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Care & Cleaning; Cleaning Suggestions - Frigidaire FFMO1611LB Use And Care Manual

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Cleaning suggestions

For best performance and for safety reasons, keep the
oven clean inside and outside. Take special care to keep
the inner door panel and oven from frame free of food and
grease build-up.
Never use rough scouring powder or pads on the
microwave. Wipe the microwave oven inside and out with a
soft cloth and warm (not hot) mild detergent solution. Then
rinse and wipe completely dry.
Wipe spatters immediately with a wet paper towel,
especially after cooking greasy foods like chicken or bacon.
Clean your microwave oven weekly or more often, if
Follow these instructions to clean and care for your
microwave oven:
Keep the inside (cavity) of the oven clean. Food particles
and spilled liquids can stick to the oven walls, causing
the oven to wok less efficiently.
Wipe up spills immediately. Use a damp, clean cloth and
mild soap. DO NOT use harsh detergents or abrasive
To help loosen baked-on food particles or liquids, heat 2
cups of water (add the juice of 1 lemon if you desire to
keep the oven fresh smelling) in a 4 cup measuring glass
at High power for 5 minutes or until boiling. Let stand in
oven cavity for 1 or 2 minutes.
Remove the glass turntable tray from the oven when
cleaning the oven cavity or tray. To prevent the glass
turntable from breaking, handle with care and do not put
it in water immediately after cooking. Wash the turntable
tray in warm sudsy water or in the dishwasher.
Clean the outside surface of the microwave with soap
and a clean damp cloth. Dry with a clean soft cloth. To
prevent damage to the operating parts of the oven, do
not let water seep into any vents or openings.
Wash the oven door window with very mild soap
and water. Be sure to use a soft clean cloth to avoid
If steam accumulates inside or outside the oven
door, wipe with a soft cloth. Steam can accumulate
when operating the oven in high humidity and in no
way indicates microwave leakage.
Never operate the oven without food in the oven
cavity; this can damage the magnetron tube or
glass tray. You may wish to leave a cup of water
standing inside the oven when it is not in use to
prevent damage if the oven is accidentally turned on.

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Table of Contents

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