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SIMM socket connector pin assignments
*Active low logic

Tested Operating Environments

The following operating environments have been tested for
compatibility with the system.
Microsoft MS-DOS 3.3 and later
Novell NetWare 3.12 and 4.1
Novell Personal NetWare
IBM OS/2; including version 3.0 (Warp)


SCO Open Desktop 3.1
Microsoft Windows 3.0 and later
Microsoft Windows 95
Microsoft Windows for WorkGroups
Microsoft Windows NT; including version 3.5
Certified as workstation end file server in certain configurations
As new environments become available, these also will be
EPSON ActionPC 8000, ActionTower 8000
Installation/Support Tips
Installing Diskette Drives
in the SETUP program.
diskette drive controller.
Installing Hard Disk Drives
If you are installing a drive that cannot use the embedded
IDE interface (such as an ESDI drive), it is recommended
that you use a 16-bit, AT-type hard disk controller or, for
higher performance, a PCI hard disk controller. If you
install a non-IDE hard disk drive and controller card, you
must set jumper JP13 to on to disable the built-in IDE hard
disk drive interface. Also, remove the hard disk drive
ribbon connector from the system board.
When installing an IDE hard disk drive, use the
auto-sensing feature in SETUP to select the correct type
for the drive. If the auto-sensing feature does not produce
a match for the drive, you can define your own drive type
by selecting User as the type and entering the drive's
Installing Option Cards
If you are installing a video adapter card, make sure you
disable the built-in VGA controller by setting jumper JP2
to 2-3.

Installing SIMMs

Make sure you check jumpers JP12 and JP14 and change the
settings if necessary when you install SIMMs.
Booting Sequence
If you cannot boot the computer from the hard disk, make
sure the booting sequence in SETUP is set to
Then boot the computer from a system diskette in drive A.
If you forget your password, you must discharge your
CMOS memory as follows:
1. Turn off the computer and remove the cover.
2. Disable the password by setting jumper JP6 on the main
system board to on.
3. Turn the computer on, leave it on for a few seconds, then
turn it off again.
4. Set jumper JP6 back to off to select the system board battery.
5. Run SETUP to enter a new password, if desired.
ActionPC 8000, ActionTower 8000 - 9
A: then C:.


Table of Contents

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