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• All LifeBook DVD players are set to play DVD
• You can change the region code on the DVD
3. Place the media into the tray, label side up, with the hole
in the center of the disc. Snap the disc onto the raised
circle in the center of the tray.
4. Gently push the holder tray back in until you hear a
click. (Figure 6)
If you have disabled the Auto Insert
Notification Function, you will have to start
the drive from your desktop, since your
LifeBook notebook will not automatically
recognize that media has been loaded.
titles with region code number 1 which is
specified for the North American market. The
region number is a regional restriction code
defined by the DVD Forum acting on Holly-
wood requirements. Different region codes
are recorded on video DVD titles for publica-
tion in different areas of the world. If the
regional code of the DVD player does not
match the regional codes on the titles, then
playback is impossible.
player using the Properties menu of the DVD
software. Note, however, that you can only
change the region code up to four times.
After the fourth change, the last region code
entered becomes permanent, and cannot be


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