Electrolux EIMED55IMB Installation Instructions Manual
Electrolux EIMED55IMB Installation Instructions Manual

Electrolux EIMED55IMB Installation Instructions Manual

Front-load gas & electric dryer
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Installation Instructions

Electrolux Front-Load Gas & Electric Dryer
Instructions d'installation
Sécheuse à gaz et à l'électricité à chargement frontal Electrolux
Instrucciones de Instalación
Secadora eléctrica y a gas de carga frontal Electrolux
137382100 A (1106)


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  • Page 1: Installation Instructions

    Installation Instructions Electrolux Front-Load Gas & Electric Dryer Instructions d’installation Sécheuse à gaz et à l’électricité à chargement frontal Electrolux Instrucciones de Instalación Secadora eléctrica y a gas de carga frontal Electrolux 137382100 A (1106)
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Reversing Door ............19-23 bor’s phone. Follow the gas supplier’s instructions. Options ................. 24 • If you cannot reach your gas supplier, call the fi re department. Save these instructions for future reference. All rights reserved. ©2011 Electrolux Major Appliances...
  • Page 3: Installation Requirements

    Installation Requirements Please read and save this guide Questions? For toll-free telephone support in the U.S.: 1-877- Thank you for choosing Electrolux, the new 4ELECTROLUX (1-877-435-3287) and in Canada: premium brand in home appliances. These 1-800-265-8352. Installation Instructions are part of our commitment...
  • Page 4: Electrical System Requirements

    Installation Requirements Electrical system requirements 4-WIRE POWER SUPPLY CORD KIT (not supplied) NOTE 4-wire receptacle Because of potentially inconsistent voltage (NEMA type 14-30R) capabilities, the use of this dryer with power created by gas powered generators, solar powered generators, wind powered generators The dryer MUST employ a 4-conductor power or any other generator other than the local utility supply cord NEMA 14-30 type SRDT or ST (as...
  • Page 5: Gas Supply Requirements

    Installation Requirements Gas supply requirements B149.1, Natural Gas and Propane Installation WARNING Code. EXPLOSION HAZARD 5. A 1/8 inch (0.32 cm) N.P.T. plugged tapping, Uncoated copper tubing will corrode when accessible for test gauge connection, MUST subjected to natural gas, causing gas leaks. be installed immediately upstream of the gas Use ONLY black iron, stainless steel, or plastic- supply connection to the dryer.
  • Page 6 Installation Requirements Exhaust system requirements, continued WARNING MAXIMUM LENGTH of 4” (102mm) Rigid Metal Duct FIRE HAZARD VENT HOOD TYPE A clothes dryer must be exhausted outdoors. (Preferred) Do not exhaust dryer into a chimney, a wall, a ceiling, an attic, a crawl space or any concealed space of a building.
  • Page 7: Manufactured Or Mobile Home Installation

    Installation Requirements Exhaust system requirements, continued Install male fi ttings in correct direction: WARNING EXPLOSION HAZARD Do not install the dryer where gasoline or other fl ammables are kept or stored. If the dryer is installed in a garage, it must be a minimum of 18 inches (45.7 cm) above the fl...
  • Page 8: Clearance Requirements

    Installation Requirements Clearance requirements IMPORTANT MINIMUM INSTALLATION CLEARANCES - Inches (cm) SIDES REAR FRONT DO NOT INSTALL YOUR DRYER: 1. In an area exposed to dripping water or outside Alcove 0” (0 cm) 0” (0 cm)* 0” (0 cm) weather conditions. Under- 0”...
  • Page 9: Installed Dimensions

    Installation Requirements Dryer dimensions 53.5” (136 cm)* to clear open door 31.5” (79.5 cm)* 27.0” (68.5 cm) to front of closed door 38.0” electrical (96.5 cm) supply on rear of unit 53.25” (135.5 cm) 1.5” centerline freestand dryer (4 cm) height for gas supply on fl...
  • Page 10: Installation Instructions

    Installation Instructions Electrical installation The following are specifi c requirements for proper WARNING and safe electrical installation of your dryer. Failure to follow these instructions can create electrical ELECTRICAL SHOCK HAZARD shock and/or a fi re hazard. • A U.L.-approved strain relief must be installed onto power cord.
  • Page 11 Installation Instructions Grounding requirements - Electric dryer (Canada) For a grounded, cord-connected dryer: WARNING 1. The dryer MUST be grounded. In the event of ELECTRICAL SHOCK HAZARD a malfunction or breakdown, grounding will Improper connection of the equipment grounding reduce the risk of electrical shock by a path of conductor can result in a risk of electrical shock.
  • Page 12 Installation Instructions Electrical connection (non-Canada) - 3 wire cord 3-wire receptacle (NEMA type 10-30R) 30 AMP 30 AMP WARNING NEMA 10-30 NEMA 10-30 Neutral Neutral (center wire) (center wire) ELECTRICAL SHOCK HAZARD Failure to disconnect power source before servicing could result in personal injury or even death. Turn off power supply to outlet.
  • Page 13 Installation Instructions Electrical connection (non-Canada) - 4 wire cord 4-wire receptacle (NEMA type 14-30R) Neutral Neutral (WHITE wire) (WHITE wire) Ground Ground WARNING 30 AMP 30 AMP (GREEN wire) (GREEN wire) NEMA 14-30 NEMA 14-30 ELECTRICAL SHOCK HAZARD Failure to disconnect power source before servicing could result in personal injury or even death.
  • Page 14: Gas Connection

    Installation Instructions Gas connection Remove the shipping cap from gas pipe at the Open the shutoff valve in the gas supply line to rear of the dryer. allow gas to fl ow through the pipe. Wait a few minutes for gas to move through the gas line. IMPORTANT DO NOT connect the dryer to L.P.
  • Page 15 Installation Instructions Water connection (Steam Model only) WATER SUPPLY REQUIREMENTS Cold water faucet MUST be installed within 42 inches (107 cm) of your dryer’s water inlet. The faucet MUST be 3/4 inch (1.9 cm) with thread- ing for laundry hose connection. Water pressure MUST be between 30 and 120 psi.
  • Page 16 Installation Instructions Water connection, con’t (Steam Model only) If your installation has room for the COLD DIRECT CONNECTION water supply to accept the “Y” connector OR WITH EXTENSION directly, thread the “Y” connector to the COLD water supply and snug it by hand; then tighten it another 2/3 turn with pliers.
  • Page 17: General Installation

    Installation Instructions General installation Connect the exhaust duct to the outside exhaust system (see pages 5 through 7). Use of a 4” (102 mm) clamp (item A) is recommended to connect the dryer to the exhaust vent system. Use metal foil tape to seal all other joints.
  • Page 18 Installation Instructions WARNING NOTE On gas dryers, before the burner will light, it is FIRE HAZARD necessary for the gas line to be bled of air. If the Before operating the dryer, make sure the dryer burner does not light within 45 seconds the fi rst area is clear and free of combustible materials, time the dryer is turned on, the safety switch will gasoline, and other fl...
  • Page 19: Reversing Door

    Reversing Door Preparing to reverse door swing 1 Be sure you have adequate swing area before reversing door. Tools needed: 2 You will need a screw driver with a #2 square bit. 3 Protect fl at work surface, such as top of dryer or fl oor near dryer, with a soft cloth or towel.
  • Page 20 Reversing Door Reversing door and hardware C) Removing Hinge from Front Panel 2 Rotate striker and move to opposite opening. Attach with 2 short, course-thread, 1 With the hinge in open position, remove 2 panhead screws. short, course-thread, panhead screws on hinge plate.
  • Page 21 Reversing Door F) Removing Striker Plate H) Removing Hole Plug 1 Remove 2 long, course-thread, counter-sunk screws and latch plate. 2 Set the latch plate to the side for later. 1 Insert fl at blade screwdriver into open slot of hole plug.
  • Page 22 Reversing Door I) Reinserting Latch Indicator J) Reattaching Latch Plate 1 Rotate the latch indicator and move it to the 1 Rotate latch plate and move to opposite side opposite hole in the door. of door above indicator. 2 Reattach with 2 long, course-thread, counter-sunk screws.
  • Page 23 Reversing Door Reattaching door and hardware L) Reattaching Door Assembly N) Reinstalling Trim Ring 1 Open the hinge to a 90 degree angle. 1 Close door. 2 Install the door onto the hinge locating pins. 2 Orient trim so UP position is approximately ¾”...
  • Page 24: Options

    U.S. or 1-800-265-8352 in Canada, or visit Label all wires prior to disconnection when our website, www.electroluxappliances.com, for the servicing controls. Wiring errors can cause Electrolux Authorized Parts Distributor nearest you. improper and dangerous operation. Verify proper operation after servicing.

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