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32" LCD TV


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   Summary of Contents for Dynex DX-32E150A11

  • Page 1

    32" LCD TV DX-32E150A11 U S E R G U I D E...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Dynex DX-32E150A11 Important safety instructions ........2 Warnings .

  • Page 3

    Checking the DTV signal strength ........17 Setting parental controls .

  • Page 5: Child Safety

    It makes a difference how and where you use As you enjoy your new product, keep these The issue The home theater entertainment experience is a growing trend, and larger TVs are popular purchases. However, TVs are not always supported on the proper stands or installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

  • Page 6: Important Safety Instructions

    DX-32E150A11 Important safety instructions This symbol indicates that dangerous voltage constituting a risk of electric shock is present within your TV. This label is located on the back of your TV. This symbol indicates that there are important operating and maintenance instructions in the literature accompanying your TV.

  • Page 7: Package Contents

    1 Remove the stand, stand column, and screws from the box. 2 Align the holes in the stand with the holes in the stand column, then secure the stand to the stand column with the longer screws (M4) provided. DX-32E150A11...

  • Page 8: Installing A Wall-mount Bracket

    DX-32E150A11 Important: The wider portion of the stand should go towards the front of the TV. Screw holes Longer (M4) screws THIS SIDE FRONT 3 Lay a soft, dry, and lint-free cloth on a table and place the TV face down on the cloth.

  • Page 9: Back

    See “Connecting a digital audio amplifier” on page 10. AC IN jack Connect the supplied power cord here. DX-32E150A11 Remote control Button Description Press to turn on your TV, or wake the TV up (Power) from DPMS mode.

  • Page 10: Using The Remote Control

    DX-32E150A11 Button Description AUDIO Press to select the sound mode. You can select Standard, News, Music, Theater, or Custom. For more information, see “Adjusting sound settings” on page 14. ZOOM Press to select the aspect ratio. You can select Auto, Normal, Zoom, Wide, or Cinema.

  • Page 11: Programming A Universal Remote Control To Work With Your Tv

    Series 3, HD 0091 DX-32E150A11 For more help, call technical support for your universal remote control or set-top box manufacturer, or call the Dynex Customer Care Center at 1-800-305-2204. For Mexico markets, call 01-800-926-3020. Cautions: Check the terminals for position and type before making any connections.

  • Page 12: Connecting An Hdmi Device (best)

    DX-32E150A11 Connecting an HDMI device (best) To connect an HDMI device: 1 Make sure that your TV’s power cord is unplugged and the HDMI device is turned off. 2 Connect an HDMI cable to the HDMI OUT jack on the HDMI device.

  • Page 13: Connecting A Computer

    3 Turn on the computer, then adjust the display properties, if Connecting headphones To connect headphones: • Connect the headphones to the headphone jack on the side of DX-32E150A11 Tip: Some computers have an HDMI connector, which can be used for a better picture and sound. computer is turned off.

  • Page 14: Connecting A Digital Audio Amplifier

    DX-32E150A11 Connecting a digital audio amplifier You can connect your TV’s audio to a digital audio amplifier or home theater system. To connect a digital audio amplifier: 1 Make sure that your TV’s power cord is unplugged and the audio device is turned off.

  • Page 15: Understanding The Basics

    Wait for the channel to change, or press ENTER to change the channel immediately. DX-32E150A11 Note: Button presses must be within three seconds of each other. • Press RECALL to go to the last channel viewed.

  • Page 16: Navigating The Menus

    DX-32E150A11 CHANNELS menu PICTURE AUDIO Auto Channel Search Add/Skip Channels Favorites Channel Labels WGBH-SD Audio Only Auto Zoom Channel Strength SETTINGS menu PICTURE AUDIO Parental Controls Language English Time Closed Caption Input Labels Computer Settings Reset to Default Notes: Depending on the signal source selected, you may see different options on your screen.

  • Page 17: Adjusting The Picture

    You can adjust: 5 Press MENU to return to the previous menu, or press EXIT to close the menu. DX-32E150A11 • Dynamic Contrast Ratio—Enhances the contast ratio between the light and dark areas of the picture. This feature enables automatic contrast adjustment, based on the picture brightness.

  • Page 18: Adjusting The Sound

    DX-32E150A11 Adjusting the sound Adjusting sound settings To adjust the sound: 1 Press MENU. The on-screen menu opens. PICTURE AUDIO Mode Energy Savings Brightness Contrast Color Tint Sharpness Advanced Video 2 Press or to highlight AUDIO, then press . The AUDIO menu opens.

  • Page 19: Changing Channel Settings

    3 Press or to highlight Add/Skip Channels, then press CHANNELS SETTINGS Analog Channels Digital Channels 4 Press or to highlight the channel you want to hide (the 5 Press EXIT to close the menu. DX-32E150A11 PICTURE AUDIO CHANNELS SETTINGS Mode Energy Savings...

  • Page 20: Setting Up A Favorite Channel List

    DX-32E150A11 Setting up a favorite channel list You can create a favorite channel list so you can quickly browse through your favorite channels by pressing FAV, then selecting a channel from the favorite channel list. To set up the favorite channel list: 1 Press MENU.

  • Page 21: Fitting The Picture To The Screen

    To turn parental controls on or off: 1 Press MENU. The on-screen menu opens. 2 Press or to highlight SETTINGS, then press . The CHANNELS SETTINGS SETTINGS menu opens. DX-32E150A11 PICTURE AUDIO CHANNELS SETTINGS Auto Channel Search Add/Skip Channels Favorites...

  • Page 22: Setting Or Changing The Password

    DX-32E150A11 3 Press ENTER. The Enter Password screen opens. PICTURE AUDIO Enter Password _ _ _ _ 4 Press the number buttons to enter the four-digit password. The default password is 0000. The Parental Controls sub-menu opens. PICTURE AUDIO Button Lock...

  • Page 23: Turning Button Lock On Or Off

    SETTINGS 3 Press ENTER. The Enter Password screen opens. 4 Press the number buttons to enter the four-digit password. The CHANNELS SETTINGS 5 Press or to highlight System Lock, then press or to DX-32E150A11 PICTURE AUDIO CHANNELS SETTINGS Mode Energy Savings...

  • Page 24: Downloading Rating Information

    DX-32E150A11 6 Press or to highlight US (or Canada to set controls for Canada), then press ENTER. PICTURE AUDIO MPAA 7 Press or to highlight TV, then press . The TV RATING sub-menu opens. Note: You can also select MPAA to set controls for US movie ratings.

  • Page 25: Adjusting Time Settings

    Newfoundland, Atlantic, Eastern, Central, or Mountain. 7 If your viewing area observes daylight savings time, press or 8 If you select Manual mode, make the settings as follows: CHANNELS SETTINGS 9 Press EXIT to close the menu. DX-32E150A11 PICTURE AUDIO CHANNELS SETTINGS Parental Controls...

  • Page 26: Setting The Sleep Timer

    DX-32E150A11 Setting the sleep timer You can specify the amount of time before your TV automatically turns off. To set the sleep timer: 1 Press MENU. The on-screen menu opens. PICTURE AUDIO Mode Energy Savings Brightness Contrast Color Tint Sharpness Advanced Video 2 Press or to highlight SETTINGS, then press .

  • Page 27: Selecting The Closed Captioning Type

    3 Press to highlight Closed Caption, then press ENTER. The CHANNELS SETTINGS DX-32E150A11 • CC1 through CC4—Closed captioning appears in a small banner across the bottom of the screen. CC1 is usually the “printed” version of the audio. CC2 through CC4 display content provided by the broadcaster.

  • Page 28: Adjusting Menu Settings

    DX-32E150A11 4 Press to highlight Caption Control, press or to set the CC mode to On. PICTURE AUDIO Caption Control Analog Caption Digital Caption Digital CC Settings 5 Press or to highlight Digital Caption (only available for digital stations), then press or to select an advanced closed captioning option.

  • Page 29: Restoring Default Settings

    Only snow (noise) CHANNELS SETTINGS appears on the screen. Dotted lines or stripes appear on the screen. Double images. DX-32E150A11 SETTINGS menu opens. PICTURE AUDIO CHANNELS SETTINGS Parental Controls i l g Time Closed Caption Input Labels...

  • Page 30: Remote Control

    DX-32E150A11 Problem Solution The picture has a • A few bright or dark spots on an LCD screen few bright or dark is normal. It does not affect the operation of spots. this TV. Good picture, but no • Make sure that the sound is not muted.

  • Page 31: Legal Notices

    HDMI HDMI, the HDMI logo, and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LCC. Energy Star DX-32E150A11 Please keep the factory default settings as shipped, in which the product can meet Energy Star requirements. Dolby Laboratories Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories.

  • Page 32

    DX-32E150A11 Legal notices...

  • Page 33: One-year Limited Warranty

    Products and parts replaced under this warranty become the property of Dynex and are not returned to you. If service of Products or parts are required after the Warranty Period expires, you must pay all labor and parts charges. This warranty lasts as long as you own your Dynex Product during the Warranty Period.

  • Page 34

    • Damage due to incorrect operation or maintenance • Connection to an incorrect voltage or power supply • Attempted repair by any person not authorized by Dynex to service the Product • Products sold "as is" or "with all faults"...

  • Page 35

    7601 Penn Ave. South, Richfield, MN 55423 U.S.A. © 2010 BBY Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved. DYNEX is a trademark of BBY Solutions, Inc. Registered in some countries. All other products and brand names are trademarks of their respective owners.

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