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    Owner’s Manual Professional Audio Equipment...

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    IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION WarnInG for your ProtectIon reaD tHe foLLoWInG: KEEP THESE INSTRUCTIONS HEED ALL WARNINGS FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS the symbols shown above are internationally accepted symbols that THE APPARATUS SHALL NOT BE ExPOSED TO DRIPPING OR SPLASHING LIqUID warn of potential hazards with electrical products. the lightning flash AND NO OBjECT FILLED WITH LIqUID, SUCH AS vASES, SHALL BE PLACED ON THE with arrowpoint in an equilateral triangle means that there are dangerous APPARATUS...

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    AstA approved to Bs1362. sandy, utah 84070, usA date: April 7, 2010 european contact: Your local digitech sales and service office or harman music Group If you want to dispose this product, do not mix it with general household waste. There is a...

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    Warranty We at DigiTech® are very proud of our products and back up each one we sell with the following warranty: 1. The warranty registration card must be mailed within ten days after purchase date to validate this warranty, or you can register via our website (www.digitech.com).

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Overview ..................3 Quick Start ..................4 Guided Tour - Front Panel .............10 Guided Tour - Rear Panel ...............16 Making Connections ..............19 Selecting a Loop ................22 Recording a Loop - Inst/Mic Input ..........24 Auto Record Mode .................26 Recording a Loop Using Auto Record ..........28 Recording Overdubs ..............30 Undo, Redo, and Clear ..............32 Undo an Overdub ..................

  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Loop / Single Phrases ..............46 Rhythm Type ...................48 Rhythm Out ....................49 Deleting Individual Loop Phrases ..........50 Erase All Loops - Internal Memory ..........52 Using Optional SD/SDHC Memory Cards ........54 Formatting SD Cards ................... 55 Unformatted Cards ..................55 Erase All Loops - Memory Card ...........56 Optional FS3X Footswitch ............58 JamManager Librarian Software ..........59...

  • Page 7: Overview

    The JamMan Stereo Looper can store 35 minutes of CD-quality loops in 99 internal memories and has an SD memory card expansion slot so you can store over 16 hours of material in an additional 99 slots. The JamMan Stereo features true stereo looping, reverse playback, and a mic input making it perfect for backing tracks or DJ applications.

  • Page 8: Quick Start

    LooP LeVeL RHYtHM LeVeL MIc LeVeL INst LeVeL the way down on the JamMan Stereo. Connect the PS-0913B power supply to the jack on the PoWeR JamMan Stereo. Connect the other end of the PS-0913B power supply to an AC outlet.

  • Page 9

    Quick Start 2. Select an Empty Loop Rotate the knob or use the footswitches until the seLect LooP UP/LooP DoWN LED and the LED are off. LooP sINgLe Turn the SELECT knob..until these LEDs are off. 3. Select the Record Mode Press the button repeatedly until the LED lights.

  • Page 10

    Quick Start 4. Adjust the Recording Level Set the knobs to 12 o’clock. Set the INst LeVeL LooP LeVeL RHYtHM LeVeL knob to the 9 o’clock position. Set the LOOP LEVEL to 12 o’clock Set the INST LEVEL and the RHYTHM LEVEL knob knob to 12 o’clock to 9 o’clock...

  • Page 11

    Quick Start 5. Start Recording Press the (lower left) footswitch to start recording. While Rec/PLaY/oVeRDUb recording, the footswitch and LEDs will light red. Rec/PLaY/oVeRDUb RecoRD Press the REC/PLAY/OVERDUB (lower left) footswitch. While recording, the RECORD and REC/PLAY/OVERDUB LEDs light solid red.

  • Page 12

    Quick Start 6. Start Loop Playback Press the (lower left) footswitch while recording to set Rec/PLaY/oVeRDUb the loop point and start playing back from the beginning. The Rec/PLaY/ footswitch and LEDs light green. Adjust the oVeRDUb PLaY LooP LeVeL knobs as needed. RHYtHM LeVeL Press the REC/PLAY/OVERDUB (lower left) footswitch while recording...

  • Page 13

    Quick Start 7. Stop Playback/Store the Loop Press the (lower right) footswitch to stop playback, then press teMPo/stoP button twice to store the loop. stoRe First press the TEMPO/STOP (lower right) footswitch to stop playback. Then press the STORE button twice to store the loop.

  • Page 14: Guided Tour - Front Panel

    Guided Tour - Front Panel Loop Level Controls the playback level of the loop phrase. Rhythm Level Controls the level of the Rhythm guide track. Loop/Single/Card Mem LEDs Loop LED This green LED indicates the current phrase memory is set to playback continuously as a loop when play is initiated.

  • Page 15

    Guided Tour - Front Panel recorded will be recorded as a loop phrase. Loop phrases can be converted to Single phrases and vice versa. The Loop LED will also flash during processes where the internal memory or optional SD memory is being accessed (loading a loop, Time Stretching, or store/ copy procedure).

  • Page 16

    A good practice is to set the Inst Level and Loop Level controls at the 12 o’clock position when using an electric guitar or bass. This provides a unity gain signal through the JamMan Stereo when connected to your amplifier.

  • Page 17

    Guided Tour - Front Panel Aux Input (Finish) LED This LED indicates the Aux Input is selected for recording (see page 34). When the Shift button is enabled, this LED will light when the “Finish” stop mode is selected for the Loop. Center –...

  • Page 18

    Guided Tour - Front Panel Press this button while the Shift button is lit to change the playback status of a recorded phrase. When the Loop LED is lit the phrase will play back in an endless loop. When the Single LED is lit, the phrase will play once and stop.

  • Page 19

    Guided Tour - Front Panel Loop Down Footswitch This footswitch selects the next lower loop memory. Press and hold this footswitch to scroll quickly through internal and optional SD card memories. Reverse (Rhythm Type) Button Press this button to make the recorded loop phrase play back in reverse.

  • Page 20: Guided Tour - Rear Panel

    Guided Tour - Rear Panel Mic Input Connect a microphone here. The mic input accepts low impedance dynamic or self-powered condenser microphones. The mic input is recorded to both left and right channels of a loop recorded in the JamMan Stereo.

  • Page 21

    Undo, Reverse, and Tempo (see page 58). SD/SDHC Card Slot The JamMan Stereo is compatible with optional SD/SDHC memory cards up to 32GB in size for expanding the total amount of loop storage time available. Adding an SD card also increases the number...

  • Page 22

    35 minutes of internal stereo loop memory. USB Jack The USB jack provides a connection to a Windows or Mac computer for transferring loop files to and from the JamMan Stereo via the downloadable JamManager loop librarian application.

  • Page 23: Making Connections

    Making Connections Instrument - Mono Instrument - Stereo...

  • Page 24

    Making Connections Mic/Vocal Performance Aux 1 Aux 1 Aux 1 Aux 1 Aux 1 Aux 1 Aux 1 Aux 1 Aux 2 Aux 2 Aux 2 Aux 2 Aux 2 Aux 2 Aux 2 Aux 2 0 +1 0 +1 0 +1 0 +1 0 +1...

  • Page 25

    Making Connections MP3 Player/Headphones Backing Tracks Backing tracks (no rhythm guide track) Loop audio (with rhythm guide track) Aux 1 Aux 1 Aux 1 Aux 1 Aux 1 Aux 1 Aux 1 Aux 1 Aux 2 Aux 2 Aux 2 Aux 2 Aux 2 Aux 2...

  • Page 26: Selecting A Loop

    LED will flash as the loop is loaded LooP sINgLe from internal or optional card memory. Trying to store, copy, or change the loop tempo during this time is ignored (bu will be displayed indicating the JamMan Stereo is busy loading a loop from memory).

  • Page 27

    Selecting a Loop Loop Up Loop Down Loop Select knob footswitch footswitch...

  • Page 28: Recording A Loop - Inst/mic Input

    You should have an instrument or audio device connected to the 1/4” inputs or a mic connected to the XLR mic input before proceeding. NOTE: The maximum loop time the JamMan Stereo can record or play is 10 minutes.

  • Page 29

    Recording a Loop - Inst/Mic Input...

  • Page 30: Auto Record Mode

    If you’ve tapped in a tempo while Auto Record is enabled, the rhythm guide track will begin playing. Pressing the footswitch will arm Rec/PLaY/oVeRDUb the JamMan Stereo for recording. As soon as signal is detected, recording will begin immediately. Changing to an empty loop memory while is enabled will preserve...

  • Page 31

    Auto Record Mode Auto Record button...

  • Page 32: Recording A Loop Using Auto Record

    ® recording when signal is detected at any of the JamMan Stereo’s inputs. NOTE: The maximum loop time the JamMan Stereo can record or play is 10 minutes. You can’t auto-record on an existing loop; Auto Record is only available when an empty loop memory is selected.

  • Page 33

    Recording a Loop Using Auto Record...

  • Page 34: Recording Overdubs

    Recording Overdubs Once a loop phrase is recorded, you can add overdubs over the top of it. Overdubs can only be recorded to Loop phrases and not to Single phrases. Use the knob or the footswitches to select seLect LooP UP/LooP DoWN a previously recorded Loop phrase, or use a newly recorded phrase that has not yet been stored.

  • Page 35

    Recording Overdubs...

  • Page 36: Undo, Redo, And Clear, Undo An Overdub, Redo An Overdub, Clear Overdubs/unstored Phrases

    Undo, Redo, and Clear You can undo or redo an overdub anytime you remain in the current memory where the overdub was recorded. You can also use a footswitch to clear all unstored loop phrase audio. Note: Changing loops discards any unstored overdubs. Storing the overdubs will also remove the ability to undo or clear overdubs.

  • Page 37

    Undo, Redo, and Clear Press and hold Press and hold to to undo or redo clear overdubs and an overdub. unstored phrases.

  • Page 38: Recording A Loop - Aux Input

    (Optional) Set the Time Signature to something other than 4/4, if desired. (See page 40 for more information about Time Signatures.) aUto Rec button on if you want the JamMan Stereo to (Optional) Turn the begin recording when the audio source begins playback...

  • Page 39

    Recording a Loop - Aux Input...

  • Page 40: Stop Modes

    Stop Modes Loop Phrases can be stopped in three ways after the footswitch teMPo/stoP is pressed: • : Stops the phrase immediately when Stop is pressed. stoP • : Finishes playing to the end of the phrase and stops after Stop is pressed. fINIsH •...

  • Page 41

    If your timing was a little early or late when setting the loop point, not to worry. The JamMan Stereo automatically adjusts the loop length exactly to the measure length set by the Tempo and Time Signature.

  • Page 42: Storing/copying Phrases, Store Changes To A Loop, Copy A Loop To A Different Memory Location

    Storing/Copying Phrases Anytime a change is made to a loop memory location (Rhythm Type, Tempo, Time Signature, Record, Overdubs etc.) the button will immediately stoRe light. This indicates that the changes will be lost unless a store procedure is performed before selecting a new loop memory location, turning off the power.

  • Page 43

    Storing/Copying Phrases Store Changes to a Loop Copy a Loop to a Different Memory Location...

  • Page 44: Time Signature

    Time Signature The JamMan Stereo is capable of recording in different Time Signatures. A ® Time Signature must be set up prior to recording in a memory location. Once a phrase has been recorded, Time Signature cannot be changed. To set the Time Signature, follow these steps: Use the knob or...

  • Page 45

    Time Signature...

  • Page 46: Setting A Loop Tempo For Recording

    Setting a Loop Tempo for Recording Before you begin recording a phrase, you may want to set a tempo at which you want to record the loop at. Setting the tempo in an empty loop memory location automatically starts playing the rhythm guide track (Rhythm Level must be turned up to hear the guide track).

  • Page 47

    Setting a Loop Tempo for Recording...

  • Page 48: Time Stretching A Loop, Time Stretch A Loop That Is Stopped

    Time Stretching a Loop Once a loop phrase is recorded, you can change the playback tempo which speeds up or slows down the playback of the phrase without changing its pitch (Time Stretch). Time Stretching a loop is a very useful feature in case the band is playing slightly slower or faster than normal or you just want to change the pace of a backing track slightly.

  • Page 49

    Time Stretching a Loop Time Stretch a Loop that is Stopped Time Stretch a Loop that is Playing...

  • Page 50: Loop / Single Phrases

    Loop / Single Phrases Any phrase recorded into the JamMan Stereo can be played in two ways: ® Either as a continuous Loop, or as a Single “one-shot” sample. Single phrases are designed to play the recorded phrase only once and stop. All phrases are recorded as loops by default but they can be changed to a Single phrase if desired.

  • Page 51

    Loop / Single Phrases...

  • Page 52: Rhythm Type

    Rhythm Type The JamMan Stereo’s guide track has 9 rhythm types to select from. These ® range from a simple click metronome to various drum samples as the rhythm guide (a tempo must be defined and the knob must be turned up RHYtHM LeVeL to hear the guide track).

  • Page 53: Rhythm Out

    Rhythm Type Rhythm Output The Rhythm Output isolates the rhythm guide track from the left and right outputs and provides a mono mix of the JamMan Stereo’s looped audio. ® This is useful for someone like a drummer in the band who needs to follow a click track but also wants to hear the looped audio.

  • Page 54: Deleting Individual Loop Phrases

    Deleting Individual Loop Phrases The JamMan Stereo has 99 memory locations and at some time you may need ® to delete the contents of a memory location so it may be reused or to free up memory. To delete a loop from a memory location, follow these steps: Press the button.

  • Page 55

    Deleting Individual Loop Phrases...

  • Page 56: Erase All Loops - Internal Memory

    Erase All Loops - Internal Memory The JamMan Stereo uses both internal memory and optional card memory ® for the storage of loop files. You can erase all loops from internal memory or from card memory without having to delete them one at a time. To erase all loops from internal memory, follow these steps: Select a loop memory location that does not light the LED.

  • Page 57

    Erase All Loops - Internal Memory...

  • Page 58: Using Optional Sd/sdhc Memory Cards

    JamMan Stereo is compatible with SD/SDHC card sizes up to 32GB for over 16 hours of total loop memory. The first time a memory card is inserted into the JamMan Stereo, it is recommended that you format the card using the JamMan Stereo’s format procedure (see page 55).

  • Page 59: Formatting Sd Cards, Unformatted Cards

    Bu indicating DIsPLaY the card is being formatted. Unformatted Cards If a memory card is inserted into the JamMan Stereo that does not have a valid format, the JamMan Stereo will not recognize it and the will DIsPLaY read nF.

  • Page 60: Erase All Loops - Memory Card

    Erase All Loops - Memory Card The Erase Loops procedure only erases JamMan Stereo loop data from a memory card. All other data and files on the card are left untouched. To erase all loops from an optional SD/SDHC memory card, follow these steps: Install an optional SD/SDHC memory card in the JamMan Stereo’s...

  • Page 61

    Erase All Loops - Memory Card...

  • Page 62: Optional Fs3x Footswitch

    Optional FS3X Footswitch The optional FS3X Footswitch gives you hands-free control over loop selection, tempo, and stop functions. Mode Switch This footswitch is used for immediately undoing and redoing the last recorded overdub. Down Switch This footswitch is used to play the recorded phrase in reverse. Up Switch This footswitch can be used to set the tempo of a new loop or change the tempo (Time Stretch) of a stored loop.

  • Page 63

    Librarian Software The JamManager loop librarian software is available as a free download from the DigiTech website. This application runs on both Windows XP/ Vista/7 and Mac OS X computer systems, and lets you archive and transfer loops between the Stereo and your computer.

  • Page 64: Specifications

    Max Input Level at Unity: 4 dBu DFS Maximum Gain: 14.5 dB Aux Input Connector Type: 1/8” Stereo (Tip-Ring-Sleeve) Input Impedance: 20 kΩ Maximum Input Level: 1 dBu DFS Footswitch Input Connector Type: 1/4” Stereo (Tip-Ring-Sleeve), compatible with optional DigiTech FS3X 3-button ® footswitch...

  • Page 65

    6.84” (L) x 6.70” (W) x 2.89” (H) 173.6 mm (L) x 170.1 mm (W) x 73.4 mm (H) Weight: 2.22 lbs, 1.01 kg DigiTech® engineers are constantly working to improve the quality of our products. Specifications are therefore subject to change without notice.

  • Page 68

    JamMan Stereo are registered trademarks of Harman International. All other ® ® product name and trademarks are the property of their respective owners, which are in no way associated with DigiTech. ©2010 Harman International Industries, Incorporated. All rights reserved...

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