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EPSON ActionPC 8000, ActionTower 8000

External Cache

The computer has 256KB of external cache installed. You can
expand the external cache to 512KB or 1MB with 64K x 8 or
128K x 8, 3.3 volt, 15ns SRAM DIP chips.
You must install chips in one of the configurations in the
table below (each bank contains four cache memory sockets).
Use only 3.3 volt cache SRAM chips made by Alliance
Cache memory configurations

Processor Upgrades

upgrade your processor with a faster one to improve
system performance. If you upgrade the processor in the
tower computer, you may want to lay the computer on its
side to make the
upgrading to another processor, make sure you use a
standard 3.3 V processor.

Hard Disk Drive Types

The computer comes with a hard disk auto-sensing feature.
To use it, select one of the drives you have installed from the
Fixed Disk Setup screen On the screen that appears for that
drive, press Enter to select the Autotype Fixed Disk
option. The system detects the type of hard disk drive, fills in
the drive's parameters, and sets the remaining options on the
6 - ActionPC 8000, ActionTower 8000
process easier. If you are

Hard Disk Drive Information

The IDE hard disk drives listed in the tables below are
qualified for use in the computer.
IDE hard disk drive parameters


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