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Cleaning; Crossfader Replacement - AMERICAN AUDIO MX-1400 DSP User Manual And Reference Manual

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MX-1400 DSP
Due to fog residue, smoke, and dust, cleaning the mixer should be carried out periodically to residue
build up.
1. Use normal glass cleaner and a soft cloth to wipe down the outside casing.
2. Use a cleaner specially designed for electronics to spray in and around the knobs and switch.
This will reduce small particle built up that can effect the proper operation of the mixer.
3. Cleaning should be carried out every 30-60 days to prevent heavy built up.
4. Always be sure to dry all parts completely before plugging the mixer in.
Cleaning frequency depends on the environment in which the mixer operates (i.e. smoke, fog residue,
dust, dew).
MX-1400 DSP
The crossfader is "hot Swapable" which means it may be replaced at any time, even when power is
applied. Only replace with American Audio Part Feather Fader Plus. Replacing with any other model
fader may seriously damage your mixer.
Replacing the Crossfader:
Disconnect the mixers main power supply
Using a number two Phillips screw driver, unscrew the each of the stainless steel retain screws
that hold the crossfader in place.
gently remove the crossfader from its seated position. You may need to wiggle the crossfader
slightly to remove it.
After removing the crossfader, disconnect the ribbon cable that attaches the crossfader to the
PC board. grasp the crossfader by its base and pull the ribbon cable by its connector not the
actual cables. The connector is designed to only fit one way, so don't worry about the connec
tors orientation.
Connect the new crossfader to the ribbon cable and replace in reverse order.
American Audio
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