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Network video recorder vk-64/vk-16/vk-lite setup guide
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  • Page 1 NETWORK VIDEO RECORDER VK-64/VK-16/VK-Lite Setup Guide Ver.
  • Page 2: Introduction

    3. All possible measures have been taken to ensure that the contents of this guide are accurate. If you find any errors, please contact us. 4. Irrespective of the above items 2. and 3., Canon bears no responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from operation.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents Introduction ..........................ii About This Guide ........................v System Operation Overview ..................... vi Overview of VK-64/VK-16 Specification Comparison of VK-64/VK-16 and VK-Lite ............viii System Configuration Examples ....................ix Important: Before Starting Operation ..................xi Chapter 1 VK-64/VK-16 Installation Setup Procedure ........................1-2 Chapter 2 VK-Lite Installation...
  • Page 5: About This Guide

    About This Guide This guide is intended for the following users. • System administrators who install and manage VK-64/VK-16 • System administrators who install and manage VK-Lite This guide first explains what you should know before operating a network camera monitoring system, and differences between VK-64/VK-16 and VK-Lite.
  • Page 6: System Operation Overview

    System Operation Overview Overview of VK-64/VK-16 Network Video Recorder Network Video Recorder is software for viewing video, recording video and audio, and playing video from multiple network cameras (hereafter referred to as camera servers). VK-64/VK-16 and VK-Lite enable viewing and recording of JPEG and MPEG-4 video, two-way audio communication, and audio recording. Network Video Recorder Configuration The Network Video Recorder consists of storage server software and viewer software.
  • Page 7 System Operation Overview VK-64 Viewer (Viewer Only) You need to purchase the required number of viewer licenses to use additional viewers. Also, VK-64 Viewer is suitable for a monitoring system, in which you need just monitoring, not recording. You can view live videos from and control up to 64 camera severs.
  • Page 8: Specification Comparison Of Vk-64/Vk-16 And Vk-Lite

    Specification Comparison of VK-64/VK-16 and VK-Lite VK-Lite is Network Video Recorder which is supplied with VB-C500VD, VB-C500D and VB-C60. Although VK-Lite basically provides the same functionalities as VK-64/VK-16, there are some functional limitations as follows, since VK-Lite is a simplified version of VK-64/VK-16. Type Main functional limitations VK-64/VK-16 v2.2...
  • Page 9: System Configuration Examples

    System Configuration Examples A combination of storage servers and viewers enables various types of system configurations, such as a simple system with one PC and one camera server, or a system using multiple PCs and camera servers. Case1 Viewing and Recording on a Single PC You can configure a system with one PC as both a storage server and a viewer.
  • Page 10 System Configuration Examples Case3 Using Multiple Storage Servers and Viewers Up to 10 storage servers can be used on a single network. When multiple camera servers are used in a system, you can use one of them as a master storage server, and use the others as slave storage servers. Master storage servers are storage servers, which viewers first connect to, and are used to store information of camera servers registered to each storage server and to store event logs.
  • Page 11: Important: Before Starting Operation

    Important: Before Starting Operation Please be sure to perform operational tests in the actual environment before starting operation. Be aware of the following points prior to operation. Video recording and live viewing may not be done as your settings, depending on the network environment and the PC's performance.
  • Page 12 Important: Before Starting Operation...
  • Page 13: Vk-64/Vk-16 Installation

    VK-64/VK-16 Installation Setup Procedure...
  • Page 14: Setup Procedure

    Setup Procedure This chapter describes the installation process from preparation to maintenance. See Administrator’s Manual for detailed explanations of each step. Step1 Preparation Before installation, check the free space of the hard drive required for a storage server, considering the video retention period and recording conditions, and then prepare necessary equipments.
  • Page 15 Setup Procedure Step5 Camera Server Registration When registering a camera, first set the camera's the location and zone to make Location it easier to categorize registered cameras. If we look at an example of a retailer with multiple branches and stores, the branches and stores correspond to Tokyo branch locations.
  • Page 16 Setup Procedure...
  • Page 17: Vk-Lite Installation

    VK-Lite Installation System Installation Example...
  • Page 18: Vk-Lite System Installation Example

    VK-Lite System Installation Example This chapter explains the process from installation to the operational management with an example of a VK-Lite surveillance system based on the following recording conditions. Recording Conditions Number of camera servers Video size VGA (640 x 480) Video quality Standard (Video data size approx.
  • Page 19: Step 1: Preparation

    VK-Lite System Installation Example Step 1: Preparation Calculate how much free hard disk space will be required for the storage server from the recording conditions to ensure that the system can operate stably. The amount of hard disk space required can be calculated using the following formula. Required free hard disk space = No.
  • Page 20: Step 3: Installation

    VK-Lite System Installation Example Step 3: Installation Install the VK-Lite storage server software on the PC for storage server and the VK-Lite Viewer software on the PC for viewer, using the Setup CD-ROM supplied with the network camera. In the following example, VK-Lite storage server and VK-Lite Viewer are installed on a single PC. Before Installation The installation drive and the drive for storing recorded video should be formatted in NTFS.
  • Page 21: Step 4: Storage Server Configuration

    VK-Lite System Installation Example 6. Click [Finish]. Now the installation has completed. If you are running a system with multiple PCs, you need to install the software on each of the PCs. Reference "Chapter 2 Installation" in Administrator’s Manual Step 4: Storage Server Configuration Start up [VK-Lite Storage Server Configuration v2.2] for storage server settings.
  • Page 22 VK-Lite System Installation Example 3. Configure the basic storage server settings. In this example, we use the hard disk space calculated based on the content of "Recording Conditions" ( P. 2-2) and "Step 1: Preparation" ( P. 2-3). In practice, configure this value based on use. •...
  • Page 23 VK-Lite System Installation Example 4. If the system is to be used by multiple users, you need to add users using the [User Management] tab. • Click [Add] and set the user name and password. • To assign administrative privileges to the user, check the [Administrator] checkbox. Note It is strongly recommended that before operation, you change the user name "admin"...
  • Page 24: Step 5: Camera Server Registration

    VK-Lite System Installation Example Step 5: Camera Server Registration Start up VK-Lite Viewer to register camera servers. When VK-Lite Viewer is run for the first time, no video is displayed in the viewer screen. To display video in the viewer screen, register a camera server and then arrange the video window on the viewing area. 1.
  • Page 25 VK-Lite System Installation Example 4. Select [View] [Configuration] from the menu. The [Configuration and Preferences] screen is displayed. 5. Click the [Locations / Zones] tab to create locations and zones. You can set location names to identify each monitoring site, for example "Office Building", "Store", etc. You can set zone names for particular places in each Location, such as "Entrance", "Elevator Lobby", "Inside Store", "Stock Room", "Parking Lot", etc.
  • Page 26 VK-Lite System Installation Example 7. Select a camera server to register, and then click [Add Camera Server]. The [Add Camera Server] dialog box is displayed. 8. Configure the following settings in the [Add Camera Server] dialog box. • Enter the [User Name] and [Password], and then click [Connect]. Make sure that the live view is displayed in the [Preview] window.
  • Page 27: Step 6: Recording Schedule Configuration

    VK-Lite System Installation Example 12. Click [Save Changes]. The registered camera information is saved. Reference "Chapter 4 Register Camera Server and Set Recording Schedule" in Administrator’s Manual Step 6: Recording Schedule Configuration Configure the recording schedule settings after camera server registration. You can configurate recording schedule settings using the [Recording Schedules] tab in the [Configuration and Preferences] screen.
  • Page 28 VK-Lite System Installation Example 3. Configure the following settings. • Click [All Day]. • Check the Monday to Sunday checkboxes. • Select "1 fps" from the drop-down list for recording frame rate. 4. Click [OK]. The configured schedule is displayed in the schedule area. 5.
  • Page 29: Step 7: Viewer Settings

    VK-Lite System Installation Example Step 7: Viewer Settings The following example shows how to configure the basic settings for viewer, create a layout, and display video. Basic Viewer Settings You can configure basic viewer settings, such as the maximum frame rate, audio, still images, etc. In the following example, just check the maximum frame rate setting for live video, but not change the value.
  • Page 30 VK-Lite System Installation Example 3. In the Camera Selection Area, drag a thumbnail onto the grid in the Viewing Area. 4. Drag the video window to the position you want to display. When you release the mouse, the size and position are automatically adjusted to match the layout frame.
  • Page 31: Step 8: Management And Maintenance

    VK-Lite System Installation Example 6. Right-click on the Viewing Area and select [Save] from the menu. Now, the configuration process has been completed. The aforementioned example shows a layout example using [Default Shared Layout] displayed by default. You can create and save new layouts under any name. Live video quality may be degraded or be difficult to view depending on the video size for transmission set on the camera server.
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