Attaching The Port Replicator - Fujitsu T2020 - LifeBook Tablet PC User Manual

Port replicator
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Air Vents
Air vents are used to cool the system to prevent overheating
To protect your notebook and/or port replicator
from damage and to optimize performance, be
sure to keep all air all vents unobstructed,
clean, and clear of debris. This may require
periodic cleaning, depending upon the
environment in which the system is used.
Do not operate the notebook in areas where the
air vents can be obstructed, such as in tight
enclosures or on soft surfaces like a bed.


The port replicator can be attached to your notebook while
the power is on, while in suspend mode, or while the power
is off.
1. Unplug the AC adapter from the system if it is connected
and any other connectors that are attached to the back
of the system.
The AC adapter must be plugged into the port
replicator in order to use all of the ports. If the
adapter is connected to the system, several of
the port replicator ports will not be usable.


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