Press select to accept the change or press the button under EXIT to return to normal operation without any changes.
  • Page 29: Other Features

    Operating Other Features Other Features STATUS DISPLAY The estimated total cycle time will be displayed when the cycle is selected. The estimated remain- ing cycle time is displayed during the cycle. DRUM LIGHT select The drum light will come on whenever the door is opened to illuminate the drum during loading and unloading.
  • Page 30: Cycle Chart (Non-Steam Model)

    Cycle Chart D er Setting ChaA (non-Steam ModeO These Temperature, 'hess levels and Options are available with the following cycles: mixed towels normal casual active fast delicate touch time bulky/ heavy load wear bedding duty _--© i_J| 60 min 45 min 35 min 30 min 25 min...
  • Page 31: Cycle Chart (Steam Model)

    Cycle Chart D er Setting ChaA (Steam Mode0 These Temperature, ,hess levels and Options are available with the following cycles: mixed towels normal casual active fast delicate bulky/ heavy perfect time load wear bedding duty steam _--© i_J| E 60 min 45 min 35 min 30 min...
  • Page 32: Care & Cleaning

    Care & Cleaning • Before cleaning the dryer interior, unplug the electrical power cord to avoid electrical shock hazards. • Do not use any type spray cleanser when clean- ing the dryer interior. Hazardous fumes or electri- cal shock could occur. INSIDE Clean the lint filter after every load.
  • Page 33: Solutions To Common Problems

    Solutions to Common Problems Common D ing Probmems Many drying problems involve poor cleaning results, poor soil and stain removal, residues of lint and scum, and fabric damage. For satisfactory drying results, follow these suggestions provided by The Soap and Deter(_ent Association. POSSIBLE CAUSES PREVENTIVE MEASURES PROBLEM...
  • Page 34 Solutions to Common Problems Semite Prevention Checklist Before calling for service, review this list. It may save both time and expense. The list includes common occurrences that are not the result of defective workmanship or materials in this Wyer. OCCURRENCE POSSIBLE CAUSE SOLUTION Dryer does not start.
  • Page 35 Solutions to Common Problems Semite Prevention Checklist0 con't OCCURRENCE POSSIBLE CAUSE SOLUTION Excessive wrinkling. Dryer is overloaded. Do not overload. See "Operating Instructions." Items left in dryer too long. Remove items as soon as cycle ends. Insufficient sorting of items. See "Operating Instructions."...
  • Page 36: Warranty Information