Pioneer MEP-7000 Operating Instructions Manual

Pioneer MEP-7000 Operating Instructions Manual

Owner's manual
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The Pioneer website listed above provides answers to frequently asked questions, information about
software, and other up-to-date data of assistance to our customers.

Operating Instructions


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Pioneer MEP-7000

  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    MULTI ENTERTAINMENT PLAYER MEP-7000 The Pioneer website listed above provides answers to frequently asked questions, information about software, and other up-to-date data of assistance to our customers. Operating Instructions...
  • Page 2 Thank you for buying this Pioneer product. Please read through these operating instructions so you will know how to operate your model properly. After you have finished reading the instructions, put them away in a safe place for future reference.
  • Page 3: Operating Environment

    (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. Product Name: MULTI ENTERTAINMENT PLAYER Model Number: MEP-7000 Responsible Party Name: PIONEER ELECTRONICS SERVICE, INC. Address: 1925 E. DOMINGUEZ ST. LONG BEACH, CA 90801-1760, U.S.A. Phone: 1-800-421-1404...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    ABOUT OEL (ORGANIC EL) SCREENS ........68 CHANGING THE PLAY SPEED............ 38 ERROR MESSAGE DISPLAY ............69 APPLYING A MASTER TEMPO ........... 38 MEP-7000 UPDATES..............69 SETTING CUE POINTS..............38 SOFTWARE LIMITING CONDITIONS .......... 70 AUTO CUE FUNCTION ..............39...
  • Page 5: Features

    On the other hand, the control unit continues the tradition of Pioneer’s CDJ series of players in its panel layout, functions and operations;...
  • Page 7 MIDI DJ software is also supported. Further, by Furnished with large 80 mm jog dial with scratch function, designating the MEP-7000 as an audio output device, it can be allowing operations with the same sense of touch as an analog also used for audio output, thus eliminating the necessity of turntable.
  • Page 8 FADER START BACK CUE When connected to a Pioneer DJ Mixer, the mixer's fader control After storing the Cue point in memory, press the CUE button while can be used to perform quick start and back cue operations.
  • Page 9: Specifications

    Model ........
  • Page 10: Comfirm Accessories

    USB auxiliary power cable MEMO • MEP-7000 units marketed in China do not include the DJS software set. • Three instruction manuals are furnished (including the one you are reading). Please study these manuals in accord with your manner of use: –...
  • Page 11: Regarding Playable Discs And Files

    REGARDING PLAYABLE DISCS AND FILES REGARDING PLAYABLE DISCS AND FILES TYPES OF DISCS PLAYABLE ON THIS UNIT • Playable discs will display one of the following logo marks on the disc label, packaging, or jacket: Playable disc types and logos CD-TEXT CD-R CD-RW...
  • Page 12: About Mp3/Aac Disc Playback

    • When a connected USB storage device contains multiple partitions, only the initial partition can be used. CAUTION Depending on the device used, proper playback may not be possible with all USB storage devices. Pioneer assumes no responsibility for any loss of data resulting from connecting any given USB device to this unit.
  • Page 13: About Mp3 Files

    AAC data differs in file format and extension depending on the application used to create the data file. ® The MEP-7000 is capable of playing iTunes -encoded AAC files with extension .m4a, as well as .aac and .mp4 files. However, copy- protected files purchased at places like iTunes Music Store cannot be played.
  • Page 14: About Wav Files

    REGARDING PLAYABLE DISCS AND FILES ABOUT WAV FILES This unit supports WAV files subject to the following formats: Supported formats Supports 16-bit non-compressed PCM, with sampling frequency of 44.1 kHz. Track data Supports LST chunk. Displays title, album name, artist’s name. *1 File extension .wav *1 In order to display characters written in a local code other than Unicode, the UTILITY function must be used to set the language.
  • Page 15: Installation Guidelines

    Installing the MEP-7000 in an EIA rack The screw holes on the front panel of the MEP-7000 are designed Cleaning the Jog Dial for use in attaching the unit to a 19-inch EIA rack.
  • Page 16: Connections

    Using the accessory audio cable, connect the white plug to the L (left) channel connector and the red plug to the R (right) channel connector. By connecting the accessory control cord, this unit can be controlled from a Pioneer DJ-mixer so as to allow fader start play and back cue operations (except during relay play).
  • Page 17 CONNECTIONS 3. Connection to external monitor (pin-jack connector) Use these connections when you wish to output the center display images to a large screen, or when using CD-G Karaoke. After connecting this unit to the external monitor, the unit’s settings must be changed (see the item “MONITOR OUT” in the topic “[1] DISPLAY”...
  • Page 18 CONNECTIONS 5. Connecting a computer Make these connections in order to use the accessory DJS or other DJ software program. Drive unit Accessory Do not connect until you have installed the required driver USB cable in your computer. See “ABOUT THE DRIVER PROGRAM” Computer (P .51).
  • Page 19: Manipulator Style Connections

    CONNECTIONS MANIPULATOR STYLE CONNECTIONS These connections should be used when you wish to operate the accessory DJS or other DJ software without connecting the drive unit. Use the accessory USB auxiliary power cable and the normal USB cable to connect the control unit to the computer (connect the USB auxiliary power cable first).
  • Page 20: Parts And Their Functions

    PARTS AND THEIR FUNCTIONS PARTS AND THEIR FUNCTIONS FRONT PANEL Drive Unit EJECT EJECT MEP-7000 MULTI ENTERTAINMENT PLAYER POWER DISC DISC STOP REAR STOP Forced eject hole (P. 24) USB1 STOP button and indicator Press when removing a USB storage device from USB1 port.
  • Page 21 PARTS AND THEIR FUNCTIONS Time mode/auto cue button (TIME/A.CUE) 17 Function buttons (F1 to F6, from left) Switching between the functions allocated to the six function TIME: buttons can be performed by using the menu shown on the Each time the button is pressed, the display’s time display center display.
  • Page 22 PARTS AND THEIR FUNCTIONS Center Display Display A/Display B Track number display Displays the number of the track currently playing. TEMPO control range display (±6, ±10, ±16, WIDE) Displays the selected variable range mode of the TEMPO adjust slider. TEMPO change ratio display Main menu display Displays the change in tempo produced by the operation of the The center display’s menus are changed by using the...
  • Page 23: Rear Panel

    When the supplied control cord is used to connect this unit to household AC outlet. a Pioneer DJ mixer, the DJ mixer can be used to control this unit so as to perform fader start play and back cue operations.
  • Page 24: Handling Discs And Other Media

    HANDLING DISCS AND OTHER MEDIA HANDLING DISCS AND OTHER MEDIA LOADING AND REMOVING DISCS REGARDING FORCIBLE DISC EJECT If the EJECT () button fails to operate and a disc cannot be removed, insert the furnished forcible eject pin into the forcible eject hole on the front panel of the drive unit to allow the disc to be removed.
  • Page 25: Writing Management Data To A Usb Storage Device

    “PIONEER” (in HFS+ format, named “.PIONEER”). Note that if these data folders and their files are deleted, cue and other information created by the unit will be deleted.
  • Page 26 Depending on the device used, proper playback may Confirm that the indicator goes out. not be possible with all USB storage devices. Pioneer Confirm on the front panel that the red indicator for the assumes no responsibility for any loss of data connected port has change from flashing to off.
  • Page 27: Start Playback (Using Normal Connections)

    (Using normal connections) Using the MEP-7000, track selection can be performed on the center display from up to six kinds of music source, including two discs, two USB storage devices, a personal computer (DJ software), and playlists. The buttons needed for selecting each type of source are illustrated below.
  • Page 28: File Browsing And Library Browsing

    START PLAYBACK (Using normal connections)  Browse icons  File Browsing These icons indicate the types of items displayed in the browse Displays as-written structure of folders and files in selected window. source. Track Track (with memory cue) Track (currently playing on Controller A) Track (currently playing on Controller B) Track (currently playing on both ...
  • Page 29: Select The Track

    START PLAYBACK (Using normal connections)  Track menu SELECT THE TRACK If the rotary selector dial is pressed when a track is selected, the contents display will show the track menu and the rotary selector Press the BROWSE button. dial can then be used to execute the menu items: The BROWSE screen will appear.
  • Page 30: M3U File

    START PLAYBACK (Using normal connections) M3U FILE The MEP-7000 supports files in the m3u format. Files with the extension m3u are treated the same as folders; when selected with the cursor, the recorded tracks are shown on the contents display in the form of a playlist.
  • Page 31: Using A Keyword To Search For Tracks

    START PLAYBACK (Using normal connections) USING A KEYWORD TO SEARCH FOR TRACKS MEMO • Up to 3 000 tracks can be searched. You can search for tracks by inputting the title or name of artist. Use the rotary selector dial or USB keyboard to input the •...
  • Page 32: Track Selection With A Usb Keyboard

    START PLAYBACK (Using normal connections)  Keyword search for title and artist name TRACK SELECTION WITH A USB Use the TAB key to select the BROWSE screen. KEYBOARD Use the F11 key or F12 key to select either [ SEARCH] or By attaching a keyboard, track selection can be performed by inputting the initial characters of the track or folder name (track/ SEARCH] .
  • Page 33 START PLAYBACK (Using normal connections) Back Space [Char input mode] Deletes last character (during [Char input mode] Deletes last character (if only one track/folder name jump, if initial character is deleted, character is present, character is deleted but mode quits mode). does not change).
  • Page 34: Using The Playlist

    START PLAYBACK (Using normal connections) When a track’s original storage device (USB memory, CD-ROM/ USING THE PLAYLIST DVD-ROM, etc.) is not currently connected, that track’s name is grayed out on the display. This unit allows the user to prerecord desired tracks in a playlist, thus allowing quick track selection even when using large- capacity discs and USB storage devices.
  • Page 35 START PLAYBACK (Using normal connections)  Changing the playlist’s track order  Editing the name of a playlist Select the track you wish to move from the playlist. Select the desired playlist Press the rotary selector dial. Hold the rotary selector dial depressed for one second or •...
  • Page 36: Basic Controller Operations

    BASIC CONTROLLER OPERATIONS BASIC CONTROLLER OPERATIONS When the center display is used to select a track and the LOAD A button is pressed to load the track, subsequent play operations are performed with controller A (if LOAD B button is pressed, the track will be loaded into controller B). When a disc is inserted, Auto Play will function.
  • Page 37: Track Skip

    BASIC CONTROLLER OPERATIONS SWITCHING THE JOG MODE TRACK SKIP Press the SCRATCH or JOG BREAK buttons. The mode will switch to either the SCRATCH, JOG BREAK, or  Using the TRACK SEARCH (, ) buttons OFF mode. When the side with the flashing LED is pressed, the LED indicator goes out and the Jog mode is turned OFF.
  • Page 38: Changing The Play Speed

    BASIC CONTROLLER OPERATIONS CHANGING THE PLAY SPEED SETTING CUE POINTS By setting a cue point in memory, you can set the track to cue  Tempo adjustment standby instantly merely by pressing the CUE button. Slide the TEMPO adjust slider forward or back. ...
  • Page 39: Auto Cue Function

    BASIC CONTROLLER OPERATIONS AUTO CUE FUNCTION When a track is first loaded or track search is performed, this function automatically sets a cue point immediately before the point that music begins, and then sets the player to cue standby at that point.
  • Page 40: Advanced Operations Section

    ADVANCED OPERATIONS SECTION ADVANCED OPERATIONS SECTION LOOP PLAY CUE POINT/LOOP POINT MEMORY This unit can store cue points and loop points for future use. When  Create a loop. the tracks are on discs, the cue/loop points are stored in the unit’s Press the play/pause () button to start playback.
  • Page 41: Scratch Play

    ADVANCED OPERATIONS SECTION  To delete a cue point or loop information from EFFECT SCREEN memory When the EFFECT button is pressed, the center display will show Press the CUE/LOOP CALL button. the EFFECT screen, providing graphic expression to assist with When the CUE/LOOP CALL button is pressed, the cue point or scratch play and jog break play.
  • Page 42 ADVANCED OPERATIONS SECTION About SCRATCH About TRANS For more information, refer to the item “SCRATCH PLAY”. This produces an effect like temporarily muting the sound with the mixer’s cross fader. In linkage with the effect, the ball on the screen flashes while rotating. MEMO •...
  • Page 43 ADVANCED OPERATIONS SECTION [2] Jog break effect About ROLL In response to the rotation of the jog dial, the pitch and playback When jog mode is set to [JOG BREAK], the screen on the controller time are changed, and effect applied to the playback sound. side switches to jog break effect mode.
  • Page 44: Mix Screen

    ADVANCED OPERATIONS SECTION About WAH MIX SCREEN This function applies a filter that changes the cutoff frequency in response to the rotation of the jog dial. When the MIX button is pressed, the MIX screen appears in the In linkage to the effect, the WAH image animation is displayed (the center display, allowing easy mixing and playback of tracks.
  • Page 45 ADVANCED OPERATIONS SECTION  BPM SYNC  Instant Change Function Using the instant change function, you can switch from the Sets the BPM SYNC ON/OFF. currently playing track to another desired track at the timing of When BPM SYNC is set to ON, the tempo of the next track is your choice.
  • Page 46: About Fader Start Play

    When the accessory control cord is used to connect this unit’s are recorded, alternating between controllers A and B. CONTROL jack to the CONTROL jack of a Pioneer DJ mixer, when Press the MIX button. the DJ mixer’s channel fader lever is raised, the player’s CUE The MIX screen appears in the center display.
  • Page 47: About Djs Software

    ABOUT DJS SOFTWARE ABOUT DJS SOFTWARE Pioneer DJS is a software program that allows the use of MP3 files to control DJ play from a computer. Load the program into your computer from the supplied CD-ROM disc. MEMO • DJS is not equipped with functions for recording DJ play.
  • Page 48: Copyright Warning

    128-bit SSL. the copyright laws of individual countries as well as by • When this unit (MEP-7000) is connected to a computer and used international convention. You are solely responsible for the in conjunction with the DJS software, the computer must be lawful use of the recordings you make.
  • Page 49: Installing Djs Software

    • When using DJS on a computer whose Windows display • When using this unit (MEP-7000) in conjunction with the DJS language is other than one of those listed above, follow the software program, the software driver must be installed in the menu instructions to select [English].
  • Page 50: Notes Regarding Trial Period And User Registration

    DJS software, a new user’s registration and “Registration ID” must be issued to unlock the software beyond the trial  Pioneer shall not be held responsible for reissuing license keys period. Also, the initial “Registration ID” issued by Pioneer or registration IDs in the event of loss. Be sure to store your...
  • Page 51: About The Driver Program

    ABOUT THE DRIVER PROGRAM This unit is designed to control Pioneer DJS and other DJ software when connected to a computer. When connecting this unit to a Windows computer for use with DJ software, the software driver program must first be loaded into the computer.
  • Page 52 ABOUT THE DRIVER PROGRAM Follow the instructions that appear on the screen. When installation is completed, the [Installation is now • If the [Windows Security] screen appears during complete.] message will appear. Click on the [Finish] button installation, click on [Install this driver software anyway] to complete the process.
  • Page 53  Setting the buffer size this unit to operate DJS. The “DJS Control Guide” can be found The MEP-7000’s drive unit has been designed as an audio device under the name [manual_MEP-7000_control_en.pdf] in the compliant with ASIO (Audio Stream Input Output) standards.
  • Page 54: Using Dj Software

    Normal Style The playing setup whereby the MEP-7000 operates with the control unit and drive unit as a set is called “normal style.” In normal style play, when using a DJ software program, the MEP-7000’s drive unit is connected to a computer via a USB cable. The DJ software program is allocated as a source on the BROWSE screen the same as discs and USB storage devices, and switching between these sources is performed on the unit’s center display.
  • Page 55: Preparing Your Dj Software Program

    USING DJ SOFTWARE PREPARING YOUR DJ SOFTWARE PROGRAM Before using your DJ software program, you must prepare your computer and the DJ software. Do not connect the MEP-7000 to your computer until you have loaded the software driver! Dedicated communication-...
  • Page 56 A/B will show the currently playing track’s time data and title, together with the name of artist. • By designating the MEP-7000 as an audio output device in the For DJS: DJ software, tracks played with the DJ software can be output The center display will show the DJS BROWSE screen.
  • Page 57: Using Midi For Computer Control

    CD-ROM). Start the DJ software program. The icon will not change. Designate the MEP-7000 as an audio output device in the DJ software. In “Normal style”, designating the MEP-7000 as an audio output device will enable it to output tracks played from the DJ software.
  • Page 58 1, and Controller B set to Channel 2). operate the DJ software. MEMO • By designating the MEP-7000 as an audio output device in the DJ software, tracks played with the DJ program can be output from the drive unit.
  • Page 59: Midi Message Table

    USING DJ SOFTWARE MIDI MESSAGE TABLE Message Interface Interface Name Comments Type JOG DIAL General Linear value with respect to speeds from stop to 4x, 64 at Purpose stop; FWD direction: 65 (0.06x) to 127 (x4); REV direction: 63 Controller (0.06x) to 0 (4x).
  • Page 60 USING DJ SOFTWARE Message Interface Interface Name Comments Type ROTARY SELECTOR DIAL General 98 to 127, 1 to 30 (± 1 to ± 30), transmits count value Purpose difference from previous time. When ± 30 or more, becomes Controller ± 30. SELECT DOWN (>) OFF=0, ON=127 SELECT UP (<)
  • Page 61: Enjoying Cd-G Karaoke

    ENJOYING CD-G KARAOKE ENJOYING CD-G KARAOKE The MEP-7000 can playback CD-G discs and output images to an external monitor (MONITOR OUT) for Karaoke play. SELECT CD-G PLAY MODE MEMO • The CD-G images from the controller being played To play a CD-G disc, it is necessary to use the UTILITY screen to set corresponding to the lighted LOAD button will be visible on the the CD-G play mode.
  • Page 62: Using The Utility

    USING THE UTILITY USING THE UTILITY When the UTILITY button is pressed, the UTILITY screen appears, allowing setting of various device parameters, creation of libraries, and backup of user data. Function buttons UTILITY Rotary selector dial Select down ( ) button SETTINGS [1] DISPLAY Brightness, external output settings, etc.
  • Page 63 USB storage device already connected. playlists. disconnect and reconnect the USB device after changing the setting. Displays MEP-7000 version VERSION INFO information. *3 The LOAD LOCK function is disabled when a track is set with DJ software other than DJS.
  • Page 64: Creating Libraries

    • Libraries are created on the USB storage device in folders NOTE named PIONEER (or .PIONEER in the case of HFS+). • Any data stored in this unit will be overwritten, so any • When updating a library, information on deleted or added previously stored information will be lost.
  • Page 65: To Perform A Factory Reset

    USING THE UTILITY TO PERFORM A FACTORY RESET All unit settings can be restored to their factory default values by using the UTILITY screen (P. 62). The settings on TIME/REMAIN, A.CUE, and TEMPO range will also be restored to their factory default values (REMAIN, OFF, 10%).
  • Page 66: Troubleshooting

    If the problem in question continues to persist even after checking the troubleshooting table below and taking whatever corrective action is recommended, contact your nearest Pioneer Service Station or contact the store from which you purchased your player for further assistance.
  • Page 67 TROUBLESHOOTING Description of problem Possible cause of problem Recommended action A large amount of noise is • Disc is seriously warped or scratched. • Replace with new disc. generated when playing back a • Disc is unusually dusty or dirty. •...
  • Page 68: About The Lcd Screen

    • The BPM value measured by MEP-7000 may differ from the BPM value recorded on a CD or from our DJ mixer, but this difference is a result of differences in the BPM value measurement method; not a result of a fault with the player.
  • Page 69: Error Message Display

    If an error code other than any of the error codes listed in the table below is displayed or if the same error code is displayed even after corrective action has been taken, contact your nearest Pioneer Service Station or contact the store from which you purchased your player for assistance.
  • Page 70: Software Limiting Conditions

    TROUBLESHOOTING SOFTWARE LIMITING CONDITIONS Discs must be recorded in compatibility with ISO9660 file system. When recorded in UDF file system, the ISO9660 file system must be jointly recorded or the disc will not be playable. (For details consult the manufacturer of the applicable software.) On a single disc, no more than 2 000 folders and no more than 3 000 files can be Disc media displayed.
  • Page 71: Disclaimer

    DISCLAIMER DISCLAIMER • Pioneer and DJS are trademarks or registered trademarks of the Pioneer Corporation. • Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation, registered in the U.S. and other countries. Windows’ official name is “Microsoft Windows Operating System”.
  • Page 72 NOTE • When bringing the unit to your dealer or a Pioneer Service Center, bring all components of the system (drive unit, control unit, cables). • The DJ software program “DJS” not covered by the terms of free repair on the unit Warranty. When installing or using the DJS program, be sure to read and understand the terms of the End User License Agreement (P.

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