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Cycle Status Indicators; Using Drying Rack; Additional Features - Whirlpool WED94HEAC Use & Care Manual

Electronic dryer
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Appearance may vary
The Cycle Status Indicators show the progress of a cycle.
–/+ (Adjust drying time indicators)
The –/+ indicators will light when a Manual Cycle has been
Check Vent
This indicator will show the status of airflow through
the dryer for the first cycle of the dryer's life. During the
sensing phase at the beginning of the cycle, the Check Vent
light will come on if a blocked vent or low airflow issue is
detected. For more information on maintaining good airflow,
see "Check Your Vent System for Good Airflow." The Check
Vent sensing feature is available for Automatic cycles only.
NOTE: If there are other error issues during a cycle, the
Check Vent indicator will not light up. See "Troubleshooting"
Eco Monitor
The Eco Monitor allows you to see how the settings you
select affect your energy savings. To use the Eco Monitor,
choose the best cycle, temperature, dryness level, and
options for the fabrics being dried. The Eco Monitor will rate
the energy use of those selections, from Good to Best. You
can then adjust the settings and options to decrease the
amount of energy used within that cycle.
The load is still wet and/or the cycle just started.
This indicator shows that the load is partially dried and items
that you may wish to hang up or iron while still damp may
be removed.
Cool Down
The dryer has finished drying with heat, and is now tumbling
the load without heat to cool it down and reduce wrinkling.
This will indicate that the selected cycle has ended and the
load may be removed from the dryer. If Wrinkle Shield
been selected, the dryer may continue to tumble the load,
even if the Done indicator is lit.
The Sensing indicator will light to indicate that the moisture
sensor on the dryer is operating.
Static Reduce (on some models)
This indicator will light when the Static Reduce function
is active.
NOTE: Static Reduce is not available on all models
or on all cycles.
Steam or Steaming (on some models)
This indicator will light when the Steam function is active.
NOTE: Steam is not available on all models or on all cycles.
Wrinkle Shield
This indicator will light if the Wrinkle Shield
selected and is running. The dryer will periodically tumble
the load for up to 140 minutes after the cycle has ended.


To obtain a drying rack for your dryer, order by calling
1-877-944-7566. You will need your model and serial
number and the purchase date. Remove and discard
any packing material before use.
Use the Drying Rack for items that you do not want to
tumble dry, such as sweaters and tennis shoes. When you
use the drying rack, the drum continues to turn, but the rack
remains stationary.
The drying rack is intended for use with the Manual Dry/
Timed Dry cycles only. The drying rack cannot be used
with Automatic cycles.
To use the drying rack:
IMPORTANT: Do not remove the lint screen.
1. Open dryer door.
2. Align the two hooks on the front of the drying rack with
option has been
the holes in the dryer door opening and press down fully
into holes. Rest the rear support on the dryer back ledge.
3. Place wet items on top of the drying rack. Allow space
around items for air to circulate. The drying rack does
not move, but the drum will rotate; be sure to leave
adequate clearance between items and the inside of
the dryer drum. Make sure items do not hang over the
edges or between drying rack grille.
4. Close the door.
5. Select a Timed Dry/Air Only, or Low Temperature cycle.
Items containing foam, rubber, or plastic must be dried
on a clothesline or by using the Air Only setting.
6. When the cycle is selected, the Estimated Time
Remaining display shows the default time. You can
change the actual time in the cycle by increasing or
decreasing the cycle time.
7. Start the dryer.
NOTE: Check the lint screen and remove any lint
accumulated from items dried on the drying rack
after the cycle is finished.

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