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    2003 Sarena Bay™ Export Owner’s Manual...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents


  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Water Feature Button... 23 Up / Down Buttons... 23 Light / Enter Button ... 24 PROGRAM Button... 24 Heat Status Light... 25 Dimension One Spas ICON (Logo)®... 25 Scrolling Message Center Messages...25 Rinse Filters ... 25 Clean Filters... 25 Change Water... 26 Change Vision Cartridge...

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Items Required for Winterizing... 41 Procedure for Winterizing ... 42 Spring Time Startup... 43 WARRANTY SERVICE INFORMATION... 44 GLOSSARY OF TERMS... 45 TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE ... 47 HEATING SYSTEM... 47 ELECTRICAL SYSTEM ... 47 WATER SYSTEM ... 48 2003 Sarena Bay™ Export Owner’s Manual...

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    2003 Sarena Bay™ Export Owner’s Manual...

  • Page 7: Safety First, Important Safety Instructions, Read And Follow All Instructions Carefully

    Your safety, and the safety of your family and friends is very important! It is vital to everyone’s safety that you read and heed the following safety precautions. Review them as often as necessary to ensure that your enjoyment of your new Dimension One Spas, Inc. product is always safe. IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS...

  • Page 8

    Warning Do not block air intakes located on the front left corner underneath the hot tub (the front right corner for the Chairman II and Triad II) and under the equipment access panel. Resulting malfunctions are not covered under warranty.

  • Page 9: Hyperthermia

    Do not use the spa under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, or other drugs. Use of the spa under these conditions may lead to serious consequences. Caution Always test the hot tub water temperature before entering the spa. Enter and exit the spa slowly. Wet surfaces can be very slippery. Caution Never bring any electrical appliances into or near the spa.

  • Page 10: Do's And Don'ts, Don't

    • DON’T block or sit on the filter recess area. • DON’T allow horseplay or unsupervised use of your Sarena Bay. • DON”T allow anyone to tamper or play with any of the safety or suction fittings of your Sarena Bay.

  • Page 11: Warning Signs

    2003 Sarena Bay™ Export Owner’s Manual Warning Signs Each spa has been provided with a Warning Sign and an Important Notice label. This label outlines safety precautions. This sign should be permanently placed in a location that is visible to the spa user.

  • Page 12: Sarena Bay™ Features, Dynamic Led Underwater Lighting, Fountain

    Celebrate with us! Dimension One Spas Inc. proudly introduces the Sarena Bay™ and Therapy HydroTherapy, AudioTherapy, and VisualTherapy. The Sarena Bay™ spa is presented in recognition of Dimension One Spas Inc.’s 25 years as a leader in the international spa industry. This spa also inaugurates several innovative new features.

  • Page 13: Revolutionary Design Features, Innovative Seating – For 7

    2003 Sarena Bay™ Export Owner’s Manual Revolutionary Design Features Innovative Seating – For 7...

  • Page 14: Bioform Recliners, Bio-wall / Bench Seat

    BioForm Recliners™ Bio-Wall / Bench Seat 2003 Sarena Bay™ Export Owner’s Manual “No-float” angles These seats have been designed to accommodate your body’s natural buoyancy. They allow you to sit more comfortably and relax during jet use. Upright position Allows for better communication between spa users.

  • Page 15: Bench Seat, Pivot Seat

    Bench Seat Pivot Seat 2003 Sarena Bay™ Export Owner’s Manual Open Design Promotes freedom of movement. (Patent Foot jets with adjustable and Tactile Therapy Pending) System interchangeable jets. Tactile Therapy Pending) Unique jetting Designed around specific muscle groups. pattern Adjustable jets Features 16 adjustable and interchangeable jets.

  • Page 16: Frontal Therapy Seat, Sport Zone Seat

    Features adjustable and interchangeable jets. Frontal therapy This seat has two large jets directed at the front part of the upper and lower body – exclusive to Dimension One Spas Inc. Unique aesthetic “Wrap-around” cocoon-style seat cradles design you in comfort and security.

  • Page 17: Additional Design Features, Top Side Control

    Additional Design Features Top Side Control 2003 Sarena Bay™ Export Owner’s Manual Scrolling Message Provides full control of all spa functions, displays status, informational Center and error messages in the Digital Display Window. For more information on using this control, refer to the Scrolling Message Center section.

  • Page 18: Dynamic Massage Sequencer, Fountain, Synchronous Spa Lights, Ptc Switches

    Dynamic Massage Sequencer Fountain Synchronous Spa Lights PTC Switches 2003 Sarena Bay™ Export Owner’s Manual Dynamic Massage Provides full control of all special Sequencer massage sequences. You can also control the lights and the jet pump for your BioForm Recliner™ Seat. For...

  • Page 19: Weir Basket / Skimmer, Hydrosport™ / Optimounts, Soft Tile Pillow

    Weir Basket / Skimmer (Patent Pending) Tactile Therapy HydroSport™ / OptiMounts™ Soft Tile Pillow 2003 Sarena Bay™ Export Owner’s Manual Large Canister Filter Each Weir Basket houses a Dimension One Spas Inc. Canister Filter with 22.9 square meters (75 square feet) of filtration providing a total of 45.7...

  • Page 20: Neckflex™ Jet Pillow, Jet System Selector Valve, Infrared Sensor

    NeckFlex™ Jet Pillow Jet System Selector Valve InfraRed Sensor 2003 Sarena Bay™ Export Owner’s Manual Adjustable The NeckFlex™ Jet Pillow offers five height adjustable positions to accommodate different body sizes. Interchangeable Jets Mini directional jets can be interchanged with rotating jets and are adjustable for water volume.

  • Page 21: Ultrapure™ Water Management System, Vision, Smart Heat, Load Sharing

    Smart Heat On all Dimension One Spas, when the water temperature is at least 0.55° C (≅1° F) below the set temperature the heater will turn on and remain on until the water temperature rises to 0.55° C (≅1° F) above the set temperature.

  • Page 22: Hydrosport Aquatic Fitness Gear (optional), D1 Remote Control (optional)

    – even when you aren’t using the spa. The Sonic Immersion System provides an “extra dimension” to your Sarena Bay’s AudioTherapy capabilities. Additionally, it can be operated remotely using the remote control provided with the system, or the optional “floatable”...

  • Page 23: Initial Startup

    Next, check the fittings on the two circulation pumps located at the bottom of the Lower Equipment Compartment to make sure they do not leak. 2003 Sarena Bay™ Export Owner’s Manual...

  • Page 24

    OptiMount™ located next to the Skimmer/Filter Basket on the right side of Top Side Control. 14. Once the spa is full, turn on the circuit breaker (not supplied by Dimension One Spas). Flashing dashed lines will appear for 30 seconds on the Digital Display Window followed by the current water temperature (flashing).

  • Page 25

    Initial start-up, you can confirm that the heater is on by looking to see that the heat LED indicator located on the right side of the hot tub control panel is illuminated. A scrolling message will also appear on the lower line of the Digital Display Window reading SPA HEATING TO _ _ _°...

  • Page 26

    Care Guide for easy steps to maintaining clean and safe water. The schedule shown may require more frequent adjustment depending on the bather load. 14. Place the thermal cover on the hot tub to conserve energy and to keep it ready for use. 2003 Sarena Bay™...

  • Page 27: Digital Display Window, Operation, Using The Top Side Controls, Scrolling Message Center

    Advanced microprocessor technology has been utilized to produce the Scrolling Message Center. The most technologically advanced hot tub control in the world is also the easiest to operate. Dimension One Spas has put every hot tub function within fingertip control. Temperature setting, jet power control, the hot tub light and all other functions are spa-side accessible.

  • Page 28: Jets 1&2 Button, Jet Pump 3 Button

    Feature Additionally, this feature allows for convenient filtration immediately after use of the hot tub by letting you “push the Jets Button” as you leave to get an additional 30/45/60 minutes of filtering. When the Jets 3 Button is pushed: •...

  • Page 29: Water Feature Button, Up / Down Buttons

    After 5 seconds, the display will automatically display the current water temperature again. The water temperature may be adjusted from 15° C (≅59° F) and 40° C (≅104° F). 2003 Sarena Bay™ Export Owner’s Manual Programming the Scrolling Message Center...

  • Page 30: Light / Enter Button, Program Button

    Light / Enter Button PROGRAM Button 2003 Sarena Bay™ Export Owner’s Manual Push the Light / Enter Button to control your Dynamic LED lighting. This includes both the Fountain and the Spa lights, which are synchronized to operate together. The lights have three basic Color Effects you can choose. Simply press the Light / Enter Button until you find the one you want.

  • Page 31: Heat Status Light, Dimension One Spas Icon (logo), Rinse Filters, Clean Filters

    Digital Display Window and a cooling cycle will start. The time of day can be viewed by pushing the Dimension One Spas ICON®- logo on the far right of the control panel. If no other button is pushed within 5 seconds, the display will revert to the hot tub water temperature reading.

  • Page 32: Change Water, Change Vision Cartridge, Spa Check Up, Overheat

    The system can dismiss and reset the maintenance messages by pushing and holding the Dimension One Spas ICON (logo)®, on the right end of the control, for 3 seconds. If you press the Dimension One Spas ICON (logo)® for 5 seconds when there is no maintenance message, it will put the spa in the “Standby”...

  • Page 33: Flashing Display And/or "check Water Level, Erroneous Temperature On The Display, Cooling

    Display Cooling The Dimension One Spas Scrolling Message Center Control has a battery back-up that will retain the time of day for 30 days – even without an active power source. Additionally, it will also keep your custom programming commands for up to 40 years without power. This battery back-up will Feature not provide power to heat or operate the hot tub.

  • Page 34: Summer Mode, Standby Mode, Setting The Time, Programming The Scrolling Message Center

    To initiate the programming sequence at any time, push and hold the Program Button for 3 seconds. If, within 10 seconds, you do not proceed with the hot tub programming, the hot tub will automatically exit the programming sequence and revert to the pre-set factory default settings.

  • Page 35: Filter Cycle Start Time, Filter Cycle Duration, Number Of Filter Cycles, Pump Run Time

    1, 2, 3, or 4 cycles per day. When your desired number of cycles appears on the Digital Display Window, push the PROGRAM Button to select it. The pre-set factory default is 1 cycles per day. Long and/or numerous filter cycles could cause overheating of the hot tub - especially in hot climates.

  • Page 36: Temperature Unit Selection, Vision Cartridge, Waterfall Run Time, Digital Display Window Invert, Control Panel Lock

    The invert feature will flip the text on the Digital Display Window play so it can be easily read from both inside and outside the hot tub. To invert the text, simply push the ENTER Button three times. To return the text to its original position, repeat this process - push the ENTER Button three times.

  • Page 37: Programming Lock, Programming Unlock, Control Panel Reset

    This function is used to completely reset the clock and all other system variables to the factory defaults. Please keep in mind that this resets all maintenance messages (clean filters, change water, etc.) as if the hot tub is being installed the day of the panel reset. To reset the control system all of the following buttons must be...

  • Page 38: Control Panel Description, Dynamic Massage Sequencer

    Control Panel Description LIGHT Button JETS Button 2003 Sarena Bay™ Export Owner’s Manual The LIGHT Button is used to turn the spa light on or off. The status light below the button will illuminate when the light is on. The spa light may be turned on/off with this button, or the one on the Top Side Control.

  • Page 39

    When a sequence is chosen, one or more LED in the figure will illuminate showing the active zones in that sequence. When you have selected the massage sequence you want, press the BEGIN/PAUSE Button to start your massage. 2003 Sarena Bay™ Export Owner’s Manual Massage Zone Description...

  • Page 40: Massage Zone Description

    SEQUENCE Indicator Lights Massage Zone Description The Dimension One Spas Dynamic Massage Sequencer lets you enjoy a wide variety of massage patterns on the most critical muscle groups of your body. You can choose from six automatic jetting sequences, managing six different zones, for a rapidly adjustable HydroTherapy massage session.

  • Page 41: Operating The Dynamic Massage Sequencer

    If the time between sequence changes is too fast or too slow, you can push the SPEED Button to increase or decrease the time between sequence changes. Five seconds is default. Other speeds available are 15 and 30 seconds. Note 2003 Sarena Bay™ Export Owner’s Manual ® that are water volume...

  • Page 42: Adjusting The Fountain, Adjusting Water Flow, Jet System Selector Valve

    D1 Spas Dealer or from our Virtual Showroom at www.D1Spas.com. Adjusting Water Flow Water flow can easily be adjusted in the following ways: Jet System Selector Valve The Sarena Bay™ is equipped with three Jet System Selector Valves. These valves can be used to divert jet...

  • Page 43: Adjustable And Interchangeable Jets, Standard Vcr Jets® – Directional, Standard Vcr Jets® – Rotator

    Adjustable and Interchangeable Jets The Sarena Bay™ contains three sizes of jets: Standard VCR Jets® – Directional Standard VCR Jets® – Rotator These jets may be adjusted for volume flow by turning the jet in either “clockwise” or “counter-clockwise” –...

  • Page 44: Mini Vcr Jets® – Rotator, Mini Vcr Jets® – Directional, Euro Jets – Directional

    Euro Jets – Directional. 2003 Sarena Bay™ Export Owner’s Manual These jets are rated at 30.3 LPM (8 GPM) and may be adjusted for volume flow by turning the jet in either “clockwise”...

  • Page 45: Routine Equipment Maintenance, Draining Your Equipment, Filter Cleaning

    Feature Filter Cleaning Before cleaning the filter element(s) place the spa in the “Standby” mode by pressing the Dimension One Spas ICON logo® for 5 seconds. Your system is equipped with two top access filter cartridges. We recommend that you clean the filters every month as preventative maintenance.

  • Page 46: Light Bulb Replacement, Surface Care, Ultralife Shell

    Your equipment has a very high quality finish. Stains and dirt will generally not adhere to the surface. We recommend cleaning the entire shell surface with Dimension One Spas’ Water Line Cleaner. You may also use Dimension One Spas’ ph/Alkalinity Increaser or mild cleaners like Soft Scrub. Be sure to thoroughly rinse the shell.

  • Page 47: Dimension One " Envirotect" Skirts And Vinyl Covers, Care For The Wood Spa Cabinet

    To protect your beautiful wood finish, re-stain it every 3-6 months with Dimension One Spas’ Redwood or Coastal Gray Stain, which serves as a good sealing agent for the wood. Please note that the cabinet is not warranted against reaction to natural weather conditions.

  • Page 48: Procedure For Winterizing

    16. Read all Directions and Safety Precautions on the Swimming Pool or Recreational Vehicle antifreeze bottle before opening and using. Ensure that it is non-toxic and safe for this use. Beware of and follow all safety precautions. 2003 Sarena Bay™ Export Owner’s Manual...

  • Page 49: Spring Time Startup

    Always check your system after any power failure to ensure that it is operational. Draining and not operating your system disables this feature. Caution For additional information about winterizing your spa, please contact your local Authorized Dimension One Spas dealer. 2003 Sarena Bay™ Export Owner’s Manual...

  • Page 50: Warranty Service Information

    Hot tub water chemistry is the responsibility of the hot tub owner. Cloudy, dirty or chemically unbalanced water and cleaning of the hot tub filter are also the responsibility of the hot tub owner. Hot tub shell or equipment damage caused by improper water maintenance. Serious damage can be caused if your hot tub water is not maintained carefully and correctly.

  • Page 51: Glossary Of Terms

    Free chlorine, bromine or iodine ions that are very strong oxidizers used to sanitize water. ICON Pad This is a pad accessed by pressing the Dimension One Spas Logo® on the far right of the Top Side Control Panel. Jets Return the water into the spa from the equipment.

  • Page 52

    Smart Heat (Available on Dimension One Spas only) Smart Heat optimizes heat recovery using the amperage that you have available. Along with computerized load sharing, that automatically recognizes the number of jet pumps in use, compares it with...

  • Page 53: Troubleshooting Guide, Heating System, Electrical System

    Motor over-heated while in use and automatic protective device has shut down pump(s) 2003 Sarena Bay™ Export Owner’s Manual Corrective Action Turn up the thermostat Clean filter Call for service Turn down the thermostat Call for service Call for service Fill with water to the bottom of the OptiMount™...

  • Page 54: Water System

    L.E.D.s appear on the display. Fountain The bottom of the doesn’t drain fountain has water that will not drain out. 2003 Sarena Bay™ Export Owner’s Manual Corrective Action Check water level Clean filter If problem persists: Turn off power Restart the system...

  • Page 55

    2003 Sarena Bay™ Export Owner’s Manual...

  • Page 56

    2003 Sarena Bay™ Export Owner’s Manual...

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