Epson ActionPC 2600 Product Information Manual
Epson ActionPC 2600 Product Information Manual

Epson ActionPC 2600 Product Information Manual

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AC outlet
mouse serial 1

Computer Specifications

CPU and Memory
32-bit CPU
Upgradable 486-class processor
Green PC
Energy Star compliant, low-power doze,
energy saver
sleep, and suspend modes for the CPU,
hard disk drive, and video signals sent by
the computer to the monitor; select
time-out periods in SETUP; in a standard
configuration of one hard disk drive and
diskette drive, system consumes less
than 30 Watts in sleep mode
System speed
Fast and slow system clock speeds
available; fast is the speed of the processor
and slow is 8 MHz; from MS-DOS, speed
selectable by keyboard command
hard disk drive
(HDD) light
EPSON ActionPC 2600, ActionPC 5500
4MB RAM (ActionPC 2600) or 8MB RAM
(ActionPC 5500, 4MB on system board);
expandable to 132MB; two SIMM sockets;
SIMMs must be tin-plated, 72-pin, 32-bit,
fast-page mode type with access speed of
70ns or faster
1MB flash ROM BIOS, video BIOS, and
SETUP code located in flash ROM on
Video RAM
512KB or 1 MB DRAM on system board;
expandable to 2MB using additional
512KB, 40-pin, SOJ flat pack video DRAM
Supports shadowing of system and video
Shadow RAM
BIOS ROM into RAM and in SETUP
At least 8KB of internal
processor; supports 128 or 256KB of
external cache with 32K x 8, 15 or 20ns
SRAM DIP chips and a 32K x 8 tag chip
Math coprocessor built into the processor
on all DX and Intel Pentium OverDrive.
Real-time clock, calendar, and CMOS
RAM soldered
integrated Lithium battery
Provides postwrite buffers, memory and
PCI Chipset
control for the PCI bus, and the
two-channel PCI IDE interface; integrated
PCI bridge translates CPU bus cycles to
PCI bus cycles and CPU-to-PCI memory
write cycles to PCI burst cycles
Trident 9440AGI high-performance PCI
local bus GUI accelerator controller
supports resolutions up to 1024 x 768
in 256 colors with 1MB of DRAM;
Controller on system board supports up
to two diskette drives or
one tape drive
Two PCI, ATA-2 compatible two-channel,
Hard disk
PCI local bus IDE interfaces on system
board support up to four IDE devices (two
be connected to the same channel as hard
board; 128KB subsystem BIOS
cache in the
system board with
1280 x 1024 in 256 colors with 2MB of
on each channel); CD-ROM drives cannot
disk drives; BIOS provides hard disk
auto-detection and enhanced IDE
functions, and supports PIO modes 0-4
ActionPC 2600, ActionPC 5500 - 1
diskette and


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Epson ActionPC 2600

  • Page 1: Computer Specifications

    EPSON ActionPC 2600, ActionPC 5500 Memory 4MB RAM (ActionPC 2600) or 8MB RAM (ActionPC 5500, 4MB on system board); (SPEED) light expandable to 132MB; two SIMM sockets; hard disk drive (HDD) light SIMMs must be tin-plated, 72-pin, 32-bit, fast-page mode type with access speed of...
  • Page 2 (-100 to 3,000 m) (-100 to 12,000 m) types of two drives Other devices Half-height tape drive, CD-ROM drive, optical drive, PC card reader, or other storage device; 5.25-inch or 3.5-inch with mounting frames 8/31/95 2 - ActionPC 2600, ActionPC 5500...
  • Page 3: System Board Components

    EPSON ActionPC 2600, ActionPC 5500 System Board Components The diagram below illustrates the components on the ActionPC 2600/ActionPC 5500 board. The table following it describes these components. ActionPC 2600, ActionPC 5500 - 3 8/31/95...
  • Page 4: Jumper Settings

    Default setting depends on installed processor 2-3* 2-3* CPU clock jumper settings Default setting JP25 Cache jumper settings CPU clock speed JP24 25 MHz cache size JP21 JP19 JP20 33 MHz 1-2’ 1-2* Default setting 128KB 256KB 8/31/95 4 - ActionPC 2600, ActionPC 5500...
  • Page 5: External Cache

    Formatted 56/60 16 bits/pixel capacity (MB) 60/70/75/87 8bits/pixel* 1024x768 1MB Size, width x 60/70/75/87 8 bits/pixel* height (in) 1280x1024 60/87 4 bit planes” Weight (lb) 43.5 8 bits/pixel* Cylinders *Non-Interlaced and interlaced **Interfaced ActionPC 2600, ActionPC 5500 - 5 8/31/95...
  • Page 6: Dma Assignments

    DMA controller 2,8237 Clear math coprocessor LOFl 1 Reset math coprocessor 0F8 -0FF 2F8-- 2FF ISerial port 2 300-31F 1 Prototype card 360-363 Available 368-36B Available 378 - 37F Parallel printer port 1 380-38F Available 8/31/95 6 - ActionPC 2600, ActionPC 5500...
  • Page 7: Connector Pin Assignments

    Diskette drive connector pin assignments (CN10) (CN13) Parallel port connector pin assignments ** Active low Iogic Keyboard and mouse connector pin assignments (CN9 and CN8) Signal Signal Data +5 VDC Reserved Clock Ground Reserved *Active low logic 8/31/95 ActionPC 2600, ActionPC 5500 - 7...
  • Page 8 Active low logic PCI option slot connector pin assignments I164 1 IRQ11 134 IPAR 11341AD14 43 jAD2 I93 ISO9 1143 IVCC 1193 IDRQ6 44 IADO 194 lSDl0 11441NC 1194 1 DAK#7 Active low logic 8/31/95 8 - ActionPC 2600, ActionPC 5500...
  • Page 9: Tested Operating Environments

    4. Set jumper JP28 back to 2-3 to select the system board battery. 5. Turn on the computer and run SETUP to enter a new password, if desired, and the system configuration. ActionPC 2600, ActionPC 5500 - 9 8/31/95...
  • Page 10: Information Reference List

    Technical Information Bulletins None. Product Support Bulletins None. Related Documentation EPSON ActionPC 2600, TM-APC26/55 ActionPC 5500 Service Manual EPSON ActionPC 2600, PL-APC26/55 ActionPC 5500 Parts Price List EPSON ActionPC 2600, 400521400 tionPC 5500 User’s Guide 8/31/95 10 - ActionPC 2600, ActionPC 5500...

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