CLIFFORD 3.3X Owner's Manual

Responder le security and remote start.
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Responder LE Model 3.3X
Security and Remote Start
Owner's Guide
© 2008 Directed Electronics, Vista, CA


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    Responder LE Model 3.3X Security and Remote Start Owner’s Guide © 2008 Directed Electronics, Vista, CA...

  • Page 2

    Limited lifetime consumer warranty Directed Electronics. (“Directed”) promises to the original purchaser to repair or replace (at Directed’s election) with a comparable reconditioned model any Directed unit (hereafter the “unit”), excluding with- out limitation the siren, the remote transmitters, the associated sensors and accessories, which proves to be defective in workmanship or material under reasonable use during the lifetime of the vehicle provided the following conditions are met: the unit was purchased from an authorized Directed dealer, the unit was professionally installed and serviced by an authorized Directed dealer;...

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    Government Regulations This device complies with Part 15 of FCC rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interfer- ence, and (2) This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesirable operation. This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules.

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents Limited lifetime consumer warranty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ii Government Regulations .

  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Points to remember ......28 Runtime Check ....... . . 28 Manual transmission .

  • Page 7: What Is Included, Important Information

    What is included The control module with Stinger™DoubleGuard®two-stage shock ■ sensor Control center (installed out of sight on your vehicle) with ■ integrated status LED and Valet override switch One five-button/2-way Supercode Responder LE Remote Control ■ One five-button/ 1-way Supercode remote ■...

  • Page 8: Your Warranty, Replacement Remotes, Caution

    Your warranty Your warranty registration must be completely filled out and re- turned within 10 days of purchase. Your product warranty will not be validated if your warranty registration is not returned. Make sure you receive the warranty registration from your dealer. It is also necessary to keep your proof of purchase, which reflects that the product was installed by an authorized dealer.

  • Page 9: Responder Le 2-way

    Responder LE 2-Way Description Feature Transmit indicator LED indicators Blinks indicate function confirmation Lock button Press for one second to arm. Unlock button Press for one second to disarm. Remote start Press for one second to activate remote button start. Auxiliary Press and hold for 1.5 second to activate button...

  • Page 10: Responder Le 1-way

    Responder LE 1-way Description Feature Transmit indicator Lock button Press for one second to arm. Unlock button Press for one second to disarm. Remote start Press for one second to activate remote button start. Auxiliary Press and hold for 1.5 second to activate button trunk release.

  • Page 11: Transmitter Configuration


  • Page 12

    Feature Command Confirmation Notes Feedback Silent Arm Arm/Lock LED Arms the system without Press one- time on, no audio chirps and then press Silent Disarm Disarm/Lock Disarms the system without Press one- time LED on, no chirps and then press audio Runtime Remote start...

  • Page 13

    Feature Command Confirmation Notes Feedback Valet Mode UnLock LED on To enter or exit Valet mode, Press two- and beeps 1 or even if Armed. times and then 2 times When entering Valet Mode the unlock LED blinks, and the remote beeps one time.

  • Page 14

    Feature Command Confirmation Notes Feedback Armed LED on, 1 beep Arms the system; sensor Full Press three- (Silent & 3 error tone Trigger will ONLY page the times and then remote and will not activate Sensor mode) the siren/lights. Wired inputs will page and activate the siren/lights.

  • Page 15

    Feature Command Confirmation Notes Feedback Armed Lock LED on, 1 Arms the system; sensor and Press four- (Silent beep & 4 error hardwire Full Triggers will ONLY times and then Trigger tone page the remote and will not mode) activate the siren/lights. For more details see Silent Mode 2 section on page 25.

  • Page 16: System Maintenance, Low Battery Indicator, Battery Replacement

    System maintenance The system requires no specific maintenance. Your remotes are pow- ered by small coin cell lightweight 3-volt lithium batteries that will last approximately one year under normal use. The 2-way remote uses two CR2016 cell batteries and the 1-way remote uses one CR2032 cell battery.

  • Page 17: Remote Control Programming

    Remote control programming The Responder LE 2 way remote control has menus for programming the remote to the system control module including adjusting the control module onboard shock sensor, and for configuring the remote control user features. To program the remote user features: Press and hold the button for 12 seconds: (at 3 seconds ignore the Car number indicator.)

  • Page 18

    button: Remote Beeps ▀ Disarm LED OFF: The remote will not emit beeps except when pro- gramming. ▀ Disarm LED The remote will emit beeps normally. ▀ Disarm LED blinking: The remote will emit beeps only for alarm trigger messages from the alarm system. button: Runtime Low Alert feature Note: This feature is not available on the 1-way remote.

  • Page 19: Multi-car Control Capability, Adjusting The Onboard Shock Sensor

    Multi-car control capability You can operate the Responder LE 2-way remote control system for two cars, with full command capability for both vehicles. While holding a command button and transmitting, the Amber LED at the top of the remote control will blink in groups to indicate which Car is being controlled.

  • Page 20

    adjust mode: ▀ Press/hold the button of the remote control for 8 seconds or until the Amber LED turns on and you hear one long beep. ▀ Press/hold the button 1.5 seconds or until the amber led flashes once: The control module will emit one long chirp, enter adjust mode, and send the current level of information back to the transmitter.

  • Page 21

    Press and release the button any time during programming to go back to the main menu. Press and hold for 1.5 seconds in the main menu to exit programming. © 2008 Directed Electronics—all rights reserved...

  • Page 22: What's New

    What’s New Responder LE is an advanced vehicle security and convenience system with two remote controls - a traditional one-way transmitter, and a 2-way Responder LE remote. Some main features of the Responder LE system Vehicle Security ▀ Fail-Safe Starter Kill ▀...

  • Page 23

    Long-time Clifford system users will notice the following differences: Responder LE uses a new rolling-code format we call SuperCode SuperCode assigns most functions to dedicated buttons, so many fea- tures work slightly different. The icons on the buttons are also differ- ent.

  • Page 24

    The AUX output numbering has changed Trunk Release To activate Trunk Release, press the button for 1.5 seconds. The Transmit LED will turn on immediately. When the Trunk Release output activates, the remote will play the ascending AUX multi-tone, and the AUX LED indicator will turn on. Important Note: The main function of the AUX button is to control the vehicle’s trunk or hatch release.

  • Page 25: Using The System, Warning! Safety First

    Using the system Warning! Safety first The following safety warnings must be observed at all times: Due to the complexity of this system, installation of this product must only be performed by an authorized Directed dealer. When properly installed, this system can start the vehicle via a com- mand signal from the remote control transmitter.

  • Page 26

    Use of this product in a manner contrary to its intended mode of operation may result in property damage, personal injury, or death. (1) Never remotely start the vehicle with the vehicle in gear, and (2) Never remotely start the vehicle with the keys in the ignition. The user must also have the neutral safety feature of the vehicle periodically checked, wherein the vehicle must not remotely start while the car is in gear.

  • Page 27: Arming The System

    Arming the system To arm the system, press the button on the remote control . The siren in the vehicle will “chirp” once and the parking lights will flash once. If the power door locks have been connected, the doors will lock.

  • Page 28: While The System Is Armed

    While the system is armed ▀ Fail-Safe Starter Kill The starter is disabled by the system’s Fail-Safe starter kill. Alarm Responses The security system can generate two levels of alarm: Warn Away - Soft siren chirps and flashing parking lights. The purpose of Warn-Away is to warn a would-be thief next to your vehicle that the vehicle is protected, but in a manner that does not call attention to it from more than a few feet away.

  • Page 29

    Full Alarm response is triggered by: ▀ Heavier impact to the vehicle (detected by the Stinger Double-Guard shock sensor). ▀ Opening the trunk or hood. ▀ Opening a door: the Progressive Door Trigger feature will first sound the Warn-Away response, followed immediately by Full Alarm. ▀...

  • Page 30: Modified Arming Modes

    Modified Arming Modes The Responder LE gives you an unprecedented level of control over how it will protect your car. “Normal arming” means that all the Responder LE security features are active automatically. You can turn some secu- rity features off on a one-time basis. Turning off the Warn Away response After arming, you can turn off the Warn-Away response on a one-time basis.

  • Page 31: Disarming The System

    Silent Mode 2 - Turning off the siren You can turn off the vehicle siren and flashing lights on a one-time basis, leaving the system’s paging feature as the only alarm response. Note: Call the police immediately if you witness a crime in prog- ress.

  • Page 32: System Override

    If you hear five chirps on disarming, the system was repeatedly triggered in your absence. Immediately look at the Status LED in the vehicle and count the number of flashes between pauses. This number is important, it tells what triggered your alarm. The door locks (if connected) will unlock, and the parking lights will flash.

  • Page 33: Using The Remote Start, Before Using Your Remote Start, Remote Starting Your Vehicle

    Switch has been programmed to a new number of presses by your authorized dealer, that number should be indicated below. Override Switch Number ___________ Using the remote start Before using your Remote Start Read this user guide, including the warnings on page 24 . Ensure that the vehicle is parked in the open air and not in a garage.

  • Page 34: Points To Remember, Runtime Check

    Points to remember If the hood is open or is the brake pedal is pressed, the vehicle will not start using remote start. The remote starter shuts down: ▀ When the brake pedal is pressed ▀ The hood is opened ▀...

  • Page 35: Manual Transmission

    Manual transmission If the vehicle has manual transmission the proper steps must be fol- lowed before leaving the parked vehicle or the remote start feature is disabled. 1. Put the transmission in neutral. 2. Press on the vehicle’s foot brake. 3.

  • Page 36: Timer Mode, Turbo Timer Mode

    Timer mode To activate the runtime of the vehicles engine during remote start: 1. Press the button two-times and then 2. The vehicle will confirm with 4 fast parking light flashes. 3. The system will start every 3 hours until canceled by the brake, hood, or neutral safety shut-down wires.

  • Page 37: Cabin Temperature

    Cabin temperature Using the Responder LE system, you have the ability to check the temperature inside the vehicle. Press the button once and then hold until the remote beeps, and then release. The LEDs on the remote will light up indicating what the temperature range of the vehicle is.

  • Page 38

    of time, but would like to leave the motor running and the climate controls on. To perform Valet take-over: Before turning off the engine, press and release within 3 sec- onds on the transmitter. Then wait a few seconds. Turn the ignition key to the OFF position (The engine will stay running).

  • Page 39: Safety Features, Starter Anti-grind Circuitry, Disabling The Remote Start System

    Safety features This system has several important safety features to ensure proper operation of the motor and prevent accidental damage to the engine or its components. Starter anti-grind circuitry Whenever the vehicle is remote started, advanced anti-grind circuitry prevents the starter from engaging, even if the key is turned to the start position.

  • Page 40: Diagnostics, Arming

    Diagnostics The microprocessor at the heart of your system is constantly monitor- ing all of the switches and sensors connected to it. It is designed to detect any faulty switches and sensors and prevent them from dis- abling the entire system. The microprocessor will also record and report any triggers that occurred during your absence.

  • Page 41: Disarming, System Status Chirps

    Disarming Extra chirps heard when disarming the system are the Tamper Alert. If four chirps are heard when disarming the system, then the security system was triggered in your absence. If five chirps are heard when disarming the system, the system was triggered so many times that the Nuisance Protection®...

  • Page 42: Table Of Zones, Interpreting Zone Diagnostics

    Table of zones A zone is represented by the number of LED flashes used by the system to identify a particular type of input. Standard input assignments are listed in the following table, along with spaces to write in any optional sensors or switches that have been installed.

  • Page 43

    Nuisance prevention® circuitry Your system has Directed’s Nuisance Prevention® Circuitry (NPC). It prevents annoying repetitive trigger sequences due to faulty door pin switches or environmental conditions such as thunder, jackhammers, airport noise, etc. For example: If the alarm triggers three times within a 60-minute period and each time the same sensor or switch triggers the alarm, NPC will interpret those triggers as false alarms.

  • Page 44: Owner Recognition, Rapid Resume Logic, Power Saver Mode, System

    Owner recognition Owner Recognition lets up to four users of the system have unique settings that meet their specific needs. It is almost like having four separate alarms in your vehicle, one for each user. This feature is only available to authorized dealers using the Bitwriter or Bitwriter 2 program tool.

  • Page 45: Way Remote

    Power Saver in Valet Mode: When the system enters Valet Mode the Status LED on the Responder LE control center illuminates steadily. If the vehicle is not used (ignition is not turned on) for a one hour pe- riod while the system is in Valet Mode, the status LED will shut off. If the system remains in Valet Mode, the LED will come back on the next time the ignition is turned on and then back off.

  • Page 46: Programming Options

    Programming options Your system has many custom programmable options. Some may require installation labor. Ask your authorized dealer for details. The following is a list of the programmable options, with the factory settings in Bold. ▀ Active arming (remote only) passive arming with or without locking the doors (automatic arming without locking the doors 30 seconds after the last door has been closed), or Auto Re-arm with or without locking the doors (Automatically arms 60 seconds after disarm if no...

  • Page 47

    If your installer is programming the security system with the Directed Bitwriter®, the full triggered response can be programmed for any duration ranging from 1 to 180 seconds. ▀ Siren tones and chirp volume: The output of the Revenger™Soft Chirp™ siren consists of six different tones in sequence. Any of these tones can be eliminated by a dealer, resulting in a unique, easily iden- tifiable siren sound.

  • Page 48

    Security & convenience expansions Listed below are some of the many expansion options available. Please consult your dealer for a complete explanation of all the options avail- able to you. Audio Sensor: Metal on glass, glass cracking, and breaking glass produce distinctive acoustic signatures. The 506T audio sensor uses a microphone to pick up sounds, then analyzes them with propri- etary acoustic software to determine if the glass has been struck.

  • Page 49

    and can roll them up automatically when the system is armed, roll them down, or both up and down. Ultrasonic Cabin Sensor: Using the 509U Ultrasonic cabin sensor pro- vides a field of protection inside the car to protect your belongings. ©...

  • Page 50: Glossary Of Terms

    Glossary of Terms 2-Way Remote: A hand-held, remote control which operates the various functions of your system and receives feedback and pages from the alarm system. Control Center: The control center contains the system’s radio-fre- quency antenna, the valet and override switch, and the Status LED. For maximum remote-control range, the Control Center is usually lo- cated at the top of the windshield, centered near the rear-view mirror.

  • Page 51

    Valet Button: A small push button switch located on your systems control center. It is used to override the starter interrupt when a 2-way remote is lost or damaged, or to enter or exit Valet Mode. Warn Away® Response: Light impacts to the vehicle generate the Warn Away®...

  • Page 53: Quick Reference Guide

    Quick Reference Guide ▀ Arming To arm, press . When the system arms, the LOCK LED blinks for one second, with 1 beep and siren tone. ▀ Arming while driving To arm the system while driving, press on your remote while the vehicle is running.

  • Page 54

    ▀ Remote Start Press . Remote start LED blinks for 3 seconds and remote start tone sounds. ▀ Rear Defogger Press four times, and then press (only after remote start is ON.) Remote start LED turns ON, and you will hear 1 beep. ▀...

  • Page 56

    The company behind this system is Directed Electronics Since its inception, Directed Electronics has had one purpose, to provide con- sumers with the finest vehicle security and car stereo products and accessories available. The recipient of nearly 100 patents and Innovations Awards in the field of advanced electronic technology.

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