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Troubleshooting - Whirlpool WED94HEAC Use & Care Manual

Electronic dryer
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First try the solutions suggested here or visit our website at –
In Canada for assistance and to possibly avoid a service call.
If you experience
Dryer Results (cont.)
Clothes are not drying
satisfactorily or drying
times are too long (cont.)
Cycle time is too short
Lint on load
Stains on load
Stains on drum
Loads are wrinkled
Possible Causes
The load is too large and heavy
to dry quickly.
Fabric softener sheets are blocking
the grille.
The dryer is located in a room with
temperature below 45ºF (7ºC).
The dryer is located in a closet.
The load may not be contacting the
sensor strips on Automatic Cycles.
Clothes are coming out of the
Steam Refresh cycle with damp
or wet spots.
The automatic cycle is ending
Lint screen is clogged with lint.
Improper use of fabric softener.
Loose dyes in clothes.
The load was not removed from
dryer at the end of the cycle.
The dryer was tightly packed.
For steam cycles, the water is not
properly connected with the dryer.
Separate the load to tumble freely.
The air outlet grille is just inside the door, behind the lint screen.
Check that it is not blocked by a fabric softener sheet.
Use only one fabric softener sheet, and use it only once.
Proper operation of dryer cycles requires temperatures above
45ºF (7ºC).
Closet doors must have ventilation openings at the top
and bottom of the door. The front of the dryer requires
a minimum of 1" (25 mm) of airspace, and, for most
installations, the rear of the dryer requires 5" (127 mm).
See the Installation Instructions.
Level the dryer. See the Installation Instructions. All four dryer
feet should be in firm contact with the floor.
Under certain environmental or installation conditions,
you may experience underdrying.
Change the dryness level setting on Automatic Cycles.
Increasing or decreasing the dryness level will change the
amount of drying time in a cycle. If loads are consistently
ending too early, see also "Changing the Automatic Cycle
settings to increase or decrease drying time."
Clean lint screen before each load.
Add dryer fabric softener sheets at the beginning of the cycle.
Fabric softener sheets added to a partially dried load can
stain your garments. Do not use fabric softener sheets with
steam cycles.
Drum stains are caused by dyes in clothing (usually blue
jeans). These will not transfer to other clothing.
Select Steam Refresh Cycle to tumble the load with water
and heat. This cycle is best for smoothing out wrinkles and
reducing odors from dry loads consisting of wrinkle-free cotton,
cotton-polyester blends, common knits, and synthetics.
NOTE: Refer to garment care label instructions. Dry-clean-only
garments are not recommended.
Dry smaller loads that can tumble freely. Results may also
vary depending on fabric type.
Make sure water is connected to the dryer. Check that water
inlet hose is connected to both the faucet and dryer's water
inlet valve. Check that the water supply is turned on.

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