Dimension One Spas @home Dream HP Owner's Manual

Dimension one spas hot tub owner's manual.
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    2002 @ Home Hot Tubs Owner’s Manual...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    ROGRAMMABLE IGITAL Filter Cycle Start Time ...12 Filter Cycle Duration...12 Number of Filter Cycles...12 Temperature Unit Selection...12 ... 12 NITIAL TARTUP CARE FOR YOUR HOT TUB...14 ... 14 RAINING ... 14 ILTER LEANING ... 14 IGHT EPLACEMENT ARE FOR THE URFACE ...

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    2002 @ Home Hot Tubs Owner’s Manual...

  • Page 5: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS READ AND FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY When installing and using this electrical equipment, basic safety precautions should always be followed, including: Risk of Accidental Drowning. Extreme caution must be exercised to prevent unauthorized access by children. To avoid accidents, ensure that children cannot use this spa unless they are supervised at all times.

  • Page 6: Important Safety Instructions (csa Safety Information)

    To reduce the risk of electric shock, connect the local common bonding grid in the area of the hot tub or spa to these terminals with an insulated or bare copper conductor not smaller than No. 6 AWG.

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    2002 @ Home Hot Tubs Owner’s Manual Do not use drugs or alcohol before or during the use of a spa or hot tub to avoid unconsciousness and possible drowning. AVERTISSEMENT: POUR ÉVITER L’ÉVANOUISSEMENT ET LA NOYADE EVENTUELLE, NE PRENDRE NI DROGUE NI ALCOOL AVANT D’UTILISER UNE CUVE DE RELAXATION NI QUAND ON S’Y TROUVE.

  • Page 9: H Yperthermia

    Prolonged immersion in a spa or hot tub may be injurious to your health. AVERTISSEMENT: L’UTILISATION PROLONGÉE D’UNE CUVE DE RELAXATION PEUT TRE DANGEREUSE POUR LA SANTÉ. Do not permit electric appliances (such as a light, telephone, radio, television, etc.) within 1.5 m of this spa or hot tub.

  • Page 10: Do' And Don't

    Do not use the spa under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, or other drugs. Use of the spa under these conditions may lead to serious consequences. Always test the hot tub water temperature before entering the spa. Enter and exit the spa slowly. Wet surfaces can be very slippery.

  • Page 11: Dimension One Spas

    Each spa has been provided with a warning sign and an Important Notice label. This label outlines safety precautions. This sign should be permanently placed in a location that is visible to the spa user. Replacement signs can be obtained from: Dimension One Spas 2611 Business Park Drive Vista, CA 92083...

  • Page 12: Hot Tub Features, Neck Jet (dream Hp Model Only)

    Read all of the instructions and view your owner’s manual video for further reference on hot tub operation. If you have any questions, please contact your local Authorized Dimension One Spas Dealer. The following features are included on your hot tub: •...

  • Page 13: Programmable Digital Control

    Dimension One Spas has put every hot tub function within fingertip control. Temperature setting, jet power control, and the hot tub light are all spa-side accessible. That means you don’t have to get out of the hot tub to enjoy complete control of all hot tub functions.

  • Page 14

    6. JETS 2 Pad If your hot tub is equipped with a secondary pump (Dream HP, Sojourn HP and Cove HP) then you will have a JETS 2 pad. The first time the JETS 2 pad is pushed it will start the secondary (single speed pump) and when pushed a second time it will stop the secondary pump.

  • Page 15: D Igital D Isplay M Essages, Oh" – Overheat Protection

    110° F (43.3° C). Reset the power to the spa by resetting the GFCI breaker. If the problem recurs, turn off all power to the hot tub and contact your local Authorized Dimension One Spas Dealer, or authorized service...

  • Page 16: U Sing The P Rogrammable D Igital C Ontroller, Filter Cycle Start Time

    To initiate the programming sequence at any time, push and hold the PROGRAM pad for 3 seconds. If, within 10 seconds, you do not proceed with the hot tub programming, the hot tub will automatically exit the programming sequence and revert to the pre-set factory default settings. To exit the programming sequence at any time, do not press any pad for 10 seconds.

  • Page 17

    Inside the bag is a plastic hose bib. Screw the hose bib onto the male fitting located at the bottom of the hot tub on the pedestal, to the lower right of the equipment compartment. Close the valve on the side of the hose bib and screw the cap onto the end of the hose bib.

  • Page 18: Care For Your Hot Tub, Draining Your Hot Tub, F Ilter C Leaning

    Filter Cleaning Always turn off the power to the hot tub before cleaning the filter elements. Your hot tub is equipped with one or two top access filter cartridges. We recommend that you clean the filters every month as preventative maintenance.

  • Page 19: Granitex /quarite Plus, Care For The Wood Hot Tub Cabinet

    To protect your beautiful wood finish, re-stain it every 3-6 months with Dimension One Spas’ Redwood or Coastal Gray Stain, which serves as a good sealing agent for the wood. Please note that the cabinet is not warranted against reaction to natural weather conditions. The wood must be properly maintained.

  • Page 20: Care Of The Hot Tub Cover, S Pecial C Old W Eather I Nstructions

    All systems manufactured by Dimension One Spas are designed for rigorous winter use. They are insulated to keep operating costs down and to protect plumbing and equipment whenever the products are operational. Each product line incorporates freeze protection mode to maintain water circulation during freezing conditions whenever the system has proper electrical power and water level.

  • Page 21

    Tip the system onto one side. (The system will have some water remaining, which will add to the weight). Be sure to have enough people available to safely lift the weight of your system. Do not tip system onto equipment bay side. Close all jets, by turning jet faces counter clockwise.

  • Page 22: Spring Time Startup, Warranty Service Information

    Always check your system after any power failure to ensure that it is operational. Draining and not operating your system disables this feature. For additional information about winterizing your spa, please contact your local Authorized Dimension One Spas dealer.

  • Page 23: Glossary Of Terms

     Granitex /Quarite Plus This spa is insulated with high-density urethane foam for structural support and energy efficiency. When empty of water and left in the direct sunlight without the spa cover in place, the spa is vulnerable to ultra violet light or solar damage. Temperatures generated by sunlight can become concentrated in the shell surface causing the shell material to delaminate from the urethane foam packing.

  • Page 24: Troubleshooting Guide

    Clean filter Call for service Turn down the thermostat Call for service Call for service Fill hot tub to 6 inches (15.24 cm) below lip of spa Corrective Action Check circuit breaker and/or GFCI No action required Replace bulb Push JETS pad again to start another cycle If pump(s) will not restart when JETS pad is pushed, call for service Make sure that the equipment panel vent area is not blocked.

  • Page 25: Water System

    Water System Symptom Problem Pulsating jets Water level too low Jets are turned off No Jet Action, or action is Diverter Valve poor turned Dirty Filter Air lock 2002 @ Home Hot Tubs Owner’s Manual Corrective Action Fill with water to 1”(2.54 cm) to 2”(5..08cm) above bottom of the tile line Turn jet face clockwise to open Turn the Diverter Valve clockwise or counter clockwise Clean Filter...

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    2002 @ Home Hot Tubs Owner’s Manual...

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    2002 @ Home Hot Tubs Owner’s Manual...

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    2002 @ Home Hot Tubs Owner’s Manual...

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