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Best practices for HP 10000 Series and HP 10000 G2
Series Racks
best practice
Additional resources ..................................................................................................................... 7
Additional resources ..................................................................................................................... 7


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   Summary of Contents for HP 245161-B22 - 10642 42U Rack Shock Pallet

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Best practices for HP 10000 Series and HP 10000 G2 Series Racks best practice Abstract.............................. 1 10000 G2 Series overview ........................1 Product availability ..........................3 Specifications............................3 Dimensions............................4 Additional Resources ........................6 Certification and regulatory compliance ....................6 Product certification..........................

  • Page 2

    HP 10000 G2 Series Tie Down Option Kit ..................11 Space and cable management requirements ..................11 Extension kits ..........................11 Cable management kits....................... 12 Thermal requirements ........................12 Additional resources........................13 Rack assembly guidelines ........................13 Additional resources........................13 Installation and maintenance precautions .....................

  • Page 3: Abstract

    Abstract This document outlines recommended practices for configuring, installing, transporting, and establishing a work environment for the HP 10000 and HP 10000 Generation 2 (G2) Series Racks, which includes the following models: • 10000 Series rack models – S10614 • 10000 G2 Series rack models –...

  • Page 4

    HP racks and rack accessories ease the centralization, protection, organization, and access to hardware for servicing and upgrading. HP racks are flexible, secure, and designed to industry standards. HP racks are designed be populated with the following HP products: • HP ProLiant servers •...

  • Page 5: Product Availability

    Product availability The 10000 Series rack Model S10614 is available. NOTE The following 10000 Series rack models are discontinued: • 10622 • 10636 • 10642 • 10647 • 10842 Specifications The 10000 and 10000 G2 Series racks are graphite-metallic in color and are available in the rack heights listed in Table 2.

  • Page 6: Dimensions

    Dimensions Table 2 lists the dimensions of the 10000 and 10000 G2 Series rack models. Table 2. 10000 and 10000 G2 Series rack dimensions Rack model U height Width Depth 10000 Series rack models: S10614 600 mm / 1,000 mm / 23.62 in.

  • Page 7

    Table 3 lists the 10000 G2 Series rack specification details. Table 3. 10000 G2 Series rack specification details Rack Details HP 10000 G2 Series racks Rack Model 10622 G2 10636 G2 10642 G2 10647 G2 10842 G2 EIA-310 type Type D Type D Type D Type D...

  • Page 8: Additional Resources

    Additional Resources Additional resources are available as follows: • For a complete list of HP rack options and accessories, go to the main rack page at or to the main rack options page at • For a list of ProLiant servers and options, go to •...

  • Page 9: Integration Services And Software

    household waste disposal service, or the business where the product was purchased. Integration services and software Several resources are available for planning rack configurations. HP Factory Express Factory Express is a robust portfolio of flexible, pre-priced, configured, customized and integrated factory solutions and deployment services –...

  • Page 10: Rack Documentation Cd

    Rack documentation CD The Documentation CD shipped with the rack provides documentation for installing and optimizing the rack. Rack deployment considerations The following sections describe the components and HP options available for the 10000 and 10000 G2 Series racks that may be necessary to achieve safety, regulatory compliance, or functionality requirements.

  • Page 11: Hp 10000 Baying Kit

    HP 10000 Baying Kit Baying kits are used to physically connect adjacent racks to create a row of two or more units. Racks that are bayed together with a baying kit are more stable and reduce the potential tipping of the rack.

  • Page 12: Hp 10000 Ballast Option Kit

    HP 10000 Ballast Option Kit Ballast plates add weight to a rack and therefore improve side-to-side and front-to-back mechanical stability for stand-alone racks or a row of three or fewer racks bayed together. Ballast plates fit in the zero-U space at the interior sides of the rack and should be installed into the rack prior to installation of any other equipment.

  • Page 13: Hp 10000 Series Plinth Option Kit

    HP 10000 Series Plinth Option Kit The Plinth Option kit provides a means for meeting building code guidelines to anchor a 10000 Series rack to the floor in geographical areas prone to seismic activity. This product provides a solution to aid in avoiding damage or serious injury in the event of building or floor movement. IMPORTANT The Plinth option does not qualify the 10000 Series rack as a Zone 4 solution.

  • Page 14: Cable Management Kits

    Cable management kits Due to the dynamic nature of the rack environment, the cabling of systems has very few hard rules. Cable management kits provide an easy way to organize and route cables within racks. Several kits are available as options to assist with cabling requirements. Additional information on cable management kits is available at HP general guidelines for cable management are as follows:...

  • Page 15: Additional Resources

    Additional resources For information on options available for the 10000 Series Rack, refer to the Rack Options Catalogue For information on deployment and configuration of multiple servers in a single rack, refer to the white paper on high-density deployment on the HP 10000 Series Rack support and documentation section For information on the HP Modular Cooling System refer to the HP Modular Cooling System Site Preparation Guide and white papers available at...

  • Page 16: Installation And Maintenance Precautions

    Installation and maintenance precautions To reduce the risk of electric shock or damage to the equipment when installing, maintaining, or servicing Enterprise products, observe the general precautions listed in Table 5. Table 5. Rack installation and maintenance precautions Precaution Description Follow manufacturer instructions Always refer to the individual equipment installation instructions for any special considerations when installing equipment in a rack.

  • Page 17: Rack-mountable Products

    Rack-mountable products Because computer components are stacked vertically in a rack, adhere to the following precautions to ensure rack stability: • Use the configuration you prepared with the HP eCo-Enterprise Configurator as a guideline for installing the components. • Load heavier components first and load the rack from the bottom up. •...

  • Page 18: Data Center Planning And Considerations

    WARNING To reduce the risk of personal injury or damage to the equipment, be sure that the rack is stabilized as follows: • The leveling feet are extended to the floor. • The full weight of the rack rests on the leveling feet. •...

  • Page 19

    Configuring racks without air flow perforations Older rack series, such as the Rack 7000 Series Racks and third-party racks with glass doors must have the door removed to support the latest high-performance equipment. Components should not be installed in a built-up enclosure unless the following conditions have been met: •...

  • Page 20: Third-party Thermal Considerations

    Data center temperature and humidity The data center temperature and humidity should meet the guidelines listed in Table 6. Table 6. Temperature and humidity specifications Type Operating Non-operating Temperature 50 to 90° F (10 to 35° C) at sea level -22 to 140°...

  • Page 21: Power Considerations

    Power considerations Power is best managed within the rack by the use of a power distribution unit (PDU). Depending on the configuration, it may be necessary or desirable to use multiple PDUs to connect all devices inside the rack. Each PDU should be connected to a dedicated (unshared) branch circuit that is suitably rated for the continuous load of all the equipment connected to it.

  • Page 22: Grounding And Earth Leakage Current

    Preparation Utility.xls There is also a quick reference power cord matrix available at Equipment clearance and floor loading A clearance of 48 inches in front of a configured rack and 30 inches to the rear of a configured rack is recommended.

  • Page 23: Rack And Accessory Footprints

    Figures 5 and 6 illustrate the foot print of a standard10000 Series Rack. Figure 5. 10000 and 10000 G2 Series Figure 6. 10000 Series Rack Rack foot print (600-mm wide) foot print (800-mm wide) Rack and accessory footprints When accessories such as extensions and stabilizing kits are added to a particular rack, the footprint of the rack will extend into rack rear row and infringe upon necessary clearances.

  • Page 24: Front Door Clearance

    Front door clearance When racks are bayed together, the design of the front door limits the extent to which the rack door on the right may open. If there is insufficient space to allow for the necessary work, open the door on the Left side or remove the door from the rack receiving service.

  • Page 25: Qualified Shipping

    Figures 14 - 17 illustrate the front door clearance for 10000 G2 Series Racks. Front door clearance for 10000 Series Racks configured with 600-mm baying brackets: Figure 14. 95° access with one door closed Figure 15. 118° access with both doors open 10000 G2 Series Racks configured with 24-inch baying brackets: Figure 16.

  • Page 26: Qualification Of Rack Components For Shipping

    Some specialized racks are limited on shipment options: • The 10647 rack is available as a standard pallet and crate. • The 10842 is available as a standard pallet and shock pallet. • The S10614 is available only on the shock pallet. Qualification of rack components for shipping A component is a term used in this document to mean a physical device intended to be mounted in the rack.

  • Page 27: Horizontal Crate

    NOTE Each of the packing and unpacking procedures takes less than one-half hour and requires at least two people to complete. NOTE The 10000 and 10000 G2 Series Racks use different shock pallets. If a rear extension is installed on the 10000 G2 Series Rack, a specific shock pallet is required to accommodate the dimensions of the rack and attached rear extension.

  • Page 28: Shipping Specifications

    Shipping specifications Table 7 list the rack shipping specifications Table 7. Rack shipping specifications Rack model Shipping Shipping Dynamic Static Shipping options dimensions weight load load capacity capacity (gross)* 10622 52.25 x 48x 36 in. / 225 lbs. / 474.00 kg 474.00 kg Standard shipping pallet...

  • Page 29: 10000 And 10000 G2 Series Rack Packing Materials

    10000 and 10000 G2 Series Rack packing materials Figure 18 shows the typical packaging material shipped with the empty rack upon arriving at the customer configuration site. Refer to the Bill of Materials for shipment of the various racks, sorted by rack height. Figure 18.

  • Page 30: Site Preparation For Receiving Integrated Racks

    Site preparation for receiving Integrated Racks To determine if a configured rack is suitable for shipment, be sure to examine the receiving facility site conditions. Circumstances requiring special handling of the rack, such as inadequate door height clearance or having to move the rack in a horizontal orientation, may justify a decision to install components after the moving process.

  • Page 31: Special Shipping Considerations

    WARNING To reduce the risk of personal injury or damage to the equipment, prior to shipping, remove all non-rack-mounted equipment, including any component that is not mechanically fastened to the rack structure. The following are the minimum requirements for qualifying components for shipment in a HP 10000 and 10000 G2 Racks mounted on a CTO shock pallet: •...

  • Page 32: Door Height Clearances

    components. The white foam from the shipping containers of the components works well in these situations. • Do not ship backup media in either tape drives or in tape library units. • HP UPS systems have been qualified for rack CTO with the exception of the R12000 which has unique shipping provisions due to its size.

  • Page 33: Airfreight

    Guidelines for selecting a specialized, air-ride, padded-van carriers include the following considerations: • A dedicated truck shipment can be set up with no transfer points where the equipment is unloaded/reloaded enroute to its destination. • These carriers are accustomed to special handling arrangements and will provide any necessary materials.

  • Page 34

    Figure 19. Sample shipping declaration The "place and date" of shipment must be entered by the shipper (the "person" who offers the freight to the carrier). The shipper must offer a minimum of two signed copies (our internal standard is four) of the completed Shipper's Declarations for Dangerous Goods to the carrier, usually along with the Air Waybill.

  • Page 35: Mode Of Receiving And Delivery

    Mode of receiving and delivery Knowledge of the receiving site is an important planning consideration, as special equipment or arrangements may have to be made. Think about the following issues: • Inquire whether the receiver has a shipping dock with adequate height for a truck to load and unload the equipment.

  • Page 36: 10000 And 10000 G2 Series Rack Packing And Shock Pallet Assembly

    10000 and 10000 G2 Series Rack packing and shock pallet assembly NOTE To dismount the rack from the CTO shock pallet, reverse the following instructions. NOTE Refer to Figure 34 for dismounting instructions. To install a 10000 Series Rack onto a shock pallet: Unpack and attach the ramp rails to the pallet.

  • Page 37

    Roll the rack up the ramps (with fixed casters up the ramp first) and place the rack on the pallet. When rolling the rack up the ramp, make sure to push firmly on the doorframe and not the door mesh. NOTE Raise the leveling feet up into the rack to allow ease of movement over the ramp and pallet.

  • Page 38

    Center the rack on the pallet, and position the hold-down brackets with bolts and lock washers and load spreader plate into the threaded holes in the pallet deck. Figure 23. Positioning the hold-down brackets Place a metal shipping bracket and load spreader plate under each leveling foot. Extend all four leveling feet until they just short of touching the top surface of the brackets.

  • Page 39

    Tighten the bolts in the four hold-down brackets to 150 in-lb (16.9455 N-m) to secure the hold- down brackets to the pallet. Use a 9/16-in (14 mm) open-end wrench. The hold-down brackets should be angled up off the pallet deck holding the leveling feet in tension. See Figure 24. Figure 25.

  • Page 40

    Close and lock both doors. Figure 26. Closing the rack doors NOTE Before locking the rack doors, all servers and other equipment should be installed in the rack. Only equipment certified to ship in the 10000 Series Racks should be installed at this time. Equipment not yet certified to ship in the 10000 Series Racks should be installed on-site at the final destination to prevent damage to equipment while the rack is in transit.

  • Page 41

    Place the four corner posts on each corner of the rack. Make sure that the corner posts are properly positioned around the door handles to prevent damage. NOTE It is helpful to tape or stretch-wrap the corner posts in place. NOTE The thicker corner pad covers the hinged corner of 10000 G2 Series Racks.

  • Page 42

    Place the two corrugated sides around the rack. Figure 30. Placing the two corrugated sides For racks with plastic fasteners: Secure the corrugated sides with the appropriate fasteners. Insert an outside plastic fastener into the upper and lower hole of each corrugated panel. Fold the plastic fastener over and snap the parts in place, using appropriate pressure in place to secure the panels together.

  • Page 43

    Place the corrugated cap on the top of the assembly. Figure 32. Placing the box cap Secure the corrugated cap and corrugated sides to the pallet using two applications of banding running from front to back, and then the installation is complete. Figure 33.

  • Page 44: Dismounting A 10000 G2 Series Rack From A Shock Pallet

    Dismounting a 10000 G2 Series Rack from a shock pallet To dismount the rack, reverse the process for assembling the shock pallet. Figure 34 illustrates the dismounting process for 10000 G2 Series Rack. Figure 34. 10000 G2 Series Rack dismounting steps...

  • Page 45: Installation Service

    Installation service In the United States, HP can arrange to have your rack installed by qualified service providers. This installation service covers the entire hardware installation sequence, from unpacking the components to routing cabling and running a test of the systems. Installation can also be provided directly by HP authorized service providers.

  • Page 46: Appendix A: Glossary

    Appendix a: glossary Table 9 lists technical terms and associated description. Table 9. Definition of technical terms Term Definition Ballast A metal block that can be mounted in the sides of the rack to provide additional weight and protection against tipping. Chassis Rack-mountable configuration of a server or a storage component.

  • Page 47: Appendix B: Torque Values

    Appendix b: torque values Table 10 provides torque values for specific rack components. Table 10. Torque values (specific) Component Torque (in-lb) Torque (N-m) All M6 rack hardware 20 in-lb 2.2594 N-m Pallet bracket hold-down bolts 150 in-lb 16.9455 N-m All Phillips-head screws 20 in-lb 2.2594 N-m All M5-M6 slotted-torx head screws...

  • Page 48

    For more information HP contact phone numbers are as follows: • Buy Direct: Small & Medium Business: 800-888-9909 • Buy Direct Large Enterprise Business: 800-282-6672 • Post-sales: 1-800-652-6672 For more information on ProLiant servers, visit For more information on HP 10000 Series Racks and options, visit Learn more about optional rack features at

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