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Issued: 15.02.2006


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  • Page 3 FOREWORD Thank you for purchasing this KYMCO scooter and welcome to the family of KYMCO scooter riders. Please read this owner's manual carefully before riding so that you will be thoroughly familiar with the proper operation of your scooter controls, its features, capabilities, and limitations.
  • Page 4 READ THIS MANUAL CAREFULLY Your Owner's Manual contains important information on safety, operation, and maintenance. Any one who operates this scooter should carefully read and understand the contents of this manual before riding the scooter. SPECIAL MESSAGES Please read this manual and follow its instructions carefully. To emphasize special information the words WARNING CAUTION Note...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

  • Page 7: Scooter Safety

    SCOOTER SAFETY IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION Your scooter can provide many years of service and pleasure, if you take responsibility for your own safety and understand the challenges that you can meet on the road. There is much that you can do to protect yourself when you ride. You will find many helpful recommendations throughout this manual.
  • Page 8 For safe riding, it's important to inspect your scooter before every ride and perform all recommended maintenance. Never exceed load limits, and only use accessories that have been approved by KYMCO for this scooter. Inspection before riding Do not forget to perform an entire safety inspection to ensure the safety of the rider.
  • Page 9: Protective Apparel

    PROTECTIVE APPAREL For your safety, we strongly recommend that you always wear an approved scooter helmet, eye protection, boots, gloves, long pants, and a long-sleeved shirt or jacket whenever you ride. Helmets and protection Your helmet is your most important piece of riding gear because it offers the best protection against head injuries.
  • Page 10 (1)Wear gloves. (2)Clothes should be close-fitting. (3)Always wear an helmet. You should also wear a face shield or goggles. (4)Wear bright or reflective clothing. (5)Shoes should be close-fitting, have low heels and offer ankle protection. WARNING Not wearing a helmet increases the chance of serious injury or death in a crash.
  • Page 11: Load Limits And Guidelines

    LOAD LIMITS AND GUIDELINES These general guidelines may help you decide whether or how to equip your Center small box weight limit: 3 kg (6.6 lbs) scooter and how to load it safely. Center compartment weight Load limits limit:10 kg (22 lbs) Following are the load limits for your scooter: Rear carrier weight Maximum weight capacity (Includes the...
  • Page 12 Loading guidelines Improperly loading your scooter can affect its stability and handling. You should ride at reduced speeds whenever carrying cargo. Follow these guidelines whenever you carry a passenger or cargo: Check that both tires are properly inflated. To prevent loose items from creating a hazard, make sure that all cargo is securely tied down before you ride away Place cargo weight as close to the center of the scooter as possible.
  • Page 13 It is not possible for KYMCO to test each accessory on the market or combinations of all the available accessories; however, your dealer can assist you in selecting quality accessories and installing them correctly.
  • Page 14: Location Of The Warning And Specification Labels

    LOCATION OF THE WARNING AND SPECIFICATION LABELS CAUTIONS Before starting the engine, the side stand shall be kicked up to secure safety.
  • Page 15 (2): XCITING 500 AFI/XCITING 500 CAUTIONS Every 6000 km run should exchange the filter. CAUTIONS Never put any article between the rear side cover and the engine to avoid interference of riding.
  • Page 16 : Front 2.25kgf/cm Rear 2.50kgf/cm Load Capacity : Shield 1.5kg Clip assy center 3kg (As per KYMCO standard specification) (Note: The tire pressure must not overpass 2.50kgf/cm ! Check the motor oil level with the dipstick after refilling motor oil.
  • Page 17 CAUTION Mobile phone charge only, Use other appliance may cause damage. CAUTION DON'T WIPE WITH ORGANIC SOLVENT (EX: GAS, THINNER...ETC). USE NEUTRAL SOAP TO CLEAN WINDSHIELD.
  • Page 18: Parts Location

    PARTS LOCATION (04) (05) (03) (06) (02) (01) Fuel fill cap (02) Right rearview mirror (03) Hazard switch/Engine stop switch/Headlight switch/Start button (04) Instruments/Indicators (05) Passing switch/Headlight dimmer switch/Turn signal switch/Horn button (06) Left rearview mirror (07) Left rear suspension spring (01) preload adjuster (08)
  • Page 19 (10) (09) (11) (12) (09) Center small box (10) Throttle grip (11) Front brake lever (12) Front brake fluid reservoir (13) Rear brake fluid reservoir (14) Rear brake lever (15) Ignition switch (14) (15) (13)
  • Page 20 (19) Front small box (20) Coolant level (21) Side stand (22) Center stand (23) Left passenger footpeg (24) Air cleaner (XCITING 500 AFI/ XCITING 500) (25) Air cleaner (XCITING 250 AFI/ XCITING 250) (23) (24) (19) (25) (20) (21) (22)
  • Page 21 (26) (30) (29) (28) (27) (26) Cell phone fixed seat (27) Center compartment light/Cell phone socket (28) Seat (29) Adjustable backrest (30) Battery/Fuse box/Spare fuses (31) Right passenger footpeg (32) Oil filler cap/Dipstick (33) Parking brake lever (XCITING 500 AFI/ XCITING 500) (31) (32)
  • Page 22: Frame Number

    FRAME NUMBER The read frame number is stamped on right side of the frame. Always check that the frame number stamped on your scooter is the same written in document and warranty scooter is the same written in document and warranty card.
  • Page 23: Engine Number

    ENGINE NUMBER The engine number is stamped on left engine case. Please write down your engine number in place below. ENGINE NUMBER:...
  • Page 24: Key Number

    KEY NUMBER The key number (1) will be needed when you order replacement part. Record the number for your reference. IGNITION KEY NUMBER: SHUTTER KEY NUMBER: (1) Ignition key number (2) Ignition key (3) Shutter key number (4) Shutter key...
  • Page 25: Controls

    CONTROLS OPEN KEYS This scooter has two ignition switch keys and shutter keys. IGNITION SWITCH To open the ignition key-hole shutter with shutter key: Select the shutter key "OPEN" side upward and insert the shutter key into the hole at the ignition switch. To shut the ignition key-hole shutter with shutter SHUT key:...
  • Page 26 Function “ " Position: All electrical circuits are cut off. The engine will not start. " " Position: The ignition circuit is completed and engine can now be started. The key cannot be removed from the ignition switch. “ " Position: To lock the steering, turn the handlebar all the way to the left.
  • Page 27: Instrument And Indicators

    INSTRUMENT AND INDICATORS (10) Service Mode (21) (11) (13) (12) (20) (19) (18) (17) (16) (15) (14) NOTE: The indicator of multi-metee will run from zero to maxi limit then zero when connecting the battery (at the state of ignition switch turn on ) and resetting the position of pointer (if the position of pointer is confused)
  • Page 28 (1) Oil pressure warning indicator" " (3) Battery charge telltale Lights when the engine oil pressure is below If the telltale comes on while driving, this normal operating range, should light when indicates the battery voltage is below 11V. ignition switch is ON " "...
  • Page 29 (8) Fuel refill Indicator" " (13) Cell phone socket indicator Lights when the fuel tank is empty or nearly so Lights when the cell phone socket is used. and you should refill the tank as soon as (14) Coolant temperature gauge possible.
  • Page 30 CELP system. Push this button to adjust the hour display. If it comes on at any other time, reduce speed and take the motorcycle to your KYMCO dealer (19) Oil service indicator as soom as possible. If the oil service indicator comes on while...
  • Page 31: Right Handlebar Switch

    RIGHT HANDLEBAR SWITCH Headlight switch (1) " " position The headlight and taillight turn on. " " position The position light and taillight turn on. " " position The headlight and taillight turn off. Electric starter button " " (2) Push in the electric starter button to rotate the starter motor.
  • Page 32 Engine stop switch (3) " " position The ignition circuit is off. The engine cannot start or run. " " position The ignition circuit is on and the engine can run. Hazard switch " "(4) " "At this position, the right and left turn signal lights wink together.
  • Page 33: Left Handlebar Switch

    LEFT HANDLEBAR SWITCH Turn signal switch (1) Use the turn signal switch while turning to another direction or shifting to another lane. The turn signal light will wink when the switch is operated, " " For turning to the "left". "...
  • Page 34: Brakes

    BRAKES Combination brake lever (Left handlebar) The front and rear brakes are applied by squeezing the combination brake lever gently towards the grip. The brake light will be lit when the lever is squeezed inward. Front brake lever (Right handlebar) The brake is applied by squeezing the front brake lever gently towards the grip.
  • Page 35 Parking brake (XCITING 500 AFI/XCITING 500) To apply To apply the parking brake: Pull in the parking brake lever (1) to lock the rear wheel. To release the parking brake: To release the parking brake lever while light pulling in the lever and pushing the release knob (2).
  • Page 36: Fuel Fill Cap

    FUEL FILL CAP To open the fuel fill cap: Insert the ignition key in the ignition switch and turn it to the " " position (the key can not remove). Rotate the key clockwise to the " " position and open the fuel fill cap (1).
  • Page 37 To lock the fuel fill cap: Push fuel fill cap down into place. WARNING Petrol is highly flammable and explosive. You can be burned or seriously injured when handling fuel. Stop the engine and keep heat, sparks, and flame away. Refuel only out doors.
  • Page 38: Front Small Box

    FRONT SMALL BOX To open To open: Insert the ignition key (2) and turn it clockwise. To close: 1. Holding the front small box lid (2) closed, turn the ignition key counterclockwise. 2. Remove the key. WARNING Open the box lid while riding can be hazardous. Removing a hand from the handlebars can To close reduce your ability to control the scooter.
  • Page 39: Center Small Box

    CENTER SMALL BOX To open the box by pull up the lever (2) of the center Pull small box cover (1). To lock the box cover , push down on the box cover until it locks. WARNING Open the box cover while riding can be hazardous.
  • Page 40: Seat

    SEAT To unlock the seat " ": (1) Ignition key at the " " position (The engine is running.): Push the key and turn it counterclockwise from " " to " " position. (2) Ignition key at the " " position (The engine is stopped.): Turn it counterclockwise from "...
  • Page 41: Adjustable Backrest

    ADJUSTABLE BACKREST The seat is equipped with a backrest (1) which allows the seat to be adjusted according to the riders preference or physical condition. To adjust: Open the seat (see page 34) , Pull the locking lever (2) left on the back and move the backrest back and forth according to the riders preference or physical condition.
  • Page 42: Center Compartment

    CENTER COMPARTMENT The center compartment is below the seat. Opening and closing: See "SEAT" (page 34) MAXIMUM WEIGHT LIMIT: 10kg (22 lbs) CAUTION Never exceed the maximum weight limit; handling and stability may be severely affected. The center compartment may become heated by the engine.
  • Page 43: Center Compartment Light

    CENTER COMPARTMENT LIGHT The center compartment light (1) will be turned ON automatically when the seat is opened. Kept ON as long as the seat is opened regardless of the position of the main switch. CELL PHONE SOCKET & CELL PHONE FIXED SEAT Pull socket cap (2) out and inserting the cell phone charger into the socket.
  • Page 44 Operation method Take the fasten band off, then pressing the button to make the pressure plate sprang open. Put the cell phone at proper position on the cell phone fixed seat, then push the pressure plate left. Banding the fasten band, then insert the cell phone charger into the socket. CAUTION Do not plug in any heat-generating accessory such as an automobile...
  • Page 45: Helmet Holders

    HELMET HOLDERS To use the helmet holders, unlock the seat (see page 34) hook your helmet fastener ring to the holder and lock the seat securely. WARNING Riding with a helmet attached to the holder can interfere with the rear wheel or suspension and could cause a crash in which you can be seriously hurt or killed.
  • Page 46: Stand

    STAND This scooter is equipped with a center stand and side stand. Center stand (1) To place the scooter on the center stand, place your foot on the stand extension and then rock the scooter to the rear and upward with the passenger hand rail with your right hand, while steadying the handlebars with your left hand.
  • Page 47 WARNING Riding with the side stand incompletely retracted can result in an accident when you turn left. Check operation of the side stand/ignition interlock system before riding. Always retract the side stand completely before starting off. CAUTION Park the scooter on firm, level ground to help prevent it from falling over.
  • Page 48: Suspension

    SUSPENSION Each shock absorber (1) has 5 adjustment positions for different load or riding conditions. 1 2 3 4 Use a pin spanner (2) to adjust the rear shocks. Always adjust the shock absorber position in sequence (1-2-3-4-5 or 5-4-3-2-1). Attempting to adjust directly from 1 to 5 or 5 to 1 may damage the shock absorber.
  • Page 49: Diagnostic Tool Connector (xciting 500 Afi/xciting 250 Afi)

    DIAGNOSTIC TOOL CONNECTOR (XCITING 500 AFI/XCITING 250 AFI) The diagnostic tool connector (1) located right of the battery in the battery box. We recommend this item be serviced only by your KYMCO dealer. This scooter apply this connector for fuel system condition inspection.
  • Page 50: Pre-ride Inspection

    If you detect make sure there is no brake fluid leakage any problem, be sure you take care of it, or (page 89) have it corrected by your KYMCO dealer. 5. Tires: check condition and pressure (page WARNING Improperly maintaining this scooter or 6.
  • Page 51: Operation

    OPERATION STARTING THE ENGINE Always follow the proper starting procedure described below. This scooter is equipped with a side stand ignition cut-off system. The engine cannot be started if the side stand is down. A running engine will shut off if the side stand is lowered. To protect the catalytic converter in your scooter's exhaust system, avoid extending idling and the use of leaded petrol.
  • Page 52 1. Place the scooter on its center stand and make sure to put the side stand up. 2. Lock the rear wheel by applying the parking brake lever (XCITING 500 AFI/XCITING 500). CAUTION Contact with the spinning rear wheel can cause you to be hurt.
  • Page 53 3. Open the ignition key-hole shutter and make sure the engine stop switch is at " " (RUN). 4. Turn the ignition switch to " " (ON) Confirm the red low oil pressure indicator is ON. The low oil pressure indicator should go off a few seconds after the engine starts.
  • Page 54 6. With the throttle closed, push the starter button. Release the starter button as soon as the engine starts. 7. Be sure to keep the throttle closed and the parking brake locked (XCITING 500 AFI/XCITING 500) while warming up the engine. 8.
  • Page 55 2. Open the throttle 1/8 - 1/4 turn while starting the engine. Ignition cut off (XCITING 500 AFI/XCITING 250 AFI) XCITING 500 AFI/XCITING 250 AFI is designed to automatically stop the engine and fuel pump if the scooter is over-turned (a angle detect sensor cuts off the ignition system).
  • Page 56: Riding

    RIDING Allow the engine oil to circulate before riding Allow sufficient idling time after warm or cold engine start up before applying load or revving the engine. This allows time for the lubricating oil to reach all critical engine components. Review scooter safety (page 1 - 7) before you ride.
  • Page 57 2. Stand on the left side of the scooter and push it forward and off the center stand. 3. Mount the scooter from the left side keeping at least one foot on the ground to steady the scooter.
  • Page 58 4. Unlock the rear wheel by releasing the parking brake lever (XCITING 500 AFI/XCITING 500). 5. Before starting off, indicate your direction with the turn signals, and check for safe traffic conditions. Grasp the handlebars firmly with both hands. Never attempt one- handed operation;...
  • Page 59 6. To accelerate, open the throttle gradually; the scooter will move forward. Do not "BLIP" the throttle (open and close rapidly) as the scooter will move forward suddenly, causing possible loss of control. 7. To decelerate, close throttle. 8. When slowing down the scooter, coordination of the throttle and front and rear brakes is most important.
  • Page 60 9. When approaching a corner or turn, close the throttle fully and slow the scooter down by applying both front and rear brakes at the same time. 10. After completing the turn, open the throttle gradually to accelerate the scooter. 11.
  • Page 61: Parking

    12. When riding on wet or loose surfaces, be PARKING especially cautious. 1. After stopping the scooter turn the ignition When riding in wet or rainy conditions or on switch counterclockwise to the " " (OFF) loose surfaces, the ability to maneuver and position and remove the key.
  • Page 62 3. Lock the steering ( see page 20) to help prevent theft. WARNING The exhaust pipe and muffler become very hot during A hot muffler can burn you. operation and remain sufficiently hot to inflict burns if The muffler will be hot touched even after shutting off the engine.
  • Page 63: Break-in (running In)

    BREAK-IN (RUNNING-IN) Vary the engine speed The first 1600 km (1000 miles) are the most The engine speed should be varied and not important in the life of your scooter. Proper held at a constant speed. This allows the parts break-in operation during this time will help to be "loaded"...
  • Page 64 Breaking in the new tires Observe your first and most critical service New tires need proper break-in to assure The 1000 km (600 miles) service is the most maximum performance, just as the engine important service your scooter will receive. does.
  • Page 65: Inspection And Maintenance

    Only run the engine outdoors where If your overturns or becomes involved in a there is fresh air. crash, be sure your KYMCO dealer inspects all major parts, even if you are able to make some repairs.
  • Page 66: Maintenance Schedule (xciting 500 Afi/xciting 500)

    * * Should be serviced by your KYMCO dealer, unless the owner has the proper tools and service data Should b ur KYMC YMCO CO dealer, and is mechanically qualified.
  • Page 69: Maintenance Schedule

    * Should be serviced by your KYMCO dealer, unless the owner has the proper tools and service data be service iced by y y your ur KYMC ler, unless ss the ow and is mechanically qualified.
  • Page 72: Tool Kit

    TOOL KIT To assist you in the performance of periodic maintenance, a tool kit (1) is supplied and located under the seat (see page 34) CRANKCASE BREATHER 1. Remove the crankcase breather tube plug (2) from the tube and drain deposits into a suitable container. 2.
  • Page 73: Engine Oil

    ENGINE OIL OIL VISCOSITIES Engine oil recommendation Use a premium quality 4-stroke motor oil to ensure longer service life of your scooter. Use only oils which are rated, SJ under the API Single service classification. The recommended viscosity is SAE 5W-50. If a SAE 5W-50 Garde motor oil is not available, select an alternative according to the right chart.
  • Page 74 Engine oil level check Check the engine oil level each day before riding the scooter. The level must be maintained between the upper (1) and lower level (2) marks on the oil filler cap/dipstick. 1. Start the engine and let it idle for a few minutes. Make sure the red low oil pressure indicator goes off.
  • Page 75 Engine oil replacement Engine oil quality is the chief factor affecting engine service life. Change the engine oil as specified in the maintenance schedule (see page 60 or 63) When running in very dusty conditions, oil changes should be performed more frequently than specified in the maintenance schedule.
  • Page 76 Oil capacity (after draining): XCITING 500 AFI/XCITING 500: 2.0 liter (2.1 US qt, 1.8 lmp qt) XCITING 250 AFI/XCITING 250: 0.9 liter (0.95 US qt, 0.8 lmp qt) - 6. Start the engine and let it idle for 2 3 minutes.
  • Page 77 KYMCO dealer perform this service. If a torque wrench is not used for this installation, see your KYMCO dealer as soon as possible to verify proper assembly. Change the engine oil with the engine at normal operating temperature and the scooter on its center stand to assure complete and rapid draining.
  • Page 78 2. Place a drain pan under the crankcase and remove the oil strainer screen cap (2). The spring (3) and oil strainer screen (4) will come out when the drain plug is removed. 3. Clean the oil strainer screen. 4. Check that the oil strainer screen, sealing rubber and drain plug O-ring are in good condition.
  • Page 79 5. XCITING 500 AFI/XCITING 500: XCITING 500 AFI/XCITING 500 Remove the rubber sleeve (5) by removing the clip (6). 6. XCITING 500 AFI/XCITING 500: XCITING 500 AFI/XCITING 500 Remove the oil filter cartridge (7) with a filter wrench and let the remaining oil drain out. Discard the oil filter cartridge.
  • Page 80 12 N-m (1.2 kgf-m, 8 lbf-ft) Use only the KYMCO genuine oil filter cartridge or a filter cartridge of equivalent quality specified for your model. Using the wrong KYMCO filter cartridge or a non-KYMCO filter cartridge which is not of equivalent quality may cause engine damage.
  • Page 81 (see page 67) Oil capacity (after draining and oil filter change): XCITING 500 AFI/XCITING 500: 2.1 liter (2.2 US qt, 1.9 lmp qt) XCITING 250 AFI/XCITING 250: 0.9 liter (0.95 US qt, 0.8 lmp qt) 11. Install the oil filler cap/dipstick. -...
  • Page 82: Transmission Oil

    TRANSMISSION OIL XCITING 500 AFI/XCITING 500 Oil change 1. Place the scooter in its center stand. 2. Remove the transmission oil drain bolt (1). XCITING 250 XCITING 250/XCITING 250 AFI...
  • Page 83 Oil capacity (at draining): XCITING 500 AFI/XCITING 500: 0.45 liter (0.48 US qt, 0.4 lmp qt) XCITING 250 AFI/XCITING 250: XCITING 250/XCITING 250 AFI 0.18 liter (0.2 US qt, 0.16 lmp qt) 5. Install the transmission oil filler bolt with a new sealing washer and tighten it.
  • Page 84: Air Cleaner

    AIR CLEANER The air cleaner should be serviced at regular intervals. Push Push Service more frequently when riding in unusually wet or dusty areas. Air cleaner element (XCITING 500 AFI/XCITING 500): 1. Open seat (see page 34) 2. Remove air cleaner cover (1). 3.
  • Page 85 4. Remove the air cleaner element (3) by pull it out. 5. Discard the air cleaner element. 6. Install a new air cleaner element. Use the KYMCO genuine air cleaner element or an equivalent air cleaner element specified for your model. Using the...
  • Page 86 Air cleaner element (XCITING 250/XCITING 250 AFI): The air cleaner element (1) should be replaced by a KYMCO dealer, unless the owner has proper tools and service data and is mechanically qualified. Use the KYMCO genuine air cleaner element or an equivalent air cleaner element specified for your model.
  • Page 87: Throttle Operation

    THROTTLE OPERATION 1. Check for smooth rotation of the throttle grip from the fully open to the fully closed position at both full steering positions. - 2 6 mm - (0.08 0.24 in) 2. Measure the throttle grip free play at the throttle grip flange.
  • Page 88: Idle Speed

    IDLE SPEED The engine must be at normal operating temperature for accurate idle speed adjustment. Ten minutes of stop-and- go riding is sufficient. Push 1. Warm up the engine place the scooter on its center stand. 2. Open the seat (see page 34) 3.
  • Page 89 XCITING 500: 1400 100 rpm XCITING 250: 1700 100 rpm NOTE: It is not necessary to adjust idle speed for XCITING 250 AFI. The throttle body is factory pre-set, do not loosen or tighten the painted bolts and screws of the throttle body.
  • Page 90: Spark Plug

    XCITING 250 AFI/250: Never use a spark plug with an improper heat range. 0.8 - 0.9 mm Severe engine damage could result. (0.032 - 0.036 in) Recommended plug: XCITING 500 AFI: CR7E XCITING 500: CR8E XCITING 250: DPR7EA-9 XCITING 250 AFI: DPR6EA-9...
  • Page 91: Coolant

    (2). Always add coolant to the reserve tank. Do not attempt to add coolant by removing the radiator cap. If the reserve tank is empty, or if coolant loss is excessive, check for leaks and see your KYMCO dealer for repair.
  • Page 92 Coolant replacement Coolant recommendation Coolant should be replaced by a KYMCO The owner must properly maintain the coolant dealer, unless the owner has proper tools and to prevent freezing, overheating, and corrosion, service data and is mechanically qualified. use only high quality ethylene glycol antifreeze containing corrosion protection inhibitors Always add coolant to the reserve tank.
  • Page 93: Front And Rear Suspension Inspection

    FRONT AND REAR SUSPENSION INSPECTION A higher concentration of antifreeze decreases the cooling system performance and is 1. Check the fork assembly by locking the front recommended only when additional protection brake and pumping the fork up and down vigorously. Suspension action should be against freezing is needed.
  • Page 94: Side Stand

    2. Put the side stand up and start the engine. 3. Lower the side stand. The engine should stop as you put the side stand down. If the side stand system does not operate as described, see your KYMCO dealer for service. Side stand down...
  • Page 95: Brake Lever Adjuster

    BRAKE LEVER ADJUSTER There is an adjuster on both the brake levers. Each adjuster has 4 positions so that the released lever position can be adjusted to suit the operator's hands. Push the lever (1) forward and turn the adjuster (2) to align the number with the arrow mark (3) on the lever holder.
  • Page 96: Brake Pad Wear

    Front right/left brake Check the cutout in each pad. If either pad is worn to the cutout, replace both pads as a set. See your KYMCO dealer for this service. Rear brake Check the cutout in each pad. If either pad is worn to the cutout, replace both pads as a...
  • Page 97: Parking Brake Operation (xciting 500 Afi/xciting 500)

    1. Stop the engine and put the scooter on its center stand on level ground. 2. Pull the parking brake lever slowly and check the lever stroke. - Standard: 3 6 notches If adjustment is necessary, have the brake adjusted by our KYMCO dealer for this service.
  • Page 98: Battery

    (sealed) type. If your battery seems weak and/or is leaking electrolyte (causing hard starting or other electrical troubles), contact your KYMCO dealer. NOTE: Your battery is a maintenance-free type and can be permanently damaged if the cap strip is removed.
  • Page 99 Battery removal (Always keep ignition switch is OFF) The battery is in the battery box below seat. 1. Open the seat (see page 34). 2. Remove the screws (1) and battery cover (2). 3. Remove the battery retainer (3). 4. Disconnect the negative (-) terminal lead (4) from the battery first, then disconnect the positive (+) terminal lead (5).
  • Page 100: Fuse Replacement

    Blown fuse When frequent fuse failure occurs, it usually indicates a short circuit or an overload in the electrical system. See your KYMCO dealer for repair. NOTE: Never use a fuse with a different rating from that specified. Serious damage to the electrical system or a fire may result, causing a dangerous loss of lights or engine power.
  • Page 101 Fuse box : The fuse box is located left side of the battery in the battery box . The specified fuses (2) are: 10A, 15A 1. Open the seat (see page 34) 2. Open the battery cover. (see page 93) 3.
  • Page 102 Charge fuse : The charge fuse is located right side of the battery in the battery box . The specified fuses (2) are: 1. Open the seat (see page 34) 2. Remove the battery (see page 93) 3. Disconnect the wire connector (1) of the starter magnetic switch.
  • Page 103: Tires

    TIRES WARNING WARNING Failure to follow these warnings may Failure to perform break-in of the tires result in an accident due to tire failure. could cause tire slip and loss of The tires on your scooter form the control. crucial link between your scooter and Use extra care when riding on new the road.
  • Page 104 Tire pressure Tire tread condition Insufficient air pressure in the tires not only Proper tire condition and proper tire type affect hastens tire wear but also seriously affects the vehicle performance. Cuts or cracks in the tires stability of the scooter. Under inflated tires can lead to tire failure and loss of vehicle make smooth cornering difficult and control.
  • Page 105 An improperly repaired, installed, or scooter control. balanced tire can cause loss of control or shorten tire life. Front Rear Ask your KYMCO dealer or qualified mechanic to perform tire repair, Size 120/70-15 150/70-14 replacement, and balancing because proper tools and experience are required.
  • Page 106 WARNING Failure to follow these instructions about tubeless tires may result in an accident due to tire failure. Tubeless tires require different service procedures than tube tires. Tubeless tires require an air-tight seal between the tire bead and wheel rim. Special tire irons and rim protectors or a specialized tire mounting machine must be used for removing and installing tires to prevent tire or rim damage which could result in an air leak.
  • Page 107: Cleaning

    CLEANING Clean your scooter regularly to protect the surface finishes and inspect for damage, wear, and oil, coolant or brake fluid leakage. Avoid cleaning products that are not specifically designed for scooter or automobile surfaces. They may contain harsh detergents or chemical solvents that could damage the metal, paint, and plastic on your scooter.
  • Page 108 3. Clean the plastic parts using a cloth or sponge dampened with a solution of mild detergent and water. Rub the soiled area gently rinsing it frequently with fresh water. Take care to keep brake fluid or chemical solvents off the scooter. They will damage the plastic and painted surfaces.
  • Page 109 6. Test the brakes before riding the scooter. Several applications may be necessary to restore normal braking performance. Braking efficiency may be temporarily impaired immediately after washing the scooter. Anticipate longer stopping distance to avoid a possible accident. Finishing touches After washing your scooter, consider using a commercially-available spray cleaner/polish or quality liquid or paste wax to finish the job.
  • Page 110 Removing road salt The salt contained in the road surface freezing prevention medicine which a road was sprayed with in winter, and the seawater becomes the cause which rust occurs in. Wash your scooter by the following point after it runs through such a place. 1.
  • Page 111 Clean the windshield Using plenty of water, clean the windshield with a soft cloth or sponge. (Avoid using detergents or any kind of chemical cleaner on the windshield.) Dry with a soft, clean cloth. To avoid possible scratching or other damage, use only water and a soft cloth or sponge to clean the windshield.
  • Page 112: Storage Guide

    STORAGE GUIDE Extended storage, such as for winter, requires that you take certain steps to reduce the effects of deterioration from non-use of the scooter. In addition, necessary repairs should be made before storing the scooter; otherwise, these repairs may be forgotten by the time the scooter is removed from storage.
  • Page 113 4. To prevent rusting in the cylinders, perform the following: . Remove the spark plug caps from the spark plugs, using tape or string, secure the caps to any convenient plastic body part so that they are positioned away from the spark plugs.
  • Page 114 Removal from storage 1. Uncover and clean the scooter. 2. Change the engine oil if more than 1 months have passed since the start of storage. 3. Charge the battery as required. Install the battery. 4. Drain any excess aerosol rust-inhibiting oil from the fuel tank. Fill the fuel tank with fresh petrol.
  • Page 115: Specifications (xciting 500 Afi/xciting 500)

    SPECIFICATIONS (XCITING 500 AFI/XCITING 500) NS (XCIT DIMENSIONS Overall length 2250 mm (90 in) Overall width 815 mm (32.6 in) Overall height height 1450 mm (58 in) Wheel base base 1570 mm (62.8 in) WEIGHT Dry weight 215 kg (473 lbs) 2 2 15 kg (473 lbs CAPACITIES Engine oil...
  • Page 116 ENGINE Bore and stroke 92 X75 mm (3.68 X 3 in) Compression ratio ratio 10.5:1 Displacement 498.5 cm (30.4 cu-in) Spark plug Standard (XCITING 500 AFI) ard (XCIT CR7E Standard (XCITING 500) ard (XCIT ITING 5 CR8E CR8E Idle speed 1300~1500 min (rpm) 1300~ 500 mi CHASSIS TRANSMISSION...
  • Page 117: Specifications (xciting 250afi/xciting 250)

    SPECIFICATIONS (XCITING 250/XCITING 250 AFI) NS (XCIT DIMENSIONS Overall length 2250 mm (90 in) Overall width 815 mm (32.6 in) Overall height height 1450 mm (58 in) Wheel base base 1570 mm (62.8 in) WEIGHT Dry weight 185 kg (407 lbs)
  • Page 118 72.7 X60 mm (2.91 X 2.4 in) Compression ratio ratio 10.6:1 Displacement 249.1 cm (15.2 cu-in) Spark plug Standard (XCITING 250) (XCIT DPR7EA-9 Standard(XCITING 250 AFI) ard(XCIT DPR6EA-9 Idle speed XCITING 250 NG 250 1600~1800 min (rpm) 1600~ 1800 m XCITING 250 AFI 1500...
  • Page 119 KWANG YANG MOTOR CO.,LTD. NO.35 Wan Hsing Street, San Min District Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Republic of China Telephone : 886-7-3822526 FAX : 886-7-3950021 By KWANG YANG Motor Co., Ltd. Second Edition, Feb 2006 All rights reserved. Any reproduction or unauthorized use without the written permission of KWANG YANG Motor Co., Ltd.
  • Page 122 KWANG YANG MOTOR CO.,LTD. NO.35 Wan Hsing Street, San Min District Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Republic of China Telephone : 886-7-3822526 FAX : 886-7-3950021...

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