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Kenwood KDC-7027 Instruction Manual

Kenwood cd-receiver instruction manual kdc-w7027, kdc-7027
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© B64-2750-00/02 (EV/E2V)



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  • Page 1: Instruction Manual

    KDC-W7027 KDC-7027 CD-RECEIVER INSTRUCTION MANUAL © B64-2750-00/02 (EV/E2V)
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Safety precautions Notes Notes on playing MP3/WMA About CDs Notes on Multi-function Key System 9 General features Power Hiding the Control Panel Selecting the Source Volume Attenuator System Q Speaker Setting Audio Control Rotary Volume knob operation mode select Dual Zone System Display Mode Switching Text Display Switching...
  • Page 3: Safety Precautions

    Safety precautions 2WARNING To prevent injury or fire, take the following precautions: • Insert the unit all the way in until it is fully locked in place. Otherwise it may fall out of place when jolted. • When extending the ignition, battery, or ground wires, make sure to use automotive-grade wires or other wires with a 0.75mm²...
  • Page 4 Safety precautions About CD players/disc changers connected to this unit KENWOOD disc changers/ CD players released in 1998 or later can be connected to this unit. Refer to the catalog or consult your Kenwood dealer for connectable models of disc changers/ CD players.
  • Page 5: Notes

    Notes Cleaning the Unit If the faceplate of this unit is stained, wipe it with a dry soft cloth such as a silicon cloth. If the faceplate is stained badly, wipe the stain off with a cloth moistened with neutral cleaner, then wipe neutral detergent off.
  • Page 6: Notes On Playing Mp3/Wma

    Notes on playing MP3/WMA KDC-W7027 can play MP3 (MPEG1, 2 Audio Layer 3)/WMA. Note, however, that the MP3/WMA recording media and formats acceptable are limited. When writing MP3/WMA, pay attention to the following restrictions. Acceptable media The MP3/WMA recording media acceptable to this unit are CD-ROM, CD-R, and CD-RW.
  • Page 7 MP3/WMA playing order When selected for play, Folder Search, File Search, or for Folder Select, files and folders are accessed in the order in which they were written by the CD writer. Because of this, the order in which they are expected to be played may not match the order in which they are actually played.
  • Page 8: About Cds

    About CDs Handling CDs • Don’t touch the recording surface of the CD. • CD-R and CD-RW are easier to damage than a normal music CD. Use a CD-R or a CD-RW after reading the caution items on the package etc. •...
  • Page 9: Notes On Multi-Function Key System

    Notes on Multi-function Key System Multi-function Key System serves to control various functions with the [2] — [5] buttons. The basic operation of the Multi-function Key System is described below. What’s the Multi-function Key System? This unit is equipped with the Multi-function Key System that enables the operation of multiple functions with one button.
  • Page 10: General Features

    General features indicator Power Turning ON the Power Turn the vehicle ignition ON. The panel appears. • When the power is ON, the 'Security Code' (page 32) is displayed as "CODE ON" or "CODE OFF". Turing OFF the Power Turn the vehicle ignition OFF or press the [SRC] button for at least 1 second.
  • Page 11: Selecting The Source

    Selecting the Source Press the [SRC] button. Source required Tuner External disc (Optional accessory) Auxiliary input Standby (Illumination only mode) • This unit automatically turns full power OFF after 20 minutes lapses in Standby mode in order to save the vehicles battery.
  • Page 12: Audio Control

    General features Audio Control Select the source for adjustment Press the [SRC] button. Select the key function section Press the [NEXT] button. Repeatedly press the button until "AUD" is displayed above the [2] button. Refer to 'Notes on Multi-function Key System' (page 9).
  • Page 13: Rotary Volume Knob Operation Mode Select

    2nd section [2] button Adjustment Item Display Range Front/Rear High Pass Filter "HPF" THRU/100/125/170 Hz [3] button Adjustment Item Display Range Subwoofer Low Pass Filter "LPF SW" 50/80/120/THRU Hz [4] button Adjustment Item Display Range Loudness "LOUD" ON/OFF [5] button Adjustment Item Display Range...
  • Page 14: Dual Zone System

    General features In External disc, or Auxiliary input source Dual Zone System Makes the sound different for the front channel and rear channel. Output the Internal source sound from either one of the front or rear channels, and the sound of other source from the Dual zone channel.
  • Page 15: Text Display Switching

    Text Display Switching Switching the text display. Select the key function section Press the [NEXT] button. Repeatedly press the button until "DISP" is displayed above the [3] button. Refer to 'Notes on Multi-function Key System' (page 9). Enter display control mode Press the [3] ("DISP") button.
  • Page 16: External Display Switching

    General features External Display Switching Switching the display in the External Display connected. Select the key function section Press the [NEXT] button. Repeatedly press the button until "DISP" is displayed above the [3] button. Refer to 'Notes on Multi-function Key System' (page 9).
  • Page 17: Theft Deterrent Panel

    Theft Deterrent Panel The Backpanel of the unit can be detached and taken with you, helping to deter theft. Removing the Backpanel Turn the ignition OFF or press the [SRC] button for at least 1 second. Turn OFF the power, and the control panel becomes horizontal.
  • Page 18: Tuner Features

    Tuner features Band display Tuning Selecting the station. Select tuner source Press the [SRC] button. Select the "TUNER" display. Select the band Press the [FM] or [AM] button. Each time the [FM] button is pressed it switches between the FM1, FM2, and FM3 bands. Tune up or down band Press the [ ] or [...
  • Page 19: Auto Memory Entry

    Auto Memory Entry Putting a station with good reception in the memory automatically. Select the band for Auto Memory Entry Press the [FM] or [AM] button. Enter Menu mode Press the [MENU] button for at least 1 second. "MENU" is displayed. Select the Auto Memory Entry mode Press the [FM] or [AM] button.
  • Page 20: Rds Features

    RDS features TI indicator Traffic Information Switching to traffic information automatically when a traffic bulletin starts even when you aren’t listening to the radio. Press the [TI] button. Each time the button is pressed the Traffic Information function turns ON or OFF. When it’s ON, "TI"...
  • Page 21: Program Type Preset

    Select the Program Type Press the [FM] or [AM] button. Each time the button is pressed the Program Type switches as shown below. Program Type Display Speech "Speech" Music "Music" News "News" Current Affairs "Affairs" Information "Info" Sport "Sport" Education "Educate"...
  • Page 22: Changing Language For Pty Function

    RDS features Changing Language for PTY Function Selecting the Program Type display language. Enter PTY mode Refer to 'PTY (Program Type)' (page 20). Enter Changing Language mode Press the [SCRL] button. Select the language Press the [FM] or [AM] button. Each time the button is pressed the language switches as shown below.
  • Page 23: Cd/Mp3/Wma/External Disc Control Features

    CD/MP3/WMA/External disc control features Track number Playing External Disc Playing discs set in the optional accessory disc player connected to this unit. Press the [SRC] button. Select the display for the disc player you want. Display examples: Display Disc player "CD2"...
  • Page 24: Playing Cd & Mp3/Wma

    CD/MP3/WMA/External disc control features Playing CD & MP3/WMA When there is no disc inserted Open the panel to insert disc Press the [ ] button. Insert a disc. • When the faceplate has been slid open, it might interfere with the shift lever or something else. If this happens, pay attention to safety and move the shift lever or take an appropriate action, then operate the unit.
  • Page 25: Scan Play

    In CD & External disc source Repeat play Display Track Repeat "(T-)Repeat ON" Disc Repeat (In Disc Changer) "D-Repeat ON" "Repeat OFF" In MP3/WMA source Repeat play Display File Repeat "File REP ON" Folder Repeat "FOLD REP ON" "Repeat OFF" Scan Play Playing the first part of each song on the disc or MP3/WMA folder you are listening to and...
  • Page 26: Folder Select

    CD/MP3/WMA/External disc control features Function of the KDC-W7027 Function of MP3/WMA Folder Select Quickly selecting the folder you want to listen to. Select the key function section Press the [NEXT] button. Repeatedly press the button until "FSEL" is displayed above the [5] button. Refer to 'Notes on Multi-function Key System' (page 9).
  • Page 27: Text/Title Scroll

    Text/Title Scroll Scrolling the displayed CD text, MP3/WMA text, or MD title. Press the [SCRL] button. English...
  • Page 28: Gsm Hands Free Unit Control Features

    GSM Hands Free Unit control features Receiving a call Received calls can be answered when a GSM Hands Free Unit (optional accessory) is connected to this unit. When a Call is Received "HF CALL" will be displayed. Accept a call Press the [1], [3] —...
  • Page 29: Direct Dial

    Phone Book Search Mode item Display Initial Select Mode "Initial" Redial Mode "Redial" Select the initial of a person to dial (In Initial Select Mode) Press the [FM] or [AM] button. • Initials including no corresponding name will not be displayed.
  • Page 30: Sms (Short Message Service) Mode

    GSM Hands Free Unit control features SMS (Short Message Service) Mode Select the key function section Press the [NEXT] button. Repeatedly press the button until "H-F" is displayed above the [2] button. Refer to 'Notes on Multi-function Key System' (page 9). Enter Hands Free mode Press the [2] ("H-F") button.
  • Page 31: Menu System

    Menu system Menu System Setting during operation beep sound etc. functions. The Menu system basic operation method is explained here. The reference for the Menu items and their setting content is after this operation explanation. Enter Menu mode Press the [MENU] button for at least 1 second. "MENU"...
  • Page 32: Security Code

    Menu system In Standby mode Security Code Because authorization by the Security Code is required when it’s removed from the vehicle, personalizing this unit is by using the Security Code is a help in preventing theft. • When the Security Code function is activated it can’t be released.
  • Page 33: Auto Response Time Adjust

    When hands free unit connecting Auto Response time Adjust Setting the time from an incoming call to the automatic response. Display and Setting "HF WT OFF" "HF WT 1S" "HF WT 5S" (Original setting) "HF WT 30S" • If the time set in the GSM telephone is shorter than that set in the unit, the former will be used.
  • Page 34: Contrast Adjustment

    Menu system Contrast Adjustment Adjusting the display contrast. Display and Setting "Contrast 0" "Contrast 5" (Original setting) "Contrast 10" Dimmer Dimming this unit’s display automatically when the vehicle light switch is turned ON. Display Setting "Dimmer ON" The display dims. "Dimmer OFF"...
  • Page 35: Built-In Amp Mute Setting

    In Standby mode Built-in Amp Mute Setting Toggles ON or OFF the mute control on the built- in amplifier. Turning ON this control enhances the preout quality. Display Setting "AMP Mute OFF" The built-in amplifier activates. "AMP Mute ON" The built-in amplifier deactivates. B.M.S.
  • Page 36: Auto Memory Entry

    Menu system In Tuner mode Auto Memory Entry For the operation method refer to 'Auto Memory Entry' (page 19). AF (Alternative Frequency) When poor reception is experienced, automatically switch to another frequency broadcasting the same program in the same RDS network with better reception.
  • Page 37: Built-In Auxiliary Input Setting

    • This setting is done after setting 'Security Code' (page 32). Built-in Auxiliary input Setting Set the Built-in Auxiliary Input function. Display Setting "AUX OFF" When selecting the source there’s no Auxiliary Input. "AUX ON" When selecting the source there’s Auxiliary Input. Function of the KDC-W7027 In Standby mode CD Read Setting...
  • Page 38: Accessories/ Installation Procedure

    Accessories/ Installation Procedure Accessories English Installation Procedure 1. To prevent short circuits, remove the key from the ignition and disconnect the - terminal of the battery. 2. Make the proper input and output wire connections for each unit. 3. Connect the wire on the wiring harness..1 4.
  • Page 39: Connecting Wires To Terminals

    Connecting Wires to Terminals Antenna Conversion Adaptor (ISO–JASO) (Accessory3) FM/AM antenna input To External Display/ Steering remote Fuse(10A) Wiring harness (Accessory1) Battery wire (Yellow) Ignition wire (Red) See next page A –7 Pin (Red) A–4 Pin (Yellow) Connector A Connector B Antenna Cord (ISO) To KENWOOD disc changer/ GSM hands free unit/...
  • Page 40 Connecting Wires to Terminals Connector Function Guide Pin Numbers for Cable Colour ISO Connectors External Power Connector Yellow Blue/White Orange/White Black Speaker Connector Purple Purple/Black Gray Gray/Black White White/Black Green Green/Black English 2WARNING Functions Connecting the ISO Connector The pin arrangement for the ISO connectors depends on the type of vehicle you drive.
  • Page 41: Installation

    Installation Installation Metal mounting strap (commercially available) Firewall or metal support Bend the tabs of the mounting sleeve with a screwdriver or similar utensil and attach it in place. Self-tapping screw (commercially available) Screw (M4X8) (commercially available) • Make sure that the unit is installed securely in place. If the unit is unstable, it may malfunction (for example, the sound may skip).
  • Page 42: Removing The Unit

    Removing the Unit Removing the hard rubber frame Engage the catch pins on the removal tool and remove the two locks on the upper level. Upper the frame and pull it forward as shown in the figure. Accessory2 Removal tool When the upper level is removed, remove the lower two locations.
  • Page 43: Troubleshooting Guide

    Troubleshooting Guide What might seem to be a malfunction in your unit may just be the result of slight misoperation or miswiring. Before calling service, first check the following table for possible problems. General The power does not turn ON. ✔...
  • Page 44 Troubleshooting Guide Tuner source Radio reception is poor. ✔ The car antenna is not extended. ☞ Pull the antenna out all the way. ✔ The antenna control wire is not connected. ☞ Connect the wire correctly, referring to the section on 'Connecting Wires to Terminals' . It isn’t the set Traffic information sound volume.
  • Page 45 The messages shown below display your systems condition. EJECT: No disc magazine has been loaded in the changer. The disc magazine is not completely loaded. ➪ Load the disc magazine properly. No CD in the unit. ➪ Insert the CD. No Disc: No disc has been loaded in the disc magazine.
  • Page 46: Specifications

    : 8 Times Over Sampling D/A Converter : 1 Bit Spindle speed KDC-W7027: 1000 – 400 rpm (CLV 2times) KDC-7027: 500 – 200 rpm (CLV) Wow & Flutter : Below Measurable Limit Frequency response (±1 dB) : 10 Hz – 20 kHz Total harmonic distortion (1 kHz) : 0.01 %...

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