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NEC MultiSync V422 Control Manual Page 49

External control.
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'3'-'B'(33h, 42h): 59
'3'-'C'(33h, 43h): On timer isn't set.
OFF_HOUR: Turn off time (hour)
'0'-'0'(30h, 30h): 00
'1'-'7'(31h, 37h): 23 (=17h)
'1'-'8'(31h, 38h): Off timer isn't set.
OFF_MIN: Turn off time (minute)
'0'-'0'(30h, 30h): 0
'3'-'B'(33h, 42h): 59 (=3Bh)
'3'-'C'(33h, 43h): Off timer isn't set.
INPUT: Timer input
'0'-'0'(30h,30h): No mean (works on last memory)
'0'-'1'(30h,31h): VGA
'0'-'2'(30h,32h): RGB/HV
'0'-'3'(30h,33h): DVI
'0'-'5'(30h,35h): Video1
'0'-'6'(30h,36h): Video2
'0'-'7'(30h,37h): S-Video
'0'-'A'(30h,41h): TV
'0'-'C'(30h,43h): DVD/HD1
'0'-'D'(30h,44h): Option
'0'-'E'(30h,45h): DVD/HD2
'0'-'F'(30h,46h): Display Port
'1'-'1'(31h,31h): HDMI
WD: Week setting
bit 0: Monday
bit 1: Tuesday
bit 2: Wednesday
bit 3: Thursday
bit 4: Friday
bit 5: Saturday
bit 6: Sunday
'0'-'1'(30h, 31h): Monday
'0'-'4'(30h, 34h): Wednesday
'0'-'F'(30h, 46h): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
'7'-'F'(37h, 46h): Monday to Sunday
FL: Option
bit 0: 0:once 1:Everyday
bit 1: 0:once 1:Every week
bit 2: 0:Disable 1:Enable
'0'-'1'(30h, 31h): Disable, Everyday
'0'-'4'(30h, 34h): Enable, once
P MODE: Picture mode
'0'-'0'(30h,30h): No mean (works on last memory)
'0'-'1'(30h,31h): sRGB
'0'-'3'(30h,33h): Hi-Bright
'0'-'4'(30h,34h): Standard
'0'-'5'(30h,34h): Cinema
'0'-'6'(30h,36h): ISF-Day
'0'-'7'(30h,37h): ISF-Night
'0'-'B'(30h,42h): Ambient-1
'0'-'C'(30h,43h): Ambient-2
EXT1: Extension1
'0'-'0'(30h,30h): (On this monitor, it is always '00')
EXT2: Extension 2


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