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Philips 5274 - SpeechMike Pro - Trackball User Manual Page 8

User manual.
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8 _________________________________________________________________________ Philips SpeechMike User Manual
Click this button to close the application; the programmed buttons will no longer be activated.
Assigned Application:
If this field is empty (default) the current setting is applied to all Windows applications.
If you intend to assign a specific scheme to a certain application, then click the Browse button and browse for the *.exe file
of the desired application (e.g. the scheme notepad.scm for the Notepad application c:\Notepad path\notepad.exe).
You can also select the check box Enable Auto Assign to activate this setting.
Click this button to select the desired application for the Assigned Application function.
Show Buttons:
Click this button to select which SpeechMike model you wish to display the buttons for (SpeechMike Classic,
SpeechMike Classic
Programming the SpeechMike Buttons
To program the buttons of your SpeechMike, double click the desired button or select the
desired button in the button list by clicking on it and press the Button Properties button
to call up the Button Properties window.
Keyboard Input:
Keyboard input can be entered line by line and hotkey by hotkey in the field in this
window. The list box above will show the complete text and/or hotkeys configured for
the button/key combination selected in the buttons list. Each new command or text is
inserted at the end of an existing list.
By clicking the Hotkey or Text button next to the input line, you can specify whether
you want to assign a command/shortcut or a text to a SpeechMike button.
For a hotkey or a series of hotkeys, click Hotkey, then press the hotkey combination on your keyboard (such as Ctrl+N to
open a new document). It is recommended that you open the application for which you want to program hotkeys and switch
between the applications on your screen to check the correct input and execution of a shortcut right away.
For text or text blocks, click Text, type in the required text and finish by pressing the Enter key on your keyboard (do not
forget to press Enter to confirm each text block). For a new text line (carriage return) in your text block, press Enter.
If you want to insert a new hotkey or text at a specific position in the list of commands, place the cursor at the following
text/hotkey and start your new entry. The addition will be inserted immediately before the highlighted text/hotkey.
You can also enter a command to start an application. Select Text, enter !start *.exe (do not forget the '!') with the name of
the executable (.exe) file for the desired application and press the Enter key on your keyboard.
Click this button to move the selected command or text line up one line in the list.
Click this button to move the selected command or text line down one line in the list.
Delete Selected Item(s):
Select one or more lines of a command/text sequence and click this icon to delete the selected line(s).
Example scheme: Sample.scm
A basic sample for programming and working with customizable button settings has been prepared for you for Windows
1. Go to the Start menu, Programs, SpeechMike Driver Utility and select Control Application.
2. Click the Open icon; the Open dialog box appears.
3. Select the file Sample.scm and click Open.
4. In the SpeechMike Control window, click Hide to hide the control application on the taskbar.
5. Open Notepad.
6. Press the Fast Forward button on your SpeechMike Pro. The address of Philips Speech Processing, the date and time will
7. Next, press the INS/OVWR button; a reference text will show up on your screen.
8. Now press the Play/Stop button; a short text will be displayed.
9. Press the Fast Rewind button to display the last lines of the letter.
10. Finally, press the EOL button. The Find dialog box appears and will automatically start to look for "SpeechMike".
Note: This only works properly for the English version of Notepad due to the different shortcut letters.
For more information on how to program your own schemes, refer to the SpeechMike Control online help.
, SpeechMike Pro, or SpeechMike Pro


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